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Best Impact Socket Set (Professional, 1/2, 3/8) Reviews 2021

Purchasing the best Impact Socket Set isn’t just a child’s play. It requires some research and homework to do before opting for a purchase. The same in case with the other diagnostic tools. To decide about purchasing a set of standard sockets you may have been thinking. you need to have a clear understanding about brands of best impact sockets for mechanics with different specialties and prices are available in the market.

At a Glance

ImageProduct TitleFeaturesPrice
Best value
DEWalt DW22812 ½-Inch SAE Impact Socket Set
DEWalt DW22812 ½-Inch SAE Impact Socket Set
  • Three-year warranty
  • Designed for use in both corded and cordless. 
  • Easily identifiable
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Editor’s choice
Stanley 97-126 1/2-inch Drive Metric Point Impact Sockets
Stanley 97-126 1/2-inch Drive Metric Point Impact Sockets
  • Chrome vanadium steel construction
  • Black powder-coated and industrial finish 
  • Durable and sturdy carrying case
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Expert’s pick
TEKTON 4885 ½-inch drive deep impact sockets
TEKTON 4885 ½-inch drive deep impact sockets
  • Secure and sturdier case.
  • A high-quality toolbox with durability. 
  • Made from forged and heat-treated chrome vanadium steel. 
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Best Overall
Gear Wrench 84935N ½-Inch Metric Deep Impact Socket Set
Gear Wrench 84935N ½-Inch Metric Deep Impact Socket Set
  • High-quality material socket with black phosphate finishing
  • Strong and durable 
  • An exceptional Impact Socket Set
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Best for professional
SUNEX Tools 2569 ½-Inch Metric Impact Socket Set
SUNEX Tools 2569 ½-Inch Metric Impact Socket Set
  • Dual size markings to ensure easy recognition
  • Heavy-duty storage case
  • Adaptability to any socket
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All you have to do before making a purchase is to evaluate the formation material, assess the pros and cons, implication scenario and price comparison. As a result, you can reach a rational decision of purchasing the best impact socket set.

What is an Impact Socket?

To start, an impact socket is a toolbox containing sockets of different sizes and measures to use with powered impact wrenches or drivers. These good standard sockets are specially program designed to provide users with impact wrenches powered by compressed air, electricity, or hydraulics.

A greater torque is produced with a combination of an impact socket with an impact wrench.

Top 10 Best Impact Socket Reviews 2021

#1 SUNEX Tools 2569 | Best 1/2 Impact Socket Set

best impact socket set

To begin, a comprehensive and durable impact socket set with the inclusion of forty-three pieces is none other than SUNEX tools 2569. Formation is unique, as each piece made with CR-MO alloy steel material that battle-hardened. Also, durable enough to sustain even the torquiest air impact wrenches.

Exclusive features

Some of the finest features of SUNEX tools 2569 include its unique and blended formation of CR-MO alloy steel that applauded with enough withstand able to power to sustain even with high pressure and high torque impact tools.

Another feature is Radius Corner Design which provides wear protection and exerts a force on fastener walls rather than corners to ensure its durability.

Another precise feature chamfered opening which is a doorway to the quick alignment of fasteners with impact sockets.

Sunnes 2369 impact sockets come up with laser etched and roll stamped marking to ensure permanent markings and easy recognition. It thoroughly meets ANSI standards and rigorously tested for its peak performance.

Positive Side
  • It comes up with a lifetime warranty from SUN EXPRESS
  • Sunnex 2369 applies pressure on fastener walls rather than corners to ensure its reliability and increase torque.
  • Heavy-duty storage case
  • Dual size markings to ensure easy recognition
  • Adaptability to any socket
Negative Side
  • Wells in the deep sockets narrow partway down and limit the functionality in some application scenarios.

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#2 TEKTON 4885 ½-inch drive deep impact sockets

best professional impact socket

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An affordable and durable deep impact socket set with 14-pieces and comprehensively formulated to use longer fasteners.

Exclusive features

Tekton 4885 deep sockets are made of forged and heat-treated chrome vanadium steel that layered with black phosphate finishing to resist corrosion. It accommodates longer fasteners due to extra-deep broach.

