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The significant contribution that the best anchor lock trolling motor plays in the life and activities of the water vessels, you really have to find and settle for the maximum that money can truly buy.Before Dig down in details,just remember couple of names like Minn kota ulterra,lowrance,Garmin,Motorguide,Rhodan when it comes to talk about spot lock trolling motor.

I took an excursion to the sporting goods store the other day, searching for the best anchor lock trolling motor.

You’ll see which products ranked best in my eyes below.  But while I was there, I found myself mesmerized by all the new features you can get in this device.

Minn Kota 1363707 Riptide Terrova Saltwater Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Digital Maximizer & i-Pilot Link GPS, 55 lbs Thrust, 54
Minn Kota 1363707 Riptide Terrova Saltwater Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Digital Maximizer & i-Pilot Link GPS, 55 lbs Thrust, 54″ Shaft
  • 54″ Shaft, 12v, 55 lbs Thrust
  • i-Pilot Link Integrated GPS Trolling System: i-Pilot Link gives you unprecedented control over your boat by linking your trolling motor to your Humminbird fish finder. Control your trolling motor from Link’s color touch-screen remote or the Humminbird. You can set Spot-Locks, record paths, follow depth contours, automatically navigate to your favorite spots, control speed and steering, and more
  • Spot-Lock with Jog: Spot-Lock will hold you in place with unparalleled GPS accuracy. Available on i-Pilot Link GPS system that is pre-installed, Spot-Lock gives you the power to stay right on top of any productive fishing spot, without touching your trolling motor. With the included heading sensor, you can use Jog to move your Spot-Lock location five feet in any direction. Activate Spot-Lock from the i-Pilot Link remote or Humminbird fish finder.
  • AutoPilot: Automatically navigate your boat in any direction you choose. Just point the head of your trolling motor in the direction you want to travel, activate AutoPilot, and your trolling motor will keep you on that heading automatically, even correcting for wind, waves and current
  • Digital Maximizer: Provides up to 5 times longer run time on a single battery charge. These variable speed trolling motors let you dial in your exact speed, and they deliver only as much power as you need, helping to conserve your battery for a full day of fishing
MotorGuide 941700080 Xi5 Wireless Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor — 54-inch Shaft, 55-Pound Peak Thrust — GPS
MotorGuide 941700080 Xi5 Wireless Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor — 54-inch Shaft, 55-Pound Peak Thrust — GPS
  • Wireless handheld control lets you precisely operate the motor from anywhere on the boat
  • Innovative mount features easy-to-read LED dashboard that lets you quickly check the status of four key functions in any light conditions
  • Pinpoint GPS is the industry’s most accurate GPS, provides 3 times precision control and a tighter hold on your anchor point
  • High-efficiency electronics are fully encapsulated in high-tech coating, making them impervious to water and dust
  • Saltwater motor delivers 55 pounds of peak thrust and has a 54-inch-long composite shaft with a 3-blade Machete III Glass-Filled propeller
  • Versatile 12-volt motor has a maximum draw of 52 amps and is recommended for boat lengths of 14-18 feet
Minn Kota 1368811 Ultrex Freshwater Cable & Electric-steer Bow-Mount Motor with Universal Sonar 2, Digital Maximizer & i-Pilot Link GPS, 80 lbs Thrust, 52
Minn Kota 1368811 Ultrex Freshwater Cable & Electric-steer Bow-Mount Motor with Universal Sonar 2, Digital Maximizer & i-Pilot Link GPS, 80 lbs Thrust, 52″ Shaft
  • 52″ Shaft, 24v, 80 lbs Thrust
  • Universal Sonar 2: Keeps your transducer and wiring completely concealed and protected, running everything through the trolling motor’s shaft, with shielded connectors
  • i-Pilot Link Integrated GPS Trolling System: i-Pilot Link gives you unprecedented control over your boat by linking your trolling motor to your Humminbird fish finder. Control your trolling motor from Link’s color touch-screen remote or the Humminbird. You can set Spot-Locks, record paths, follow depth contours, automatically navigate to your favorite spots, control speed and steering, and more
  • AutoPilot: Automatically navigate your boat in any direction you choose. Just point the head of your trolling motor in the direction you want to travel, activate AutoPilot, and your trolling motor will keep you on that heading automatically, even correcting for wind, waves and current
  • Heel-Toe/CableFoot Pedal: It’s the only foot pedal with Power Steering for all-day comfort and instant responsiveness — plus a button to activate Spot-Lock electronic anchor

