Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular|4 Clear & Surprising Fact

With many people commuting longer hours to get to the desired destinations, it is wise to fit the subwoofers in the cars. That is because they allow for smooth music and awesome entertainment while in a jam. You definitely have to know about the different subwoofers to be able to make the right purchasing decision. This article is to kill the debate shallow mount subwoofer vs regular subwoofer.We have devoted the first part of our discussions to the different kinds of car subwoofers. The second part shall examine the differences between the two most common kinds of subwoofers on the market for your easy choosing. 

Different Types Of Car Subwoofers

Shallow Mount

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

The shallow mount subwoofers are designed to take up the least realistic amount of space. As such, they are flat, compact and lighter in weight than your normal or ordinary subwoofer. You will hence easily install them in just about every other storage space available in your car. By their sheer smaller size, they are also cheaper to come by. Notwithstanding these limitations, these subwoofers are still reliable and powerful enough to fill your entire room with high-quality audio signals.

Underseat Subwoofer

car underseat subwoofer

As the name suggests, these subwoofers are intended for installation underneath your seats; rather than the car seats or dashboard. They are ordinarily more powerful to cater to the various agents of sound absorption like the fabrics that make up the car seats. Just like the shallow mount subwoofers above, they too are compact in size and hence easily handled. They are the ones to go for if yours is a small car with limited space like a two-door coupe or pickup van.

Regular Subwoofer

car regular subwoofer

The regular subwoofer is your ordinary, day-to-day car subwoofer. They are generally larger in size, more powerful and may be mounted in just about every other space available. Because of this, they find applicability in almost all kinds of cars and mounting spaces available. Perhaps standing out as their major downsides are the fact that they are bulkier, larger in size, and of course, more expensive. For these reasons, they are better off used in larger cars like PSVs and SUVs.

Top Mount Subwoofer

Lastly comes the top mount subwoofers. These are ideally designed and intended for installation atop the cars rather than at the sides or at the dashboards. If we wish, we might say that they are the exact opposite of the underseat subwoofers. Their sound output is clearer than those of the other kinds of subwoofers. The reason here is that they dissipate sound in a divergent manner not to mention that the sound output is hardly interrupted or absorbed by any agents.

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular Subwoofer

Types of Enclosures

Both of these kinds of subwoofers have to be enclosed in some boxes prior to their installations. However, they require different kinds and sizes of boxes. The shallow mount requires smaller, flatter, and more compact boxes. The regular subwoofers, on the other hand, require larger, cuboid, and bulkier boxes. This difference arises from the huge variations in their sheer sizes and dimensions. Also, the shallow mount boxes are easier to slot into your car.

Space Considerations

As has already been explained above, the shallow mount subwoofers are smaller and more compact in size when compared to the regular subwoofer counterparts. Because of this, you will have to set aside only negligible space to mount them. Owing to the sheer sizes of the regular subwoofers, you will have to set aside large storage spaces to mount them. It is for this reason that their use is limited only to those cars that have larger interior spaces like SUVs or PSVs.

Power Consumption

Due to the fact that shallow-mount subwoofers are smaller in size, they consume and discharge less power output. You will hence not have to expend too much of your utility bills to afford and maintain them. At the same time, their sound output quality is not so great. The regular subwoofers are the exact opposite. They are larger in size and hence consume more power. Similarly, their power output is equally higher and greater. 


This refers to power input when measured against the sound output. A regular subwoofer is generally more sensitive than the shallow-mount subwoofer. This is because they are engineered in such a manner as to respond promptly to any slight variations in the power supply of the speaker. Because of this, you are more likely to derive higher inputs and sound quality. If you are a music-enthusiast who is always keen on getting just the best of the sound quality, they are the ones of choice.

Frequency Range

Generally speaking, the regular subwoofers can discharge a higher frequency range of sounds than the shallow-mount subwoofers. This stems from their awesome engineering which sees to it that they operate optimally under varying circumstances of use and operations. As for the shallow-mount speakers, they operate on a shallower frequency range. This is the case because they are not so accommodative of varying frequencies owing to their simpler construction.


All factors considered, the regular subwoofers are undoubtedly the better of the two kinds of speakers. You are more likely to obtain the highest levels of satisfaction with them. Other than this, they also last longer not to mention carrying out more operational cycles. It is definitely in your best interest to prioritize them while seeking the right subwoofer for your car. When are you purchasing a subwoofer for your car?

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