24-hour Vehicle Camera

Ultimate 24-Hour Vehicle Cameras to Capture Vandalism while parked

On March 1st, a vandal smashed the window of a parked car and spray-painted the side of the vehicle. The whole incident was caught on the car’s onboard camera and the footage was used to identify and arrest the perpetrator. This is just one example of how useful vehicle cameras can be in deterring and … Read more

car key fob

How to Master car key fob programming in 6 Simple Steps

You might have come across a car key fob if you have a modern car, but what is a car key fob? or how to program a key fob??A small handheld remote device controls the car’s remote keyless entry system. The fob will produce a chirp sent when it detects the locking mechanism. The fob … Read more

Remote to Start Your Car

How To Add Remote to Start Your Car: 5 Best Way

It is not in doubt that remote starters are the more convenient options for starting cars. They warm up the engines, activate the interior systems, and allow for seamless operations, to mention but a few! How it sounds if you know how to add a remote start to your car yourself? It is because of … Read more

Best Car Security System

Best Car Security System: Top 15 Upgrades + Expert Review

Truth be told, the last thing you want is to find your car missing right where you parked it. It could be quite frustrating, right? Well, the sad truth is that some people would do anything it takes to get into your car. Now, what if I told you that there are lots of countermeasures … Read more