Best 2 Stage Air Compressor

Best 2 Stage Air Compressor For Money in 2021

Finding out the best 2 stage air compressor for the money is challenging enough, but we’re here to help you through this guide. Read on to know more in detail!

Have you ever seen a 19’s air compressor? Those air compressors were heavy as a refrigerator, noisy, and nobody could lift them to carry from one place to another. Thanks to advanced technology!

You’ll find dual or single-stage portable, lightweight air compressors to work comfortably. If you look at the trend, you’ll find 2 stage air compressors are the best options for heavy-duty projects. 

But do you know which one is the best? 

The world is your oyster and selecting one option from many is the tip of the iceberg. That’s why, we’re here to help you out to get acquainted with the best 2 stage air compressor for the money

Scroll down to know about them and other external features that will get you started with your new 2 stage air compressor.

What is a 2 Stage Air Compressor?

Compressors that are multi-stage, meaning 2 stage, have a sequence of cylinders, including one with a different diameter. Here, the air is cooled throughout compression stages by passing via an exchangers/ heat exchanger.

The quantity of work required to compress air further is reduced as it’s cooled. Then, the air is subsequently driven into another chamber, which is pressured, in a 2 compressor. These compressors are used widely in high-pressure operations or applications.

1-Minute Quick Review

If you’re in haste, you might not dig deep into the features of 10 dual-stage air compressors. Well, know all the air compressors in a minute.

“This oil-lubricated feature helps beginners use the machine without thinking about the fuel mechanism with great functionalities.”

If you are looking for the best self guard dual air compressor, choose us to have the best experience.”

“ With industrial-grade Ingersoll Rand Pressure Switch For 2 Stage Compressor, the commercial purposes will be fulfilled in a fabulous manner.”

“The oil-lubricated feature makes Quincy 2 Stage Air Compressor Q12124vp an efficient machine for the professionals.”

“With huge air volume, Husky 80-gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor will provide continuous work experience to complete a project without a pause.”

“With some extra benefits like tank drain, vibration isolators, shut off valve, you can achieve triple productivity from Craftsman air compressor.”

With low RPM and well-balanced control on the machine, Champion® works perfectly for the users.”

“Achieve 100% duty cycle using Napa air compressor and get the maximum productivity of your workshop.”

“ Finish your aristocratic projects with heavy-duty Coleman Powermate 2 Stage Air Compressor, and it will never fail to amaze you.”

Best 2 Stage Air Compressor For Money in 2021

As we’re pretty much concerned about the congested market, we went deep down to pick the top 2 stage air compressors. Considering the durability, performance, and longevity, we selected the models discussed below. Hopefully, one of them will suit your preferences.

#1 Kobalt 60-gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor

Kobalt 60-gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor

Our front runner is nothing but a Kobalt 60-gallon air compressor. It has amazing features to amaze our audience. From packaging to its functionality, you’ll find everything praiseworthy.

Oil-lubricated air compressors have pointed to performance durability, and so the Kobalt 60. This device offers 175 PSI, allowing the user to handle many jobs and gain the maximum output the machines can provide. 

Kobalt 60 is eligible to paint furniture, rotate wheels, grind welds, and so on. This multitasker machine doesn’t kill space for vertical stationary design.

You can rely on the Kobalt 2 stage air compressor because its duty operation is unique and reliable. It’ll complete all your heavy-duty projects without a break.

The machine needs a power supply of 230 Volt to maintain its promises about reliability.However, this air compressor doesn’t include a power cord, and you have to purchase it.

What else does it have to feature?

This machine is rated standard for noise. And it is another why we picked it. When you’re working in a garage, many tools and machines function at the same time.

If an air compressor makes the environment noisy, it’ll be bothersome for the staff to work.

Technical Details

  • Maximum pressure: 175 PSI
  • Amperage: 16.2
  • PSI: 175
  • SCFM: 6.9
  • Supply power: 230V

Why Do We Love It?

