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Best 3 Point Quick Hitch | Category 1,2,3 Covered

Our reviews and buying guide here below endeavor to provide more insight on the best 3 point quick hitch. If you plow or have to undertake an agricultural activity, you will have to connect the implement to a trailer or tractor. That calls for you to make do with a hitch to fasten the two.

What Is Quick Attach Hitch

A quick hitch is an accessory that you use to pair, join and fasten a plow or a harvester to a trailer or a tractor. It is what lets the tractor or trailer transmit its motion, torque, and power to the harvester or plow. Unlike other fasteners, it is faster and prompter to implement not to mention bringing about the ends right away.

Types Of 3-Point Quick Hitch

Below are the leading types of 3-point quick hitch cat 1/cat 2

Category 0

Commonly found in lawn mower and garden tractors,rotary cutter, this category is mainly for light-duty applications. It mainly befits implements whose widths do not exceed 20 inches wide.

Category 1

You will abundantly find cat 1 quick hitch on the subcompact and compact tractors whose rating ranges from 20 to about 50 horsepower. The category mainly tackles slightly strenuous tasks with ease.

3-point quick hitch Category 2

Category 2 fits tractors whose horsepower rating ranges from 40-125 hp. This category mainly finds use in tasks that are slightly treacherous like those of prepping the road for works and final construction.

Category 3

Category 3 hitches pairs and works with tractors whose torque output varies from 80-225 horsepower. If you are a do-it-yourself homesteader who wishes to keep his ambiance extremely tidy, this is the category to look up to.

Category 4

Commercial and industrial applications demand heavy-duty machines. The category 4 machines are generally suited for these purposes. They work with trailers and trucks whose torque output exceeds 180 horsepower.

Best 3 Point Quick Hitch – 2021 Reviews

We now review 10 of the best 3-point quick hitch adapter items as of now:

#1 2″ Receiver Electric 3 Point Hitch Category 1 Tractor Tow Drawbar Adapter

2 inch Receiver 3 Point Trailer Hitch Category 1

Just if you tend to move around every now and then, you need a gadget that is similarly highly maneuverable. We can never ask you to attempt any better than this owing to its versatility.

Standard 2-inch trailer receiver hitch

In a nutshell, this is a standard 2-inch trailer receiver that fits all Category 1 tractors with absolute ease. Being simple, it does not demand too much expertise or strains on your part as others of its kind do.

Sturdy triangular design

For all practical purposes, this item comes about in a sturdy triangular design that sees it retain its stability and overall stature all the time regardless of the impacts that may be thrown against it.

Awesome operations

A mix of excellent design and seamless fit above leads to awesome operations. It easily attaches to and works and alongside many other accessories without needing too much effort on your part.

Seamless fit

Lastly comes the benefit of seamless fit that basically sees it attach smoothly to the tractor and the other accessories without having to get loose or even jut out in moments of harsh impacts.

  • Outlasts many other quick hitches we have around
  • Comes with its own top and bottom pins
  • Bears an exterior strong powder coating
  • Installs faster and easier thanks to the quick attach bolts
  • Hardly corrodes even when bombarded with excess moisture
  • Reckless handling may pose some injuries

#2 MAXXHAUL Standard 3-Point Hitch Adapter for Trailers & Farm Equipment

MAXXHAUL Standard 3-Point Hitch Adapter

For your maximum returns on investments, you need a quick hitch that is able to work with as many implements as can be. We are pleased to draw your attention to this that can work with trailers and farm equipment.

Standard lifting pins

Its lifting pins are standard. Their diameters measure 7/8 inches and are largely used to connect the small to medium-sized tractors with absolute ease and overall efficacy.

Easy connection

Thanks to its simple and relatively easy stature, the item makes for easy connections. You do not have to expend too much of your effort to master and engage it as is the case with others of kinds.

Heavy duty

All the critical parts that make the quick hitch up are strong and heavy-duty. They are subsequently stable and more enduring of the numerous agents of damages and deteriorations that may generally arise.


Though extremely efficient, the quick hitch is very economical to make use of. It does not demand too much care and attention on your part. That also brings about the added peace of mind to you.

  • Works with tractors of all kinds and shapes
  • Has slots for numerous towing accessories
  • Made of heavy-duty all-steel materials
  • Bears some durable powder coat finish
  • Provides years of service to you
  • Costs so much to acquire and make use of

#3 hikotor Heavy Duty 3 Point 2 Inch Receiver Drawbar Tractor Hitch Adapter

hikotor Heavy Duty 3 Point 2 Inch Receiver

If your work is generally small and light, you need not clutter your spaces with extraordinarily large and spacious hitches. Rather, you only need a subcompact trailer and equipment of this kind for larger tractor.

