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Boat Survey Cost-9 Critical Parts Marine Surveyor Always Look

Believe you own a boat & already aware how much does a boat survey cost. In fact, it is a recurring expense that comes periodically. Before the boats can change hands, they need to assess their conditions and values. This procedure is, in fact, mandatory in some jurisdictions before the boats may be resold to third parties. Knowing more about the surveying process is hence a critical thing.

We seek to lay bare the process of the boat surveys. Notably, we shall look into the marine survey cost to let you know the factors that play out and determine the expense thereof. How about you taking the time to read through and gain the inspiration you need?

What is a boat survey?

It is a process of assessing the state of a boat to determine its value and the prevailing conditions. It is a procedure that is mostly carried out by the trained experts in the field of property appraisal and has a lot to say in the final value of the boat.

Why a boat survey is necessary

A boat survey is necessary for these two main reasons:

Determine the Value of the Boat

For one, it determines the value of the boat. It is the one that seeks to know how much the boat would cost in a reasonably competitive market environment. That information is no doubt crucial whenever there is the need to resale the boat to a third party.Apart from these ,survey report is also important to prepare quote for insurance companies to conduct a sea trial to notice whether if any damage exists before buying used boats.

Ascertain the Condition of the Boat

Also, it ascertains the overall condition of the boat. In this regard, it seeks to find out the state of the additional parts and component systems of the boats. While at it, the process also anticipates any type of issues that may require repairs and further attention from you going forward. A pre purchase survey is extremely essential if you intend to buy used boat for work.

What are the boat survey equipment?

Many pieces of equipment may be used to survey the boat. These are but a few of them:

  • Tape Measures – for taking the necessary measurements of the parts of the water boat.
  • Torch – To scan the parts of the boat for further insight.
  • Hammer – Used to try out the strengths of the joints.
  • Screwdrivers – Tests the strengths of the joints and fastens them altogether.

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How to survey a boat

Typically, a boat survey service entails the following steps and procedures:

Visual Inspection

This refers to looking at the parts and components of the boat to ascertain their conditions at any given time. This is a step that is mainly carried out by a well-trained surveyor who has the necessary expertise and experience set for the job.


Measurements also need to be taken to get to know whether the dimensions are alright. If a discrepancy is noted with regards to the dimensions, it could signify a problem that needs to be worked on. As such, appropriate steps and measures may have to be taken to remedy the error.

Tests and Studies

Some tests and studies may also have to be carried out on the parts and components of the boat. These could include the engine, steering mechanisms, and indicator lights. They have to be working well under any circumstance whatsoever. These tests are better performed by an experienced rider or boat mechanic.

What is checked (boat survey checklist)

The typical assesment checklist comprises the examination of the following components:

  • Bow – It is the front part of the boat
  • Port – The left-hand side of the boat
  • Starboard – This is the opposite of the port i.e. the right-hand side of the boat
  • Stern – A part of the boat that exists at its rear
  • Transom – Refers to the stern cross-section of the boat
  • Waterline – The line that demarcates the point that which should never exceed when loading the boat.
  • Propeller – Rotates to generate the forward push that your boat needs to sail through.
  • Cleat – A metallic fitting that holds the tow rope to haul your boat.
  • Gunwale – These are the top edges of the sides of your boat.

How much does a boat survey cost?

How much does a boat survey cost

There is no universal marine survey cost. The actual price of the survey is nonetheless dependent on a couple of factors. On an average, it could be $15-$20 per foot. Here are some other factors & questions that impact the expense:

Boat size

The length of the boat is the single most significant determinant of the actual expense of the assessment. A larger boat costs a lot more generally speaking to survey when measured against the smaller counterparts. That is for the sheer reason of having to expend a lot more effort to do the job.

Materials Used

Also, determining the cost is the material used for the job. If the documents are too sophisticated, the assesment of the boat is naturally bound to be too expensive. The use of cheaper materials, on the other hand, drives down the overall costs of the study altogether.

Mode of Operations

How is the boat operated? Is it manually or digitally operated? A digitally produced boat is on the whole more sophisticated to handle than that which is manually operated. Expect it hence to cost a lot more to survey. The opposite, of course, applies to the manually operated counterpart.

Mechanic Costs

Also, the cost of the mechanic has a role to play insofar as the determination of the actual value is concerned. An expensive mechanic will no doubt pass on the higher cost to the boat owner. It is hence imperative that you negotiate the prices further to settle for that which is affordable.

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How to hire a boat surveyor?

The three steps below will help you in hiring the right boat surveyor:

Find the most suitable surveyor

Kick off the exercise by finding the most suitable surveyor for the job. You may consider accessing the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) and the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) organizations. These two contain a list of the certified good boat surveyors based on the survey types in your area, call in them to help you.

Negotiate the Prices

After narrowing to a list of around five persons, move ahead now to negotiate the prices with them. We have already intimated that the actual cost of the surveyors varies from mechanic to mechanic. Rank them from the least to the most expensive for ease of reference.

Draft the Contract Agreement

Round it up by choosing a specific surveyor and then drafting the contract agreement. It is this agreement that forms the bedrock of your dealings and engagements with him. Both parties have to sign it to make it valid and binding.

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How to become a boat surveyor

Looking to be a vessel Surveyor? The steps highlighted and explained below will get the job done for you:

Obtain the necessary training

It all begins with getting the necessary training. This entails enrolling in the training institution that deals with teaching such knowledge to the masses. You have to see to it that the institution you sub-contract for the job has the expertise and accreditation needed for the job.

Get licensed or certified by the relevant agency

Proceed now to get the appropriate licensure or certification from the relevant agency. The agency in question has to have a government backing and, if possible, have been in existent for quite some time now. You want to possess topnotch expertise, don’t you?

Enroll in the relevant marine association

Conclude the exercise by enrolling in a relevant organization that aims to promote the welfare of the boat surveyors. Two of these stand out. They are the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) and the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS), respectively.


Have we not made every effort possible to acquaint you with the subject? What more could you possibly expect from us? We can now only challenge you to move a step further and implement the provisions you have learned from us. Best of luck in doing that!

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