Best Water Separator For Air Compressor

Best Water Separator For Air Compressor (Inline) Review 2021

We prepare and draft this article to tell you more about the best water separator for air compressor that money can purchase at the moment. To be realized, the right kinds of air tools have to be employed for the job. There are many such air tools in vogue at the moment. Of these, the water separators stand out.

In the course of making use of the air tools, they are naturally bound to accrue some water damages and wetness. This may pose untold damages and interruptions to the smooth and proper functioning of the machines altogether. The water droplets have to be eliminated at all costs.

ImageProduct TitleFeaturesPrice
AFR-2000 1/4 Air Compressor Filter Water Separator Trap Tools Kit Regulator Gauge AFR-2000 1/4 Air Compressor Filter Water Separator Trap Tools Kit Regulator Gauge
  • Outlet Port Size: 1/4″ BSP Particulate Filtration: 40micron
  • Max Flow Rate: 26CFM (750 L/Min) Max Press: 9.9Kgf/cm²
  • Package Included: 1 x 1/4″ Air Compressor Filter Set
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Le Lematec Air Compressor Filter, Inline Water and Moisture Separator with Drain Valve. 150 PSI Air Dryer. AI303 Le Lematec Air Compressor Filter, Inline Water and Moisture Separator with Drain Valve. 150 PSI Air Dryer. AI303
  • Just push the button to eject oil dirt and water from the filter
  • Compatible with any air compressor and air tool
  •  Heavy duty inline air filter. Made from aluminum and solid brass fittings
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  • 3/4″ Female NPT Air Inlet port X 3/4″ Female NPT Air Outlet port
  • With Internal Float Drain 140 CFM Flow Rate
  • 175 Max Output pressure 175 PSI Max Input pressure
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30Mpa Oil Water Separator High Pressure PCP Hand Pump Air Compressor 4500Psi Air Filter,with 8MM Female and Male Thread (Blue) 30Mpa Oil Water Separator High Pressure PCP Hand Pump Air Compressor 4500Psi Air Filter,with 8MM Female and Male Thread (Blue)
  • M10*1 threads, which makes disassembly and assembly faster and easier
  • Filter oil and sewage vapor and remove odor, and the filtering effect is 99.9%
  • 30MPA/Max 45MPA pressure
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3/8 3/8″ NPT MID FLOW Particulate Filter/Water Trap For Air Compressor Compressed Air Lines, 5u With Poly Bowl And Metal Bowl Guard (MANUAL DRAIN)
  • 150 PSI Max Output. 88 CFM Flow Rate.
  • Water Trap Filter Equipped With 5 Micron Element
  • Remove 95% Of The Initial Moisture And Debris
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What Is An Air Compressor Water Separator?

This is a machine that is used to eliminate all the liquid wastes and dirt from the machines. These include oil vapor, oil, solid particles, vapor, and liquid water. While it eliminates this dirt from your air tools, it also allows the cleaner and filtered air to seep into the air tools. Through this arrangement, greatly facilitates the proper functioning of the machine altogether.

Best Water Separator For Air Compressor – 2021 Reviewed

#1 1/4″ Air Compressor Water Filter Separator Trap Tools Kit With Regulator Gauge

AFR-2000 1-4 Air Compressor Filter Water Separator

To minimize accidents and allow for safer operations, you have to use an air compressor that is equipped with a pressure regulator gauge. This is it! The gauge puts you in firm control of the separation exercise.

Clear dial plate

A clear dial plate exists to aid with taking the necessary readings. It prevents any of the ambiguities that may usually arise when taking the readings to allow for reliable operations.

Adjustable pressure control knob

Next comes the adjustable pressure control knob. You may pull it as you wish so that you may regulate the air pressure as per your unique needs. This in turn enables more accurate operations.

Pressure-regulating filter

Its pressure-regulating filter makes it possible for you to attain precise controls of the delivery of clean and dry air. At the same time, it also reduces the negative effects of pressure imbalances and air pulsations.