Black powder coating

Its exterior adorns the black powder coating that serves to guard against unwarranted damages by means of corrosion or rust. You may thus count on it to take you longer and further.

Premium details

All and said and done, the gadget is packed with loads of premium details indeed. Among these are relatively lightweight, ease of hookups, and exceptional heights and widths.

Excellent performance

The premium details above contribute to its overall excellent performance. Some of the yardsticks that measure excellence are the ease of assembly and disassembly not to mention the convenience of moving around.

Wider compatibility

Owing to the highly versatile nature of the quick hitch, it is compatible with many of the common homegrown implements. Top examples of these are tractors, trailers, plows, and other hitches.

  • Bears a sturdy steel construction
  • A lot easier to install and subsequently make use of
  • Hooks up with a standard 2-inch receiver
  • Packaged in a convenient and time-saving stature
  • Exists in a sturdy triangular design that vouches for stability
  • Only for small scale operations

#4 EBESTTECH 3 Point 2 Inch Receiver Trailer Hitch

EBESTTECH 3 Point 2 Inch Receiver Trailer Hitch

Most moderate applications demand that you employ a similarly moderate machine for the job. This has a weight-towing capacity of about 5,000 pounds and is hence appropriately suited for the role.

Ready for use

The item comes ready for use by not demanding any effort for installation on your part. In fact, it does not even demand that you drill or assemble it prior to the eventual engagement thereof.

Black coating

Its exterior adorns the black coating to lengthen the lifespan of the gadget altogether. The coating also minimizes corrosion to stave off the otherwise high pace of deterioration that such items experience.

Standard 2-inch trailer receiver

With its standard 2-inch trailer receiver, it is possible for you to change the devices faster without the inconveniences that come along and the associated injuries that may potentially arise.

Wider applications

The item is multipurpose and largely capable of performing most of the chores that the typical farm work and construction sites demand. That is due to its ability to pair and work alongside other technical gadgets.

  • Comes about as a comprehensive package
  • Capable of working with many kinds of trailers and farm equipment
  • Suitable for attachment to many kinds of brands
  • Made of the heavy duty steel construction material
  • Has an awesome 5,000-pound capacity
  • Cannot serve extreme applications

#5 3-Point CAT 2 Quick Hitch, Heavy Duty Reinforced

cat 2 quick hitch

If you want to take on rough and treacherous tasks, you badly need a heavy-duty reinforced hitch of this kind. Other than its sheer strength, this item also comes with its own adapter bushings to offer the necessary protection.

Heavier gauge steel

Its overall construction and makeup feature the heavier gauge steel material. On the strength of this, the hitch is not only tough but also strong enough to beat the strenuous chores.

Heavy-duty reinforced

The heavier gauge steel is also reinforced for added strength. This reinforcement makes it stronger and less inclined to premature damages that bedevil other alternatives.

3,500-pound capacity

When all factors are put into consideration, the hitch is able to bear a whopping 3,500 pounds of weight and harsh impact. Find it useful for all your gardening and load haulage needs.

Exceptional clearance

An exceptional clearance of about 32.5 inches exists between the lower hooks. You slot in your accessories and extras in this clearance to allow for expedited applications, even in non standard lower lugs.

  • Allows for painless and faster switching
  • Meets and exceeds the ASAE specifications
  • Compatible with all the category 2 tractors
  • Works seamlessly with tractor seat up to 150 horsepower
  • Accompanied by a set 2 bushings
  • Consumes heavy levels of fuel to fully operationalize

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#6 Northern Tool & Equipment Pat’s Easy Change System Premium 3-Point Quick Hitch

Premium 3-Point Quick Change Hitch

Of all the quick hitches we have, this has the highest weight-bearing capacity of about 20,000 pounds. It is subsequently able to take on the toughest tasks that demand exceeding torque and power.

Flex and float

The gadget is able to flex and float to work smoothly alongside the finish mowers and the rotary cutters. You have these twin functionalities to look up to if you want to enjoy unparalleled operations.

Patented stabilizing Quick Hitch System

A patented stabilizing system comes in next among the many benefits that the item has to provide. As you may have guessed, the system acts to make the entire structure stable and reliable all the time.

Spring-loaded latch

Existing as a vital component of the quick hitch is the spring-loaded latch. This is extra-strong, relatively easier to make use of, and provides really exceptional strength and support to you.

