what are component speakers

What are Component Speakers: 5 Best Things You Should Know

Whether for long or short-distance travel, your car has to be fitted with an appropriate entertainment system. These are tools and electronics which are intended to keep your riding experience topnotch by furnishing you some relief from the hassles and stress of riding a car. Perhaps no other electronic is as crucial as the component speakers.

This stems mostly from its comprehensive nature and form. The construction allows for unconstrained access to the various crucial components which in turn go a long way in keeping you entertained well. We are here to introduce and exhaust the component speakers. They are popular among vehicle owners owing to their incorporation of all the tools and constituent parts necessary for nice experiences.

What are Component Speakers?
Answer: Component speakers are a type of audio speaker system that consists of separate units for the woofer, tweeter, and other components, as opposed to a single, all-in-one unit.

What Are Component Speakers

what are component speakers

These are speakers which are used to furnish the interior of cars with entertainment as they travel from one point to another. It is not a speaker in and of itself. Instead, it is a collection of numerous closely-related sound output devices. These work hand in hand to confer your great sound output. In its entirety, a component speaker system basically comprises a series of tweeters, bass drivers, and crossover closely connected to one another.

These components are separated physically from one another, and their sounds are channeled in a unidirectional manner. Because of this, they are less likely to impose on you some interferences in signal output or audio quality. Though they are great, they are quite complicated for any person who lacks the necessary operational skill and mechanisms.

Types Of Component Speakers

There are three main kinds of component speakers. These are discussed below:


As the name suggests, these speakers have two drivers. One of them manages the low and the mid-range frequencies whereas the other manages the tweeter frequencies. They are the simplest of the component speakers available on the market today. For this reason, they find great applicability in many cars and facilities whose owners lack the necessary skill.

Their sound output is not so great, especially when compared to those of the high-end models. That is because they produce low octaves. On the flip side, they are great in the sense that they are less likely to impose any risks of deafening your ears. This makes them better suited for long-term close-range hearing tasks and environments.


The 3-way component speakers are so called because they contain three, rather than two drivers. The extra speaker handles the mid-range frequencies. It is smaller than a woofer but larger than a tweeter. The system disperses sounds to the three-dimensional spaces. Its tweeter is also super powerful.

It is because of this that they are used to extend the high frequency and bring about highly detailed sound output. Take care through the as frequent exposure to high sounds can deafen the eardrums. This is a system to go for if your car is larger than a salon but smaller than a passenger car. These include sporting utility vehicles and minivans that have moderate occupants.


4-Way Component Speakers

Lastly comes the 4-way component speakers. These have hour drivers which are broken down into 2 tweeters, one mid-range speaker, one woofer, and four drivers. They literally fill entire rooms with sound and are also very powerful. Their power consumption rates are so high that they have the ability to disproportionately up your utility bills.

However, they are very audible and give room for almost no ambiguities in the sound outputs. This makes them better suited for use in passenger service vehicles. You are generally advised to limit your exposure as listening to music via these speakers for long hours may deafen your ears. They also require a fair degree of expertise to handle and engage as need be.

Final Words

Now that you have got to know the basics of the component speaker systems, is it not wise of you to proceed and make a suitable purchase? While looking for the right one, do factor in your expertise, car size, skill level, ease of installing process, and sound output of your liking. These considerations are the ones that shall aid you in arriving at the most suitable one. Share this information also with other persons who might need to make this decision.

You will help them to arrive at a suitable purchase. When are you buying your component speaker? Who shall influence you to make a purchase as well? Have you found this information worthwhile? We would like to hear from you. Leave your comment here below…

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