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Best Flat Bar Road Bike In 2021[Reviews+Expert Buying Guide]

You have probably heard of, even wanted to own the best flat bar road bike for yourself, have you not? These bikes are indeed awesome and pretty handy in their own regards. To make the most fulfilling purchasing decision, you no doubt have to be guided accordingly.

That forms the basis of our reviews-cum-buying guide here below. We have carried out extensive research as regards this particular subject and have managed to garner some critical pieces of information that may be of help to you. Also, we shall review ten of the bikes that money can buy in the meantime.

What is a Flat Bar Road Bike?

To begin with, it is a special kind of hybrid bike that is mainly optimized for home rides and use. Its flat handlebar is flat unlike the ones for the best hybrid bikes that come in the shape of drop handlebar. Also, the bike blends the traits of specialized road bikes with those of the mountain bikes and touring bike.

It goes by other names like fitness bike or general-purpose bikes. Owing to its blend of the traits we have highlighted and explained above, this bike is also able to tolerate a vast array of intense riding conditions and severely harsh applications.

Image Product Title Features Price
700c Mens Gmc Denali Black 700c Mens Gmc Denali Black
  • Alloy Water Bottle Cage
  • Easy to change gears
  • Lightweight aluminum Frame
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Schwinn Fastback 1 Performance Road Bike for Intermediate to Advanced Riders, Featuring 48cm/Small Aluminum Frame, Carbon Fiber Fork, Shimano 105 22-Speed Drivetrain, and 700c Wheels, Grey (S1157SM) Schwinn Fastback 1 Performance Road Bike for Intermediate to Advanced Riders, Featuring 48cm/Small Aluminum Frame, Carbon Fiber Fork, Shimano 105 22-Speed Drivetrain, and 700c Wheels, Grey (S1157SM)
  • 28 mm tire
  • Extra carrying capacity
  • Lightweight bicycles.
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Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle for Men and Women, Alluminum Frame, 14 or 16-Speed Drivetrain, Carbon Fiber Fork, 700c Wheels, Multiple Colors Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle for Men and Women, Alluminum Frame, 14 or 16-Speed Drivetrain, Carbon Fiber Fork, 700c Wheels, Multiple Colors
  • Great breaking power
  • Designed for speed
  • Multiple gears
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Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike 21 Speed Racing Bicycle 53cm 56cm (Black/Green, 53cm) Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike 21 Speed Racing Bicycle 53cm 56cm (Black/Green, 53cm)
  • 25lbs Net Weight
  • Colorful Tire
  • Great Design
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What Are The Best Road Bike Brands?

#1: GMC

The GMC stands out as the most popular brand. It is a brand that is generally built for optimal performance while on the road. That is mainly because most of its parts feature the equally lightweight Aluminum makeup. Its fork on the other hand features the alloy materials and is hence tougher.

#2: Schwinn

Schwinn is a brand that is mainly optimized for multipurpose applications. For this reason, it offers great general purposes traditional road bike. You will find them useful for your common road trips, everyday use, and haulage of smaller amounts of cargo from one place to another.

#3: Eurobike

Want to maneuver out and about a cramped up space or treacherous terrain? Get your hands on an Eurobike. This brand is extremely agile and able to steer itself faithfully against obstacles and on patchy windy conditions. Its frame geometry is also wholly reliable and will hence give the support you need to soldier on.

#4: Trinx

This Trinx is yet again a great one for the matters of race. You have it for the taking if you are a racing enthusiast or have some racing elements in mind. Many of its bikes are smaller and agile enough to manage these cramped up maneuvers.

#5: Giordano

If you are a starter who just wants to set out for a bike-riding experience, no other brand than this one may be alright for your use. Its bikes are simplistic and indeed truly capable of ushering you to the whole new world of bike riding. This is by virtue of containing only simple and bare minimum parts.

10 Best Flat Bar Road Bikes Reviewed 2021

We now embark on an in-depth review of the leading best flat bar road bike under $1,000 as things stand:

#1: GMC Denali Flat Bar Bike

Are short of the necessary muscle power? We draw your attention to this GMC Denali road bike review. It is overall light enough to allow for smoother and less strenuous rides from one place to another. The lightweight is mainly made possible by the extensive use of the Aluminum material to make it up.

