Best Motorcycle Chain Rivet Tool

Best Motorcycle Chain Rivet Tools | 10 Heavy Duty Models

The best motorcycle chain rivet tool will keep you riding in all kinds of conditions without having to stop and wait around for a repair shop.

A riveting tool is essential for any motorcycle rider. You never know when you’ll need to fix or replace your chain, and it’s necessary to have the right tools on hand.

Read this blog post to find out more about the different types of & professional motorcycle chain rivet tools available, as well as reviews of some prevalent models that are worth considering before making your purchase.

Motion Pro Pbr Chain Breaker Motorcycle Tool Accessories - Black / One Size
Motion Pro Pbr Chain Breaker Motorcycle Tool Accessories – Black / One Size
  • All steel construction with heat treated components for strength and durability
  • Great for the professional technician or DIY mechanic
  • Compact and light enough to carry in a tool bag for trail side repairs
  • Patented design
Chain Breaker & Riveting Tool for Motorcycle Bike ATV 520 525 530 Chain, Heavy Duty Jumbo Chain Tool
Chain Breaker & Riveting Tool for Motorcycle Bike ATV 520 525 530 Chain, Heavy Duty Jumbo Chain Tool
  • Innovative design will Press, Break & Rivet 520, 525, & 530 chains with one convenient tool
  • May be bolted to a work bench, supported in a vise or held by handle.When bolted to a solid surface, air or electric wrenches may be used to break chain
  • All steel construction with heat treated components for strength and durability
  • Versatile design will remove chain pins, press master-link plates and rivet hollow nose & soft nose (quad stake) master link pins on O-ring and non O-ring type chains
  • Recommended for heavy-duty use,For riveting hollow nose master links
ABN Chain Breaker 13-Piece Set with Carrying Case – Chain Cutter and Riveter for Motorcycle, Bike, ATV
ABN Chain Breaker 13-Piece Set with Carrying Case – Chain Cutter and Riveter for Motorcycle, Bike, ATV
  • Chain Cutter and Riveter for Motorcycle, Bike, ATV to remove and reinstall motorcycle/bike, rear drive, and OHV cam chains that are #35 to #630; Tool completely pushes out the chain link pin
  • Easy to Use: Instructions – Loosen the sprocket nut, unscrew the bottom bolt on the chain press tool, and place the spring on the pin inside the tool. Then, replace the tightening bolt and remove the top bolt. Screw on the handle and lever, place the tool over your chain, and tighten the tool on the chain pin (this forces the chain and pin out the other side)
D.I.D KM500R Chain Cut and Rivet Tool, Silver
D.I.D KM500R Chain Cut and Rivet Tool, Silver
  • Designed to cut chain, press fit connecting link side plates, and rivet pin heads
  • May be used to cut any 520, 525, 530 (50), or 532 size chains
  • Professional forged Steel chain tool is designed for heavy duty use
  • Compact size for easy storage, Includes plastic storage case
  • Properly Flares pinheads and eliminates over-riveting or Riveting pinheads off center
RK Racing Chain UCT2100(50) Universal Chain Breaker, Cutter, Press-Fit and Rivet Tool
RK Racing Chain UCT2100(50) Universal Chain Breaker, Cutter, Press-Fit and Rivet Tool
  • Quickly and easily breaks 40 and 50 type chain; easily press-fits tight tolerance 40, 50 O-ring chain side plates to the correct depth for clip or rivet link installation
  • New design allows components to lock into tool body and larger pressure bolt for easier use without dropping tool components
  • Flares RK’s special pin hole rivet links to the proper dimension to secure sideplates in place
  • Redesigned sure-grip handle and laser engraved part number for easier part identification
  • The redesigned Rivet Flare Pin now features a flare guard to prevent over riveting

What Is Motorcycle Chain Riveting Tool?

Motorcycles use a specific bicycle chain called “half-link,” which has literally half the thickness of standard bicycle chains.

The only way to remove this kind of motorbike chain is by using rivet tools to force out the pin that attaches the link together to take the chain apart.

Professional motorcycle bike repair technicians and enthusiasts can use a variety of rivet tools.

