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How To Add Remote to Start Your Car: 5 Best Way

It is not in doubt that remote starters are the more convenient options for starting cars. They warm up the engines, activate the interior systems, and allow for seamless operations, to mention but a few! How it sounds if you know how to add a remote start to your car yourself?

It is because of these awesome benefits that you want to retrofit them to your car even if yours was not manufactured with them originally. To be able to do so, you need some appropriate advice to that effect. Read on to find out more about the issue. Remote to Start Your Car:

How To Add Remote to Start Your Car?
Answer: To add a remote to start your car, you will need to purchase a remote starter kit and have it installed by a certified car mechanic.

Different Type Of Remote Starts

There are three main types of remote starters. These are:

Start add-on

They are independent and separate from any keyless remote controls. Generally speaking, they are easier to install, less expensive, and universally compatible with just about any car. It is this kind of start that you want to prioritize as it is more likely to work with just about any other kind of car you might have in mind. Moreover, it is also simple enough to comprehend and hence quite suited to any level of expertise.

Remote start with security systems like alarms 

As the name suggests, this is not your ordinary remote start. It goes beyond merely starting your car to handling a couple of security-related issues as well. That is because it is an all-in-one system. When installed on your car, it replaces the current alarm or keyless system. It is also jam-packed and full of convenience features like a longer range, two-way paging, LCD display, and remote starts.

Smartphone remote start systems 

This one is by far the most convenient and elegant of all the remote starts available. It is by far the latest and greatest when it comes to remote start systems. It basically lets you use your smartphone rather than a key chain remote for opening and closing your car. What’s more? It is also available as a separate standalone remote start system or includes some higher-end car alarms.

How Remote Start Works – Remote to Start Your Car

how remote start worksA typical remote start comprises a set of buttons, a box, and a signal transmission mechanism. The box is attached to the ignition switch and a host of other basic start mechanisms. When the button is pressed, the buttons generate the instructions which are then relayed to the car’s startup mechanisms. Upon receiving the incoming signals, the car converts them into the required outcomes. The relay of signals happens via radio frequency.

How To Add Remote Start To Your Car

Tools and Materials Required 

  • Wires
  • Batteries
  • Screws
  • Computer
  • Internet connectivity

Step I: Initial Check-in Procedure 

Start off by checking the car for any common problems which might impede the process of remote start installation. These include any inherent problems, potential damages, and improper functioning of the car system. You should deal with those issues strategically so as to guarantee favorable outcomes and guarantee your safety during the installation exercise.

Step II: Module Programming 

Module Programming

This is the crux of the entire issue. It is at this stage that you key in the relevant instructions which are unique to the specified vehicle. To do so, you have to access the manufacturer’s manual and find the relevant information from the web address of the auto manufacturer. Being potentially complex, this procedure may require some technical assistance. Do not feel shy to ask for it. You do not want to mess up, do you?

Step III: Wiring the harness 

After keying the necessary code, you now have to wire the harness appropriately. This basically entails fixing the remote starter’s box to the starting mechanism of the car. Simply find space underneath the dashboard and right next to the foot pedals and fix it there. Thereafter, make the appropriate wiring connections, taking care that you do not imperil your life. You might yet again require some technical assistance with this.

Step IV: Module Location and Wire Routing 

You now have to establish a physical location between the module and the box of the remote start. To do this, fix the wires between these two ends. You have to clearly attach the wires to their precise start and end points for smooth operations. Take care not to mix up the wires as this might lead to sparks and possible damage to your cars.

Step V: Final testing and demonstration 

You are now good to go! However, before you do this, you have to check whether everything is alright. Power the box and the remote control. Then, engage the button and see what happens. The car should start. Also, a beep sound has to be produced signaling that the entire system is operational. Needless to say, you might have to repeat the procedures above if you do not find the outcomes stated above. 

Safety Measures

Safety Measures

Put on the necessary protective gears 

You have to put on the necessary protective gear like goggles, gloves, and overalls. These safeguard you from the various dangers and risks that are ordinarily bound to arise. They also ensure that you work with confidence and do a comparatively better job on the whole.

Ground the connecting wires 

It is also vital that you ground the connecting wires. This is to shield you from the attendant dangers of electrical overloads and stabilize the voltage levels. Direct the earth wire colored yellow and green to the ground to do so. It is only then that you should proceed with the installation process.

Ask for help when stuck 

If you are not a trained or experienced mechanic, you have to seek help whenever you are stuck. You do not want to make fundamental errors that might impose some damage to your car or its interior working apparatus. As a matter of fact, you ideally only have to do this task under the direct patronage of the mechanic.


Being a potentially complicated undertaking, attaching the remote start to your car is a task you had better delegate to a competent mechanic. Moreover, the consequences of not doing a good job may often be fatal or extensively disparaging to your car. Having said that, it is imperative to install this feature no matter what. You just cannot afford to disregard, ignore or forfeit its awesome benefits.

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