Coming in next is the 21-speed options that the gears provide for you. With these options, you will enjoy the luxury and freedom to alter the race of the travels as per your unique expectations. That of course gives you also some confidence and unparalleled peace of mind.

To bring the bike to a halt, a set of alloy calipers will come in handy for you. These are extremely responsive and are less likely to inflict any form of accidents or disturbances to you in the course of your journey from one place to another one. Instead, all you get is prompt stopping.

And with the attached Shimano Revo shifters, you will also enjoy the rare privilege of being able to alter the gear ratios without necessarily having to get your hands off the flat handlebars. This arrangement lets you focus all of your attention and effort on the road and also minimizes accidents from arising.

Positive Side
  • Light enough for regular travels and visits
  • Comes to a halt promptly without too much effort
  • Its rims are tough and stable
  • Changing of gears is cannondale quick and less of a hassle
  • Manages smoother rides overall
Negative Side
  • Gets damaged a bit too soon

#2: Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Bike

Schwinn Phocus 1400

This Schwinn Phocus 1600 is the cyclocross bike to set your eyes on if you want to pick one for use by both men and women alike. It is unisex in stature and makeup, a fact that goes a long way in guaranteeing this. Then again it comes in multiple colors for you to choose from.

Its most notable trait is the 14-16 speed drivetrain. Through this, you get to pick and deploy the right shoot for the journey you may be looking at. With these many options, you will enjoy rides that are smoother and well optimized for your unique terrains and other riding conditions.

The fork comes in next. Unlike that of many alternative bikes we have around, it is made of Carbon fork fiber. Thus, it is lighter and generally well able to facilitate your rides. Specifically, the fork does not demand that you put in too much of your muscle power and effort to engage it as is ordinarily the case.

Rounding up its list of most outstanding features are the 700c wheels. These are wide and flat enough to confer you the stability that you need while in transit. This drop bar road bike also play the role of preventing you from falling off even when negotiating turns at extremely high speeds.

Positive Side
  • Suitable for competitive racing issues
  • Its parts are lighter than those of many bikes
  • Places you in a powerful aerodynamic riding position
  • Reduces the drag to a greater extent
  • Delivers both race and comfort in one mix
Negative Side
  • Accommodates very few accessories

#3: Eurobike EURXC550 21 Speed 3-Spoke Wheels Road Bicycle

Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550

So riding conditions are too slippery and quick prone to the risks of fall offs. You can never afford to use your ordinary bikes on such terrains cycling. Instead, the ones you pick and deploy for your uses have to similarly be stable and able to stop promptly without any risks of tipping you over.

Set your eyes on none other than this one. It possesses the dual hydraulic disc brakes that basically lets it come to a complete halt with great sopping power. These brakes are pretty tough and firm that they also bear the weights of the bike without the dangers of breaking apart or letting you fall off the mountain bike.

Also coming along to help with the matters of cycling & transportation is the 21-speed shifting system. This one works to endure that your rides are smoother and less affected by the external factors. Moreover, they also give you the option to set your desired riding pace as necessary for you as can be.

Finally, this bike is backed by a robust customer care regime that is always on standby to listen to your queries and take of them accordingly. Thanks to this customer service regime, you will enjoy the unparalleled peace of mind you need to go on your trips.

Positive Side
  • Brakes at any tempo for your own safety cycling
  • Guarantees maximum stoppage power
  • Enjoys an excellent backend customer service regime
  • Comes at an affordable cost
  • Pairs with many accessories
Negative Side
  • Requires some assembly right before use

#4: Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C 21 Speed Racing Bicycle

Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike Shimano

Is your search for the right bike mainly dictated by the need for racing and other speed-related applications? We ask you to pick and use this one for your job. It contains the blend of factors that are responsible for the matters of speed and racing like lightweight and compact stature.

It bears a lightweight Aluminium frame as a standard part and parcel of its makeup. Being light, this frame negates the need for you to put in too much effort to steer the bike forward. This light nature is largely complemented by the streamlined design. The design greatly minimizes the aerodynamic drag that potentially comes along.

By doing that, it allows you to steer the bike steadily on its course without having to put in too much effort. Existing at its propulsion core are the Shimano A050 Shifter, Shimano Cassette, Shimano TZ500 Rear, and TZ500 Front Derailleur, respectively.

