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How Does An Impact Wrench Work? Learn in 5 Minutes Read

An impact wrench is a power tools that is extensively used to drive in nails and also fasten nuts and bolts. Knowing how does an impact wrench works is definitely a wise thing as it is often used extensively in the home environment. We have prepared this article to do just that.

How Does An Impact Wrench Work?
An impact wrench is a tool that uses stored energy from a hammering action to produce high levels of torque. It works by hammering a rotating anvil, which is connected to a spring-loaded hammer. As the anvil rotates, it compresses the hammer and builds up energy, which is released when the anvil is rotated back, resulting in a sudden and powerful burst of torque.

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How Does An Impact Wrench Work

For it to work, it has to draw its power from electricity or human muscles. Upon receiving the power, the machine converts the same to the torque. Subsequently, it generates sudden and intense twisting motions to the area on which it is deployed for use. This way, it fastens nuts and bolts besides driving in nails.

Different Components Of Impact Wrenches

A typical impact wrench, whether cordless impact wrench or brushless does comprise a myriad of components. Below are some of them:

Front and Rear Rotatory End-plates

Some rotatory end plates occupy the front and the rear of the gadget. These plates are the ones that hold the blades firmly to see to it that they deliver stable operations. Also, they ensure that the rotating cylinder is completely airtight throughout the length of use.

Rotational Wheels

Attached to the gadget are some rotational wheels. As you may have guessed, the wheels convert the compressed air to rotational energy. They are the ones that drive the nails into the materials that they are deployed to. In the same light, they also reduce the possible wastage of energy.

Rotatory Cylinder

At its core is some rotatory cylinder via which the air enters and exits. The entry is channeled through an intake port whereas the exit is through an exhaust port. Attached to the cylinder are the blades and the rotatory wheels. They are activated by the entry of the compressed air.

Rotor Blades

The terms rotor blades are connected to the rotatory wheels by a series of slots that adorn the wheels. They are activated when the compressed air passes in between them. They are the ones that convert the compressed air into kinetic energy. That conversion enables the system to fasten and drive the connectors.


Rounding up the list of the top-notch features of the gadget is the anvil. It is on the anvil that the various torque extension and sized sockets are attached to. The anvil also provides the support necessary for the accomplishment of the various fastening tasks a customer may confront from time to time.

How Does An Impact Wrench Work ? (Step-by-step Processes)

A typical impact wrench goes through some cycles to deliver the necessary ends. Below are the step-by-step procedures that the tool goes through to operate:

# Mode of Operations

For one, most impact wrenches are pneumatic tools, meaning that they derive their power principally from compressed air. This gives them some strength and support that the hydraulic or mechanic tools cannot even rival.

# Engage the power

To operate them, you simply engage the power supply. Upon doing so, the motor is activated to start generating the necessary torque. The torque so generated is further converted into Kinetic energy that eventually powers the blades and the bits. cordless impact wrenches use lithium-ion batteries (20v max) as a source of power. In the automotive industry, you will find plenty of heavy duty models like dewalt, sunnex, neiko, ingersoll rand, etc.

# Apply the torque

Applying these bits on the surfaces concerned leads to fastening and tightening actions. Reversing the directions or polarities, on the other hand, enables the tools to unscrew nuts and bolts rather than drive them in. be careful to use a high torque impact wrench kit.

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How To Adjust Torque on Impact Wrench Kit

How To Adjust Torque on Impact Wrench Kit

With use, you will often have to adjust the high toque impact wrench. This is in response to the severity of the task and toughness of the surface to be impacted. Follow these steps to achieve this awesome end:

# Alter the speed

The first way of adjusting the torque is to alter the speed of rotation of the gadget. Simply look for the speed control dial and engage it accordingly. Lower the speed to reduce the torque and raise it to increase the torque. Do this in line with the severity of the task at your fingertips or in progress.

# Engage the torque control ring

Some models have torque control rings that basically let you do just that. The rings basically allow you to set the amount of torque you might want to deliver per impact. To do this, you will have to look for and engage the numbered dials accordingly.

# Fix in place some attachments

Older versions of the cordless impact wrenches do not have torque control rings. They nonetheless allow you to attach extras and accessories to do the job. Do not hesitate to opt for and leverage this option as it is also a great way forward. Only be certain that the attachments you opt for are compatible with the machine you have in mind.

NB: Regardless of the method you choose, you have to read the manufacturer’s manual extensively. Therein lies the series of instructions you might have to adhere to in order to obtain the best ever outcomes and experiences.

How to Use Impact Wrench

How to Use Impact Wrench

Using a cordless impact wrench or using a square porter cable is just as awesome as getting the right one. Below are some of the steps you have to adhere to in order to receive the most promising outcomes:

# Obtain The Right One

Start by acquiring the right impact wrench. The tool you use has to be relevant to the task at hand. That is the only guarantee that you will enjoy better outcomes not to mention meet the needs of the task precisely. Be mindful of your own expertise as you go about this one too. It could be cordless, porter cable -subject to your need.

# Prep the working area

Move on now to prep the working area. Cordon off the work area and mark it clearly as ‘Work in Progress.’ The purpose of this is to deter the would-be trespassers from sustaining any injuries or interfering with their own work. Put on the right protective gear as well.

# Assign the correct parameters

Before you commence the work, you have to assign the right parameters. These are the unique traits that apply to your work. They include such issues as the torque, speed of operations, inclination and force input. You have to read the specifications of your work before setting it out.

# Pull the Trigger

With everything set, you should now pull the trigger. This engages the power supply that in turn rotates the brushless motor. Apply the bits to the various surfaces concerned and vary the parameters appropriately in the course of working on it. From time to time, pause and check the progress of the work before proceeding.

# Make final touches

Having completed the work, you now have to make some final touches. These could take the forms of sanding the surfaces, smoothing the edges, and adding any other attachments that may be needed. Switch off the machine and store it appropriately away from the reach of children.


We can never emphasize the need to know how to use impact wrenches. These wonderful pieces of equipment are too profitable to be taken lightly. Take your time to read the explanations carefully to know how to do so. What more could you ask of us?

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