  • The item finds wide use and applicability
  • Compact and sturdy enough for tightly packed spaces
  • Made of the durable and tough materials
  • Hardly corrodes or rusts with the use
  • Really safe and secure to handle
  • Its pressure output is somewhat limited

#2 Heavy-Duty Industrial Rated High Flow Particulate Filter


Have some industrial applications in mind? You want to get your hands on this strong-duty machinery. It is packed with loads of essential sections that truly tackle industrial-scale applications with maximum zeal.

Internal float drain

Adorning the interior of the air compressor is an internal float drain. This has the ability to discharge a whopping 140 cubic feet per minute of pressure outlet.

High-pressure ratings

For both input and outlet, you will get maximum operating pressure. They are both rated at 175 pounds per square inch. This figure is pretty high and very effective.

Compressed air line filter

A compressed air line filter also adorns the item. It is pretty thorough at eliminating the solid and liquid particles and other debris from the bodies of the machine on which it is deployed for use.

  • Capable of eliminating all liquid and debris from the machine sections
  • Rated for both high and low-pressure systems
  • Greatly extends the lifespan of your machines and accessories
  • Operates automatically and independently of your input
  • Cuts down the hassles and the efforts you may have to key in
  • One has to be a real expert to use it

#3 3/8″ Mid Flow Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator

3-8 NPT MID FLOW Particulate Filter

To filter out the small particles from the water, you need to similarly tap into a particulate water separator filter of this type. It bears the mid-flow water rating that is chiefly responsible for the realization of that end.

Manual turn drain

A manual drain ranks at the very top of the traits that this separator has to offer. It is situated at the bottom of the metallic bowl and is used to channel out the wastewater.

Visible sight glass

For your easy viewing of the moisture levels, you have visible sight glass for your use. The glass is strategically located in such a way that you may easily behold it when the need to do so arises.

Wall mounting bracket

To aid with your installations, this separator comes with its own mounting bracket. You will fix this on a wall and patch up the separator. As you do so, you will also go through the operations instructions included.

  • Removes moisture, water, and water vapor from surfaces
  • Capable of eliminating 95% of all the debris and dirt
  • Keeps you posted of the progress of the removal exercise
  • Accepts other accessories and like-minded sections
  • Saves greatly on utility expenses
  • Requires constant repairs and maintenance to operationalize

#4 1.1/2″ Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator

1-2 inch Particulate filter

Just if you have a busy schedule, we would ask you to get your hands on this particular best air compressor water separator. It is designed to operate automatically and independently of your own controls. That makes it also less tiring to engage.

½-inch NPT particulate filter

At its core is the ½-inch NPT particulate water separator filter whose role is to remove moisture from the compressed airlines. It does a pretty awesome work thanks to the similarly minute holes it makes use of.

Polycarbonate bowl

A polycarbonate bowl comes in next. It is fixed at the base and plays the role of trapping the residues that may have been left behind at the close of the filtration exercise.

175 PSI operating pressure

It can handle a maximum operating pressure of 1750 PSI. Being high, this pressure level is able of leaving behind some extremely sparkling clean outcomes. These ends also last longer and do not require constant cleaning.

  • Equipped with a semi-automatic drain for expedited use
  • Easier to discharge the moisture contents at will
  • Accepts certain replacement filters to ensure unconstrained use
  • Exists as a low-cost simple option
  • Negates the input of too much effort and attention
  • Possesses some delicate pieces that are prone to premature damages

#5 LE LEMATEC Air Compressor Filter Oil Water Separator

Le Lematec Air Compressor Filter

Just if you want the overall lifespan of your tools to be extended, you need to tap into a multipurpose tool of this type diesel fuel water separator. It has the ability to remove the liquid debris and also lengthen the overall lifespan of your tools.

2.7 oz. metal bowl temperature rating

Standing tall among the many offerings it provides is the 2.7 oz. metal bowl temperature rating. This acts as a reserve for holding the sludge debris as you wait to empty the contents elsewhere.

Heavy-duty moisture trap

Complementing the above is the heavy-duty trap. The trap is rated for the high and the low-pressure systems respectively. It hence greatly facilitates the discharge of the pressure outlets.

Air filter with compressed air

An air filter with compressed air exists to offer adequate security to your piece of equipment from water, oil vapor, dirt, and dust. In doing that, it ensures longevity and guards against premature damages.