They jointly generate and deliver the propulsion power that the bike badly needs to be able to move from one place to another one. Then again, they put you in complete control of the riding process. That of course is awesome because it means you will hardly fidget and fall off along the way.

Positive Side
  • Comes about in a compact size and stature
  • Made wholly of the tough and light materials
  • Possesses ten steel forks for maximum propulsion
  • The rims are double-walled for maximum strength
  • Pretty light and easier to steer
Negative Side
  • Too basic in scope and functionality

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#5: 700c Giordano Aversa

700c Giordano Aversa Road Bike

Have you never attempted to ride these bikes before? This 700c wheel Giordano Aversa will give you the head start you need to launch out well. It is wholly designed for the beginners and persons who have never attempted to ride the bikes prior.

Though meant mainly for the beginners and the intermediates, the bike contains advanced features that stand out and set it apart from the others. Its main part is the lightweight 6061 aluminum frames that gives it the strength, support, and vitality it needs to place you in an absolute state of comfort.

The frame attaches to the Shimano 14-speed drive train. As you may have already conjectured, this part of the bike transmits the torque from the fork through to the rear rack wheels. In doing so, it propels the bike forwards. Stemming from its 14-speed options, this perfect bike gives you the freedom to alter the speeds as need be.

All the critical parts and components converge to the stem shifters. It is these that vary the speeds and also alter the gear ratios as need be. Being allocated on the stem makes them easily accessible and also convenient to engage. Must we also add that the shifters are highly responsive?

Positive Side
  • Great for starters and intermediates
  • A high tensile steel fork generates the necessary torque
  • Enables efficient transmission of the motion power
  • Its tires are tougher and longer-lasting
  • The alloy dual-pivot brakes deliver the necessary stopping power
Negative Side
  • Unsuitable for professional riding

6: Schwinn Fastback 1

Schwinn Fastback 1 Performance Road Bike

If you have already mastered the basics of cycling and now want to up your skills, this is the bike that you want to set your eyes on. By its design, stature, and scope, the bike is great for the intermediate to the advanced cyclist. Several factors account for this.

For one, it has a small Aluminum frame that measures a paltry 48 cm. This is the one that gives it the other parts and components of the bike the strength and support they need to do their jobs. A carbon fork fiber also exists at its core to generate the torque you need to push the bike forward.

Of all the bikes we have around, it is this that gives you the highest speed options. These stand at 22. Being many, they see to it that you choose and work with only that speed limit that is appropriately suited for your riding condition and unique circumstance of use.

Its brakes and stems are not left out either because they too are appropriately equipped for the roles of facilitating the motions. The braking mechanism proper, comprises the Shimano BR-5800 alloy caliper that is pretty strong, tough, and highly responsive when engaged for the job.

Positive Side
  • Provides a faster and more agile rides
  • Great for those with an inkling on fitness
  • Gives you a wide variety of speed options to leverage
  • Allows for more effective shifting while in transit
  • Makes room for precise speed controls
Negative Side
  • Incapable of accommodating certain accessories

#7: Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

Love colors? This bike has got you well taken good care of. That is because it is available in many color options which similarly blend well with the various occasions and unique circumstances you might have to contend with. Its benefits stretch beyond only that though.

The best value bike is truly firm and rigid due to the use of equally firm and rigid Aluminum materials. Thanks to this rigidity, the bike is able to serve and facilitate the matters of fitness and exercising. What’s more? The rigid nature is also good enough for the matters of sporting and regular exercising!

Apart from the colors and the fitness, the bike also imbues some aesthetics mainly due to the flat-styled handlebar that is truly breathtaking to behold with the naked eyes. Its stopping mechanism comes to make matters even simpler and more reliable for you. It comprises the alloy linear-pull brakes both at the front and at the rear.

For only a limited amount of effort, you may be certain to accrue the stopping power you need regardless of the speed levels and the nature of the terrains. In fact, your use of this bike is a sure way of preventing the slipping and the fall-offs that arise when negotiating tight corners at high speeds.

Positive Side
  • Rigid enough to allow for strenuous acts
  • Exudes some excellent aesthetics
  • Contains brakes at the front and rear
  • Good enough for the outdoor leisure
  • Backed by a generous lifetime warranty
Negative Side
  • Limited to the adult riders alone

#8: Schwinn Phocus 1500 Flat Bar Sport Fitness Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Phocus 1500 Flat Bar Sport Fitness Hybrid Bikes

Are you a weighty person who finds the tasks of embarking and disembarking a bike quite strenuous? Your solution rests in the acquisition of a step-through bike such as this one. Its frame is warped and hence allows for smoother embarking and disembarking as need be.

