10 Best Budget Folding Bike For Extreme Portability in 2021


Probably you have landed on this page while looking for the best budget folding bike, which can suit your budget. These folding bikes are versatile and brilliant when it comes to transport. If you are tired of a heavy and large bike, then a folding bike might be a great idea. What is more, they do not consume much of the storage space.

That said you can even fold and place it under your office desk. Nevertheless, identifying the right folding bike might be a daunting task. This is because of the many vendors and manufacturers in the market today. We shall enlighten you on what you need to know before you remove your wallet. Additionally, there is a glowing report online about Columba and schwinn folding bikes.

What is a folding bike?

Folding Bike

A folding bike is a bicycle crafted with great craftsmanship and can fold easily. Therefore, storage and transportation is a hassle-free task. Additionally, the foldable bike can be easily transported on public or private transportation. If you live in a small apartment, a foldable bike might be a great idea.

ImageProduct TitleFeaturesPrice
Folding Bike TSM G7 Bicycle 27.5Inch Dual Disc Brake Bike (Armygerrn) Folding Bike TSM G7 Bicycle 27.5Inch Dual Disc Brake Bike (Armygerrn)
Check Price On Amazon
Goplus 20'' Folding Bike, 7 Speed Shimano Gears, Lightweight Iron Frame, Foldable Compact Bicycle with Anti-Skid and Wear-Resistant Tire for Adults (Curved Crossbar) Goplus 20” Folding Bike, 7 Speed Shimano Gears, Lightweight Iron Frame, Foldable Compact Bicycle with Anti-Skid and Wear-Resistant Tire for Adults (Curved Crossbar)
Check Price On Amazon
Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Carry Rack, Carrying Bag, Black Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Carry Rack, Carrying Bag, Black
Check Price On Amazon
IDS unYOUsual U Transformer 20 IDS unYOUsual U Transformer 20″ Folding City Bike Bicycle 6 Speed Shimano Gear Steel Frame Mudguard Rear Carrier Silver
Check Price On Amazon
26” Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Folding Bicycle Men or Women MTB 26” Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Folding Bicycle Men or Women MTB
Check Price On Amazon

Budget Folding Bike Brands in the Market Today

Tern Node Folding Bike D7i

If all you need is a folding bike that offers the same feeling as a regular bike, then look no further. Typically, this product will suit your needs. It is equipped with a lighting system. The bike is also suitable for different terrains.

Bike USA Folding Ubike Metropolis

This brand has accomplished a track record when comes to foldable bikes. If you are a newbie, then you will love this folding bike. A great way to start your cycling career!

Brompton Folding Bike M6L

Many riders have recommended this product. Typically, you ride it for many miles then fold it for storage. Also, it does not consume much of your storage space. Additionally, it can fit in your car trunk, mid-sized suitcase, or even a closet shelf.

Vilano Urbana Folding Bike

Vilano has accomplished a track record when it comes to folding bikes. If all you need is a folding bike that can cover a few blocks faster, then Vilano might be your best pick. Also, it is available at a great price.

Top 10 Best Budget Folding Bike Review

#1. Folding Bike G7 TSM

TSM G7 Bicycle 27.5Inch Dual Disc Brake Bik


The G7 folding bike has been created for the modern busy person. It has features that allow both comfort and durable rides. Has a disk brake system which compared to the V brake system is a better option. The stopping power on the disk brake is better and lasts longer.


The aluminum rims are designed in a fashioned style. You can comfortably carry the G7 on your train trip. You only have to fold and you are good to go. With the aluminum rims, you can carry comfortably carry the weight of up to 300lb (0.14 t) on trips to the rail station.

Though the folding bike is for commuting, this one is ideal for exercising as it allows your muscles to relax.


The G7 is relatively inexpensive for a foldable bike. All in all, folding bikes are expensive because they offer more than a riding experience but also accessibility.

Positive Side
  • 7-speed shifter
  • Lightweight from the aluminum frame Comfortable riding on all terrains
  • 21-speed shifter
  • Durable
Negative Side
  • Cheap material on the pedals

#2. Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Adult 20-inch

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike


Has a seven-speed shifter that allows you to move in different terrain. It has a Shimano tourney rear derailleur. It is perfect when you are commuting; with the help of a kickstand and durable steel hinges. To keep the bike protected, it has a nylon carry bag in the rear carry rack.