The best spot lock trolling motor you can find today is a far cry from what you could find even just a few years ago. Check out my findings below!

An trolling anchor motor is a self-contained electrical unit that incorporates a propeller, electric motor, and a set of controls. This unit is attached to the boat of the angler at the stern or the bow. It is used to propel the water vessel across and along the water trajectory.

We are here to help you accomplish that task. Our reviews and buying guide here below endeavors to play that role.

7 Best Anchor Lock Trolling Motor Review 2021

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova anchor lock trolling motor

Planning to catch a weighty quantity of fish? You need a motor that is similarly strong, powerful, and well able to handle huge catches, like this one. Here is our ipilot trolling motor review:

Its weight-bearing capacity stands at the impressive 55 pounds (ca. 25 kg). That is not to mention a thrust of about 12V.

Lift-assist Design

Unlike most other motors such as motorguide x5 spot lock electric motor, this one does not demand that you expend excessively high level of effort to be able to operate and lift. Instead, it makes use of the lift assist design to do the job. The design makes you attain the end by only lifting a finger.

Push-to-test Battery Meter

Prior to making great use of the item, you will easily test and ascertain whether the battery is indeed equal to the task or not. That is a feat that you will conveniently accomplish by pushing the testing apparatus and obtaining the outcomes you desire.

Premium-grade Alloys

Only some premium-grade alloys have been used to make it up. The alloy materials are stronger and are hence well able to last longer not to mention negating the need to incur too much expense in the attempt to repair and operationalize the same.

Positive Side
  • Bears excessively great weight of 55 pounds (ca. 25 kg)
  • Equipped with the i-pilot link elegant feature
  • Opens the motor without necessarily lifting the finger
  • Does not require stowing as other motors potentially demand
  • Quite effortless to engage and handle
  • It contains the best lock for trolling motor
Negative Side
  • Truly bulky to haul and operate

#2 MotorGuide Wireless Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Love fishing in the saltwater environment? You need a motor that is similarly optimized and appropriately equipped for saltwater environments. Nothing beats let along comes closer to this one. It is greatly resistant to corrosion.

Wireless Handheld Controls

Xi5 Wireless Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Some wireless handheld controls exist as the premier feature and aspect of this trolling motor. These controls give you the leeway to precisely operate the structure from just about anywhere on the boat. All these add to your overall comfort and vitality.

Easy-to-read LED Dashboard

The metrics and the progress of the trolling are both managed and showcased by the easy-to-read LED dashboard. Thanks to the clarity and the vivid visibility of the dashboard, you are certain to get ahead of the game insofar as the monitoring of the progress is concerned.

Precise Compatibility

For all practical purposes, the motor allows for precise compatibility in the sense that it is capable of accepting and interpreting signals from the GPS systems. Thanks to this arrangement, you are also certain to accrue tighter precision controls of the vessel.

Positive Side
  • Emblazoned in a high-tech coating
  • Pretty impervious to water and dust
  • Delivers a whopping 55 pounds (ca. 25 kg) of power and thrust
  • Propelled by a powerful bladed motor
  • Highly versatile and well able to handle many pertinent tasks
Negative Side
  • Demands strenuous handling and operations

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#3 Minn Kota Ultrex Freshwater Bow-Mount Motor

Minn Kota Ultrex i-Pilot Link GPS

For your maximum efficacy and added peace of mind, you need a trolling motor that is able to track the fish and other waterborne species by use of the sonar. We ask you to attempt this one as it possesses and works in tandem with the sonar technology to achieve that end.

