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Aircat 1150 Review – Key Features,Pros & Cons

Are you engaged in woodwork or metalwork? You will require a wrench extensively for your use in these applications. These are tools that provide the mechanical advantage needed to turn the rotary fasteners and enable them to give off the grip they require. These pieces of equipment are diverse in kinds and natures. A reason why we are writing this aircat 1150 review.

The Aircat is nonetheless the most outstanding of these. Indeed, this brand has been noted to produce strong and reliable wrenches that endure the test of time. Our Aircat 1150 killer torque insights here below endeavors to showcase its finer details with the aim of acquainting you with the same.


Aircat is a brand that has been in existence for well over 22 years now. It was founded in 1988 to manufacture pneumatic tools to use for a broad range of purposes like fixing air compressors, home airconditioners etc. It does employ superior technology, most of which are patented owing to their uniqueness.

As such, its products also last longer and hence give off year of reliable services.

Aircat 1150 Review & Features

aircat 1150

Powerful Torque

It does exude extremely powerful killer torque that hits the 1, 295-Feet-pounds (ft-lbs). Thanks to this awesome power, the gadget is able to deliver the necessary outcomes within the shortest realistic duration of time.

Moreover, it also penetrates the deepest depths with absolute ease. This is besides demanding limited input on your part.

1, 400 Blows-per-minute

If you use it to drive the nails in the items, the gadget yet again does not disappoint. It has the ability to deliver an impressive 1,400 blows per minute.

These are definitely sufficient to drive in the hardest nails with absolute precision and minimal hassles on your part.

Tough Body Construction

The bodyweight of the wrench also does not disappoint. This killer torque comes about in a lightweight all-black composite construction. Onto it is attached the ergonomic handle.

These two work hand in hand to facilitate your enjoyment of the work and enable you to tackle the hardest chores with ease.

Patented-tuned Exhaust System

A well-optimized exhaust system also exists as a vital component of the air impact wrench. The exhaust system basically releases the wastes out to maintain you in a state of absolute safety.

At the same time, it exudes less noise output and is hence convenient for use in those areas that are sensitive to the risks of noise pollution.

Larger Rotor

The motor contains a big rotor that basically converts the electrical energy to torque & loosening torque. This rotor is 15% larger than that of your average rotor.

On the strength of this, it generates unmatched power that is similarly able to do amazingly wonderful feats and work outcomes.

Positive Side
  • Generates sheer power and gives off utmost performance
  • Loosens nuts and bolts that weigh a whopping 900 pounds
  • Perhaps the strongest hard-hitting twin hammer design
  • Delivers quieter operations all the while
  • Backed by 2 years of parts and labor warranty
Negative Side
  • Little Bit costly.


Definitely, the Aircat is not the only brand that is engaged in the production of power tools. It does have a close rival in the name of the Ingersoll Rand. These two brands differ slightly significantly. Below are some of the salient differences they exhibit:


The Aircat does boast of a range of technologies that are unique to itself. These technologies no doubt make it able to perform feats that are way beyond the scope and reach of its rival Ingersoll Rand.

Thus, it wins on the basis of this consideration.


You will find the Aircat range of products pretty suited for a variety of small and light everyday chores. The Ingersoll nonetheless is mainly appropriate for complicated tasks that require an above-average degree of power input from you.

Thus, the Ingersoll is a brand you will rarely ruffle shoulders with.


All factors considered, the Aircat is less complicated than the Ingersoll. Thus, it is one that you will find handy and relevant for your everyday use.

At the same time, it is a good one for you the starter or someone who has never attempted to utilize these pieces of equipment before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We now examine some of the questions that are frequently asked with regard to this brand and the appliances that it produces.

Are Aircat tools any good?

YES, they are! These products are generally quieter and hence deliver exceptional performances in environments that are averse to noise pollution. This blends with the high number of blows per minute that sees them deliver the necessary outcomes within the shortest duration of time.

How much torque do I need in an air impact wrench?

Generally, you will require killer torque that lies in the range of 1,500 to 1,800 pounds-feet. This toque has been identified to tackle the tasks at a pace that is 95% faster than the ones below or above them. Then again, you have to vary the maximum torque input with the toughness of the task at hand.


Alright! You sincerely need no further conviction that the Aircat 1150 is the brand to beat insofar as the choice of the right impact wrench is concerned. Indeed, our Aircat 1150 review above has done all that may be realistically possible to vouch for its efficacy and relevance.

We caution against taking too long to make an appropriate purchase. You cannot afford to forfeit the benefits that these wonderful pieces of equipment have to offer. It is also a bright idea to pass this message on to those who might need it.

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