Best Heat Guns For Removing Paints-

Removing paints from off surfaces is ordinarily a hard chore to undertake. That is because paints tend to dry and harden to the extent of being almost inseparable from the surface. You have to tap into and make use of a suitable appliance for the job.

But what appliance is this? The heat gun it is! It generates intense heat that it uses to melt out the paints from the surfaces on which the same is applied. We draft this article to look into the best heat guns for removing paint. This we do by reviewing and examining the different kinds of this appliance.


Let us start by peeking into the leading types of heat guns for paint removals:


They derive their power from the mains electricity outlet or batteries. To do this, they make use of a cord that attaches to the plug and serves to draw the power. These are powerful but have a somewhat limited range or sphere of influence. They may not hence serve industrial-scale applications.


As the designation implies, these draw their heating power from a gas such as propane or butane. They have the distinct advantage of being convenient to move around and deploy in detached locations. If you spend a huge chunk of your time outdoors, this is the type to tap into.


Rather than dispersing its heat output via the adjacent ambient air, this makes use of infrared radiation to do so. Overall, they are mainly suited for small indoor projects. They also have the distinct advantage of being readily affordable and well within the reach of many who desire it.


Rounding up the leading types of heat guns is this industrial type. It is largely used for industrial-scale operations and in factory settings. They are the kinds you want to tap into if you have commercial applications and engagements to care for. Needless to say, they are costlier to come by.


A typical heat gun comprises a heating element that heats up whenever the gun is turned on. Attached to the heating element is a nozzle. Tucked inside the nozzle is a fan that ‘pushes’ out the heat when activated. To direct the flow of air, you have to alter the position and the orientation of the nozzle tip.

Aside from that, the appliance also varies the quantity of the heat output considerably and in relation to your precise needs. You have to engage the temperature dial to have this job done. Only be sure that you do not abuse the system as that may pose permanent or irreversible damages to the surfaces.


Below are the leading applications of the heat guns:

  • Removal and drying of the paint
  • Welding plastic materials firmly together
  • Softening adhesives like stickers, and glue
  • Create and adjust candles
  • Pop-out small dents on the bodies of the vehicles
  • Exude some luster on the auto trims
  • Applying paint onto the surfaces
  • Applying shrink wraps to the gifts


We now review 7 of the best heat guns for removing paint:

#1: BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun, Dual Temperature (HG1300)


This heat gun is suited for a variety of tasks aside from eliminating paint from off surfaces. You may also use it to get rid of the rust on bolts and other surfaces.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

2 Temperature settings

Some two temperature settings stand out as the premier traits of this gun. They enable you to take on a diversity of tasks and subsequently accrue so much more benefits.

Lightweight and compact design

Overall, the gadget comes in a lightweight and compact design. On account, it is comparatively simpler to handle and take to the designated location of use conveniently.

Comfortable cord length

A cord whose length is 6 feet also adorns the structural makeup of this machine. With this, you get the freedom to move around unhindered and impact structures that are located afar off.

Built-in stand

After you are done with your tasks, a built-in stand exists to let you cool the structure down considerably. That way, you won’t have to suffer the effects of scalding that comes about.


  • Great for a variety of applications
  • Cools down rapidly after engagements
  • Compact enough for the sake of easier handling
  • Unlikely to overheat during use
  • Simple enough for a starter


  • Be prepared to part with lots of cash to purchase it

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#2: CARTMAN Heat Gun Dual Temperature Settings, 1500W Hot Air Gun


It is never really easy to peel off extremely hard paint using your ordinary machines. For that purpose, you need a machine that ejects a higher level of heat output, such as this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Faster heating

This machine attains the highest level of temperature in a matter of seconds. In this way, it lets you accrue the necessary ends within the shortest amount of time.

Wide temperature range

It operates in a wide temperature range of about 842°F to 1,112°F. You may thus dedicate it to the tasks of loosening the rusted bolts and defrosting the freezers at the same time.

Exceptional cover design

An exceptional cover adorns the design of the rear cover and the brackets. Through this arrangement, the gun is capable of standing upright and completely devoid of your own inputs.

9 multi-purpose attachments

Lastly, the item is capable of accepting and attaching to a whopping 9 multi-purpose attachments. These attachments extend their range of applicability and overall use.


