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Casting your net or reel into the water body to catch fish is never enough. You need to go beyond that to also fix a fish finder to aid you in targeting the prey. We care for the choices you ultimately make. That is why we have seen it necessary to craft this review of the best offshore fish finders for you.


You should use an offshore fish finder for the following reasons:

Save your time

The gadget saves your time by letting you focus only on those areas that are likely to elicit more fish. That goes a long way in making you enjoy your time while out in the sea.

Bring forth more catch

By using this appliance, you are more likely to bring forth per time. This stems from the fact that you spend less of your time while also accruing more fish within the limited time.

Boost the conversion rates

Perhaps the greatest nightmare that fishermen confront is that of converting their effort into catches. Talking of that, the finder greatly expedites the conversion considerably.


Below are the leading types of fish finders for offshore fishing:

Networked fish finder

This comprises all the latest connectivity features like radar, GPS, and videos. It is hence useful for professional fishing activities.

Ice fishfinder

As the name implies, this is exclusively used for fishing in icy areas. It works by crafting graphical presentations of the floor of the water body in question.


From its name, you can straight away tell that this is light enough to allow you to carry it to the desired location of use without too much ado.

CHIRP fish-finder

It makes use of a range of frequencies to obtain the details of the fish and the body of water. These pieces of information in turn make your fishing undertaking full of fruitfulness.

GPS Combo

GPS Combo is so-called because it blends SONAR and the GPS. On the strength of this, it lets you shuffle between these functionalities smoothly to allow for above-average experiences.


A 9-mile threshold demarcates the boundary between the onshore and inshore fishing. These two kinds of fishing are further distinguished in the following ways:

Water bodies

Generally, offshore fishing takes place in larger bodies of water like lakes, seas, and the ocean. The inshore fishing on the other hand takes place in the ponds and the rivers.

Vessels used

You need larger vessels to undertake typical offshore fishing. A smaller fishing vessel on the other hand may be necessary for typical inshore fishing.

Amount of catch

If you want more catch, you would rather attempt offshore fishing. For the smaller amount of catch, however, inshore fishing may be suited.


We now review seven of the best offshore fish finders that the markets have to offer now:

#1: Deeper Chirp Castable and Portable Fish Finder


This is a portable fish finder that you may carry and take to wherever you might need to use conveniently. Go for it if you have many boats in mind as it allows for smooth use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Long casting distance

By and large, the gadget allows for a long casting distance thanks to the fact that it is similarly longer in size. This lets you sink deeper to the lower depths of the water body with absolute convenience.

3 Beam Frequencies

It is by and large capable of emitting three beams of varying frequencies to allow for maximum location of the fish. With this gadget at your fingertips, you can never miss out on the fish you target.

Solid connectivity

Outside its core role of targeting the fish, the item also pairs and communicates alongside other fishing gears in its vicinity with ease. It is also compatible with Android, iOS, and wireless fidelity platforms.

Faster charging battery

Unlike those of other gadgets, the batteries of this take a relatively shorter length of time to power and recharge fully. Get hold of it and say goodbye to the long waiting times that others have to go through.


  • Its image output exhibits extreme clarity
  • Targets and identifies the fish within a short time
  • Gets to the extreme depths thanks to the long length
  • Operable remotely via the use of the web-based apps
  • Creates a log of the locations you troll


  • May confuse a user who lacks the necessary experience

#2: Humminbird SOLIX 12 G2 Fish Finder with CHIRP, Mega Si+, GPS, and 12.1-Inch-Display


Of all the fish finders we have, this has the largest display unit that measures 12.1 inches. You can never lose out on any image given that the display showcases every detail captured vividly.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Superior views

Also arising from its extensively large display unit is the fact that it gives forth superior views. The quality of the images is very vivid as they are devoid of any distortions that may imperil legibility.

Connected technologies

The overall makeup of this finder is a convergence of many technologies that are all aimed at boosting performance. These include Bluetooth connectivity, which makes for smoother transmission of data.

Premium mapping options

Over and above merely locating the fish, the item also helps with the mapping of the floor of the water body in which it is deployed for use. This means it brings more value for money, all factors considered.