GPS-powered Automatic Boat Controls

What makes this motor to stand apart from the rest is the fact that it has the most responsive and intuitive steering mechanisms. These mechanisms are largely brought about by the GPS-powered automatic boat controls. They take the stress away from you, literally.

Spot-Lock Button

A set of button exists at the foot of the pedal. It gives you the leeway to control the boat without necessarily having to touch it with your bare hands. That goes ahead to yield forth the comfort and the maximum peace of mind you need.

I-Pilot Link System

Unlike other boats, this one possesses the legendary i-Pilot Link system that basically gives you firm controls of the system from a remote control or a touchscreen dashboard. Its mere existence does reduce the hassles you might ordinarily have to contend with to have your way.

Positive Side
  • Provides optimal sonar performances
  • Finds and captures fish with a fairer degree of accuracy
  • Negates the need to put in too much effort and attention
  • Uses the GPS system to keep track of the location of use
  • Navigates the rough and murky waters with a fairer degree of accuracy
Negative Side
  • Limited to the freshwater bodies alone

#4 Haswing Black Cayman 12V 55lbs 48 inch (1.22 m) Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor

Haswing Black Cayman 12V 55lbs 48 inch Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor

Next in the list, haswing cayman gps trolling motor review.Of all the motors we have, this is the lightest and the quietest. As such, it may be a great companion for someone who wants to travel from one point to another one at the highest speeds possible. Also, it possesses numerous controls and elegant features.

Quieter Operations

In all, the motor manages quieter operations all the while of engagement. It is hence unlikely to interfere with the affairs of the people who are based around it. You have it for the taking in plying quieter waters that ought not to be disturbed.

Comfortable Range of Operations

With this haswing trolling motor with spot lock, you can manage a comfortable range of operations indeed. This one gets to roughly 164 feet (ca. 50 m) per charge. With wireless operations and remote control, you are also certain to enjoy unparalleled operations all the while.

Cruise Controls

Closing the list of its most venerable features is the cruise controls. You use these to vary the manner in which the item operates on the whole. Then, you also engage the same for your speedy and topnotch operations. Hardly do you lose your balance as you do that.

Positive Side
  • Useful in both fresh and salty water
  • Resists corrosion and other spates of damages
  • Comfortable to carry around as need be
  • Pairs well with numerous kinds of boats
  • Changes the depth faster and securely
Negative Side
  • Breaks apart easily under its own weight

#5 Garmin Force Pro , 80/100#, 57”, 24/36V, Foot Steer

Garmin Force, 80/100#, 57", 24/36V, Foot Steer

The Garmin brand is respected and well reputable within the circles of the trolling motors. Is it not amazing for you also to lay your hands on a product that is manufactured by it? Get this one for a start and recommendation.

Highly-efficient Brushless Motor

A highly efficient brushless motor stands out as the premier part of the item. It this motor that generates the torque that you subsequently used to be able to steer the vessel from one area to another. Thanks to its excellent rating, it uses less energy.

Wireless Foot Pedal

Basically it allows for instant controls and a fairly high degree of responsiveness. The pedals are easier to engage and also gives off the necessary outcomes within a short duration of time.

Handheld Remote Control

Other than the physical handling, this vessel is also operable via a handheld remote control. It extends the range of applicability by reducing the need for direct and physical contacts. Additionally, it makes for the point-and-go gesture steering.

Positive Side
  • Has an extended shaft for further reach and engagement
  • Generates the impressive 57-inch force
  • Pretty efficient by virtue of reducing the energy loss
  • Extremely quiet and less likely to interfere with the occupants
  • Enjoys excellent connectivity all the while of use and navigation
Negative Side
  • Does cost a premium to come by and engage

#6 Minn Kota 1358790 Powerdrive 45_BT, Bluetooth

Minn Kota 1358790 Powerdrive

For your own comfort and added peace of mind while fishing, you need a truly connected gear of this kind That will run years without any problems. It is heavily connected thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity. On the strength of this connectivity, expect it to also save your time and allow for smoother movements.