The most common ones are the “chain breaker” type, which comprises two pieces that look like pairs of pliers attached with a pin in between that fits into the gap at the end of each half-link. This rivet tool then pulls the plug from one side of the chain, forcing it towards the other side of the link.

In most cases, for this rivet tool to work correctly, a riveting punch is used to push out each pin before the rivet is pulled through. More specifically, motorcycle chains use custom-sized pins that are double the width of the links they attach.

Benefits of using Chain Rivet Tool for Repairing Chains

As many cyclists know, repairing a broken chain is one of the most common roadside repairs needed.

Instead of carrying around spare links, tools, and lube with you on your rides, it’s much more convenient to simply carry a rivet-type master link that can be used for repairing your chain quickly.

  • These links come in various forms, but perhaps the most popular and reliable model is the “re-usable” chain rivet.
  • The Half Link Master Link is designed to be used for joining two chains together.
  • Made from stainless steel, and are accessible in all different sizes.
  • The Half Link Master Links can be cut down if needed, allowing you to join shorter chains together to extend your drive train.
  • Re-connecting master links using these re-usable pins is an upfront process.
  • The link is made from stainless steel but uses a specially designed pin with grooves cut into it on both sides.
  • It’s more convenient, not having to carry around brackets and chains with you on your rides.
  • The Ottolink Master Link can be disconnected easily if needed, allowing you to join shorter chains together or extend your drive train.
  • Just like the Half Link Mater, the re-usable pin is a straightforward process.

Best Motorcycle chain Rivet tool reviews 2021

#1 Motion Pro P.B.R. Chain Tool


Even though there are many different chain tools, Motion Pro tool is a highly rated & one of the best motorcycle chain tool kit among riders and mechanics. This quality tool can be used on any type of motorcycle or ATV. It requires minimal force to use because it has an ergonomic grip and cam-action design.

It can be used on nearly every chain type. From O-rings to X-rings to Z-rings, motorcycle chains are all made up of rivets that need to be compressed to take the chain apart.

Ergonomic grip and cam-action design.

You can take apart any type of chain with the Motion Pro P.B.R. Chain Tool with minimal force.

The ergonomic grip handle makes working with this spring-loaded tool easy on your hands because you won’t have to apply too much pressure to work with it. The cam action design also makes the most of every ounce of strength you use.

Quality materials make for a durable product

Despite how often you use this tool, you can trust that it will hold up due to its quality manufacturing.

Made out of high carbon steel, the Motion Pro P.B.R. Chain Tool is sure to last through each and any best motorcycle chain breaker tool you work on.

Compact and portable design

It fits easily into storage compartments or toolboxes.

The compact design can even allow you to take it on the go with you, whether that means working at a friend’s house or attending a motorcycle rally.

Positive Side
  • Versatility makes it ideal for different types of chains
  • Ergonomic grip and cam-action design makes the tool easy to use
  • Quality tools make for a durable product that will last
  • A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer comes with every purchase.
Negative Side
  • More expensive than competitor products

#2 Chain Breaker & Riveting Tool for Motorcycle Bike ATV 520 525 530 Chain

Chain Breaker & Riveting Tool for Motorcycle Bike ATV

A chain breaker tool is used to separate the links of a broken chain, which can then be replaced with two new ones.

It allows for quick fixes when out on the road or trail and helps avoid additional damages from riding without having your bike in proper working order.

The main features are as follows:

  • Removes broken pin or rivet from motorcycle chains
  • Fits most sizes of a small, medium, and large motorcycle
  • Tighten rivets without any problems.
Positive Side
  • It works without trouble with any wheel size of the bike.
  • The tools are very durable and easy to use.
  • The quick-release trigger is efficient in opening the tool, making it easier for repairs on the road.
  • It is lightweight, so it can be moved easily after disassembling your chain.
Negative Side
  • The tool cannot be used for heavy regular use, such as mountain biking

#3 ID KM500R Chain Cut and Rivet Tool

KM500R Chain Cut and Rivet Tool

It is a quick way to cut chains without breaking your back, with a built-in rivet head that makes it even easier – all built into one tool. It has both an adjustable wear plate and a spare, riveting wheel, extending the tool’s lifespan.


