10 best Universal Coolant expansion Tank

The universal coolant expansion tank keeps the engine operating at the right temperature as it is partially filled with air which provides the cushioning effect. The air prevents the system from becoming over-pressurized due to coolant expansion from heat. The mechanic can inspect the cooling system by checking the expansion tank drop, thus fixing any leaks in the pipework and engine basket. These are the ten best universal coolant expansion tanks in 2022.

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Types of Coolant Expansion Tank

Hot rod Coolant overflow tank

The hot radiator has a universal fit and can hold about 20fl.oz with a 1.60’’ cap diameter and a 2.00’’ overall diameter. Its overall height is about 13.’’. The overflow tank stores the excess coolant released by the radiator due to pressure build-up from the heat.

Small Coolant Overflow Tank

The small coolant overflow tanks control and manage excess coolant and antifreeze. The small coolant overflow tanks are made of high-quality materials and assembly to offer high performance at an affordable price. The small coolant overflow tank improves coolant circulation and improves the look under the hood.

Universal Aluminum Coolant Overflow Tank

The universal aluminum coolant overflow tank works for many applications and cars like Corolla, Scion, W.R.X., Civic, and Subaru. The tank is about 3’’ (O.D.) x 6.5(L); this intercooler may require relocating the stock reservoir tank; thus, it is a great option for replacing the worn-out coolant expansion tank.

10 Best Universal Coolant Expansion Tank Reviewed 2022

9.7/10 Our Score
  • .100in Aluminum Fabrication
  • Tig Welded
  • Billet Aluminum Machined Radiator Neck
  • Built in Mounting Bracket
  • Recommended Accessories: Canton Part Numbers 81-016, 81-030, 81-116, 81-216

This universal coolant expansion tank is made of 0.100 in aluminum fabrication, is Tag-welded, and has a billet aluminum machined radiator neck with a built-in mounting bracket. Moreover, the coolant tank has recommended additional accessories, making it easy to cool the engine.

The coolant expansion tank, about 1.25 Quart, is size 5-1/2’’ tall, 4-1/2’’ wide, and 3’’ deep. The Canton expansion tank has a barbed overflow fitting and accepts the standard radiator caps.

Canton universal coolant tanks are made in the U.S., with strict manufacturing guidelines, thus long-lasting. The manufacturer also makes car parts, and you can request the warranty from the ire website as they have efficient customer care support.

  • The tank is made of aluminum which withstands high temperatures
  • The company has an efficient customer care service
  • The product is covered with a reasonable warranty
  • It is durable
  • You can get additional accessories when you buy the coolant expansion tank
  • The product might be pricey, but it is worthy
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Simple design and easy installations
  • Universal fitment, suitable to most vehicles.
  • Made of high quality aluminium and TIG welded.
  • Level indicator for easy reading of fluid level.Magnetic Drain plug at the bottom for easy draining and cleaning
  • Precision CNC Billet Aluminium Cap (Non breather type)

The coolant expansion tank has a universal fit and is suitable for most vehicles; it is made with high-quality aluminum and T.I.G. welding, which ensures the coolant does not overflow from the tank.

Its design is simple, and you can install it into your car without hiring a mechanic; moreover, the coolant expansion tank is easy to clean due to the magnetic drain plug at the bottom of the tank. This tank has a level indicator, making it easy to read the fluid level.

Its switchable level indicator can sit on the right or left side of the can, and the inlet and outlet are located on the bottom and top of either the right or left side. The flexible stings make the coolant expansion tank suitable for different applications.

Pros and Cons of the Alloy Water Coolant

  • It has a simple design and easy installation
  • Universal fit
  • It is made of high-quality aluminum
  • The level indicator makes reading easier
  • The C.N.C. Billet Aluminum cap offers high precision
  • The electric plugs might not work internationally as the voltage and outlets differ globally.
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Built with .100in thick aluminum
  • Size: 8in Tall, 5in Wide, 4in Deep
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended Accessories: Canton Part Number 81-016, 81-030, 81-116

The universal coolant tank is 2 Quart, 8’’ tall, 5’’ wide, and 4’’ deep; the side port is 3/8’’ N.P.T while the bottom part is ½’’ N.P.T. The Canton expansion is built with 0.100 thick aluminum and has a billet neck with barbed overflow fitting.