Indestructible Composite Shaft

Standing out among the awesome parts and components of the vessel is the indestructible composite shaft. As you may have guessed, this one hold in charge of the support and the structure of the motor. It is strong enough not to bend, warp, or corrode & being tested several times.

Powerful Props

A set of powerful props come in next. These help you to cut through just about anything without necessarily draining the batteries. Thanks to this elegant stature, the props also negate the likelihood of hacking and the chopping that other motors have to go through.

Electric Steer Bow-Mount Motors

This motor comes about in the form of the steer bow-mount. By reason of this stature, it is well able to control the steering of the vessel thanks to the use of the electronic motor. Also, the steering mechanism is powered by the GPS system for convenient location of the vessel.

Positive Side
  • Truly reliable and capable in the long run
  • Handles just about anything that the task of fishing brings along
  • Its PowerDrive embodies the big-time technology
  • Enables trusted power and easier operations
  • Features a tough and sleek stature that is truly breathtaking
Negative Side
  • Greatly prone to the risks of signal interferences

#7 ProNav Angler for Minn Kota PowerDrive Trolling Motors

ProNav Angler for Minn Kota PowerDrive Trolling Motors

New to the area you want to impact and travel in? You have to set and use a trolling motor that is able to easily ply the uncharted territories with absolute precision. We invite you to attempt your luck on anglers this one as it has the ability to generate, edit, and traverse routes by use of live maps,even against the wind.

GPS-guided Autopilot System

In a nutshell, the motor is a ‎GPS-guided autopilot system. Thanks to its automated nature, it does not require or demand any severe inputs from you. Instead, it accepts the commands and prompts and then translates the same to the motions and maneuvers.

4 Smart Modes

A set of four smart modes come in next. These modes are operable via the iOS and the Android operating systems through the use of smartphones. They extend the range of the coverage of the motor to make you truly safeguarded.

Satellite Imagery and Lake Maps

Further, elevating the experiences of the use of this system is the ability of the system to make use of live satellite imagery and lake maps. They see to it that all ambiguities are completely eliminated and that the routes are clear.

Positive Side
  • Requires no Chartplotter interface or the fish finder
  • Controls the boats in just a matter of minutes
  • Gives you complete control over the boat
  • Able to generate, modify and follow routes in real-time
  • Anchors your boat firmly thanks to a trolling motor
Negative Side
  • Slightly complicated to an average user

Why GPS Anchor Lock Trolling Motor ?

Many players are presently engaged in the manufacture and distribution of these fishing motors. Regardless of the differences that these motors may exhibit, they share some common characteristics. We highlight and explain them in the proceeding segments of our discussions:

# Precision Speed Controls

These are the portions of the motor that act to vary the speed or the pace of the movement of the water vessel. They are precise in the sense that they are more accurate to engage and endeavor also to maintain the pace of the movements in ways that are pretty reliable.

# GPS Specifications

The specifications are the unique traits that set the motors apart from the others. They include things like the horsepower rating of the motor engine, the amount of fuel it consumes, and the level of the output it manages to give off when fully engaged for the role.

# Different modes in GPS

A typical motor has two main modes. These are the spot lock that resembles the i-Pilot and the circle models that lets you program the vessel in such a way as to encircle a spot fix position over a fixed distance. These two greatly enhance the navigability of the water vessel concerned.

# Route Record / Playback

This is a part of the vessel that basically records and keeps accurate track of the routes you ply. Later on, it plays back these routes for you to be able to maintain your trajectories and movements just fine. You will find this feature pretty awesome when traveling in strange or unfamiliar territories.