  • Equipped with both the female and the male NPT air outlet ports
  • Manages 140 cubic feet per minute flow rate
  • Reaches the exceptionally high 175 PSI operating pressure output
  • Able to filter out the minutest particles
  • Works automatically and independently of your controls
  • Consumes a higher level of utility ratings

#6 THB 1/2″ Heavy Duty Particulate Filter and Moisture Trap

THB Heavy Duty Particulate Filter Moisture Trap

You can never rely on an ordinary water separator for an air compressor to tackle and handle heavy-duty liquids. Such items may very easily be overwhelmed and even rendered malfunction. Instead, put your eyes on this highly specialized piece of equipment.

Heavy-duty moisture trap

A heavy-duty air compressor moisture filter and trap ranks at the very top of its offerings. Its purpose is to trap all the unwanted moisture to leave behind some pure and unadulterated fluids. It bears high and low-pressure ratings.

140 CFM flow rate

The item is by and large competent in discharging fluids at the rate of about 140 cubic feet per min. It also works alongside the auto drain and is hence quite convenient to make do with.

Seamless connectivity

You may pair this gadget along with other like-minded accessories. This stems from its possession of the 1/8-inch male NPT auto drain connection and the ½-inch female NPT air inlet port, respectively.

  • Handles the particulate matter pretty fine
  • Pairs and works alongside many other apparatus
  • Reaches the exceptionally high 175 PSI operating pressure output
  • Reaches a high-pressure rating of 215 pounds per square inch
  • All its parts are heavy-duty and strong enough for long-term use
  • Incapable of filtering out solid particles

#7 Neiko 30252A Water and Oil Separator for Air Line

Neiko 30253A

Of all the compressors we have, this has the widest degree of applicability. It is able of removing oil, water vapor, moisture vapor from surfaces and air particles, liquid particles alike.

Universal 1/4-inch NPT inlet and outlet design

A universal 1/4-inch NPT inlet and outlet design rank tops among its many offerings. The design basically facilitates the connection with other gadgets and the seamless operations thereof.

Excellent housing

An excellent housing comes in next. It comes in the form of brass fittings and rust-proof aluminum housing. These two are strong and durable enough to guarantee prolonged operations.

Easy monitoring

You also have the benefit of easy monitoring if you choose to make use of this compressor. This is largely made possible by the clear polycarbonate housing that lets you peek unhindered.

  • Prevents water and other particles from seeping into the pneumatic tools
  • Extends the overall lifespan of the tool altogether
  • Traps oil particles and water vapor from seeping into the spray guns
  • Provides a cleaner paint job overall
  • Light enough to carry around with ease as need be
  • Care and maintenance are a little bit too strenuous

#8 Creation Core High-pressure PCP Hand Pump Air Filter Water-Oil Separator

Creation Core High Pressure PCP Hand Pump Air Filter

This is the machine to place your eyes on if you have commercial tasks and purposes to tackle. It is equipped with the male and the female quick connect accessory for the high-pressure compressor pumps.

Powerful construction

On the whole, the item boasts of powerful construction. The construction comes in the form of the aviation-grade aluminum alloy that is highly resistant to higher pressure levels.


All the constituent pieces that make the compressor up are threaded for the sake of easier attachments and fittings. Through this arrangement, you may count on the item to stave off fidgeting or leaks.

Seamless compatibility

The item is also overall very compatible with many other types of air compressors. You may hence grab and use it alongside other apparatus that you may have at your office or in your workshop.

  • Gives rise to pure and breathable air outcomes
  • Attains a whopping 90% effects of the water and the oil separation
  • May be utilized over and over again
  • The automated stature negates too much input of human effort
  • Relatively simpler to set up for eventual use
  • Quite bulky to move around with absolute ease

#9 Hromee 1/4 Inch Air Compressor Filter Regulator Combo, fuel Water Separator

Hromee 1-4 Inch Air Compressor Filter

For your professional applications, you want to grasp and make do with this heavily calibrated best inline water separator for air compressors. This Hromee 1/4 inch air compressor filter regulator comprises a pressure gauge that lets you determine and regulate the pace of the outflow as need be.

