What is group 35 battery

What is Group 35 Battery? Effective Use in Automotive Industry

Car batteries are also classified on the basis of their dimensions. The classification helps with easy identification and fitting.what is group 35 battery? There are many kinds of classifications in vogue at the moment. We want to familiarize you with one such that is commonly in use. This is the Group 35. The article below … Read more

how to install a marine battery

How to Install A Marine Battery Properly In 5 Easy Steps

Alright! So, you have bought the battery, and now you are ready to install it. But how to Install a marine battery Properly? First and foremost, you have to remember that, while most batteries have strong security measures, they are still dangerous if you make mistakes installing it. So, make sure you have safety measures, … Read more

types of Marine Battery

Different Types of Marine Battery-3 Basic Types & Solid Features

There are different types of marine battery to pick from. However, they all rate by energy output commonly expressed as ampere-hours. Most batteries get categorized by how many charges they are capable of withstanding during their lifetime. Batteries with a longer lifespan will determine the price. Of course, there are many characteristics from your boat you must … Read more

What Is A Group 27 Deep Cycle Battery

Understanding Group 27 Deep Cycle Battery

Have you been looking for a suitable battery group for your marine boat, reserve capacity vehicle, or home solar power unit? Chances are you may have encountered terms like ‘group 24 carnking battery’ or ‘group 27 deep cycle battery,’ among others. These numbers are very significant as they determine the power, durability, and long-term reliability … Read more