These impact tools come up with high contrast laser-etched size markings that are easy to recognize even in low light conditions. These amazing impact sockets come with a size range of 11 to 32 mm sockets and equip with a carrying case for each storage.

Another feature of these deep sockets is its 6-point socket design that grips the smooth sides of fasteners tighter rather than just corners, evading the rounding of the threat.

These deep sockets not only meet but exceeds ANSI standards with their tested and verified abilities.

Positive Side
  • Battle-hardened ability to hold up to a lot of abuse and sustain for a longer period
  • 6-point socket design tightly grips the socket flat edges and avoids rounding off the corners
  • Heavy-duty storage case
  • The secure and sturdier case for firm holding of sockets
  • TEKTON high-quality tools production has excited its users with this low priced high-quality toolbox with durable and longevity nature
  • A shallow version is also available for those who have to work in tighter spaces
Negative Side
  • Sometimes, TEKTON etches wrong sizes on sockets that seems annoying and disturbing. This must be properly verified before shipping the product

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#3 Gear Wrench 84935N ½-Inch Metric Deep Impact Socket Set


Another amazing and valuable hand tool with a 29-pieces set containing a range of best impact sockets instead of your valuable money. With amazing product finishing, there comes an attractive, durable and blow-molding case that not only protects the sockets but also envisions the compelling shape of the box.

Exclusive features

These deep sockets are also made from CR-Mo alloy steel with a protective coating of black phosphate to avoid and deny corrosion as well as wear during harsh working scenarios.

Gear Wrench 84935N’s hex opening design offers a radial off-corner loading design that allows to vanish corner rounding during severe application.
Heavy-duty box guarantees its extendable lifetime even in industrial use.

Its quality even guaranteed by its users. Some of them even say that they feel quality while holding it in hand.

Positive Side
  • High-quality material formation and black phosphate finishing makes it battle-hardened strong and durable even in harsh applications
  • radial off-corner loading design prevents the edges from rounding off and provides a firm grip on nut bolts
  • hard-stamping and laser etching deliver years of service and high-visibility engraving
  • high power and high-torque provision with both air and cordless impact wrenches
  • attractive and durable blow-mold case to protect the sockets
Negative Side
  • Meager quality controls reported duplicate sockets being included and frustrating customer-service annoys customers

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#4 DEWalt DW22812 ½-Inch SAE Impact Socket Set


At position 4, an amazing socket set with an ability of application with both wrenches and impact drivers makes it a top choice for many customers. DEWalt DW22812 impact sockets come with eight sockets and two adapters to energize your application. Its thinner sides may affect its durability but provide an application to even narrow places and tougher applications.

Exclusive features

Its formation is done by using CR440 steel that commonly known for its sheer strength. Then these sockets are coated with black oxide to avoid corrosion and wear during application.

These impact sockets are organized with pivoted pin technology to make handling and storage easy and trustworthy.

Its direct and maximum torque technology and recessed edges distribute torque to the smooth sides and avoid rounding off the edges. This method makes it a sustainable and durable socket set.

Positive Side
  • Large laser sketched markings on sockets makes it easier to identify and distinguish even in low light
  • Its thinner sides make it easier to access tougher sites and further application
  • This durable box comes with a three-year warranty
  • Adequate storage in the box provides ample space to even store a 10-inch hand wrench
  • These impact sockets could also be used with both corded and cordless impact drivers and wrenches to accommodate your space and application.
Negative Side
  • Its thinner wall design reduces its durability. Its bulkier box is way less than the expectation and may not sustain for longer periods.

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#5 Stanley 97-126 1/2-inch Drive Metric Point Impact Sockets

A marvelous impact socket set with 14-pieces, excellent quality within a minimal price range to assist you better during work. This good impact socket set comes with durable and heavy-duty feedback from its users. Its sockets range comes with the most usable sizes and firm grip to not loosen up your grip on work. Let’s have a look at its exclusive features.

Exclusive features

This 11-piece socket set formulated with a material of heat-treated CR-V alloy steel. These impact sockets further coated with industrial black powder coat finish. This coating helps sustain its durability and heavy-duty life.