Seamless operations

By and large, the item guarantees smoother and seamless operations throughout its engagements. It is flexible for you to deploy on all implements and is also compatible with many quick hitch systems.

  • Fixes heavy implements without lifting
  • Great for extremely tough applications
  • Unlikely to be affected by premature damages
  • Endures the harshest weather patterns
  • Retains its efficacy for a longer length of time
  • Limited to only category 1 quick hitch implements

#7 3-Point Quick Hitch, Use Category 2 and 3 Implements on Your CAT 3 Tractor

Category 2 and 3 Implements hitch

Do you shuffle back and forth between the category 2 and 3 hitches? If at all you do, we can never recommend any better implement for your consideration than this. It suits up to 200HP tractors!

Heavy-duty steel construction

Its core benefit is the fact that it bears heavy-duty steel construction. Thanks to this, it is tougher and generally less prone to the risks of premature damages that befall other alternative hitches.

Zinc-plated pins

Tucked in the stature and the form of this quick hitch are some zinc-plated pins. They are used to seal any loopholes via which air may jut out. Also, they serve to enhance the overall safety of the item.

Faster shuffling

As you make use of this item, you will enjoy the fringe benefit of faster shuffling. That stems from the likelihood of you quickly and painlessly attaching and disconnecting your implements when in use.

Appropriate certifications

Lastly, the item bears appropriate certifications. Particularly, it meets and even exceeds the standards laid down by the ASAE. This vouches for its overall quality and long-term reliability.

  • Suits categories 2 and 3 tractors
  • Incorporates the lift arm mounting pin as well
  • Unlikely to be affected by premature damages
  • Meets all the laid-down standards of quality
  • Truly higher in quality
  • Too weighty (185 pounds)

#8 Luanoy Heavy-Duty 3 Point 2″ Hitch Receiver Adapter Drawbar Trailer Adapter

One Tractor Tow Compatible for Kubota, BX, LM25H, WLM Tractor, NorTrac, Yanmar, Kioti, Ca

Could it be that you have many brands of compact or sub compact tractor to work with? Spare yourself of the unnecessary hassles by choosing to work with this multipurpose and universal quick hitch that works with many brands.

Powder-coated stainless steel

At its core, the item is made of powder-coated stainless steel that guards against all forms of corrosion and premature damages. The coating indeed slows down the waste and deterioration.

Easy attachment

A hitch attachment also exists as a vital component of this structure. Other than extending the range of the trailer, it also acts to stabilize the item in such a way to operates smoothly regardless of the impacts that may come its way.

Sturdy triangular design

All the constituent parts and components of the structure come about in a sturdy triangular design. This gives it the strength and the stability it requires to serve you well all the while of engagement.

Unique bottom pin design

A unique lower pin design wraps up the sum total benefits that the hitch has to offer. It mainly comes in handy when you want to take on small or large-sized tractors as it is highly multipurpose.

  • Backed by a reliable money-back guarantee
  • Versatile and subsequently suitable for many kinds of tasks
  • Pairs seamlessly with many standard 2-inch trailer hitches
  • Appropriately protected against all forms of corrosion and abrasion
  • Requires less effort to fix for eventual use
  • Restricted to the expert user

#9 Sulythw 3 Point 2″ Hitch Receiver Heavy Duty Drawbar Adapter

Sulythw 2 inch Hitch Receiver

The Sulythw 3 Point 2″ Hitch Receiver Heavy Duty stabilizer bar Adapter is wholly intended for farm work activities. Other than that, it prides itself in being able to pair and work alongside many brands.

Unique and gorgeous bottom pin design

For all practical purposes, the item exists in a unique and gorgeous bottom pin design. Thanks to this design, the item is quite convenient to use alongside smaller tractors that are a little bit more compact.

Category 1 lifting pins

Its makeup also features the Category 1 lifting pins whose diameters measure 7/8 inches. You will use the pins to install the adapter to the trailer hitch.

Built to last

It is largely built to last in the sense of bearing materials that are stronger, tougher, and generally more enduring of the numerous spates of damages that may occasionally be thrown at it.

Extreme adaptability

Concluding the list of its many offerings is the extreme adaptability that sees it pair and attaches with many accessories besides being able to tackle a vast array of applications.

  • Endures many impacts to allow for prolonged use
  • Fits the smaller models of tractors with exceptional ease
  • Saves a great deal of your time and effort
  • Lighter and quicker to make use of
  • Small and compact enough to take up less space
  • Works only with the standard 2-inch trailer hitches

#10 Titan Attachments 3-Point Quick Hitch fits Cat 1 & 2 Tractors Easily Adjustable

Titan Attachments

This universal hitch attaches to categories 1 or 2. Owing to its relative simplicity, it does bring about the necessary connectivity within the shortest realistic length of time possible.