  • Performance :A Kobalt air compressor is a heavy-duty product and provides professional performance. The consumers will experience productivity rate of it.
  • Comes with its own top and bottom pins
  • Durability : The oil-lubricated feature is the epitome of durability. This machine amazes the users with long-running eligibility.
  • Installs faster and easier thanks to the quick attach bolts
  • Hardly corrodes even when bombarded with excess moisture
  • No Power Cord : This air compressor does not include a power cord in its package. Do not forget to have one if you purchase a Kobalt air compressor.

The Air Compressor is Good For

If you want to enjoy the best performance from the air compressor, get one from Kobalt and relax.

#2 Dewalt Dxcmv5076055 60-gallon 5 Hp Two Stage Air Compressor

DeWalt DXCMV5076055

Dewalt Dxcmv5076055 is an air compressor that has blown our minds to a different level. This compressor is expensive but worth it. Have a look at its features.

If you are looking for the best 60-gallon air compressor, you can think this one as an option. The outlet air port is 3/4”, and this releases heat from the compressor. Heat dispersion is a primary requirement to keep the engine fit.

Both industrial and professional purposes are served with the help of this machine. It delivers 175 PSI and is eligible to power multiple tools at a time.

Dewalt has fantastic features and a protective outlook. Designers have built the air compressor not to be bothered by voltage fluctuation. The motor stays intact for its thermal protection.

Importantly, the cooling system of this machine has made it durable and reliable for users. In professional projects, the contribution of Dewalt is undeniable because of having a belt guard feature that prevents accidents.

Dewalt 2 stage air compressor has an accessible site to check the oil level. This incredible feature allows professionals to check the oil level to keep the motor health stable.

Another feature to mention is the oil drainage system. It has a 4” extension to let the excessive oil exit from the system.

Next, we’ll take a look at RPM which means rotation per minute. This air compressor has featured low RPM, and so the owner won’t need to purchase a motor controller.

The air filter is styled as an industrial graded one. Since the design is for industrial purposes, the filter is an intake form to protect the environment from pollution.

Technical Details

  • Pump: 767 RPM
  • Pressure: 175 PSI
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Tank size: 60-gallons
  • SCFM: 13.5 And 15.3

Why Do We Love It?

(+) Mechanism

Dewalt has awesome mechanisms to serve industrial purposes properly. The thermal mechanism helps to increase the durability of this compressor.

(+)Checking Oil Level

The sight glass to check the oil is another feature that assists the users to keep track of fuel.

(+)Compressor Cooling

The cooling process of the compressor prevents overload of heat and keeps the motor healthy. Not only this. To control gauge pressure, the designers have included a switch option.

Keep In Mind

(-) Price

People on a budget might not be eligible to buy it as the price is quite high.

The Air Compressor is Good For

Consumers who have industries or workshops to finish robust projects should buy this air compressor.

#3 Ingersoll Rand 7.5 Hp 80-gallon Two Stage Air Compressor

2475N7.5-V 7.5hp 80 gal

Ingersoll Rand is one of the best 2 stage air compressors on our list. Built with cast iron, the compressor performs multitasks in your workshop or home. This air compressor is designed to achieve any task at home or in your professional projects.

Use it for inflating tires, blowing glass, or energizing air tools. The cast iron material makes it durable, and users can work with it for 15,000 hours without trouble.

When a machine has all-season synthetic lubricant, the efficiency touches the sky and blows expectations. Ingersoll has synthetic lubricant material and increased the reliability of users.

The machine has 175 PSIG, which is awesome for an air compressor’s maximum pressure.

Ingersoll Rand has a huge receiver tank of 80-gallon ASME. When the water removal process starts, the airflow helps a lot for huge reservoir air.

Technical Details

  • Running HP: 7.5
  • Pressure: 175 PSIG
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Tank size: 80-gallons

Why Do We Love It?

(+) A Big Tank

This 80-gallon tank helps in the cooling process of the compressor.

(+) Shelf-Life

This machine has 15,000 hours active functioning hours and you can work without disturbance.