These quality tools come in the range of 10 to 24 mm socket sizes.

This set of impact sockets come with a hex design rounded to reduce corner contact and sway the fastener wear during application.

These impact sockets also grip firm on frozen or rusted fasteners, making them more reliable and usable over their competitors.

Positive Side
  • It comes with a refreshing ability to grip even on frozen or rusted fasteners
  • Its thinner walls and slim profile with durable nature make it applicable to even narrower spaces
  • It exceeds ANSI performance specifications and is tested for its durability and reliability with up to its peak performance.
  • Its hex design is centered to reduce corner contact and make a firm grip with plane sides, as well as, reducing corners rounding off.
  • Durable and sturdy carrying case
Negative Side
  • Some commonly used sizes are omitted and there is a lack of extra space in its carrying case

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#6 TEKTON 4888 Impact Socket Set

TEKTON 4888 impact socket set

TEKTON 4888 impact socket set is the second-best among all available socket sets. It comes with thirty-eight piece formation and is comprehensive enough to suit the needs of most of the users. With this extensive collection, there is no need for extra addition for quite a while. This is also one of the durable impact driver socket sets ever.

Exclusive features

Its formation consists of high-quality steel-chrome compound material that ensures its wear protection during application. Another amazing feature of impact socket is its black electroplating finish which guarantees its corrosion resistance and extensive life.

Its sockets come with six edges and beveled nose to grip better and loosen up the tough nuts and bolts.

Its laser etched markings is an evergreen feature to recognize its size with low light concentration. That makes it even more reliable and trustworthy.

Positive Side
  • It comes with a lifelong warranty from its manufacturer
  • It thoroughly meets and exceeds ANSI standards form better performance and durable nature
  • Black electroplating coating makes it durable and corrosion resistant resulting in lasting life .
  • Its hex design and beveled nose make grip firm and tighter. This even helps in loosening the toughest nuts or bolts
  • Its laser etched marking makes it easier to identify the socket size even in low light conditions
Negative Side
  • Its carrying case is too low in quality and may not sustain its belongings for quite a while due to its mediocre material.

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#7 Neiko 02443A Complete 3/8″ and 1/2″ Drive Impact Socket Set

Neiko 02443A 3/8" and 1/2" Drive Master Impact Socket Set

These amazing impact sockets come with a comprehensive two modules of both SAE and Metric sizes for different needs. It comes with two variants of 3/8’’ drive impact socket set and ½’’ socket set. This makes it viable and effective to tackle every condition and application scenario.

Exclusive features

This convenient and comprehensive combination of both SAE and Metric sizes sockets makes it possible for you to assess and utilize in every condition of application and scenario.

With a variety of sizes and uses, maniacs make it possible to apply in every situation.

Its 6-point flank drives make it easier to align with the plane sides of the fastener and apply maximum power to untie the knots.

It includes 2 socket extension bar sets and adapters to reach hard reaching and narrower areas. Therefore, it is highly usable and highly applicable in every scenario.

Positive Side
  • A large variety and large socket size availability to cater up to the demands of application and serviceability
  • Combination of both SAE and Metric size sockets
  • 6-point flank drive for both electric and pneumatic impact tools
  • Hex style design makes it healthier and even more gripping on fasteners to avoid corrosion and rounding off of fasteners
  • Two socket extension bars and adapters inclusion make it possible to reach hard areas and narrower application areas
Negative Side
  • There is no ample space for something from outer space to fit in the carrying box.

#8 Tack life Socket Set with Extensions and Carry Case

Tacklife 18pcs 1/2-inch Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

AT this stage, an amazing and affordable socket set with carry case by Tack life.What an amazing premium tool and a precious gift if you going to give it to your father, husband or friend. This impact socket is comparable to local brands according to its price and comparable concerning its working approach and functionality.

Exclusive features

This socket set is a completely logical and elusive brand to use with all pneumatic, electric and cordless impact wrenches.

It comes up with 14-piece sockets and three extensions as well as a carrying case to make it safe and sustain for quite a while

Each socket precisely CNC mechanized which meets and exceeds ANSI performance standards. It is highly durable and reliable according to its formation and application.

