Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer

How To Reduce Vibration from Subwoofer in Car: Best 3 Tips

Subwoofers, though great, are not without their fair share of potential downsides. They, just like your ordinary speakers or home theaters, are also susceptible to the risks of vibrations and undesirable sound output. That is why it is absolutely essential that you know how to reduce vibration from subwoofers in the car to neutralize them if and when they actually do arise.

We have dedicated the entire length and breadth of this article to do just that. We have identified the best approaches to adopt to guarantee some awesome outcomes. Read on till the end of the discussions to find out how to go about the issue.

How To Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer In Car?
Answer: To reduce vibration from a subwoofer in a car, you can use thicker speaker mounts or wedges, adjust the gain and crossover settings, and add dampening materials such as sound deadening mats.

Tools and Materials Required 

  • Screws
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • Testers

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Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer

Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer

Determine The Source Of The Vibration

Needless to say, each vibration has to have some source from which it emanates. You can never solve the issue of neutralizing the vibrations without knowing the source thereof. It is for this reason that you want to know the source before proceeding.

Some of the most common sources are hood liners, license plates, windows, doors, and trunks. To identify the precise source, consider playing a favorite song that ought to possess a higher volume. Walk around your car to try and find out the affected areas.

Combat The Vibration

After identifying the source of the vibration, go ahead to combat the issue. Use the automotive sound deadener to do the job. This is an appliance that is used to seal any vibrations or excess noise from seeping into the car interior. It also keeps the interior of the cars super quiet and quells a couple of other unwanted noises.

For effective outcomes, you might have to purchase several of them and install them in various parts and portions of your vehicle. Generally, though, you are advised to take care of all the areas that may ordinarily be vulnerable to the issue even if they are not affected.

Tighten Your License Plate

Also, as a deterrent measure, you might want to tighten your license plate as well. Loose license plates have been noted to exacerbate this issue even if it is not primarily the cause of the issue. To tighten the license plates, you have to use a screwdriver to tighten the loose fittings.

Additionally, you might also want to fix the sound deadener at these points as well. This procedure is especially a must if you have a penchant for playing music too loudly; beyond what make be considered normal or acceptable.

Tighten Your Trunk Screws

Tighten Your Trunk Screws

Yet again, you might want to tighten the trunk screws as a precautionary measure. The trunk, just like the loose license plates, is more likely to predispose your car to the risks of vibrations, especially when moving too fast or driving under severe conditions. That is because they exaggerate the vibrations too much to make them ghastly to the ears.

Make use of the screwdrivers to accomplish this noble task. Skim the entire length and breadth of the trunk to look out for any loose screws or connections. Proceed to fix the loose screws one at a time till all of them are extremely tight. 

Lower The Bass Frequency

As a last measure, you might also want to lower the bass frequency. This is the route to follow after implementing the above steps but has achieved no meaningful outcomes. Simply practice setting low sound output levels on the controls of your sound system.

If you lack the self-discipline required to do so, you might also want to fix an amplifier to do the job for you. Choose a combination of settings that will deliberately keep the sound output levels low enough to ensure lower-frequency outputs.


From the foregoing explanations, it is clear that reducing the vibrations from the subwoofers of your car is a feat you cannot achieve with one method only. You have to employ a variety of methods to be able to achieve the desired end.

The onus is thus on your part to know which ones may most likely yield you the outcomes you so yearn for. What else are you waiting for? Haven’t you received all the insight necessary to guarantee a smooth and super quiet car interior? Simply acquire the necessary tools of the trade and go ahead to do the job! 

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