# Foot Pedal

A foot pedal is the part of the vessel that is used to stop or accelerate the item altogether. It is located at the base of the steering chamber of the vessel. Thanks to this convenient location, the pedal allows for smoother and unimpeded controls and mitigation of the motions of the vessels.

# Remote Control

Some of these vessels are operable via wireless control. That is to mean that they accept the wireless signals from afar off and translate the same to some prompts. On account of this feature, the vessels are easier to man as they do not really require you to be individually physically present.

# PowerDrive

It is a trait that basically sees it generate the torque needed to propel the structure forward. This trait is what is largely used to describe and designate the performances of the structures overall. A great vessel has to possess a PowerDrive that is truly powerful and reliable.

# Anchor Feature

As you may have already guessed, it is the anchor feature that strengthens the vessel firmly on the depths of the water body on which it is fixed. The typical anchor feature comprises a strong bar of iron or other heavy metals. It lends support and strength to the vessel to stand still.

# Straight Line

A straight line describes the ideal trajectory that the vessel is supposed to move through. It basically describes a path that is devoid of any corners or inclinations from a standard or base reference point. This is often used as the reference point for any travels or subsequent trajectories.

# Battery Meter

Each battery possesses a charge that is slowly and steadily dissipated along a journey. The battery meter exists to showcase the rate and the level at which the charge is dissipated. It, in doing so, lets the user or driver of the vessel know for certain the level of charge and adjust his expectations accordingly.

# Anchor Button

It is the anchor button that serves to activate the anchor. This button negates the need to put in place strong and excessively high muscle power. That is due to the effortless operations that also see it tackle humongous tasks without too much ado and unnecessary hassles.

What Is Spot Lock/GPS/Anchor Lock Feature In Trolling Motor?

This is a mechanism that serves to halt your boat in the precise fishing spot more accurately principally by the use of the GPS anchor. That way, it helps with the matters of retrieval and follow-up at a later date when the same is needed. It comes as a standard feature in most modern boats.

Benifits Of The GPS Anchor Trolling Motor

Below are the fringe benefits of the gps anchor trolling motor:

Powers the Vessels

It powers the vessels by furnishing the torque that the vessel needs to ply the water surfaces from one place to another one. The motors mainly convert the electrical energy that is stored in the batteries to the mechanical or motion outputs that eventually power the vessels.

Fixed the Vessels

The locking feature serves to stop and anchor the vessel firmly at a given spot. That makes the subsequent task of retrieving the same later quite a simplified operation. This stems mainly form the use of the GPS location feature.

Aids in Identification and Tracing

Also stemming from the extensive use of the GPS anchor lock, this appliance also goes a long way in identifying and tracking the vessel from afar off. As such, it also aids in matters of search and rescue. You badly want to implement the same in your boat.

Types Of Trolling Motors

There are three main kinds of trolling motors in vogue today. These are the engine mount, transom, and bow motors respectively. We offer more explanations to them below:

Engine Mount Motors

These mounts serve to generate the thrust you need to steer and propel your boat forward. It is mounted directly on the engine. To set and control the thrust settings, you engage a wired remote. This makes for more convenient handling and steering.

Transom Mounts

The transom mounts are mainly deployed on the smaller boats. They are generally easier to set up and engage than the other two. Apart from being smother to operationalize, they are also one of the cheapest spot lock trolling motor to come by. Many people who are barely getting started on these items choose them as the starting point.

Bow Mounts

Bow mounts are by far the most popular for the serious fishermen as they fit the medium to large boats. They have the ability to generate a significantly higher level of torque than the other two that we have talked about already. In most cases, this mount is mainly applicable to larger fishing vessels.

Buying Guide: How To Find The Best GPS Anchor Trolling Motor

To find the right appliance of this kind for yourself , you have to care for these factors:

Motor Thrust

This refers to the amount of thrust that the motor is able to generate. A great appliance has to be able to yield forth the highest level of torque imaginable. That is for the sheer purpose of steering and wading through the murkiest and most difficult waters possible.

