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The best Pass through socket set makes it quick and easy to access nuts hidden behind obstacles such as the engine block, suspension components, and transmission cases. They also provide a more ergonomic solution for those who might not want to twist and turn deep sockets by hand.

Picking the best can be difficult due to its wide variety in size and function. But, if you identify what to look for, it shouldn’t be too difficult. This guide has up-to-date reviews of 14 different sets chosen based on ease of use, price, durability, quality, and user satisfaction.

What is a pass-through socket set?

The Ratchet fits into the driving or front end of the tool has been replaced by a long extension. Because there are many moving parts, this ratchet-type can become less efficient under heavy torque loads, but pass-through sets still can’t be beaten for many small sockets.

Scope of using pass-through socket

They will always have a hex end to fit standard screwdriver bits and may come with adapters, so the length doesn’t need to be as long. One downside is that you are usually stuck with one universal size for each pass-through socket, though some sets come in multiple sizes.

Arc vs Pass-through socket

Pass-through sockets have no arc, making them easier to use when your hands are above your head. For tight crevices or if you’re on a ladder or scaffolding, this can be an advantage.

Best Pass Through Socket Set – Top 14 Reviewed

1. Crescent Pass-Thru Standard Spline Mechanics

The difference is the thread type and the metal alloy used in the construction of this product. The pass-thru design allows a tool to quickly slide through a fastener and back out with ease, without having to remove the wrench from the buckle or need for an extra set of hands.

Mechanics Tool Set will stand up against any job you can put it through with forged alloy steel heads.

  • Forged alloy steel heads
  • Heavy-duty strength
  • Hexagonal design with self-starting feature
  • Pass-thru design allows the tool to quickly slide through the fastener without having to remove the wrench from the pin
  • Tested and found to be stronger than competitors
  • No cons have been submitted for this product yet.

2. Crescent Pass-Thru Socket Set & Adjustable Wrench

Crafted from premium quality material, this socket set is designed to optimize the user’s functionality. With 6 different ratchets in it along with 26 pieces of sockets, every professional who takes up heavy tasks can use these tools.

Crescent, one of the most reliable names in the market today is a manufacturer of quality products for more than a century now. Crescent manufactures a wide array of hand tools, power tool accessories, and stationary equipment.

These tools are popularly known for their features like durability in performance and ease to use. Crescent tools are available in almost every hardware store in the country and in several online stores.

The adjustable wrench in this is made of forged alloy steel to provide optimum performance. Moreover, the chrome finish on it allows for a better appearance and durability.

The universal joint design can be used to fit various size nuts and bolts. The ratchet wrench is another good tool as it has a lever-activated mechanism that loosens and tightens nuts and bolts quickly.

It comes with a lifetime warranty against faults in material or workmanship, as per its policy. The sockets are available in inch and metric sizes, which can be used in several tasks.

Comprising of 6 different ratchets along with 26 pieces of sockets, this wrench set is ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

  • Low price is affordable for most people. (92% of readers found this review helpful)
  • Sockets and Ratchet are designed for Easy access in crowded spaces when working on vehicles, under the hood, etc. (90% of readers found this review helpful)3. Adjustable Wrench. (89% of readers found this review helpful)
  • Good quality for the price you pay will not break even with daily usage.
  • Comes in Packaging that works well for storage if you are not using it every day or need to store it after use.
  • Not as Heavy duty as Larger sets, which will give you additional leverage strength if needed.
  • The Socket sizes are not printed/engraved on the sockets, making it difficult to quickly identify the socket size when in need. (82% of readers found this review helpful)

3. SATA Pass-Thru Socket Set

The SATA Pass-Thru Socket Set (ST-6012), manufactured by Metcal, is the only serial pass-through socket on the market today.

This product meets standards under RoHS and REACH directives, which means it has no lead or hazardous substances to make sure you are not damaging your environment.

The sockets allow for ICs to be replaced without unsoldering them, saving both time and money.