Adjustable pressure control knob

Through its adjustable pressure control knob, you may conveniently determine the level of the air pressure outlet you so desire. That minimizes wastes while also ensuring that you tackle a great task on the whole.

Transparent filter cup

A transparent filter cup comes in next. You will rely on it to observe the volumes of the oil and the water that you work on. That way, you will prevent the dangers that generally arise when making measurements.

Pressure gauge

Complementing the above is the pressure regulator gauge. Its role is pretty much the same. That is, it studies and displays the air pressure readings as accurately as can be so that you may not make any adverse errors.

  • Filters out the fine particles to give rise to pure air
  • Gives you full control of the pressure levels
  • All the metallic parts are heavily resistant to corrosion
  • May accommodate additional accessories
  • Its scale has two measurements to eliminate ambiguities
  • Potentially confusing to a simple user

#10 FASTTOBUY 30Mpa oil water separator

30Mpa Oil Water Separator

Set your eyes on this diesel fuel water separator if you want to dive into the deep sea. It is by and large a super large air filter that is able to extract huge volumes of air from the adjacent seawater.

Ultra-large air filter

As noted above, this appliance is super large. It similarly comprises an ultra-large air filter that is able to draw huge volumes of air from the adjacent water. This in fact is what makes it suitable for deep-sea diving.

Alloy aluminum integrated forming

Its housing and casing come in the form of Alloy aluminum integrated materials. These are not only tough but also light in weight. Thus, it helps you to easily transport it to the desired locales of use.

30 mpa safety valve

A safety valve that bears the 30 mpa rating wraps up all that the apparatus has to give. Being tough and resilient, the valve prevents any dangers and accidents that may arise when the pressure outlet is too high.

  • Filters out a whopping 99.9% of the oil and the water
  • Attaches to and works alongside pump and air filter
  • Filters solids, liquids, and odor
  • The housing is thick enough for long time reliability
  • Its 30mpa safety valve exists for added protection from certain dangers
  • Its cost of acquisition is somewhat high

How Does A Water Separator Work?

The water separator comprises the water and oil aerosols removal filter. This traps and catches all impurities and the water before they get to the engine of your air tools. Its top section consists of the paper filter element that traps dirt, while its bottom segment contains dirt in a bowl or holding tank.

It is important to note that there are two main types of water separators. These are the coalescing and the centrifugal respectively. The precise modes of operations depend on the kind of water separator. It is hence important to take note of the specific kind and study it before embarking on using a water separator.

Types Of Water Separators

As noted above, there are two main types of water separators. Here now we expound on them in greater detail:

a) Centrifugal Separators

The centrifugal separators make use of the centrifugal actions to separate the materials of varying phases and densities. These separators may either be rotary or stationary. The former rotate to create some intense forces or pressure that ultimately separate the substances. Its latter counterpart on the other hand works in an unmoved location or position.

b) Coalescing Separators

Next, comes the coalescing type. It similarly uses centrifugal force to separate the substances. The force acts to set apart two otherwise inseparable mixtures like milk and cream or the sludge and oil. Its use leads to purer outcomes that are devoid of any impurities or damages.

Problems Caused By Moisture In Compressed Air System

Below are some of the problems caused by moisture in compressed air systems:

Premature corrosion

Water induces the corrosion of the components, especially those that are made of Iron. You must hence insist on non-ferrous materials like Aluminum and stainless steel.

Damages to the pneumatic control systems

When the water seeps into the pneumatic control systems, it inevitably poses some damages to the systems. This may slow down and compromise the smooth movements of the bodies thereof.

Improper working and operations

With compromised components comes the undesirable finish result of improper working and operations of the machine overall. You will need to expend too much effort and manpower to have your way.

Reduced pressure levels

Water droplets do reduce the pressure levels considerably. Its filter regulator impedes the smooth flow of the compressed air and the finish results that the same is required to manage.

Excess bulk

Excess water of course makes the compressor to be heavier and bulkier to move about easily. You really have to expend excess effort to have your way in this.