  • Quickly cuts chains from 8-12mm wide with ease
  • Quickly rivets chains from 4-5mm wide with ease
  • Includes a removable/replaceable/adjustable wear plate for extended longevity of the cutting and riveting wheels
Positive Side
  • Easy to use, quick, and clean cutting in seconds
  • Effortless riveting in seconds
  • Increased durability with replaceable wear plates
  • Includes spare, riveting wheel
Negative Side
  • The wheels can wear out quickly if not used correctly (i.e., cutting too far into the chain to get leverage)

#4 A.B.N. Chain Breaker 13-Piece Set with Carrying Case – Chain Cutter and Riveter for Motorcycle

ABN Chain Breaker 13-Piece Set

It is an all-in-one solution for your motorcycle chain issues.

Motorcyclists can rejoice knowing that this product will provide them with the ability to maintain their chains without taking any unnecessary time off of their trip or tour.

With its compact size, this kit will fit perfectly into any storage compartment on your motorcycle. It is built with durable, high-quality ball-bearing construction to ensure its longevity and withstand the test of time.

Positive Side
  • Portable and easy to store away in your storage compartment or trunk on your bike
  • Made with ball bearing construction that will ensure its longevity and withstand the test of time
  • Has a host of different uses on and off of the motorcycle
  • A detailed manual, perfect for beginners or those experienced in maintaining their motorcycles chains
  • Great value for money purchase, a great option as a gift to a biker friend or family member!
Negative Side
  • A few users have expressed that the riveter tool has been a little hard to use

#5 R.K. Racing Chain UCT2100(50) Universal Motorcycle Chain Breaker Tool, Cutter, Press-Fit and Rivet Tool

RK Racing Chain UCT2100(50) Universal Chain Breaker

It is the most functional multi-tool for motorcycle, ATV, and bicycle chain service. It features a tool body with built-in storage for holding your accessories during repairs.

It can be used to press out rivets quickly and easily. This model features a center handle which makes it easy to use in tight areas.

Also, it has everything you need for chain service, cutting, installing rivet master links, and holding your plates during cleaning.

Positive Side
  • It’s a top-quality chain breaker, cutter, install rivet tool with a center handle.
  • This model features 100% press-fit rivet installation with no disassembly required.
  • Features built-in storage for holding accessories during repairs.
  • The tool works with most types of chains, including O-ring, X-Ring, and ZVM-X and A.R.T. ceramic rings (sold separately).
Negative Side
  • It will not work with some types of sprockets or wheels that have recessed spoke nipples (some aftermarket wheels, dirt bike front wheels).

#6 Motion Pro 08-0058 Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool

Motion Pro 08-0058

It’s an all-in-one motorcycle chain breaker and riveting tool. This product is made of investment cast steel, making it very durable for any motorcycle mechanic to use frequently.

It includes a combo pin starter tip that fits 1/8 inch 3/32 inch and 7/64 inch pin sizes, a C-clamp to clamp the chain when breaking it from one side.

Also, an integrated grease channel in the knuckle for the lubricating inside the roller link during assembly and a handy storage case to keep small parts in.

Positive Side
  • Compact toolset designed to be used on all types of multi-speed bikes.
  • Accurate alignment ensures precise rivet formation and installation.
  • High carbon steel for durability and strength, even after repeated use.
  • Can form up to .325″ rivet diameter – works with almost any chain out on the market today.
  • Convenient storage case for all of its components.
Negative Side
  • Accurate alignment requires that you match pin size, master link side, and width (half-link or full-link) – this is an advanced level skill that may be too much for beginners.

#7 D.I.D KM500R Chain Cut and Rivet Tool, Silver

D.I.D KM500R Chain Cut and Rivet Tool

It is a convenient tool for cutting and riveting D.I.D, Tsubaki, Sunstar, and Regina type master links chains.

This particular model stands out in the crowd because of the handy removable/attachable head that makes it natural to use when you need to cut and change your motorcycle’s drive chains.

This model is mainly suited for smaller bikes with less than 530 size sprockets.