Aside from merely allowing you to embark and disembark at will, this bike is also able to facilitate sorting applications. It is agile, firm, and tough enough to enable the attainment of these feats. That is beside the generally great aesthetics it potentially imbues when deployed for use.

The combination of the traits we have talked of above makes the bike fit enough for many relevant applications. Its stature and overall makeup are also not left out. They come along in the 700c wheels, disc brakes, Shimano 24-speed belt drive train, Schwinn sport suspension fork, and the Schwinn aluminum fitness frame.

They jointly generate the right torque you need, just when you need it and in the correct magnitude that you may need it. All these put you in proper stature and control of the riding process throughout. They also see to it that you negotiate the turns well without having to strain excessively.

Positive Side
  • Able to manage sporting applications
  • Quite light and agile due to the Aluminum frame
  • Makes for more responsive rides
  • Shits the speeds reliably for your convenient riding
  • Can keep you fit as well
Negative Side
  • Requires excess muscle power to steer

#9: Vilano Performance Shimano Hybrid Flat Bar Commuter Bike

Vilano Performance 700C-21

It may not always be that all the time you have to ride on the paved roads only. The terrains differ in scope and shape considerably. Also, you can never afford to change your commuter bikes now and then in response to the various kinds of terrains you ply.

To be on the safe side and be guaranteed uninterrupted rides, you need a hybrid bike of this kind that works well regardless of the terrain that may be leveled against it. It is hybrid in the sense that can ply both the on-road and the off-road conditions perfectly fine.

Its wheels that are sized 700c stand out. They provide the stability you need to take on the turns well and also travel and tremendous speeds. Being strong and durable, they also tend to last longer by virtue of not sustaining prickles and punctures a bit too soon.

Unlike flat bar Gravel bike- Specialized sirrus,The alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakes and the double-wall alloy rims crown the list of the top-notch features of the bike. These cantilever V-brakes fit your hands firmly to allow for the prompt and unparalleled stoppage. The double-wall alloy rims last longer and also take on the rough terrains effectively.

Positive Side
  • Its wheels are large and stable
  • Gives off aerodynamic performances when engaged for the tasks
  • Easier to bring to a halt
  • Tackles the rough terrains with absolute efficacy
  • An integrated headset exists for your convenience of use
Negative Side
  • Costs a premium to acquire

#10: Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike

Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike

Could it be that all you desire is to reach your destination faster and within the shortest realistic timeframe possible? This is the bike to look up to. Of all the leading bikes road we have, it is this one that is able to hit the highest speeds that now stands at the 24-speed options.

You will find it pretty great for racing, general day-to-day commuting, and transportation of minor cargo. Its core, which in fact makes it able to manage this role, is the 24-speed gear. This one gives you the options and freedom to vary the speed rates as per your unique expectations and needs.

Next comes the Shimano EF 51 ergonomic integrated brake levers and shifters. You will use these to alter the gear ratios from one level to another one hassle-free. Being integrated into the system, they negate the need for you to install them separately as the ones may normally want.

What’s more? The bike itself is stable enough to allow for smooth rides atop the hilly and otherwise treacherous terrains easily. Hardly will you fall off or veer off course severely as other kinds of bikes will naturally predispose you to. All these guarantee your overall confidence and goodwill when riding.

Positive Side
  • Highly versatile and able to perform many relevant functions
  • Delivers both safety and absolute comfort
  • Has a smaller frame size for utmost agility and ease of riding
  • Comes plug and play (requires no assembly before use)
Negative Side
  • Only for the expert rider

How Much Does A Road Bike Weigh?

It weighs roughly 15-19 pounds (ca. 9 kg). This weight has been found to be most optimal for the matters of utmost agility and minimal strain while moving from one place to another one. The exact course though is dependent on the unique purpose for which the bike is meant and the desired frequency of use.MTB is also a famous brand manufacture sporty commiuter bikes for longer rides.