How To Acquire The Best Water Separator For Air Compressor

There are many manufacturers and models available on the market today. To know which model would work best for your needs, you should consider a few factors before making your purchase.

The following section offers an overview of some important considerations for anyone looking for an air compressor:


You have to it that the size of the apparatus you are up to is large enough to accommodate the volume of impurities you are targeting. That is to negate the need for constant emptying and re-filling if need be.

Metal and Polycarbonate bowl quality

The quality of the metal and polycarbonate bowl should come in next. A quick release bowl for the job has to be large enough to accommodate the sludge that is left behind after a filtration exercise.

Drain system

How the wastewater and the sludge are ultimately drained should also be a matter of concern to you. Great drainage for the job has to be effective in the sense of channeling the debris without too much ado.

Automatic drain system: Air compressor water separator with drain system (automatic) is the most advanced type of model. This type allows you to walk away and know that liquids are being stored properly.

This type of water separator for an air compressor is usually more expensive, but they also have a larger storage capacity and provide the best performance overall.

Semi automatic drain system: A semi automatic drain is also an excellent choice. This sort of semi auto drain system in a water separator for an air compressor might be more affordable and will not require you to manually empty the liquid.

Manual drain system: This drain system usually has a smaller air tank than a semi auto drain system that is meant to catch the liquid after it is separated from the air. Manual drains can be useful if you do not have a lot of liquid that needs to be stored.

Quarter turn drain: A quarter turn drain allows one to empty the liquid that has been accumulated in a water separator. This water separator for air compressor is usually very easy to use and will not take up too much of your time.

Build quality

You must also factor in the quality of the materials that make the item up. A great item has to be made of stronger and enduring materials. Those materials must also be resistant to corrosion and premature damages.


Of course, you must also be mindful of the controls and the operations of the machine at hand. The knobs of the machine in particular have to be responsive and easier to comprehend by you, the user.

Types of filters

There are many kinds of filters that may be fixed on these tools. You have to find and match the right water separator filter with the right machine. That may require that you shop for the items and make appropriate comparisons.

Flow rate

This refers to the rate at which the machines exude the water outlet. A great machine has not only to be able to eject the water outlet at a comfortable pace, but also give you the power to regulate the flow as per your will.

Operating pressure and load capacity

“Operating pressure” is the pressure at which the item discharges the folds whereas the “load capacity” is the sum total load that the machine may accommodate during its periods of operations.

Ambient temperature

This is the external temperature of the area in which the item is set for use. Needless to say, the item has to be able to fit and work there seamlessly.

Push button drain valve

Drain valves are designed to regulate the flow of liquid from a sealed system. This drain valve is important for keeping your air compressor from leaking or blowing up due to pressure buildup.

In addition, this drain valve on your water separator will make it easy to empty this storage container when needed. When shopping a water separator for air compressor, make sure that the one you are looking at includes push button drain valve feature.

Air inlet

Air inlet is a type of opening that allows outside air to enter an appliance such as an air compressor. Air compressors typically have multiple types of air inlets, which can include a high-volume air inlet for fast starts and an auxiliary air inlet for continuous operation. They can also include a drain valve, which helps regulate the flow of liquid from sealed systems.

Filter element

The filter element is usually installed in a strategic position so that the air that is being pumped into a system is clean and free from any contaminants.

Micron filter element can also be used to remove contaminants such as oil, metal shavings, water droplets or other debris that enter the system. Some of the other filters are usually more porous than others depending on what they need to filter regularly out of the atmosphere.

Extra features

Some models come with an LCD screen display so you can monitor levels and levels of moisture. There are also models that supply a small amount of protection from sparks that might occur due to the heat being produced by your air compressor, which could lead to dangerous explosions.


Durability is one of the features to keep in mind when purchasing a water separator. Some models are more durable than others and will last longer, which is an important feature to consider if you need your water separator for air compressor to last a long time.

Usage frequency of air compressor

The frequency of air compressor usage is one factor that should be taken into account before purchasing. The more often the air compressor is used, the more frequently this accessory will need to be replaced given that it is a consumable part.