The Canton coolant expansion tank is made in the U.S. weighs 2.3 pounds, and is about 17.5 x 10 x 4.25 inches. It has a few recommended accessories which improve the cooling system.

You should check the compatibility of the adapter or converter, especially if you live out of the U.S. Since it is made in the U.S., it is designed to work well in the country; the electric outlets and voltage may differ globally, and you should be careful handling the coolant tank.

  • It is made of aluminum which is heat and trauma resistant
  • It holds 2 Quarts
  • You can buy additional accessories which improve its performance
  • It is made in the U.S.
  • It holds enough coolant, which cools the engine
  • It might be a bit expensive
9.5/10 Our Score
  • ▲2.5L Coolant Overflow Tank feature:Color: Silver; Material: 6061 aluminum alloy, anodized polished and durable for enhanced strength.
  • ▲When the coolant pressure in the radiator exceeds the pressure cap setting, the coolant is sealed through the pressure cap and flows through the overflow tube into the radiator coolant overflow tank.
  • ▲Great for containing overflow coolant/water from radiator.Also suitable for windscreen washer liquid or intercooler water spray container.
  • ▲Includes: 1 Piece Water Coolant Expansion Tank and 3 Pieces Screws
  • ▲After-Sales Service: We are a professional team,If you have any questions about our coolant overflow tank,please feel free to contact us,we are very so honored to serve for you,and we will answer your doubts in the first time.No need to worry about it.

The coolant tank can hold about 2.5 liters of coolant overflow; its color is silver and is made of aluminum alloy, anodized and polished for durability. It seals in the coolant with the efficient cap setting.

The tank is great for holding overflow coolant and can act as a windscreen washer liquid spray container. It includes one water coolant expansion tank and three screw pieces.

The company manufactures high-quality coolants which are easy to install into your car. You can rely on the multiple adapter heads for effective cooling.

  • It holds 2.5 liters of overflown coolant
  • It is made of durable aluminum
  • It can act as a water spray container
  • The company offers after-sell services
  • Seals the coolant within the tank
  • It might be expensive
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Direct replacement – this engine coolant reservoir matches the fit and function of the original part
  • Ideal solution – engineered for a seamless installation
  • Durable construction – manufactured from quality materials to withstand underhood heat and vibration
  • Trustworthy design – backed by 100 years of automotive aftermarket experience
  • Ensure fit – to make sure this part fits your exact vehicle, input your make, model and trim level into the Amazon Garage

The Dorman engine coolant reservoir is vehicle specific, and its exterior is machined. The coolant tank dimensions are 14.5x 9.1x 9.1 inches, and it weighs about 1.62 pounds.

It offers direct replacement, and the engine coolant matches the fit and duction of the original part, and you would not need a professional to install it into your car. It is an idle solution for seamless installation.

It offers durable construction as it is manufactured from a high-quality material that withstands high heat. The design is trustworthy, backed by 100 years of automotive market innovation.

  • It has a durable construction
  • Offers direct replacement
  • It has a trustworthy design
  • Ensures the parts fit well together
  • It is made of durable aluminum
  • It is vehicle specific
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Level indicator for easy reading of fluid level. Switchable inlet/outlet and level indicator can be placed either on the right or left hand side of the overflow can. Magnetic Drain plug at the bottom for easy draining and cleaning.
  • Tight closed cap, fully TIG welded and thread come with O-ring gasket, let coolant reservoir can keep a good closed environment and prevent coolant leakage.
  • Coolant overflow tank is basically a remote reservoir for the radiator. When the coolant pressure in the radiator exceeds the pressure cap setting, the coolant is sealed through the pressure cap and flows through the overflow tube into the radiator coolant overflow tank.
  • Universal coolant reservoir tank, fit for mostly of vehicles. Two 12mm (0.48inch) barbed hose connector, two plugs and liquid level indicator are pre-installed on the product, which can be used directly. It is high recommended use Tetflon tape when install, it can enhance airtightness prevent interface leakage. And please confirm that there is enough space in the vehicle to install the aluminum expansion tank. (Note: Package not included Tetflon tape)
  • EVIL ENERGY provides coolant overflow bottle have 3-month warranty. We value your shopping experience and strive to offer a high-quality product and service.