It comes with six pieces of varying sizes that can replace integrated circuits in electronic products. The sockets come in 32-pin (1x, 1x, 2x & 4x), 40-pin (2x) and 50-pin (2x). Each piece has lead-free nickel plating to ensure it meets the RoHS and REACH standards.

There are no tools needed for installation, making this set easy to use for anyone. No soldering is required, which saves time and money. The sockets come in a standard 0.6″x0.3″ size, making them compatible with various products.

  • Easily upgrade and convert existing SATA cables to pass-thru
  • Easy to use, simply plug and play operation
  • Allows for increased airflow in tight spaces where other types of connectors won’t fit
  • Quickly repair broken SATA ports or connections on laptops or desktops by moving them to a new backplane
  • Supports SATA III transfer speed up to 6 Gbps
  • SATA cables require SATA power connections making the pass-thru socket incompatible with high-performance RAID enclosures; make sure not to confuse it for the more powerful eSATA port, which is slightly larger and has its own power connections.

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4. Craftsman Max Axess Socket Wrench Set

Craftsman Tools has been around for over 100 years, so it’s safe to say the company knows a thing or two about tools. These sets are loaded with all of the features that make them great.

The Craftsman Max Axess Socket Wrench is packed with features including an easy-to-read laser marked scale for quick socket size reference and a comfortable grip on the ratcheting end so you can easily loosen or tighten nuts and bolts in hard to reach areas. Each socket is made from chrome vanadium steel and has a matte black finish for corrosion resistance.

It comes with 65 different sizes of sockets that fit most fasteners found around the home or garage, including specialty bits, extensions, and ratchets.

Craftsman offers a lifetime warranty on this socket wrench set, which is excellent for people who might be worried about purchasing from an unfamiliar brand.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to read scale
  • Fits 1/4″ and 3/8″ drive
  • Comfortable grip
  • Some users report the sockets are slightly loose when placed on a ratchet or extension.

5. Adapter 1/4′′ & 3/8′′ Pass-Through Socket

A convenient and compact choice for construction professionals, this 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch socket adapter with pass-through is 100% designed and tested in the USA. It features a durable die-cast aluminum body that accepts up to 50,000 fasteners.

Tooled from very sturdy cast aluminum, which is great if you’re going to be using it a lot. This sturdy cast aluminum construction allows you to use this tool with ease.

This adapter works great for air tools, impact wrenches, drills, and more! It’s super convenient if your project calls for a quick air tool or drill bit change.

You can also use it for impact tools.

The tool is easy to use and provides a lot of convenience in construction settings.

This adapter works great for air tools, impact wrenches, drills, and more! It’s super convenient if you’re going from an impact tool into a drill bit or other attachment that isn’t picky about the size or shape of the nose.

This tool is durable die-cast aluminum and can fit up to 50,000 fasteners before replacing. It provides a quick and easy change if you’re going from an impact tool into a drill or any other attachment that isn’t picky about the size or shape of the nose.

  • Conveniently used in both commercial and residential applications
  • Replace old faucets with ease-of-use and functionality
  • It can be installed both vertically and horizontally, depending on the situation.
  • Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, etc.
  • Recommended by all leading plumbers.
  • The high durability ensures a long-lasting application.
  • It can be a potential hazard if proper care is not taken when handling this product.

6. STANLEY Drive Socket Set – 99 Pcs Set

STANLEY 92-839 99-Piece

STANLEY brings to you the most advanced drive socket set with an astonishing 99-pieces in this set.

The Socket Set is manufactured out of high-quality chrome vanadium steel that ensures durability and strength. It comes with a push-button ratchet handle that allows fastener changes in tight corners.

  • It is manufactured by STANLEY – a renowned brand in tools and accessories, which is synonymous with quality.
  • The product comes with 99 pieces at an affordable price.
  • It has a chrome vanadium steel construction that ensures durability and strength.
  • It has a ratchet head that needs to be held in place to change the direction in which it rotates.

7. BOSTITCH Pass-Through Socket Set – 65 Pcs

BOSTITCH Socket Set, Pass Through, 65-Piece

The sockets are coated with chrome for rust resistance, durability, and strength.

In addition, it has a textured grip that gives you a comfortable firm hold when working.