If you’re not sure if your procrastination is caused by a rational or irrational belief, keep working on changing your behaviors to see if there are any changes in your procrastination. Keep trying different things until you find something that works.

Brand recognition

In order to get the best quality product, it is always best to buy from a brand that has a good reputation and will provide excellent customer service. This can be in handy when there is something wrong with your product and you need some variety of help.

Easy to clean

You can also shop a water separator that is easy to clean and replace, which will help extend the lifetime of your unit as well. This allows you to remove grime and other buildup so that it does not affect the performance of your water separator.


The price of your water separator can vary depending on the quality that you are looking for. The more expensive models typically have higher capacity and efficiency rates, which could be what you need if you have a lot of moisture in your area.

Why Should You Use a Water Separator for Your Air Compressor?

Air compressors need to be cooled down, or they will produce a lot of heat that could potentially damage other components. Air compressors are typically cooled by a liquid that is pumped through the compressor. If water gets into the air compressor, it can cause a lot of issues.

The use of a water separator would allow any water in the system to be removed before it can cause damage and keep coolant levels from being lowered and potentially causing some sort of accident.

Compressed air systems are designed to provide a safe and reliable air supply for processes that require it. These systems typically use either oil-less or oil-lubricated rotary vane compressors to produce the desired air pressure level in your air tank.

In addition, many compressor manufacturers choose to incorporate a water separator in their design so that moisture vapor does not enter the system and cause trouble down the air compressor lines.

How To Use an Air Compressor Water Separator?

When it comes to using air compressor water separators, the process is fairly simple. Here are the steps that you can follow when attaching a water separator for air compressor to your air compressor.

1. Check the manual that comes with your water separator for air compressor for the correct size of the hole to drill in order to install it. Most models will require a 1/4-inch or 3/8 inch hole, so make sure you take measurements before drilling anything.

2. Clean off all of the metal around where you’re going to drill for a constant air supply of air. This will ensure that there are no contaminants in the hole, which could affect the performance of your water separator.

3. Attach the air compressor water separator for air compressor with a small amount of Teflon tape and then tighten everything down securely. The threads on your model should be coated with Teflon tape, and if they’re not, you can buy a roll of Teflon tape at most hardware stores.

4. Keep the drain valve open when you first start up your air tools, as it may take some time for the air to come out without operating the control valves. Wait until all of the air is drained before closing the drain valve.

5. Flush the system out periodically as water may have accumulated in your air compressor water separators due to the environment that you’re using it in. This should be done once every six months, but if you use your air compressor more often than this, it might need to be flushed sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to clean air compressor water separator?

Follow these steps to clean your air compressor water separator:

  • Switch off the power of your compressor
  • Release the pressurized air
  • Position the collecting bowl to trap and catch the wastewater
  • Spray a hose of water on the affected parts of the appliance
  • Scrub and brush the parts to eliminate the hardened debris
  • Rinse to eliminate the dirt, detergents, and residues

How much CFM do I need air compressor water separator?

The least CFM should be around 1.5 times that which is required of the tool. You have to know the metric and then do the math before proceeding with the task.

Where to Install Water Separator on Air Compressor?

Place it in a strategic place that is close to the water pumps for the purpose of smoother connectivity and the discharge of the water. Needless to say, you have to attach the pipes tightly and test for any leakages before embarking on the use thereof.

Where does the Water in My Compressor Tank Come From?

The pipes from the home’s plumbing system. You have to find a way of attaching this pipe to your compressor tank and then tightening the same firm to allow for the smoother discharge and the flow thereof.

How to Get Rid of Water in Your Compressed Air System

Get rid of the water in your compressed air systems in the following ways:
#1 Open the compressed air system using a screw
#2 Drain out the tank
#3 Use the absorption drying method to suck out any moisture

What Causes Moisture in Compressed Air?

Water vapor that forms part and parcel of the compressed air is primarily responsible for this. The water vapor condenses when the ambient temperature is very cold. This then transforms into water droplets that are ultimately deposited in the water tanks.


Our look into the best water separator for air compressor comes to an end there. We trust now that you have the deep insight you need to appreciate the items better and make great use of them altogether. Just skim the list and then narrow it to your pick appropriately.

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