(+) Durable Structure

Ingersoll Rand is made of cast iron which means the structure is strong. It will help the users in the long run.

Keep In Mind

(-) Packaging

One real time customer claimed the packaging was not intact.

The Air Compressor is Good For

People who need a continuous flow of work without a break should have an Ingersoll Rand air compressor.

#4  Quincy 2 Stage Air Compressor Q12124vpq

Quincy QT-54 Splash

Why did we choose this machine to review? Quincy provides superior delivery of air, and this professional compressor functions well in many projects.Plus, a handful of appreciable features are included in this compressor.

Talking about safety concerts, the compressor has an enclosed belt guard. This maintains the user’s safety. If you have an enclosed belt guard system, it’ll work for years to keep you safe.

Does it ensure a strong structure?

Made with cast iron, the air compressor assures a robust structure. You won’t witness the damaging issues arising in years.

Then, the incredible feature came –a pressure switch. A pressure switch helps to read the regulator, and its main role is to adjust the consistent pressure of air.

When we look for an electronic device or a random product, checking its durability is a primary task. The reason is that you are investing a lot here, both time and money.

Is Quincy worthy of your money? Yes, it is! Quincy air compressor ensures 10000+ pump life to the users. Without arising a maintenance issue or technical error, the air compressor will provide fantastic performance for such a long time.

Noise reduction is another feature of this air compressor. It’s the quietest 2 stage air compressor we have reviewed.

Technical Details

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Horsepower: 2 HP
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • CFM at 100 PSI: 7.1
  • PSI: 145

Why Do We Love It?

(+) Oil Lubricated

The highly efficient lubricated oil feature has made this professional compressor equipment. Using the fuel properly, the users enjoy the benefits of buying it.

(+) Belt Guard

The belt guard is a safety measurement taken by the air compressor designers. Saving the hands and clothes from getting caught in the machine, the dual compressor saves the user’s from accidents.

(+) Pump Life

Quincy users will enjoy 10000+ hours without disturbance. This is a huge pump life ensured by the motor capacity.

Keep In Mind

Found nothing

The Air Compressor is Good For

Our consumers who are atthe beginner level can think of this as an option because it has high safety measurements.

#5 Husky 80-gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor

Husky 80 Gallon Electric Air Compressor

Our next chosen machine is the Husky 80-gallon 2 stage air compressor. Offering the buyers a maximum pressure of 175 PSI has taken over the market in competing with other compressors.

Are you eager to know about durability? Well, the durability of this product is described in our feature which is a solid pump. This pump is special for being an oil-lubricated one.

Not only does this feature increase stability of performance, but the efficiency and durability also change dramatically. The users will find it incredible to work with this compressor.

It has a protective outer structure that is solely built with cast iron. Designed and built with a tank, the 2 stage air compressor will sustain for years.

Is there any safety concern?

The compressor includes safety measurements. Among all of them, the appreciable one is that the compressor has a belt guard to protect the user’s clothes, hands. As the belt guard has metal as a material, it’ll last for a long time.

Don’t forget to check the technical specifications. This compressor has 22A amperage and a 5 HP powerful motor. You can complete complex projects with strong airflow at ease.

Moreover, the Husky compressor can deliver 90 PSI at 14 SCF. Using this power, the users can energize multiple tools to complete their projects.

The machine has a user-friendly nature, and so you’ll get an excellent quality gauge. What’s the benefit of a gauge? An oversized gauge will help you to check the monitor performance.

Technical Details

  • Max Pressure: 175 PSI
  • SCFM: 14 AT 90 PSI
  • Tank size: 80-gallon
  • RPM: 1225
  • Amperage: 22 A

Why Do We Love It?

(+) Design

The product is designed to serve the buyer for a long time. Built with strong and stable material, the unique design has user-friendly features.

(+) Performance

The addition of oil lubricant to the pump has enhanced the performance of this device. It offers the users 1225 wonderful RPM.

(+) Tank Reservoir

The tank can store 80-gallons of air volume to energize or provide power to other tools.