Unlike other hitches of its kind, this one requires no welding or modifications to set up for eventual use. That makes it a lot easier to engage. It also eliminates any confusion you may have to contend with.

Durable construction

Overall, it comes about in a truly durable construction. This incorporates the 9-gauge steel gusset plates and 3 x 3-inch tubular steel reinforcements. All these serve to extend its strength and overall efficacy.

Excellent dimensions

Apart from being strong and durable, the item also comes about in excellent dimensions. These dimensions are 31 inches long, 23.5 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. They enable smoother handling and storage.

Convenient handling

It incorporates lever locking pins and an adjustable top link hook to allow for convenient handling. That is because the two parts and features are easier to juggle and navigate along the way.

  • Fun to hold and work with
  • Compatible with categories 1 and 2
  • Easily operable within a matter of minutes
  • Stronger and pretty resilient to any spate of damage
  • Takes up less storage and mounting spaces
  • Cannot accept any attachments or upgrades

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best 3-Point Quick Hitch

Consider these factors to find the best 3-point quick hitch for the job:


You want a hitch that is as light as can be. That is to spare you from the hassle of having to expend too much horsepower and effort to haul your plows and harvesters from one area to another.

Material and protector finish

The kinds of materials that make the hitch should also be a prime consideration. A great hitch has to be very strong and less inclined to premature damages. Its exterior has to bear a firm coating to prevent corrosion.

Type of implements

What kinds of implements would you wish to pair? Different implements demand different approaches, shapes, and other vital application techniques. You have to see to it that your hitch is able to work alongside them as well.

Type of tractor

Other than the implement, the hitch of your liking has to also match the tractor you have in mind. You have to ascertain that the parts fit well and do not stand any chance of falling apart.

Ease of installation

Who wants to struggle too much to set up a quick hitch? Certainly not you! On the contrary, you want a hitch that is easier and a lot convenient to work with. Bear this in mind as you hunt for a pick!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s wrap it up with a peek into some of the frequently asked questions about the best 3-point quick hitch:

What is quick hitch compatible?

It is a special kind of adapter that is designed to fit a category 1 three point hitch. The compatible allows for smoother and swifter installations (typically within minutes).

Do you need bushings for a quick hitch?

YES! These serve to seal and fasten all joints to prevent the same from getting loose or fidgeting excessively when shaken.

What is a quick hitch harness?

This is a spring-loaded metal fitting that exists on either side of the harness. It clips to the metal fittings attached to the pto shaft to allow for tighter and enduring sealing.

How does a quick attach work?

A quick attach works by pinning the mainframe with two large pins in a cradle. This way, it prevents fidgeting to ensure that the structure that comes up is great and reliable in the long run.

Are all 3-point hitches the same?

Not really! These items differ markedly with the purpose for which they are intended plus the kinds of implements they are designed to pair and work along with.

What Are the Best Brands?

Harbor Freight quick hitch,John Deere 3 point quick hitch,land pride 3-point quick hitch,pat’s quick hitch,Yanmar,woods quick hitch,tractor supply quick hitch

Which one is better: a quick hitch or a drawbar hitch?

The quick hitch is better because it doesn’t require any kind of special tools to be installed in the truck, and it’s easier to install.

Drawbar hitches are a bit more complicated and require the use of a wrench or other tool to install. They also take up more space on the vehicle than a quick hitch, so they’re not ideal for smaller trucks.

Can I use this type of hitch for my bike trailer, bike rack, cargo carrier, etc.?

The hitch on the vehicle is designed to be used with a bike rack, cargo carrier, or trailer. The hitch will not work with a car as it is designed for vehicles that have at least one tow point and a frame.

What are the benefits of using a 3-point quick hitch instead of a drawbar hitch?

Drawbar hitches can create a lot of friction on the trailer. This can cause it to slip or bind up, which could be dangerous for the truck and trailer. A 3 point quick hitch has less friction, making it easier to use.

Quick hitches are typically used when you need to tie down your load more quickly or when you need a way to disconnect from the load easily.

Wrap Up

Our wrap-up of the best 3-point quick hitch comes to an end there. We now hope that you have the insight you badly need to have the proper working of your trailers and tractors. Just skim the items we have reviewed above and make a pick from there as they are the best that money can buy.

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