Things To Consider Before Buying

To be able to find the most suitable bike for the job, you have to factor several issues. These include:

Frame Weight

The weight of the frame should be your topmost consideration. That is because it determines the ease with which the bike may be steered and maneuvered out and about a given place. A good bike should be extremely light. Preferably, it should be made a tougher yet light material like the Aluminum.

Braking Mechanism

This refers to how the bike may be brought to a complete halt. There are two main kinds of brakes in vogue at the moment. These are the rim and the hydraulic disc brakes respectively. The rim brakes are fixed at the rims and tend to be slower. Their disc brake counterpart nonetheless are more effective and responsive.

Tire Width

How wide the tires are, also plays a significant role insofar as the choice of the right kind of bike is concerned. A great bike must have or be able to accommodate wider tires. That is to allow for more support and safety when negotiating sharper corners or traveling at higher speeds.

Weight Capacity

It is how much weight the bike can accommodate in totality. This capacity sums the tare weight of the bike itself with the weight of the cargo it can haul overall. A great bike has to possess a higher weight capacity that is to see it work well and return higher value for money.

Intended Frequency of Use

How often do you plan to ride this bike? Is it only for a once-in-awhile application or frequently? If your search for a bike is informed by frequent use, the one you pick for the job has to be really strong and pretty suited for common everyday applications. Any other might however do for your occasional use.

Maintainance Tips

You no doubt have to care for your bike well to see to it that it serves you for a longer duration of time. Follow these steps to take just that:

Clean the Bike

See to it that you clean your bike regularly. This ought to happen preferably before and after each use and immediately after retrieving the same storage. See to it that you eliminate any stray marks or dust particles whose buildup may pose permanent damages if left unchecked.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

As part of your maintenance, ensure that you lubricate the moving parts using the most potent lubricant available. This is to guarantee that the moving parts are well cared for and do not break apart under their own weights. This should happen ideally before each use.

Inflate the Tires

Before setting out for a ride, make sure that you inflate the tires to the maximum capacity possible. While at it, kindly ensure that the level of inflation mirrors those of the manufacturer recommendations to avoid bursting the tires or rendering them ineffective in discharging their duties.

Tighten the Nuts and Bolts

After each ride and before storage, ensure that you tighten the nuts and bolts to prevent the same from getting too loose and ineffective insofar as the provision of the necessary support is concerned. Be sure though that you do not overtighten the nuts as that may cause the parts to break apart.

Adjust the Brakes

Brakes do get warped-up when engaged for too long. You have to realign them to make them work properly and in the best shades and forms possible. Thus, ensure that you adjust and align them with a spanner or wrench in the best shades and forms.

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Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We take a look now at some of the most burning questions that surround this subject:

Are flat bar road bikes good?

YES, they are! It manages a more comfortable ride while on the road. Other than this, the bike also carries and transports cargo from one place to another one. Its mix of features of the hybrid and the road bike and makes it capable of return higher value for money.

Can I put flat bars on a road bike?

YES, you can! However, you have to acquire and make use of the spanners and the bolts to do the job. Use the spanner to unscrew the handle and the bolts to fix the flat bar in place. As you do so, be mindful of the manufacturer’s specifications to prevent the same from getting out of hand.

Can I turn my road bike into a hybrid?

YES, you can! As a matter of fact, the road bike itself is a form of a hybrid bike. To make this conversion, you have to change the tires as they are the key determinants of the kind of bike. Find a set of tires that fit the bike you have in mind before proceeding

Are road bikes bad for your back?

NOT really! These bikes place you in an upright position and aerodynamic position that makes your rides safer and less strenuous. Nonetheless, you want to exercise some caution if you have any spinal injuries or preexisting back pains or issues. They are more likely to worsen when riding.  

Can a road bike go off the road?

NOT really! They may ply the off-road condition, granted! However, they easily sustain damages too soon when used in such areas. You hence have to limit your use of them in such kinds of roads. If you have to use them here indefinitely, you have to attach suspensions and other upgrades to the moving parts.


Our long and tiresome look comes to an end there. Having done the much we can we trust that you now have the head start you need to make the right purchase from the list we have. Just skim the list keenly to know the strong points of each bike.

As you search for the right kind of bike, you have to know exactly what you need and expect from them. Then, go ahead and read the explanations that are provided for, against each bike. Round it up by matching the specialties of each bike with your own expectations. That will give you a suitable pick.  

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