Keep In Mind

(-) No Specification about Noise

The brand didn’t confirm whether it has noise reduction features or not.

The Air Compressor is Good For

If you need an air compressor with high-performance feature, this compressor is one of the best options to think of.

#6 Craftsman 2 Stage Air Compressor

CRAFTSMAN 80 Gallon 2 Stage 175 5HP

Craftsman 2 stage air compressor is one of the best options to choose. If you want to have an industrial grade compressor, Craftsman will be the best one because it’s a 2 stage compressor with a pump of industrial duty.

When you’re purchasing an electrical product with hard-earned pennies, you want it to work for years. Durability is a vital factor.

Bearing this in mind, the engineers have fantastically built Craftsman. This compressor has oversized bearings of industrial grade. It means the compressor has an extensive pump life.

To improve performance and productivity, Craftsman has synthetic oil to function. What happens with synthetic oil is that, the motor increases productivity up to 25%.

Before setting up the whole air compressor, you should check out the voltage of the powerhouse. This industrial graded dual-stage air compressor requires a 230 V power supply and AC. Consulting with a professional is a must before the installation process.

However, it comes with a multitasking nature. Providing power to air tools, the machine keeps these tools solely active.

Don’t worry about quality because it is built in the USA. Global materials have built this, and this compressor comes along with –

  • Tank drain
  • Vibration isolators
  • Shut off valve (3/4 inch) to cut air line

Technical Details

  • Maximum pressure: 175 PSI
  • Voltage: 208 and 230 V
  • Air Delivery: 14.1 at 100 PSI
  • Air Delivery: 13.5 at 175 PSI
  • Tank space: 80-gallons

Why Do We Love It?

(+) Design Quality

The design of the Craftsman air compressor is exquisite. It has a replaceable element with a silencer made of metal. And the motor is designed in a unique way to operate 230 and 208 V.

(+) Durability

This machine brings another dimension of durability by synthetic oil addition. Increasing the longevity to 25%, Craftsman has achieved the fame of a long-lasting air compressor.

(+) Multitasker

It fuels other air tools and lets the project complete with perfection. You can power a grinder, sandblaster and sander.

Keep In Mind

(-) Requires A Strong Power Supply

This is an industrial-grade tool and will not work under 230 Volts. Discuss with a professional consultant whether you can arrange a 230 Volt powerhouse or not. Otherwise, Craftsmen will create an electrical mess.

The Air Compressor is Good For

People who seek a durable air compressor, we suggest them buy a Craftsman dual compressor.

#7 Champion® 5hp 2-stage 80-gal Air Compressor


Our next air compressor is considered one of the best 80-gallon 2 stage air compressors. Any guesses about the product name? This is nothing but Champion® air compressor made in the USA.

It has 5 HP and a cast-iron structure. We prefer to have a cast-iron made compressor because it provides more stability than other metals. Having said that, the rusty structure is favorable to work on a tough project.

Starting with the maximum pressure it provides. Featuring 175 PSI, the air compressor has taken over our expectations. Ideally, the machine has 19.1 CFM at 125 psi.

Let’s dig deeper to know more. The tank contains a maximum 80-gallon of air, and it is an ASME tank in a vertical form. Low RPM is another thing to consider before skipping this option to purchase.

As a user, you won’t have to purchase a motor controller for having a low RPM pump. This machine is user-friendly since no magnetic starter is required. The duty cycle is automatically set and ready to hit the rock.

Like other reviewed air compressors, this one is also able to provide you a trouble-free operation. And is it a multitasker? Definitely! You can power air tools, spray machines, abrasive equipment, etc.

Technical Details

  • Horsepower: 5 HP
  • Maximum pressure: 175 PSI
  • RPM: 805
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • CFM: 19.1
  • Amperage: 22 A

Why Do We Love It?

(+) Easy Hookup

The machine has an easy installation process which refers to its user-friendly nature. Installing this machine for a beginner will not be a huge problem.