The coolant expansion tank has a level indicator which makes it possible to read the fluid level effectively; the switchable outlets make it easy to clean the mess. The tank has an air-tight cap which prevents coolant leakages

The coolant overflow take is a remote reservoir for the radiator when the coolant expands from high heat, and this reservoir fits almost all vehicles and has a barbed hose connector

Evil Energy provides a three-month warranty as they value their customers and strive to provide the best services which meet their needs. Thus you will find the needed support through their website and customer care service

  • It fits all vehicles
  • Has a level indicator
  • It has a tight cap
  • It acts as a coolant reservoir
  • It has the best customer care support
  • It might not be very durable and has a short warranty period
9.5/10 Our Score
  • 【Vehicle Fitment】Compatible with BMW (E46 Sseries) 320i 2001-2005 2.2L, 323Ci 2000 2.5L, 323i 1999-2000 2.5L, 325Ci 2001-2006 2.5L, 325i/325xi 2001-2005 2.5L, 328Ci 2000 2.8L, 328i 1999-2000 2.8L, 330Ci 2001-2006 3.0L, 330i/330xi 2001-2005 3.0L, (E83/E53 Series) X3 2004-2010 2.5L/3.0L, X5 2001-2006 3.0L
  • 【Specification】With 1 Coolant Reservoir—(Material: Plastic; Color: Black; Height: 364 mm; Length: 107 mm; Mounting Hole Quantity: 1; Pressurized: Yes), 1PC Level Sensor and 1PC Cap—(Maximum Pressure Rating: 30 PS; Type: Spring Loaded Twist)
  • 【Buy with Confidence】OE replacement Coolant Expansion Tanks, easy to install. If the product has any quality problem, such as damage or is not suitable for your car, please contact us at any time, and we will give you a satisfactory answer.
  • 【Function】Using safe and high quality plastic materials can withstand excessive heat and vibration. Helping to reduce oil dilution, cylinder bore wear, fuel consumption, exhaust emission, and improving efficiency of the heating system.
  • 【Reference Number】(Make sure this part fits your vehicle exactly) OEM Part Number: 17137787039, 17111436413, 17117573781, 17132247553,EPK0018, EPT0018, FRT1901C, S49002, 603-535

The reservoir tank is compatible with many vehicles, and you will easily fit it in your car without hiring a mechanic. The package contains one coolant reservoir made from plastic and has a level sensor and a P.C. cap.

You can buy the coolant overflow reservoir tank with confidence and install it easily into your car. The company will replace the broken coolant parts within the warranty period.

The coolant tank is safe as it is made of high-quality plastic parts which withstand high temperatures and overuse. It reduces oil dilution, cylinder bore wear, fuel consumption, and exhaust emission.

  • It fits all vehicles
  • You can buy with confidence as the company is trustworthy
  • It is made of high-quality plastic which withstands high temperature
  • Prevents oil dilution
  • It is easy to fit it in your car
  • It has a short warranty period
9.6/10 Our Score
  • ✅Fits on 2008 – 2017 Peterbilt trucks
  • ✅Brand New Radiator Overflow Bottle Includes Cap Replaces dealer part number: N5346001 Plastic construction
  • ✅Direct replacement Built to strict quality control standards
  • ✅Fits models with Cummins or CAT engines only
  • ✅Models: 335, 337, 340, 348, 349, 352, 353, 357, 359, 362, 365, 367, 372, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 384, 385, 386, 387, 388, 389

The tank fits on the 2008-2017 Peterbilt trucks. You may need to check your vehicle type before buying it; the radiator includes cap replacement dealer parts that contribute to better management of the coolant overflow.