Once assembled this is the very lightest folding Bike. Ideal for camping since it does not need a rear rack for storage. The ease of folding allows you to store it in your house and avoid leaving it in the open. Also allows you to add accessories such as a front rack. All the parts are made of aluminum


This bike is not cheap but also not overly expensive. If you are looking for a bike that will ease your traveling, go for this one. You can ride with pride knowing you did not need to spend a fortune on this.

Positive Side
  • Ease of folding and unfolding
  • Aluminum body making it lightweight
  • Ideal for camping or RV
  • Durable
Negative Side
  • Only ideal for adults

#3. Goplus Folding Bike 20’’, 7 Speed. 

Goplus 20'' Folding Bike


Has a front and rear V-shaped break that allows the stoppage to be easier and faster. The handle and the seat can be adjusted easily. So if you are taller or shorter, you can comfortably adjust the handle and seat to your comfort.

The rugged design will ensure that you use the bike for a very long time. The anti-slip ergonomic handle will relieve you of discomfort when riding for a long time. The shifting handle allows you to shift between the 7-speed options.  


The wheels are resistant to wear and tear meaning you can use it for all kinds of road conditions. While riding at night the BS reflector allows smooth rides. Its foldable design allows us to carry and store it safely.


Cost Compared to the other, it is a relatively cheap folding bike.. The price is affordable especially with all the features that come with this bike.

Positive Side
  • Wear Resistant and Anti-skid tires
  • Lightweight iron frame
  • Easy to carry due to the folding design
  • Comfortable due to the adjustable seat
  • Aluminum rims of high quality difficult to pierce
Negative Side
  • Hinges are of low quality

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#4. Folding Bike Adults Women Men 7Sp

Folding Bike for Adults Men and Women


The frame design is streamlined making it ideal not only for workers and students but for casual riders. The pedals have a unique folding design that allows you to comfortably store the bike in little spaces when folded.

It has seven different speeds that you can shift at ease anywhere at any time as you move around with the bike. It is equipped with a V-shaped braking system. Has alloy wheel made of high-grade quality materials.


The design makes it suitable for both men and women. With the adjustability of the seat and the handlebar, you can comfortably use it depending on your height. The installation process is easy with the help of the installation manual that comes with the bike. Also, the bike is half installed. The folding frame is made of high tensile steel.


The price of the bike is cheaper compared to others in its category. It averages at $129.

Positive Side
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Frame design suitable for both men and women
  • Easy to carry
  • Fold neatly within a minute
Negative Side
  • Only ideal for commuting

#5. unYOUsual U Folding Transformer 20″ City Bike 

unYOUsual U Transformer 20" Folding City Bike


The Shimano 6 gear shifter allows you to shift the gear with ease depending on the terrain. It is equipped with heavy-duty wheels ideal for all terrains. Its puncture-resistant rubber wheels allow you to maneuver different places. The alloy handlebar is adjustable. It can also be removed when you are folding the bike. It has a rear-mounted kickstand. The pedals are foldable and designed with reflectors for safety.


Foldable bikes have changed the way people commute within the city setup especially because of their lightweight nature. This feature allows the user to user and stores the bikes with ease. Most of the foldable bikes are used for commuting. However, this particular one can be usfor exercises and also running errands in the city.


This bike is fairly expensive compared to others. However, the features on it make the price reasonable.

Positive Side
  • The high-quality shifter and braking system for safe commutes
  • Foldable with ease when storing
  • Can also be used for exercising
  • Will help avoid traffic and long waits
  • Lightweight
Negative Side
  • Assembling is required

#6. Eurobike 26” Mountain Bike Full Suspension 21 Speed

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Eurobike 26” Full Suspension Mountain Bike


Euro bike has created a mountain bike that can also be folded. This is a full-suspension bike to ensure that commuting or casual ride is as comfortable as possible. It has 21 Shimano shifters that allow you to change the speed with ease anywhere as you move around different terrains. The rims are made of aluminum alloy making them durable when the bike is used for a long time.


Unlike other Euro bikes, it has been equipped with the dual disk brakes. This kind of braking system unlike traditional braking is more sensitive. This bike is suitable for both men and women. Its fold ability nature allows you to carry it with you on your trips to the rail station. Its installation process is the easiest. This bike is 85% installed. All you need to do is the air he wheels, install pedals, handlebar, and the front wheel and you are good. All the necessary tools are in the package


Its price is affordable compared to other bikes that have been installed with similar features. Its cost-performance ratio is high.