(+) Splash Lubrication

When you have a splash lubrication system, it means the fuel is working at its best. The oil passes through a trough filled with oil. When the oil is running in the trough, a dipper helps to splash it on the cylinders.

(+) Saves Energy

Energy-saving features save extra money for the users. With 22 amperages, the compressor works like a beast and gives a professional finish.

Keep In Mind

(-) Noise Specification

No information about noise is mentioned in the specification. We guess the machine can be a little bit noisy for the worker.

The Air Compressor is Good For

It is a fantastic option for beginners because you can easily install it.


Napa 7.5 HP is a professionally graded compressor with high configuration. It has a lot to offer the buyers, and you should know the details.

First, a taper roller has influenced the performance of this machine. The bearing has enhanced the pressure producing system as it can create pressure from 2 angle-

  • Axial
  • Horizontal

Another feature is oil gauge. This oil gauge feature is a blessing in an air compressor. It helps to check the oil level, which is essential to operate the compressor. If the oil level falls down, heat production increases and damages the transformer.

Second, the oil splashing system is efficient for heavy-duty machines. Its air compressor transforms into a productive machine by the grace of the oil splashing feature. Oil splashes from the filling while running through the trough.

Another significant feature is the concentric valves. This compact design of the compressor allows the motor to work at low power. As a result, the machine won’t lose its efficiency and productivity even if the power goes down.

Use this multitasker in repairing shops, operations, cleaning business, automated machinery, industrial applications.

The installation process requires a mounting kit. You have to purchase the kit 82-4676 because it’ll help to install the compressor properly.

Technical Details

  • Horsepower: 7.5 HP
  • Maximum pressure: 175 PSI
  • RPM: 600
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • CFM: 24

Why Do We Love It?

(+) Splash Lubricant

Splash lubricant is a process of using oil more efficiently. This process allows the user to save money by using the oil/fuel when the machine is on and starts to rotate through a trough.

(+) Low RPM

Featuring 600 RPM helps the consumers to use the machine for a longer time because they won’t face controlling the motor operation.

(+) Magnetic Starters

It is often considered as a ‘thinking cap’ of an air compressor motor. The magnetic starter continues the duty cycle 100% actively and runs the cycle safely.

(+) Heavy-duty

The machine has featured heavy-duty performance and so, it is applicable in the workshop or industrial purposes. With 7.5 HP, this machine works professionally with fine finishing of projects.

Keep In Mind

(-) Not for Beginners

This heavy-duty professional air compressor is not for home projects because it has a complex configuration. The machine is perfect for production and business operations.

The Air Compressor is Good For

For the professionals who love to explore more advanced features in an air compressor should purchase this one.

  1. Coleman Powermate 2 Stage Air Compressor
Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon

Our show stopper is nothing but Coleman Powermate 2 stage air compressor. What this compressor has to offer, we’ll know about each one sequentially. This heavy-duty compressor has an excellent capacity to control thermal overload.

The integrated control system is present to bring harmony to the system. By controlling all the panels, this double stage air compressor will continue a sound functionality for the users.

You’ll find an airflow regulator in this machine. What’s the benefit of having a regulator? The regulator adjusts airflow. Using this option, you can reach the desired air pressure.

Included valve to release pressure is another fantastic feature of Coleman Powermate. When the pressure exceeds the limit, this valve allows the heat releasing mechanism completed through it.

The presence of a large tank will allow the users to enjoy continuity of work. When the tank has less space, the airflow might stop while working. A large tank will allow the users to enjoy the work with the required airflow.

Purchasing this air compressor will leave an advanced technology experience for the consumer. If you need an industrial performance air compressor, you can check out the machine as one of the ‘would-be’ options.

Technical Details

  • Horsepower: 5.2
  • Volt: 240
  • Amperage: 0
  • Size: 80-gallons
  • Maximum pressure: 175 PSI

Why Do We Love It?

(+) Structure

The structural architecture is built with a cast iron. Maintaining sturdy construction, the contribution of cast iron is undeniable.

(+) Operating Pressure

The operating pressure range is between 145 to 175 PSI. Our users will be able to apply it in many tools to work professionally.