It offers direct replacement, and you would not need to hire a mechanic to fit the coolant tank into your car. Thus it is suitable for people who love D.I.Y. car projects. You should check with the manufacturer to ensure it will fit your car model.

You may need to check if the adapter and converter work well in your location as it is made in the U.S. thus would work well within the country. You may need to account for the outlets and voltage difference when operating the reservoir bottleneck

  • It is made of durable plastic
  • It offers a direct replacement
  • It fits C.A.T. engines
  • It is durable
  • It prevents coolant overflow effectively
  • It only fits specific car models
9.5/10 Our Score
  • YHTAUTO Affordable and Prime Engine Coolant Overflow Reservoir Expansion Tank is Precisely Manufactured with High Quality Plastic, Designed to Hold the Overflowing Cooling Agent, Keep the Engine Operating at a Normal Temperature.
  • Replacement for Land Rover LR3 2005-2009 V6 4.0L/V8 4.4L, LR4 2014-2016 V6 3.0L, 2010-2013 V8 5.0L—L319 Series
  • Replacement for Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2006-2009 V8 4.2L, 2006-2009 V8 4.4L, 2010-2013 V8 5.0L—L320 Series
  • Note: Product Comes with Sensor, Without Cap; Location: Front; Material: Plastic; Color: White
  • Reference Number: LR020367, EPK0127, PCD500030, PCF500011, PCF500013, PCF500014, PCF500015, PCF500090, PCF500110, 603-759, 603759

This is an affordable and durable prime engine coolant that stores overflow coolant; it is precisely manufactured and designed to hold the cooling agent allowing the engine to operate optimally

The replacement works for specific Land Rover Series, and you may need to check if the coolant tank is compatible with your car before you start the D.I.Y. replacement projects. You can easily find this information on their website or contact customer care service.

The reservoir tank comes with a sensor and a cap and is suitable for the front side of the vehicle. It is made of white plastic, which withstands high heat and keeps the coolant functional.

  • It is made of durable plastic
  • Keeps the overflow coolant, ensuring the engine functions well
  • It is highly affordable
  • It is suitable for land cruisers
  • It has a sensor
  • It fits specific car models
9.3/10 Our Score
  • When the coolant pressure in the radiator exceeds the pressure cap setting, the coolant is sealed through the pressure cap and flows through the overflow tube into the radiator coolant overflow tank.
  • Magnetic Drain plug at the bottom for easy draining and cleaning.Switchable inlet/outlet and level indicator can be placed either on the right or left hand side of the can.Level indicator,easy to read level (toggle level indicator)
  • Prevent Coolant Leakage: Tight closed cap, Fully Tig Welded and Thread Come with O-ring Gasket, Keep a good closed environment and Prevent coolant leakage.
  • Expansion tank made of 6061 aluminum for enhanced strength, anodized polished and durable, better than plastic material.Teflon tape Enhanced airtight Prevent interface leakage Gift of a roll of Teflon tape
  • SPEEDWOW provide overflow catch tank have 5-month warranty.We value your shopping experience and strive to offer a high-quality product and service.

The Speedwow coolant radiator tank has a magnetic drain plug at the bottom to ease the draining and cleaning of the tank. The switchable inlet and outlet works well on the right and left side making the tank ideal for different applications

It prevents coolant leakage due to the tightly closed cap, and fully T.I.G. welded gasket. The company provides a five-month warranty on the coolant expansion tank, and you can contact them whenever you want if your tank develops any issues

It is made of highly durable aluminum, enhancing its strength; the anodized polished and durable plastic enhances air-tightness and avoids coolant spillage. Speedwow provides a five-month warranty on their coolant expansion tank

  • It seals the coolant with the pressure cap
  • It has a magnetic drain plug
  • Prevents coolant leakage
  • It is made of durable aluminum
  • It has a sensor
  • It has a short warranty period

Top Universal Coolant Expansion Tank Brands

Dorman Universal Coolant Expansion Tank Brand

Dorman manufactures radiators, coolers, engine coolant reservoirs, and other related components. The company manufactures a durable aluminum radiator coolant overflow tank that holds the excess coolant. It manufacturers the engine coolant reservoir from premium plastic, which can withstand the heat and stresses from the engine vibration.