Positive Side
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can carry user over 250lbs
  • Fairly light compared to bikes in its category
  • High-quality suspension
  • 21 gear shifter speed option
Negative Side
  • The handlebar is not adjustable

#7. Dahon Mariner 20-inch Wheels Folding Bike

Dahon Mariner Folding Bike


The marine D8 has been designed with the most versatile design. Its frame is made of lattice forged hinges and Dalloy Sonus tube-set with the vise-grip technology. The wheels on this bike are very lightweight since they are made of schwable citizens. This lightweight nature allows you to carry and move the bike around with ease. The tires are also ideal for smooth and rough roads unlike flat bar road bikes. This allows you to cruise as you commute to different locations.


The D8 marine bike has been equipped with the traditional V braking system. However, the braking system has been built out of alloy material that makes it durable. Its handlebar is adjustable designed with the fusion technology and forged alloy radius telescope. The 8 amazing speed options installed, you can maneuver different place comfortable and with a lot of ease. The folding ability allows you to carry the bike with you and avoid leaving it out in the open where it is vulnerable to vandalism.


The price is high. However, comparing the price and the amazing aspects of the bike makes the price reasonably fair.

Positive Side
  • The versatile design makes it fold better
  • It is very light when folded
  • Comfortable when riding over a long distance
  • It is rust-resistant
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • When folded can be used as a portable seat
Negative Side
  • Regular maintenance is required

#8. Folding 26in Mountain Bike 21 Speed

MTB Bikes


The Oyma Power bike has been created with 3 spoke magnesium wheels that are durable and very lightweight. The frame is full suspension for a comfortable and smooth ride. The frame has also been designed with high-quality material that makes it durable. The 21-speed option included in the Shimano shifter, allows you to comfortably shift the speed to the desired option. The speed shifter will work for most terrains. The handlebar and seat are adjustable depending on your height. This allows convenient and comfortable rides.


The foldable frame is designed to make the folding process very easy. It has also been equipped with the disc braking system that makes stopping the bike faster and more sensitive. This particular bike, you will need to assemble the whole of it from scratch. To help ensure you do it right, all the necessary tools have been included as well as a manual.


The bike is relatively cheaper than most fordable bikes. The price allows you to get a convenient and comfortable bike without digging deeper into your pocket.

Positive Side
  • The 21-speed option allows you to maneuver all terrains
  • Your safety is guaranteed
  • The folding has a fashion design
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and convenient
Negative Side
  • The assembling will require time

#9. Slsy Tricycles Adult Folding 7 Speeds

Slsy Adult Folding Tricycles


Among all the foldable options in this review, the slsy adult folding bike is the only tricycle foldable bike. It features 7 speed Shimano derailleur options that allow you smooth shift creating comfort for your hand. Shifting between gears is almost effortless. To ensure stability when riding, it has 3 wheeler design. This design is supported by the sturdy steel design on the bike. Its frame is made of iron to increase stability on the bike. Its height is comfortable for users below 5”


Slsy has been equipped with a basket on the rear seat. This allows you to carry groceries when you go shopping. The installation process is the easiest with the installation video found on YouTube. All you need to do is follow a step by step guideline and the bike is ready for use. The low step-through allows even seniors to use this bike.


The price range is very friendly. You will not regret spending money on this because it will deliver beyond what you expected.

• Need a better braking system

Positive Side
  • Comfortable seat with back
  • Extra basket to store shopping bags
  • Height adjustable to accommodate short people
  • Ideal for exercising
  • Installation is easier with manual and video
Negative Side
  • Need a better braking system

#10. Portable Bike Mini City Folding Urban Commuter Compact Bicycle

Portable ​​City Folding Bike Mini Compact


This portable bike has been designed with features that make it an incredible choice for anyone. It is mini making it compact in small spaces such as your trunk and inside your office.  

It has been equipped with unique pedals that fold completely. The alloy wheels make it ideal for several terrain options.  

The 7-speed options on the shifter allow you to comfortably adjust anywhere at any time with ease. The body of the bike is made with durable material that also makes it very light when going for rides. The streamline frame design makes the bike ideal for students.


The road tires are made of high-grade material that ensures you use the bike for longer.  

It has been installed with the V-shaped braking system that allows you to stop the bike with ease and comfort. The folding technique is the easiest, you only need a maximum of 20 seconds to fold and unfold.


The price is reasonably fair for a mini compact standard bike. Its fold ability makes it even a better option considering the price tag that comes with the bike.

