Mount A Subwoofer Box

How To Mount a Subwoofer Box in Car: Best 5 Tips

If you are the kind of a motorist who spends much of his time commuting and also loves entertainment, you have to fix a subwoofer box in your car. This ingenious infotainment gadget indeed livens your interior car space to offer you the comfort you require for long-term commutes. While most modern cars come with this system already installed, most require that you retrofit it. Mount A Subwoofer Box:

We have voluntarily stepped to your rescue. After investing a great deal of our time and effort, we have been able to compile the simplest and by far the most effective means of achieving this end. In our step-by-step guide below, we are going to explain to you how to go about this whole issue.

How to Mount a Subwoofer Box in Car?
Answer: To mount a subwoofer box in a car, you will need to screw the box into place with heavy-duty screws, and secure the mounting brackets to the floor with bolts. You should also make sure to secure any loose wiring and use additional screws or clamps to secure the box firmly to the floor.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Screw
  • Tape measure
  • Masking tape
  • Tester
  • Dust Blower
How To Mount A Subwoofer Box in Car

How To Mount a Subwoofer Box in Car

Identify A Suitable Subwoofer

Start off by identifying a suitable subwoofer for your car. This electronic has to possess the same voltage and ampere ratings as those of your car. It must also be compatible with the available space in your car. This is to allow for the seamless attachment of the electronics and to see to it that it blends well with all your electrical systems.

Though not necessary, you might also want to acquire one which is multipurpose i.e. may be mounted in various parts of the car at a time. Do so especially if you want the entire interior of your car to be filled with music or sounds.

Mount The Subwoofer

Now move on to mount the subwoofer to the space you will have delineated. Make sure that it is tight-fitting. You might also have to reinforce the mounting with some screws to make it fall-proof. Test the mounting to see to it that it is indeed intact by shaking the subwoofer gently.

If you opted for the multipurpose one, you have to find other areas of your car which might accommodate the sub-speakers. In particular, the area behind the back seat and the two back card doors are the more suitable places.

Mount The Subwoofer

Connect The Wiring Well

You should now connect the wiring. This basically entails the establishment of physical connections between the subwoofer and the electrical system of your car. This is the crux of the mounting exercise. It is hence imperative that you exercise some great caution as you do this. See to it that the terminals are attached exactly as required.

Use a tester to ascertain that the flow of current is unimpeded before operating the speakers. If you happen to get stuck along the way, you are advised to seek the intervention of an expert electrician.

Install The Insulation

It is necessary that you insulate your subwoofer to safeguard yourself from the risks of shocks. Use some light rubber materials, polythene, or masking tapes to do the job. Ensure that all the naked wires are completely sealed and prevented from any direct exposure to the outside environment. You may have to reinforce this insulation to be on the safe side.

Mount The Subwoofer Enclosure

Finish off by mounting the subwoofer enclosure. The role of such an enclosure is basically to avoid direct exposure and contact with the car occupants. This is necessary given its importance in warding off any possibilities of direct impacts and possible damage to your car. It is yet again necessary to use only those enclosures which are specially designed for your kind of subwoofer for better outcomes.

Mount The Subwoofer Enclosure

Test The System

Even though you are now good to go, it is necessary that you test the system before eventual deployment. Switch on your car radio system and power the subwoofer at the same time. Raise and lower the volume as you wish to ascertain whether the system is optimal or not. You might have to make some alterations here and there to make the connection robust.


Mounting a subwoofer is not so much of a mean feat. You, however, have to be very careful, especially while wiring the components. Consider carrying out mock installations to familiarize yourself with the entire process and to guarantee effective mastery of the installation exercise. Just to reiterate an earlier statement, it is absolutely essential to mount a subwoofer to enhance your car’s interior infotainment system. Make the appropriate steps to do so as soon as you can.

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