Power Rating

Each motor consumes a given amount of electrical energy input while at the same time give forth a given level of energy output. This measure of the energy input (V) versus the energy output (W) is what is called the power rating. Be sure to choose one whose rating is higher enough.

Shaft Size

The size of the shaft of the motors also counts. A good motor has to possess a shaft that is long enough to easily attach to and accommodate all the vital accessories you might have to engage per unit time. Then again, it must also be strong enough to prevent all kinds of potential damages.


To help with the matters of search and rescue and aid with the precise location of the vessel and its occupants, the motor concerned has to be GPS-enabled. This capability basically communicates with the other likeminded gadgets with absolute ease to aid with tracking.


Apart from the GPS capability, a great motor must also be Bluetooth-enabled and able to share data in a wireless format with other like-minded gadgets. That is the only way there can be some peace of mind and general convenience when tackling issues.

5 Common Problems & Troubleshooting

It is not uncommon for some problems to arise when using these gadgets. Here below, we peek into the five common problems that arise and how to solve them:

a.) Low Torque — In this instance, the motor produces less torque than the amount of power that the batteries produce ought to generate. You might want to check the power supply unit for any errors.

b.) Excessive Noise — The motor operates just fine but produces too much noise to the ears. That could be indicative of a lapse in the transmission mechanism. Consider fine-tuning the parts and components for better performances.

c.) Unresponsiveness to the Remote Control — Sometimes, the unit is not just picking the signals from the remote as need be. You may have to open the motherboard and inspect it for any adverse issues that may lurk therein.

d.) Overheating — The heat conversion mechanism of the motor may be faulty or full of issues. You may want to replace the fan to see to it that the heat output is effectively dissipated and the interior kept cooler.

e.) Failure to start — If upon powering the system, it fails to start as need be, you may want to yet again examine the starting system to see to it that all is well. You may also wish to change the ignition system for a start.

How does spot lock trolling motor work?

You may find below video useful:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We now ask and answer some commonly asked questions that surround this topic:

What is a Trolling Motor?

This is a self-contained unit that incorporates a propeller, electric motor, and a set of controls. This unit is attached to the boat of the angler at the stern or the bow.

How to use an anchor lock trolling motor?

Below are the steps to follow :

Set aside the most suitable location for its installation
Fix the system firmly in place there
Attach the wires of the boat to the motor circuitry
Test and see whether the system is properly functioning or not

What Motor Size Do You Need?

There is no unifying answer to this question. Instead, you have to factor the size of the vessel, the purpose for which you want the motor, and the overall weight of the load and the vessel at hand. They are the key determinants of the size of the motor.

Where Do You Plan to Mount the Motor?

In most cases, it is the area in between the bow and the stern that you should use to mount the motor. This place is generally secure and strategically located for the sake of quick access. As such, it is less of a hassle for you.

How to Pick the Right Bow Sight for You.

You have to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations faithfully and diligently. Then, be sure to pair the size of the bow sight with that of the vessel you have in mind.

Does Motorguide have spot lock

Yes, i3 & i5 have GPS driven spot fix.

What is the difference between xi3 and xi5?

Yi5 is equipped with foot pedal & hand remote.Where as i3 comes with hand remote only.

Does Terrova have spot lock ?

Yes, On Riptide Terrova spot lock is available.

Minn Kota 1363707 Riptide Terrova Saltwater Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Digital Maximizer & i-Pilot Link GPS, 55 lbs Thrust, 54″ Shaft

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Works with fixed dual and four piston calipers
  • Provides full 360 degree oscillation
  • Reversible lever extended gear


Our round-up of the best anchor lock trolling motors comes to an end there. We now expect you to appreciate the vessels and also be able to make the most informed purchasing decision. Do not even waste your time elsewhere as the products we have delineated above are truly sufficient.

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