Which Drive Size of Impact Socket Should I Get

Which Drive Size of Impact Socket Should I Get – 5 Best size

Just like any other piece of equipment, the impact socket is also available in diverse shades and sizes. These variations have some say on the kinds of sockets that may come to your rescue at any given time. Our goal in the proceeding discussions is to explore these various sizes and their unique purposes vastly known as the drive size of impact sockets.

Which Drive Size of Impact Socket Should I Get?
Answer: The size of impact socket you need depends on the size of the fastener you are trying to loosen or tighten. Refer to your specific application for the size you need.

We do hope that by exploring these issues, we shall give you the head start you need to make a good choice. As a general rule, the larger the socket size, the tougher it is. This means that the size of the socket determines the kind of role to which you may devote the item altogether.

Which Drive Size Of Impact Socket Should I Get ?

Which Drive Size Of Impact Socket Should I Get

For a start, there are five kinds of impact socket sizes. These are highlighted and explained here below:

a.) ¼ inches (6.3 mm)

This is the smallest size of all. It is used to handle those chores that are too common and light in nature. Given its smaller size, the socket is similarly easier to handle and accommodate. You just have to put in too little effort and there you have it. This is a good start if you have never attempted to use these kinds of tools before.

b.) 3/8 inches (9.5 mm)

Next comes the 3/8 inches (9.5 mm) impact socket. By virtue of being slightly larger in size, this one is able to take on those tasks that its simpler variant cannot manage. Then, it also requires less effort on your part by reason of being stronger and less predisposed to fatigue and other harsh elements.

You will find this particular socket awesome if you have the bare minimum skill level but is not experienced enough for the more complicated variants thereof. A person who transitions from a simple to a more complicated tool will find it particularly awesome.

c.) ½ inches (12.7 mm)

For those slightly moderate tasks, this ½ inches (12.7 mm) is the one look up to. It generates moderate levels of torque which is able to handle tasks that are equally moderate in strength. With this arrangement, you will be capable of tackling those chores which are not so heavy but at the same time not so light either.

Examples of these are unwinding the heavy metals and machinery and repairing automobiles. These are chores that you cannot approach with the lighter and weaker kinds of tools.

d.) ¾ inches (19.0 mm)

In the second last position comes this ¾ inches (19.0 mm). Well, this one is for those chores and environments which are not too tough but at the same time not very simple. The socket requires that you expend excess levels of automated power to be able to bring about the impact you so yearn for.

These kinds of tools have some fair degree of precision. It hence performs those repetitive chores with absolute ease and a higher degree of reliability. Find and make do with it for those tasks and purposes.

e.) 1 inch (25.4 mm)

Topping the charts is the 1 inch (25.4 mm). This is the largest and the toughest kind of a socket. It handles those chores which are too strong and powerful for the ordinary roles. If you are looking for a machine to handle your professional tasks and cores, this is the one to lay your hands on.

Of all the sizes that are available, it is this that suits industrial-scale applications with absolute reliability. You want to make use of it to handle those tasks which require a fair degree of precision and performance outcomes.

1 inch (25.4 mm)


Now you know the various sizes of the impact sockets. Just to recap an earlier point. This size of the socket determines the levels of torque which the said socket may bring about. It hence goes that the choice of size is determined to a large extent by the nature of the chore you have in mind.

To be able to arrive at a good purchase, you have to skim the various sizes and weigh them against your own expectations. Proceed to narrow to the one which is more likely to yield you the levels of performances you desperately want to enjoy. Have a fruitful work ahead!

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