Positive Side
  • Black phosphate finishing can make it corrosion free and resistant free.
  • High-contrast, laser-etched size marking can make it easy to read and recognize the size of the socket even in low light.
  • Its solid storage, the heavy-duty case can sustain the belongings for years and protects them from wear and tear
  • A friendly-customer service is provided by Tack Life, that is loved by its users
  • Its firm contact and tight grip vanishes the abrasion on the bolt surface
Negative Side
  • The case that comes with durable material has no excessive space to store something from outer space like wrenches etc.

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#9 SK Hand Tools 4090 | Best 3/8 Impact Socket Set

SK Hand Tools 4090 Fractional Socket SuperSet

Next, another amazing and futuristic impact socket featuring 40-Piece 3/8-Inch Drive 6 Point Metric Accessories that designed for your valuable assistance at work and with enormous uses. This is a heavy-duty socket superset that comes with weatherproofing and coated scenario to preserve it for quite long.

Exclusive Features

Its menace features include coating with a rust-preventative compound, which makes them exceptionally resistant to corrosive factors. This also extends their life and sustain them for quite a while

Its laser-engraved and extra-large markings make it visible and recognizable even in dim light conditions.

Its sure-grip design makes it hard enough to drive the fastener sides and not rounding off the corners.

These hand tools can sustain in harsh applications and even in power and the torquiest applications.

Positive Side
  • It is a quite long availability with 40-pieces to help you with every situation you are stuck in
  • Rust preventive coating makes it corrosion free and weather prevention makes it harder to beat and sustain it for quite long
  • Its higher visibility due to laser-engraved numbers could make it easier for you to recognize them
  • nose-down design of fractional utilities extends the taper as far as possible, for improved access over straight wall designs
  • availability of both standard and deep sockets with functional and metric sizes application
Negative Side
  • The plastic case may not be as reliable as the sockets itself

#10 Gear Wrench 84932N 1/2″ Drive impact socket set


This is another amazing impact socket from Gear Wrench that comes with nineteen pieces and a molded plastic case that is hard to sustain it for quite long. This impact tool is known for its exceptional strength and durability. Its safe applicable scenario leads it to the reduction of fastener rounding and corrosion resistance.

Exclusive features

Its formation includes Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel, known for its sheer strength and durability. Therefore, you can say this impact tool is battle-hardened strong and energetic.

Its off-corner loading design makes it easier to vanish fastener rounding and avoid corrosion.

Furthermore, it is coated with black oxide finishing that makes it even more sustainable and long-lasting.

Its hard plastic storage case specially designed for storage and organizing the sockets for future easy accessibility.

Positive Side
  • This is well-known for its sheer strength and durability as well as higher applicability.
  • Its laser-etched markings make it visible even in low light to recognize the size and markings
  • It meets and even exceeds the ASME specifications and rigorously passes the tests to prove its reliability.
  • Its molded-plastic case is a guarantee of safety and organization
  • It comes with a proper warranty mechanism
Negative Side
  • Although it is quite remarkable it misses some common usable sizes that are more common in real-life applications.

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What is the best socket set brand?

To be honest, the race of the best set of impact sockets brands may seem annoying but some facts put only one name as the best socket set brand. That popular name is SUNEX 2569 metric impact socket set that includes both deep and shallow sockets.

This comprehensive forty-three piece of deep and shallow sockets applauded with enough capabilities to comprehend most of the requirements of users. As a result, it will set you free from future additions to your impact driver socket set and will sustain for quite along.

With some finest and durable finishing, SUNEX 2569 impact socket topped up with futuristic CR-MO alloy steel material. Its durability and material compressibility ensure its withstanding power to bear the wear and tear of working scenarios

The best thing about SUNEX 2569 socket set is that it comes with a laser-etched and roll stamped markings that are easy to read even in low light conditions and ensures permanent socket identification. With this quality sustaining, it comes with a durable case that is resistant to accidental spillages.

Types of Impact Sockets

Impact sockets vary for their formation and use. They are categorized with these two characters involving the formation of martial and their implications.

Deep impact socket

Of all, one of the most used types is Deep Impact Sockets which comes with a strong design. This impact tool is specially designed by keeping in mind the precision management and affordable price mechanism.

