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About Me.

Hi, Ben here, a sailor, gadget freak,love to try & write what is new.

They Say


Renowned for his aggressive race tactics and his physicality, Ainslie courted controversy throughout his career, notably when diving off his boat at the end of a race in the 2011 ISAF world championships and confronting the driver of a media boat face-to-face. Ainslie was disqualified from the final two races of the championships and narrowly escaped a lengthy ban from the U.K.’s Royal Yachting Association. In 2012 it was announced that Ainslie had been granted a knighthood in the New Year Honours list.


Sir Ben Ainslie’s Team UK will be backed by Ineos for a third attempt to win the America’s Cup.Ineos said the move would provide “much needed continuity” which is “the cornerstone of every successful America’s Cup team”.Team New Zealand won the 36th America’s Cup by beating Italy’s Luna Rossa.