(+) Large Tank

It has an 80-gallon tank which makes it a larger one to contain more air volume. Not to mention, the large tank will help you to work without a pause.

Keep in Mind

(-) Not for Random Uses

The beginners should not go for this tool as it has featured industrial performances. Also, it has a heavy-duty motor that generates way more power than household activities need.

The Air Compressor is Good For

For the industrial purpose, this high-pressure and well-balanced air compressor can be an excellent choice.

Ingersoll-Rand 23474570 Pressure Switch

Another product to review is Ingersoll-Rand 23474570 Pressure switch for 2 stage compressor. If you’re facing a switch problem with a compressor, you should check this product out because it’s a 2 stage pressure switch.

This pressure switch will permit you to get rid of leaked switch issues. It’ll, also, make sure that you are getting a cut-out of 175 PSIG along with a cut-in of 135 PSIG.

Moreover, the pressure switch has an unloader valve. It’s a fantastic feature because the unloader valve ensures an uninterrupted power supply to a compressor’s motor.

The authority has suggested checking the models before buying if the switch fits these 3 phase models of compressor –

  • 2340
  • 2475
  • 2545
  • 7100

Check the price. It’s an inexpensive product, and you should keep one switch for the compressor. You never know when the switch stops working. Keep one and stay on the safe side.

Technical Details

  • Pump: 767 RPM
  • Pressure: 175 PSIG and 135 PSIG
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Included element: Pressure switch
  • Wattage: 10 watts

Why Do We Love It?

(+) A Perfect Replacement

This can surely be a perfect replacement for the industrial Ingersoll Compressor. If you buy it, you will enjoy its service at its best.

(+) Easy Installation

The switch does not create a hassle for the users. Just read the instructions and set it up for work.

(+) Fits Well

Considered to be fitting well, the Ingersoll Rand switch functions as it promised.

Keep in Mind

(-) Fits With Specific Models

The switch has mentioned specific models that will work perfectly well after installing the switch. Make sure it fits with your air compressor before buying.

The Air Compressor is Good For

If you need to replace the switch of air compressor, the Ingersoll Rand switch can be a great option.

How Does a 2 Stage Air Compressor Work?

2 stage air compressor features a piston that’s connected towards the crankshaft by such a connecting rod. The piston goes forward as well as backward as the crankshaft turns it.

The crankcase and the crankshaft are connected by the crankcase. The input and exhaust valves are both attached to a cylinder head with a valve cavity.

p-v diagram

PC: mechanicalboost

A 2-stage air compressor is seen in the P-V diagram you can see above. The following is how a two-stage air compressor actually works:

  • The crankshaft revolves as prime mover, which is linked with a crankshaft, begins to rotate. The crankshaft’s movement also initiates the reciprocating action of the piston during the first cylinders (L.P cylinder).
  • The piston suctions air through into the suction valves and filters throughout that procedure. The air is compressed by the pistons of low-pressure (L.P) cylinders. Then compressed air inside the L.P cylinder being pressurized to an intermediary pressure “P2.”
  • The pistons of an L.P cylinder compress the air to a specified degree before sending this to an intermediary pressure (I.P) air cooler, in which it is getting cooled (as illustrated in the image below) before being sent to the next (H.P) cylinder. The ratio of each compression in the first stage is determined by the amount of cooling needed.
  • The piston of the H.P cylinder swings forward and downwards during the air compression process, converting the air into high pressured air. The high-pressured air is finally collected through the output valve.
double stage compressor working

PC: mechanicalboost

2 Stage Air Compressor Construction

The basic constructions of the 2-stage air compressor are the electric motor, its diagram, and belt.


Electrical motors are commonly utilized to give power and energy to the compressors. As a prime mover, the motor’s job is to provide enough power to begin the compressor, drive that to high speed, and then keep it running under multiple design conditions.

Typical three induction electric motors are used in most compressor. Premium types with the high-efficiency motor should have been specified over conventional motors for custom-designed air compressors.