Features of this product include:

  • High-grade aluminum construction
  • Removable/attachable head for cutting and riveting
  • For D.I.D, Tsubaki, Sunstar, and Regina master links chains
  • Length: 152mm (6in)
  • Weight: 495g (17.4oz)

Factors to consider when buying a good& heavy-duty chain rivet tool

Rivet tools serve as a good reminder for riders to maintain and check the condition of their motorcycle chain, even if it’s not necessary.

With its purpose in mind, you can find many products online today, specifically designed to work with different kinds and types of rivets. What should you look out for? Here’s are the factors to consider:

Device Weight and Size

A good motorcycle chain riveter tool has a lightweight design to ensure better maneuverability. If it is very bulky, it can be awkward and uncomfortable when you hold it down against the surface of the metal while trying to hammer in a rivet correctly. Try going for one that is at least 8 ounces light.


This is probably the number one concern for motorcycle riders who desire better rivet tools. You don’t just go around buying things on a whim, right?

So before you decide to purchase an item online, do some research first and assess how durable it is by looking at its materials and the craftsmanship used in making it.

A good rivet tool should have a rugged construction to ensure its stability, especially when you’re working with metal parts that are constantly moving and not conducive to keeping the device in place.

Broad Compatibility

The best chain rivet tool for motorcycles can work on different types and sizes of rivets, so you don’t have to buy new ones every time your old one needs replacement.

It also comes in handy when you need to replace the current one that’s not working well with your preferred model or size of rivets.


A big part of using tools regularly depends on comfort and ease of use, especially when you intend to work with them for long hours without experiencing muscle fatigue or joint pain.

This ensures better craftsmanship because you’re only focused on your work while using the tool and not on your comfort.

If you’re in search of the best chain tool for motorcycles, look no further than the highly acclaimed best chain breaker. This essential tool is specifically designed for effectively breaking motorcycle chains, providing you with the utmost convenience and efficiency. With its impeccable functionality and user-friendly design, it is undoubtedly the best motorcycle chain breaker tool in English. So, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a passionate motorbike enthusiast, investing in this top-notch chain breaker will undoubtedly elevate your motorcycle maintenance experience to new heights.


How to Use a Motorcycle Chain Tool

Motorcycle chain tools are essential for motorcycle owners who intend to service their own motorcycles or professionally work on them. The person who will be using this tool must clearly understand how it works and what its uses are; otherwise, mistakes made while servicing a motorcycle can cause serious injury.

Which Type Of Motorcycles Can Use This Tool?

This motorcycle tool is used for motorcycles that use a personal identification number (P.I.N.) lock system to secure the chain together and prevent it from falling off.

Is There Any Difference Between Tools For Cars And Ones For Motorcycles, And Which One Is Better To Use?

The main difference between a motorcycle chain tool and a car chain tool is that the former uses a three-prong interface for its pins, while the latter uses two. This is to accommodate the smaller size of a motorcycle chain and its use of sprocket and hub attachment points.

Motorcycle owners that service their own motorcycles should invest in a quality motorcycle chain tool that is easy to use and clean and fits the device’s mouth securely around the motorcycle chain.

The last thing anyone wants is a tool to slip while working on a motorcycle, so selecting a device with the right features is essential.

How To Rivet a Motorcycle Chain

To rivet a motorcycle chain, you need to make sure that the links are not too big or too small. The size of the link should be just right and must be able to fit in between the teeth of the sprocket without being able to slip out easily.

Here is how you rivet a motorcycle chain:

Take off your chain from your bike and make sure that it is properly lubricated with oil so it doesn’t rust. Put on your safety glasses before doing this process because this will help protect your eyes from getting hurt.

First, take one end of the chain, start by pressing it into a vice so that it won’t slip while working on it.

Then put the second link in place and do the same thing as you did for first link. After this move onto putting three more links into place like you did for second link and continue until all links are in place.

Take out all links but one then take hold of its middle part with pliers or if using hammering equipment use that instead to tighten up everything together by using bolts or rivets which come along with these machines

I hope this helps! If there’s anything else I can answer please let me know!


With the help of this guide, you should be able to find a rivet tool that is suited for your needs. We hope it helps you make an up-to-date decision on what type of chain riveter will work best in your shop based on all the different aspects we have covered!

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