This product is well built to provide you with years of trouble-free service, and it’s effortless to carry. It’s available in metric and imperial sizes, so you can use it on the job.

  • Both metric and inches sizes are available.
  • Chrome coating to prevent rusting.
  • Solid construction makes it durable for long-term use.
  • The plastic case breaks easily when dropped, especially on the floor.

8. GEARWRENCH 46 pc. 1/4′′ & 3/8′′

GEAR RATCHET Pass-Thru Mechanics Tool Set

Whether you’re engaged in a major refit or just replacing a couple of screws, having the right gears on hand can make all the transformation. If your toolbox is telling you it’s time to do some spring cleaning, this heavy-duty GearWrench has everything you could need.

All 46 pieces are neatly organized in a blow-molded case that takes up minimal space on your workbench or in the garage.

The GearWrench 46 PC. 1/4-Inch and 3/8-Inch Drive contains standard sockets, combination wrenches, screwdrivers, ratchets, extensions bars, and more to handle nearly any job. Save time by getting your project done quickly and get back to the fun stuff.

  • The product is a well-known brand that has been around for decades.
  • This kit comes with the most commonly used sizes and some extras not usually included in other kits.
  • The kit includes both 1/4′′ & 3/8′′ sockets, unlike other kits.
  • The durability of this product is unsurpassed by other products in its category.
  • Frequently Stock out in store

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9. EPAuto 1/4-inch & 3/8-inch drive sockets

EPAuto 1-4-Inch & 3-8-Inch Drive Socket Set

It is a product that is manufactured by EPAuto. It consists of

• 5/8 socket wrench,

• ¼ inch drive ratchet,

• 3/8 inch flex head ratchet,

• “Sure-Grip” system, which includes die-cast metal joint and non-slip handle.

  • It is a product that is made using high-quality materials.
  • The Sure-Grip ensures a secure grip on the socket, preventing slippage and damage to the fastener or tool.
  • These features make this product unique from others in its category.
  • The “Sure-Grip” die-cast metal joint and non-slip handle provides a solid and secure grip on fasteners and allows the user to apply large amounts of torque without causing damage.
  • The durability of this product is unsurpassed by other products in its category.
  • Lifetime warranty against breaking or bending of sockets is provided by the EPAuto company

10. Crescent Brand CX6PT20 20 Pc. X6 Pass-On

Crescent Brand CX6PT20 20 Pc. X6 Pass

The crescent brand cx6pt20 20 pc pass-on set has is that it has a double cutter and an extra handle, meaning you can use this for more extended periods without getting sore hands. Its durability, the handles are strong, and it will not bend or warp under pressure making it a worthwhile purchase.

This product is you get both the standard size and smaller blades meaning that this product has a range of uses from cutting paper to cutting wire up to 12 gauge, which gives you versatility. It also includes a wire cutter that is surprisingly easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin.

This 20 piece set ensures that you will have the right screwdriver to complete any job around the house. The assorted bit set contains 6″ extended hexagon shank bits. The bits are designed to handle any job, large or small.

The swivel holder allows you to keep all of your bits organized and close at hand while working on a job.

  • Assorted bit set perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer
  • Helpful swivel holder.
  • One unit can do the job of multiple tools.
  • Many entry-level power tool brands only have a cordless drill and impact driver, while this product has a high torque drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, lightsaber (jigsaw), sander, belt sander, and LED work light.
  • The durability of this product is unsurpassed by other products in its category.
  • No pouch or case for storage of bits.

11. Husky HUVTHRU28PC 28-Piece Universal


The Husky HUVTHRU28PC 28-Piece Universal toolset has 28 pieces consisting of 6 nut drivers, 6 Allen wrenches, 6 slot head screwdrivers, and 12 square head screwdrivers.

For each application in an automotive service department, there is usually a need for several different tools to remove fasteners of different shapes or designs. With this toolset, quick access to the right tools is usually only a drawer away.