Positive Side
  • Its fold easily
  • Portable
  • Unique folding pedals
  • Streamline frame design ideal for multiple users
  • Its mini size after folding creates the convenience of storage
Negative Side
  • Some assembling is required

Things to Consider When Choosing a Folding Bike 

You might have landed on this page while looking for the best folding bike. If so, then we are happy you are here. How to identify the right one might be a complicated affair. This is because the market is flooded with manufacturers and vendors.  

Nevertheless, we have highlighted some features to consider before you commit. Typically, you should meet the value for your money. Below are some important criteria to consider when shopping.

1) Durability

You should never compromise when it comes to the durability of your ride. Here you should consider the type of materials used to engineer the frame. The frame should also support your weight and comfortable to ride.  

2) Purpose

You should identify the reason why you need a folding bike. If you need a normal bike for leisure rides or short journeys within the city, then consider a smaller bike. For longer trips, you should consider sturdier frames and bigger wheel size.

3) New vs. Recondition

A reconditioned bike might save your budget and still deliver the desired results. However, you must conduct due diligence before you remove your wallet. It might be a difficult task to buy a foldable bike online. Therefore, you should shop around from your local stores or dealers.  

4) Maintenance Costs

It is important to consider a folding bike that will not bleed your pockets. Consider the one that you can easily maintain. It does not make sense to invest in a complicated folding bike. Make sure the accessories are available in the market.  

5) Warranty

Some manufacturers offer a warranty for their folding bike. That means they have confidence in their products. Therefore, you can buy with confidence. Typically, you will meet the value for your money.

Folding Bike Accessories

When buying your foldable bike, you should ensure that all accessories are available. If you opt to go for the reconditioned bike, you might not get all the accessories. That means you might be required to purchase separately. We have compiled a list of accessories that you should consider.

  • Replacement tube
  • Multi-tool for minor repairs
  • Bottle and cage holder
  • Under-seat bag
  • Bike handler bag
  • Comfort saddle equipped with suspension
  • Rechargeable Led light
  • Bike helmet
  • Smartphone holder
  • Cable lock
  • Floor pump equipped with a gauge
  • Trolley Bike rack
  • Bike suitcase

Maintenance Tips

1. Generally, maintenance is essential. On the other hand, it is a gradual process that every bike holder should learn. Typically, no one comes to this world with comprehensive maintenance skills. Nonetheless, we have rounded up some maintenance tips you should consider.  

2. You should keep driving the train lubricated and clean. This will save lots of money. What is more, it keeps off the squeaking and rattling sounds from bike chain and sprockets.. Typically, you should service them regularly.

3. Make sure the tires are inflated. Riding a bike with low pressure offers poor performance in terms of speed. You might be required to work out more to maintain the desired speed. Therefore, you should make sure you have a good quality foot pump. What is more, keeping your tires inflated prevents cracks on the tires.

4. It is important to make sure that all the bolts and nuts are tight. However, you do not need to over tighten them. To avoid accidents, keep a constant check on the screws, nuts, and bolts. Additionally, when buying a folding bike, ask for spare bolts and nuts.  

5. Always adjust your brakes to the required level. Also, change your brake pads whenever needed.  

6. You should also learn how to repair or fix the flat tube.


Where can someone buy a folding bike?

The best place to purchase a folding bike is from an authorized dealer or retailer shop. You will also get an opportunity to test ride. What is more, you will be able to get value for your money.

Which is the ideal folding bike?

The question about the best folding bike depends on your purpose. If you need a bike for going around the city, then you choose a small bike. On the other hand, if you need a bike for long journeys, then choose a bike with sturdy frames.

What is good about fold bikes?

The foldable bike comes in handy for commuters with small spaces. This is because they are easily foldable for storage. What is more, they are attractive and fun. Additionally, they are good for health benefits.

Are foldable bikes dangerous?

Just like riding other types of bikes, they also come with their dangers. Many people have reported it is because of the folding. However, they are trendy and many people love them.

Do foldable bikes go uphill?

Folding bikes are equipped with a range of gears. Therefore, it can ride uphill when it comes to steep mountains or hills. Make sure that the gears are functioning before you commit.

Folding Bike TSM G7 Bicycle 27.5Inch Dual Disc Brake Bike (Armygerrn)

Our Top Pick
9.5/10 Our Score


Final Verdict

At this juncture, we believe that you will make an informed decision when buying. You can also consult other users before or read what is reported online. Either way, you should get the value for your money when buying the best budget folding bike. Consider buying what you can easily afford and maintain. You will never go wrong with us.

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