Heater Core

How to Tell Inlet And Outlet on Heater Core

There are a few ways to tell the inlet and outlet on heater cores. One is by looking at the overall design of the core. Most have an inlet side and an outlet side that are slightly different in shape or size. Another way to tell is by looking for a small arrow or line … Read more

F350 Super Duty Diesel

Best Shocks For F350 Super Duty Diesel 4X4

If you are in the market for Best Shocks For F350 that will improve your ride quality and give you the best possible performance, look no further than the f350 super duty diesel 4×4. These shocks have been designed specifically for this vehicle to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride no matter what the terrain. 1 … Read more


Which Axle Should You Chain Up on a Semi

There are three axles on a semi-truck, the drive axle, steering axle, and trailer axle. When chaining up a semi-truck in icy or snowy conditions, you will want to chain up the drive axle and the trailer axle. The drive axle is the power source for the truck and chains will help give it traction. … Read more