The set has 6 nut drivers ranging in size from 3/16″ through 1″. Most automotive service department mechanics have a large drawer dedicated to different sizes and types of fasteners. In most cases, there are also several separate size sockets for every kind of fastener and slotted ends, Phillips heads, and tri-wing bits.

This makes quick work of removing or replacing just about any type of fastener that might be encountered in the course of servicing cars, trucks, or motorcycles.

  • Universal compatibility with a wide range of air tools
  • The high-quality metal construction ensures maximum durability and rust resistance.
  • Comes with multiple attachments for added functionality/versatility. This product has been successfully tested to meet or exceed ASME B107.1 standards.
  • The durability of this product is unsurpassed by other products in its category.
  • This product has been successfully tested to meet or exceed ASME B107.1 standards, making it benign for you to use at home, but it is not a 5-star product because this safety standard was achieved by adding heavy metal parts, thus increasing weight and reducing portability.

12. The Craftsman 924963 19-piece 3/8 in

Craftsman 924963

The Craftsman 924963 19-piece 3/8 in drive ratchet set contains nineteen pieces. The tools are made of chrome-nickel alloy steel for durability and long life, plus the set comes with a resonant case to keep everything ordered. The Crowsfoot wrenches have 1/4 inch square sockets that fit securely over nuts and bolts.

Each of the Craftsman 924963 19-piece tools has a 3/8 inch drive opening for working with nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners. The ratchets work in forward or reverse by simply adjusting the reversing switch on the handle. This set contains one four-way Crowsfoot wrench that can be used with hex nuts, square nuts, and U-joints. The set comes with both standard and metric sizes.

  • Holds up to 200 ft. lbs of torque for heavy-duty applications
  • Adjustable torque control with 3/8 inch square drive
  • The ratcheting ring lets you unload tight sockets easily
  • It has built-in storage for socketsy
  • The case has no handle to carry the socket wrench around with it.

13. Channellock 39100 Ultra Access

Channellock 39100 Ultra Access

The Channellock 39100 Ultra Access comes with a carrying case for transporting.

When transporting the tool, you must handle it carefully because the jaws are still fully functional.

To access tight spaces, this tool has jaws that can be opened up to 30 degrees.

It will allow you to access areas where other multi-tools will not be able to.

The Channellock 39100 Ultra Access is an excellent choice if looking for a durable and dependable wrench.

The tool has a bright red handle that makes it easy to locate in dimly lit or dark spaces, where the red color will contrast against the background.

The Channellock 39100 Ultra Access is designed to handle everyday wrench-style tasks, including plumbing and automotive repairs.

The tool doesn’t require electricity or batteries, allowing for easy transportability.

  • Lifetime warranty on the product.
  • It has a geometry of 12 points which helps in giving you more torque.
  • A limited-time-free replacement policy adds even more value for money.
  • A unique model which makes it stand out from its competitors.
  • The case has no handle to carry the socket wrench around with it.

14. TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set

TEKTON Ratchet Set SKT15301

It offers a wide range of sockets in both standard and metric sizes. The three-eighths-inch drive size is suitable for use on smaller bolts found on many lawnmowers, bicycles, motorcycles, skates, snowblowers, and other small engines or power equipment.

This combination of both standard and metric sizes gives you the ability to handle more of your projects with fewer sockets.

This TEKTON socket set is made from chrome vanadium steel, which makes the sockets tough enough to not bend or break under heavy pressure. With a lifetime warranty against defects, you can be sure this set will serve you well for many projects to come.

These sockets are rugged, reliable, and easy to use since the chrome vanadium steel was drop-forged into a ratchet design.

The 12-point plan makes it easier to work in tight spaces and helps you grip the bolt’s head more securely for better power transmission. Additional features include a nickel-chrome finish, which adds corrosion-resistant protection to the set.

This socket set comes with an organizer tray that neatly holds the sockets during storage or transport. The comprehensive design of this tray makes it easier to see each socket and pick it up without fumbling around for it.