  • Appropriately shielded from overload voltage
  • Tackles the shrink wrapping and other allied tasks
  • Does not exude smoke and is hence safer for your respiratory faculties
  • Simple enough for do-it-yourself activities
  • Exhibits a safe and stable design


  • Repeated use can scald your skin and body

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#3: DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard Case/Accessory Kit (D26960K), Yellow


Happen to move around every now and then? You no doubt require a heat gun that is extremely light and easier to engage. We encourage you to tap into this that weighs only 2.3 pounds.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

LCD display

An LCD display unit exists at the very top of the elegant traits of this machine. It gives you a peek into the state of the progress of the heating and paint removal processes.

Built-in overload protection

Coming in next is an overload protection mechanism that is built into the system. Its purpose is to prevent burnup by shutting down the heating element when the same overheats.

Built-in innovative kickstand

For your support and exceptional stability, the gun makes do with the innovative kickstand that is built into the system. Thanks to its high innovativeness, the kickstand is truly supportive.

Cord protector

Other than having the cord per se, the item also comes about with a cord protector that shields the cable from external agents of damages and tears.


  • Quite convenient to stack and store
  • Weighs a paltry 2.3 pounds for easier movements
  • Provides the grip you need to hold and lift it conveniently
  • Its comfortable stature allows for prolonged use
  • Adjusts the temperatures conveniently for your comfortable engagements


  • Quite delicate and tends to wear out too soon!

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#4: PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun, 1500-Watt (PC1500HG)


Have a limited storage space at your disposal? You want to get your hands on this particular heat gun. It is small and comes about with an integrated hanging hook for expedited storage.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1500 watts rating

Its core features a motor that bears a 1500 watts rating. This subsequently delivers high heat while also managing proper heating and the peeling off of the paints.

2-speed selector

The gadget grants you the leeway to choose your speed of operations appropriately. To do this, you tap into the 2-speed selector that has both high and low fan speed settings.

Variable temperature dial

Other than the speed, you also have the leeway of choosing your preferred operating temperature. That is given the variable temperature dial that sets the desired levels of temperature for you.

Integrated support stand

An integrated support stand wraps up the sum total benefits and elegant components of this heat gun. It basically works to enable the gun to uphold upright positions when stacked for storage.


  • Its high-grade cord boosts your flexibility during use
  • Light enough to spare you from all forms of impediments during use
  • Delivers exceptionally powerful torque that manages effective outcomes
  • Imposes limited fatigue when in use
  • Spares you of the strains you are likely to encounter when engaging it


  • Cannot tackle larger surfaces conveniently

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#5: Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun


Seeking a heat gun for your softer paints? Look no further than this exceptional heat gun. It is optimized for peeling off softer paints, adhesives, and putties.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Dual temperature setting

Unlike some other alternatives, this machine has a dual, rather than a single, temperature setting. The setting varies from 750°F to 1,000°F and accomplishes all tasks well.


The gun is by and large appropriately suited for many of the common household tasks we have around. These include shrinking electrical wiring, softening paint, and removing the putty.

Heat-gun adjustable settings

Apart from varying the temperatures of the output, the item also lets you adjust and determine the precise heat settings and outputs you may so desire.

Hands-free operations

Yet again, this item differs from the others in the pack in that it manages hands-free operations. You need not expend excess muscle power to have your way in it as is the case with the others.


  • Eliminates rust and corrosion exceptionally perfectly
  • Manages faster, quick, and simple stripping ends
  • Peels off-dry paints from surfaces with absolute ease
  • Hastens the pace of eliminating the paints and other unwanted markings
  • Lasts longer than many other like-minded tools


  • Cannot be used for professional operations and tasks

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#6: SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun


Wanting to impact a larger surface area? You have this specific gun at your service. It bears a heavy-duty designation that empowers it to impact a larger area with absolute ease.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1800W motor

Topping the charts with regards to its most notable traits is the 1800W motor. The motor is strong and powerful enough to eliminate the hardest paints from off the surfaces with ease.

Variable temp control and overload protection

Then comes the variable temp control and overload protection both of which act to safeguard you from the dangers that potentially arise when attempting to make use of such a tool.

Scientific ergonomic design

Overall, the item exists in a scientific ergonomic design that makes for easier handling regardless of when and where exactly you may wish to dedicate it to use.

Four nozzles accessories

Some four nozzles accessories wrap up the leading traits of the heat gun. They extend the extent to which you may devote the item to use and hence bring about an added degree of convenience.


  • Distributes the weight of the item uniformly
  • Eliminates fatigue even when used longer than average
  • Gives you more control over the heating and handling process
  • Works to uphold your safety all the while of use
  • Negates any kind of accidents that may arise from overheating


  • Quite bulky to handle and likewise make do with

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#7: MILWAUKEE’S Electric Tool MILWAUKEE’S 2688-20 Cordless Heat Gun


Of all the heat guns we have around, this appears to be the most versatile. That is thanks to its seamless compatibility with just about all M18 red Lithium battery packs.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Built-in LED light

Even when you have to work in the dark, you will have this machine by your side. Why? It is fitted with some LED lighting that appropriately illuminates your work area.