· Evil energy Universal Coolant Expansion Tank Brand

the evil energy coolant expansion tank brand has an easy-to-read level indicator with a switchable inlet and outlet with a magnetic drain plug for easy cleaning and draining. They have tight caps with a fully T.I.G. welded and thread O-ring gasket, preventing leakages. Their universal coolant expansion tanks fit almost all cars and have three-month warranties.

· Speedwow Universal Coolant Expansion Tank Brand

The Speedwow coolant expansion tank prevents leakage of the coolant as they have a tight-closed cap with fully welded and threaded gaskets. The tanks seal the coolant in the tank using pressure caps, and the bottom part has a magnetic drain plug which makes cleaning easy.

· Radium Engineering Universal Coolant Expansion Tank Brand

The Radium coolant expansion tank brand offers proper air bleeding by utilizing the low mount radiator. The radiator will be valuable when integrated with the common setup as it allows for heat expansion and works well with the traditional cooling system. The coolant allows the radiator tanks to be filled with the coolant.

· Blackhorse Universal Coolant Expansion Tank Brand

The Blackhorse coolant expansion tanks are high-quality stainless steel parts with a beautiful finish. It uses universal stainless mounting brackets and bolts, perfect for any classic car or truck.

How to choose a coolant expansion tank

Size & capacity

The size and capacity of the coolant expansion tank matter as it determines the amount of coolant it will hold. More capacity means more fluid; a high capacity coolant tank is important for efficiently cooling down the engine. You should compare the universal coolant tank capacities and choose the brand which offers the adequate capacity to cool the car engine type.


Although you can use price when choosing the coolant expansion tanks, efficient tanks may be quite expensive. Thus, it is better to save money and set aside some budget to purchase a high-end coolant expansion tank. However, since the coolant tank plays an important role in cooling down the engine, you may buy a cheaper coolant to keep the car moving as you plan on buying an expensive and high-end coolant tank.

Material plastic or metal

You may consider the material of the coolant tank; a metallic coolant tank withstands high temperatures and friction. It will serve you for an extended time; however, plastic coolant tank materials are durable. You should choose the coolant tank made of premium plastic which withstands high heat and the engine vibrations.


You should go for universal coolant expansion tank manufacturers who offer longer warranties as they would replace the tanks with any manufacturing flaws. However, the company will inspect the coolant expansion tank for trauma before replacing it; thus, you should care for the tank properly to extend its life.

Placement on vehicle & mounting

You should choose a universal coolant tank whose placement and mounting fit different vehicles. You may need to use the coolant on different vehicles, and it would be better to buy one which will fit all the vehicles.

Accessories included or not

Coolant expansion tanks that come with accessories are ideal for making your work easy. The added accessories make it easy to care for your car and improve the overall cooling system.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What are the drawbacks of using a universal coolant expansion tank?

The plastic coolant tanks may disintegrate with time leading to pollution.

What are the benefits of using a universal coolant expansion tank?

The universal coolant tank prevents the coolant by avoiding spillage, thus ensuring the engine stays cool.

Is it better to use a universal coolant expansion tank or other types?

A universal coolant tank might be better than any tank type as it prevents coolant spillage and works for different vehicles.

Which type of universal coolant expansion tank should I buy, and why?

You should buy an effective overflow tank suitable for your car as it holds the excess coolant, which flows as the coolant expands due to heat.

Is universal coolant good for all cars?

Yes, a Universal coolant tank is good for all cars which support the tank.


Financing the right universal coolant expansion tank is challenging. Different coolant tanks fit different cars, and you should know the tank that fits your car before replacing the worn-out tank. Good luck finding a coolant expansion tank that meets your needs.

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