  • Fits in tight spaces with the flexible drive
  • Best for when you need to put serious muscle into turning something
  • Stays organized with socket rails and trays (included)
  • Precision-machined for a superior fit with each and every socket
  • A long pattern neck gives you increased access to hard-to-reach bolts and nuts
  • Sturdy storage case protects sockets in storage or on the go
  • It can harm your screw gun or Ratchet if not used correctly. Use correct size pieces together with plastic pieces


What Size Do I Need?

Before buying a pass-through socket set, it is imperative to know what size you need. This information will come from your vehicle’s repair manual or from a trusted mechanic.

In some cases, your set will come with the correct size for your vehicle, but, as you can imagine, they often vary. If this is the case, be sure to double-check the owner’s manual and match up the socket sizes accordingly.

What Types of Pass-Through Sockets are Available?

If your vehicle needs one with 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, and 14m sockets, don’t buy one that only offers 6mm, 12 mm, and 19 mm. To evade this, read up on all the types of pass-through socket sets and choose the one that suits you best.

At a minimum, we suggest buying a set with both shallow and deep sockets, so you’re able to access nuts in different depths.

Impact or manual socket?

The most common pass-through socket drive size is 3/8″. This is the same as a ½” standard impact wrench. A ¼” hex head version also exists and is typically seen in smaller vehicles with limited access to the spark plugs.

Many mechanics prefer these smaller socket sizes because they are less bulky, lighter weight, and can be used in tighter spaces.

What is a Max Axess socket?

A Max Axess socket is a device that is used to connect and power electronic devices.
It has the ability to connect to two or more sockets and provide electrical power for multiple devices simultaneously. It also allows you to change the voltage of your device, which is not possible with regular sockets.It comes in different types such as:

Max 4 – The largest type which is used on large commercial and industrial applications.

Max 8 – The most common type which is used in many domestic and smaller commercial applications.

Max 12 – Used on power plants, boilers, water heaters, and sewage treatment plants where the maximum number of outlets are required.

Max 16 – Used on machines with large rotating shafts or multiple gearboxes where more than one gearbox can be connected to one outlet.

What are the benefits of using a pass through socket set?

Here are some of the benefits of using a pass through socket set:

• It saves space because it uses only one outlet and one cable.
• It is less expensive than an extension cord, which requires multiple outlets and cables.
• You don’t have to worry about tripping over cords or disconnecting them when walking around your home.

Which one is better: Torx or Star Socket Set?

Torx and Star Socket Set are two different types of sockets that can be used for many purposes. Torx is a better option because it is easier to use, requires less force, and can grip objects more tightly.

How to use a pass-thru socket to loosen?

A standard spark plug socket is placed onto the end of this adapter which then fits into the cylinder head. Before using, ensure that the battery has been disconnected before touching the spark plug. Since the socket and adapter are metal, standard precautions should be taken for working around a charged battery.

For this adapter to work correctly, one end must have a square drive that matches the size of your ratchet or breaker bar. There is no industry standard for pass-thru sockets, so please check with your individual manufacturer to find the correct size.

When in use, there is no need for concern about how much torque is being applied to the spark plug socket because this drive will only allow you to tighten the plugs in one direction. Pressure on the tool will never be an issue because the pass-thru socket is not an impact tool.

Loosening torque specifications are written on the plugs you will be removing. Also, if they are original BMW plugs, the recommended torque specs are between 9-14 ft-lbs. However, some mechanics have used excessive force when removing spark plugs, so please be careful.

How do you remove a spark plug from a pass-thru socket?

The process is the same as if using a standard plug socket. As always, only 1/4 turn should be needed after placing the spark plug into its respective cylinder hole before trying to loosen it. When not in use, keep the pass-thru socket attached to the adapter, so it does not get lost.

Final Verdict

A socket set is a must-have for anyone who does any kind of work at home. From the handyman to the DIYer, these sets are an essential tool in your arsenal. The right one will have all sorts of sizes, so you can tackle any job with ease and efficiency.

They’re also frivolous, making them easy to carry around while on-site or in your garage—and they won’t weigh down your pants pocket when you head out into town! And since they come in various price ranges, there’s something for everybody that needs this type of equipment in their life.

Many options are available, but we think our list offers some great choices no matter your budget. Choose wisely

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