It demands low maintenance and lesser care. Deep impact socket varies for their length, comes with different long parts for different needs that includes using it for hard to reach bolts and areas.

Deep impact sockets are a name of a better grip on nuts threaded far down a blind nut or bolt.

Shallow impact sockets

Second, Another famous type is Shallow Impact Sockets that specially designed for smaller bolts and easy to reach areas. These impact sockets come usually in smaller volumes and often used for open areas and simple projects.

The areas or places where nut bolts are visible and accessible with a little effort, shallow impact sockets are used. Some common type includes shallow socket sets from TEKTON, Gear Wrench, and similar other brands.

These shallow sockets might not be so flashy and long but are artistic and can work equally with their rivals but for smaller applicable areas.

Regular socket set

Regular Sockets are a little different from the rest. A regular socket is not normally in black color and is made with chrome vanadium or carbon steel. Regular sockets are mostly accompanied by a ratchet rather than impact wrenches.

Regular sockets put excess load on corners. By doing so, they can round off the corners and may accumulate abrasion. This is their basic flaw that can only be removed by using an impact socket set. A proper and reasonable setting is what provided by impact sockets that fit well with the flat sides of the fasteners.

Key benefits of impact socket over other conventional sockets

  • Sustain greater torque conditions and fasten nuts and bolts with ease
  • Not vulnerable to brittleness
  • Possess the best quality
  • Avoid rounding off-corners
  • Fits well with flat sides of fasteners
  • Safely usable and could avoid rusting or bad weather conditions

Things to consider before buying impact socket

Some articles and variations are required to be considered before buying impact sockets. Let’s discuss them one by one.


First of all, Decide the appropriate size of impact socket you needed according to your projects. Different works require different socket sizes. The equipment you plan on working on also determines the size of the socket drives you will buy.

If you plan on doing a lot of work on a large machine, then you should buy a socket set suitable for the job. For example, you should buy a deep impact socket set for industrial applications and machine applications.

For normal use and terrestrial applications, you can buy a shallow and a basic version of an impact socket set. Impact sockets come in different sizes, including ½-inch, ¾-inch, 3/8-inch, 5/8-inch, etc.


Then, you should opt for a brand providing quality impact sockets at a reasonable price. Because the price is the determining factor for your purchase just like quality and formation material.

With the industrial application, you should buy a complete set containing SAE and Metric size impact driver socket sets that may cost you more and will then be useful for years. If you buy a smaller basic version of socket sets, then you may require more equipment in upcoming days.

Therefore, opt for a better socket set with an economical range as possible. But don’t compromise on service and equipment availability.


If you have hard to reach bolts then the best option with length is deep impact sockets. These are a must possess option for industrialists and experienced workers.

So, one should opt for deep impact sockets if he has more concentration of work with bigger machines. Otherwise, you may opt for shallow impact socket sets that provide the basic length of equipment and can cover up basic needs and simple machines.


You must opt for a brand with proper weight and torque ratio. If you are a pro-skilled worker or an industrial employee, or even self-employed with a professional servicing business, you must opt for a heavy-duty impact socket set.

Impact socket brand should have a high weight because this way it can produce enough torque and enough acceleration to untie the knot. As a result, it can work accordingly and can bear the stress and pressure situations.

Number of tools

Opt for a brand with a greater number of tools if you have a vast application, or you are an industrial worker, or a professional employee, or even self-employed businessmen providing services for businesses and industries.

You will need a comprehensive set containing 40+ equipment and with vast applicable scenarios. By doing so, you can have an opportunity for vast functionality, servicing and overhauling of the machines and their parts.

After-sales service

Think before purchase, a reliable brand offers you an optimistic after-sales service with a proper customer service center. Being a professional service provider or an industrialist, you cannot afford to be disturbed by the faulty equipment scenario.

Your work will get stuck and production may get disrupted. This can cost you more losses if you don’t recover from it as early as possible. So do opt for a legitimate branded impact socket that has a viable customer service and after-sales service for their manufactured parts.


Durability is a crucial factor. If you are using a socket set for hard work, it must be durable and sustainable for years. This could only be achieved by buying a branded socket set rather than opting for a local brand and a less reliable option.