The additional expense of a premium and high-efficiency motor that is typically soon recouped through energy savings.


To further understand the conceptual air compressor diagram, consider the image below;

air compressor diagram

PC: brighthubengineering


The air get compressed polytropically when the piston rises (PVn= C). From P1 to P2, overall air pressure rises, and from V1 to V2, its volume falls. From the point T1 to T2, the temperature goes up.


The compressor delivers compressed air towards the air receivers at the specified pressure P2, volumes V2, and the temperature T2.


Air is drawn from of the air by that of each air compressor. P1 is indeed the air pressure. So when pistons are at their highest point, the volume is zero.

As a result, a volume of the air V1 is sucked through into the compressor even as the movement of the piston starts from the top to the bottom. T1 is indeed the air temperature.


A 2-stage air compressor is also known as a belt-driven compressor made up of belts attached to such compressors pump’s motor. The belt rotates whenever the motor is turned on, generating the pump that connects to the 2-stage air compressor.

When operating a motor-driven air compressor, its crankshaft gets mechanically powered by an electric motor of the compressor.

2 Stage Air Compressor Pump- 3hp/ 5hp/ 7.5hp

HP stands for horsepower, or perhaps the volume of work that a motor can do.

When it comes to assessing if the compressor will perform for you, horsepower is less significant than pressure and the flow because new or significantly improved compressors can accomplish more with less horsepower.

3 HP: A 3 hp air compressor requires a 2.3 kW motor, which assuming 98 percent effectiveness, which is improbable. Then there’s the maximum power, which really is normally around.8 for most conventional motors.

That takes the total power need to 3.15 kVA.  For the 3 hp air compressor to get started, you require roughly 19kVA of generation.

However, you only use 3 of such a 19kVA while the compressor is working, which would be 17% of something like the generator’s capacity.

5 HP: 2-stage air compressors with a capacity of 5 hp is powerful and flexible equipment. 5 hp 2-stage air compressors are available in a multitude of classes, CFM outputs, as well as compressor designs to fulfill the needs of practically every project.

Those 5 hp 2-stage air compressors come in a variety of grades, from consumers to the commercial, all using the two stages of air compression to do is provide double the pressure and efficiency.

7HP: A 7.5hp air compressor can be a terrific addition to your workshop or garages, but few people are aware of its existence. It’s a prevalent misperception believing air compressors really are big manufacturing devices.

Indeed, air compressors exist in a variety of sizes, some of which are best suited for different customer use, such as 7.5hp air compressors.

Classification by Capacity

If we classify the 2 stage air compressor, we will find out three capacities, that is, 30-gallon two-stage air compressor, 60 gallons two-stage air compressor, and 80 gallons two-stage air compressor.

30 gallon Two Stage Air Compressor

The 30 gallons 2 stage air compressor seems to be oil-lubricated as well as the two-stage pump that increases longevity while minimizing noise.

Each air compressors are capable of handling a wide range of tasks, including small crafts and upholstery as well as heavy-duty hammering.

For the commercial or contractor, its dual voltages motor permits the machine to run on either 120V or 240V.

60 gallon Two Stage Air Compressor

A 60-gallon air compressor seems to be more cost-effective than other solutions for powering pneumatic machines. Workshops enthusiasts, small construction enterprises, hobbyists, and experienced or professionals will benefit from them.

These devices are capable of doing any type of job task. They can store compressed air for such a long time period due to the cast-iron tank.

80 gallon Two Stage Air Compressor

An 80-gallon air compressor is commonly used in construction work, home remodeling, and by smaller mechanical companies.

In the shop, there’s a stationary as well as a portable 80-gallon compressor—this air compressor is primarily designed to provide maximum industrial performance.

With a revolutionary two-stage pump design, they’ve enhanced compression efficiency. It operates at a lower temperature for a longer period of time.

A revolutionary cast iron flywheel with huge, expanded fins improves pump cooling and lowers RPMs is also included.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying the Best 2 Stage Air Compressor For Money

Don’t jump on a product without checking out the vital factors. To purchase the best 2 stage air compressor for the money, a buyer has to keep a few factors. Let’s know those in detail.