Red Lithium battery technology

Its powerful motor draws its power from the Red Lithium battery technology. This is largely capable of heating up a whopping 40 connections per single XC 5.0 battery.

High-performance heating coil

Also existing as a vital part and aspect of the gadget is the high-performance heating coil which is able to attain the optimal operating temperature in a paltry seven seconds!

Redlink intelligence

The Redlink intelligence wraps up all that the tool has to provide. It manages the temperature of the tool in such a manner as to guarantee maximum life.


  • Compact enough for the tight spots and spaces
  • Attains the optimal operational temperatures in 7 seconds only
  • Its nozzle is guarded for enhanced protection of the working surfaces
  • A ladder hook comes along for easy hanging and set up
  • Able to work in the dark as well thanks to the LED light


  • Requires an elevated degree of care and maintenance

Product Link:


These are the factors to consider when seeking a good heat gun:

Power source

The source of the power matters a lot. A good heat gun has to derive its power from a source that is conveniently available and able to yield the heat output you are desirous of. It is also important to consider the costs of the power or the associated utility expenses.

Nature of the paint

What kind of paint are you planning to remove? There are two main kinds of paints namely oil-based and water-based. It is imperative that you settle for a gun that is strong and appropriately suited for eliminating the kind of paint you are angling at.

Temperature range

To eliminate the paint from off the surfaces, these items do discharge some heat output. You have to ascertain the level of heat you are desirous of versus the hardness of the paint you want to get rid of. That way, you will be in the position of achieving a suitable match.

Temperature controls

Closely related to the above is the fact of temperature controls. A great appliance must be fitted with great controls that work to smoothen the task of operating the item altogether. While at it, you should also be mindful of your own expertise to avoid settling for a gadget that is too sophisticated.


To maintain your heat guns in the best shapes and forms throughout, you need to adhere to the following major tips:

Temperature range

You have to see to it that you operate strictly within the designated range of temperature that is designated for that heat gun. That is to prevent overheating and the associated premature damages.

Best match

As we have explained above, these items come in varied types and are largely intended for diverse purposes. You have to match the best kind with the exact purpose it is intended for it.

Proper storage

When not in use, you have to see to it that you store these items well. Particularly, you should keep them away from small children and maintain them in upright positions or orientations.

Inflammable materials

Whether they are in use or not, you have to keep these items away from inflammable materials like gas, matches, and open flames. You do not want any serious explosions to arise, would you?

Upgrades of parts

From time to time, you should also see to it that you upgrade the parts of the appliances. Do this by shopping for the latest accessories and attaching the same to your heat gun to make the same current and up-to-date.


Let us wrap it up by answer five major questions that are persistently asked about these best heat guns for removing paint:

Q1. Are Heat Guns good for removing paint?

A. YES, they are! They are as a matter of fact wholly intended for that role. Moreover, the items do tackle the tasks within the shortest time and in the most effective ways of all. That is besides being able comfortable to handle.

Q2. What temperature do you need to remove paint?

A. It all depends on the nature of the surface that you want to get rid of the paint from, the hardness of the paint, and the thickness of the paint altogether. Most tasks require 500°F to 1,100°F.

Q3. Is it best to use a paint stripper or heat gun?

A. A heat gun is useful for eliminating oil-based paints owing to its ability to stave off the emergence of the mess that potentially arises at such times. A paint stripper on the other hand comes in handy when getting rid of water-based paints.

Q4. Are heat guns easy to use?

A. This depends on the expert level of each user versus the exact purpose for which the item is intended for use. To make a suitable find, you have to ascertain your level of expertise and then match it with your intended use.

Q5. Is it safe to use a heat gun on lead paint?

A. NO! You are strongly discouraged from using the heat gun on the Lead paint as the paint can vaporize and mix with the air. If inhaled, it may lead to respiratory tract infections and damages to the said part of the body.


WOW! We do bring an end to our peek into the best heat guns for removing paint there. It is our prime confidence that the kinds of in-depth explanations we have given above are sufficient to help you get started out in the matter of finding a suitable one for yourself. As a last precaution, we urge you not to waste too much time when starting out. The benefits that these items have to offer are ordinarily too huge to be deferred or delayed in enjoying. Also, it is important to notify as many others in your vicinity as possible. Is it really right for you to gain alone

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