A brand with a legitimate market ratio and sales graph could give you a reasonable product and a reasonable guarantee of their product. By doing so, you can work hassle-free and reluctantly.

Types of fasteners

There should be extended and short fasteners plus extensions included in the box if you are willing to use a socket set at work. A proper, legitimate brand socket set involves different fasteners according to their applications.

Some may be extended for longer torque arm and more stress application. Other may be a little short, compared to others, and can sustain for smaller applicable and open areas. Some fasteners might be molded or in bend, shape to transfer weight and apply power from different ends.


You must pick a heavy-duty socket and look for the design of the socket wrench. It must be durable, comfortable to use, and easy to carry or exert force.

A strong socket set could be sophisticated and thus could provide a hassle-free application. Safe and sound design is the backup of application and exerting the right amount of pressure as well as transferring the pressure to the right spot. Therefore, opt for a reasonable brand with the sound design socket set.

Construction material

An impact socket must be made up of chrome molybdenum alloy steel or Chromium Vanadium. As these are the real formation materials and are hard to break and could sustain much longer. They are durable and reliable with their application.

Your impact socket must be coated with resistant material like black phosphate or manganese phosphate to avoid corrosion, rusting and bad weather conditions as well as prevention of abrasion accumulation.

These problems arise with low-quality construction material and may result in loss of money, energy and create work disturbance.

Impact sockets can shatter under extremely high torque and pressure. This is because of the ill-fitting scenarios. An ill-fitting socket couldn’t fit tight on bolt heads and may change the stress point from the corners to the flats of the sockets.

This way, it can cause failure. Impact sockets get old with the time being and may cause these concerns and problems to happen.

Old or worn sockets can cause serious damage. These hand tools are prone to slipping and stress shaking, as well as, transferring the stress to the flatter side of the socket. This way, they can cause a severe incident to happen.

Maintenance tips

Some maintenance to do’s for impact sockets includes using correct sockets and bits for every application. A proper way to use of impact socket is inspecting the cords regularly, and never abusing them by dropping or dragging it along.

Always check the parts of hand tools regularly. If a part shows damage, repair it or change it if possible. Because faulty equipment can cause severe damage.

Always clean and maintain accessories after every use of impact tools, by using recommended cleaners and grease.

Never apply excessive torque beyond the limits because it can shatter the sockets. Check the impact wrench regularly and clean and store it after every use.

Our top Choice
TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Deep 6-Point Impact Socket Set, 14-Piece (11-32 mm) | 4885
  • Secure and sturdier case.
  • A high-quality toolbox with durability.
  • Made from forged and heat-treated chrome vanadium steel. 


Difference between Impact Sockets and Regular Sockets

Impact sockets are high pressure and high torque sockets while regular sockets are not. Impact sockets vary concerning color, size, and material information, as well as, application, form regular sockets.

Which Socket Drive Size Should You Get?

Drive size of the sockets should approximate the diameter of the bolt you want to turn. So, when you’re working with fasteners that are more or less 1/4″, use the 1/4″ drive.

Can impact sockets be used as regular sockets?

Yes, with some minor caveats.

Do I need to impact sockets for impact drivers?

Yes, you need to use impact sockets with impacts drivers due to their high torques.

Why do impact sockets have a hole?

This hole has a very specific purpose. It’s called a retaining pin and it is integral in making sure an impact socket and impact wrench work perfectly together. The pin prevents the socket from coming off the end of the wrench as a result of vibrations.

Can I use my impact driver to remove lug nuts?

Yes, by using cordless impact drivers.

Will impact sockets work on a ratchet?

Yes, with some minor caveats.

Are Harbor Freight impact sockets good?

Yes, Harbour Freight is a reknown manyfacturer of different automotive tools.

What is the best steel for impact sockets?

Chromium Molybdenum (CM – Alloy) is recommended


Finally, Impact sockets are amazing with their different uses. One should opt for buying the best impact socket if they already have an impact wrench. For your commercial or home use, it is inevitably useful and handy. It comes with different variants and different price scenarios. You should opt for the impact socket according to your needs and budget requirements.

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