While working with an air compressor, you must check the material of the machine because the material affects durability and performance.

You’ll find many air compressors made of steel or other materials. The best one to choose is cast iron for its longevity.


A double-stage air compressor comes with many potentials. The purpose of buying a 2 stage air compressor must be a legit one to use all its features. Seeing variation in features and outlook, you might opt to buy one but wait!

Ask yourself if you need a high-end air compressor. Otherwise, it will be a total waste of money. If you need a compressor to inflate a tire, you will not need to purchase a professional one.

Performance Ratings

Take a closer look at the performance ratings of the air compressor while choosing one from many options. These factors are the indicator of how efficient the product is.

Also, it’ll ensure how much time it will consume to meet the required pressure in the storage tank. The ability to generate power is another vital factor in understanding while buying a compressor.

The performance ratings are-

  • Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)
  • Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)
  • Horse Power (HP

Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)

Mostly 90 PSI is the least pressure for an air tool to function. Pound per square refers to the internal force that comes out.

The buyer has to focus on the exact CFM on which the PSI reaches 90.

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFI)

This describes the air volume passing through the compressor at a certain time. We recommend having a higher CFM compressor to buy because of the intensity and power of the machine.

Buy a compressor with a higher CFI than your project requires. Someday, you might have another project to work on with high CFI. In that case, you can use your air compressor and finish the project at ease.

Horsepower (HP)

Horsepower is the ability of a motor to drive its compressor pump. Since it is related to CFM, check this rating when you select an air compressor


The 2 stage air compressors are expensive. If you ask for the price range, it’ll go up to $4000.

After setting up your purpose and requirements, look around to choose the best option within your budget. Don’t limit yourself to a cheap air compressor; it won’t last long.

Noise Level

Working in a noisy environment is tough. It takes all of your energy and causes disturbance. But the dual-stage compressors are noisy by nature for their heavy-duty design.

Decibel (Db) higher than 60 to 80 is recommendable because this range is comfortable for ears to bear. Each increased decibel number means the machine will provide double as much sound.

Choose the quietest 2 stage air compressor to enjoy a discontinued work experience. Otherwise, you might feel bothered by the noise and give breaks while working on distressing yourself.

Industrial Purposes

For industrial purposes, the users need to purchase a compressor that will work in abrasive conditions. Know the materials of the product because your machine has to be strong enough.

Then, look at the safety concerns of the product. Having a magnetic starter feature is a plus. Also, check if the compressor has a belt guard system or not to prevent accidents.

Troubleshooting of 2 Stage Air Compressor

While working with 2 stage air compressor, you might face some issues. We are mentioning the common problems with the solution and reason below. Read this table to avoid these troubles.

2 stage air compressor problem    Unavailable power sourceReset the motor and use it again
2 stage air compressor not building pressure    Debris in filterClean the filter to eliminate debris
Belt problem    Alignment problemRearrange the pulley

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a 1 stage and 2 stage air compressor?

The primary difference is the 2 stage air compressor has double the force of air pressure than 1 stage compressor. This is the fundamental distinction and the number is the count of how many times the machine compresses the air.

What is the advantage of a 2 stage compressor?

The 2 stage compressor is enough to meet 80% demand of household cooling. By producing more heat and productivity, it saves time for the consumers to complete a project efficiently.

Is 2 stage air conditioner worth it?

If you have the ability to purchase a high-end conditioner, you should go for a 2 stage air conditioner. A 2 stage conditioner uses more energy, and the electric bill is higher than 1 stage one.

Final Words

Among thousands of 2 stage air compressors, it is tough to pick the best one. Thinking about all the daily hassles a person takes every day, we wanted to help you out by reviewing the best 2 stage air compressor for the money.

If you’re a beginner, we suggest youKobalt 60-gallon 2 stage air compressor. And don’t skip the buying guide section because you will know which factors to check before buying.

Have a good day with air tools!

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