Built-in dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar

A dual spectrum CHIRP sonar is built into the system. Its purpose is to detect the existence and the movements. Any possibilities of missing your target are heavily suppressed by this feature.


  • Easy to control via high-definition touchscreen keypad
  • Its display provides clearer views of the fish targets
  • Sends out data seamlessly to other likeminded gadgets nearby
  • Zooms in so that you may obtain the greatest details
  • Accompanied by its own mounting hardware


  • Demands excess amount of space to set up for use

#3: Lowrance HDS-Live Fish Finder


Prepping to fish at night? Get hold of this finder and dedicate it to your use. Why? It contains a built-in map that acts as a guide independently of your own vision.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Advanced technology feature-set

The finder boasts of an advanced technology feature-set. This comes in the form of the StructureScan HD and the StructureScan 3D respectively. They generate clearer images that lack any distortions.

Dual-core processor

At the core of the apparatus is the dual-core processor that powers the software components of the gadget. This core is powerful and speedy enough to minimize any downtimes and inefficiencies.

Color sonar

Its sonar is unlike any other. That stems from the color capability that sees it exude the images in ways that are vivid to the eyes. This in fact is what makes it able to be relied on by users.

Dual-channel CHIPR sonar

Other than merely being vivid, the sonar is also two-channel in the sense of being able to pair and work alongside two like-minded gadgets simultaneously. It hence brings along some convenience of use to you.


  • Allows for easier routing of the signals
  • Operates independently and automatically of your attention
  • Takes note of any hazards along the way
  • Integrates and works alongside the smartphones
  • Helps with the matters of route planning and marking


  • A bit too complicated for someone who has never used these items before

#4: Raymarine Axiom 12 Fish Finder


Could it be that you are a professional fisherman? If at all you are, the gadget you choose for the job has to be appropriately equipped for the purpose. We are pleased to let you know that this contains every ingredient you need.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

LightHouse 3 operating system

At the top of its offerings is the LightHouse 3 operating system. The system is overall easy to learn and pretty fluid. It also comprises an uncluttered interface that readily customizes to respond to your unique needs.

The blazing-fast quad-core processor

Its processor comes in next. It is blazing fast and subsequently manages instantaneous applications and the attainment of the desired end results. You may use it to run several apps concurrently.

RealVision 3D transducer

The transducer follows the above two traits. This comes in the form of the third dimension and is encased in strong and enduring housing. With its gyro stabilizer, it ensures proper performance regardless of the boat movement.

Multi-touch interface

A multi-touch interface exists to expedite your controls and engagements of the finder. This accepts the inputs and enables convenient engagement of the functionalities of the boat altogether.


  • Delivers the image outputs in real-time
  • Works much better than the traditional sonar
  • Its quad-core processor exudes blazing fast performance
  • Suffers less from the slowdowns
  • Compatible with the Android and iOS gadgets smoothly


  • Only for professional fishing undertakings

#5: Venterior Portable Fish Finder Handheld Fishfinder


Different finders are intended for different tasks and fishing areas. This is largely meant for ice fishing. It contains every part and specification needed for such a setting.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

The relative ease of use

When all factors are put into consideration, the item is relatively simpler to make use of. That is given its lack of the complicated features and tools that others of its kind have.

Extreme portability

Also making it suited for your ice fishing is the fact that it is extremely portable. The sheer lightweight lets you carry it smoothly to wherever you may desire to make use of it.

Accurate depth reading

Its scanning apparatus is pretty accurate and responsive to any changes in the depth of the water body. You should hence expect it to deliver truly accurate readings that are devoid of any distortions.

Audible alarm

An audible alarm rounds up the sum total benefits of the item. The alarm basically lets you know when the fishing line has hit a jackpot, all for your maximum convenience while fishing.


  • Displays the depths of the water in real-time
  • Computes and displays the approximate locations of the fish
  • Able to detect all kinds of fish regardless of their sizes
  • Appropriately equipped for ice fishing
  • Displays the readings in metric and imperial units


  • Finds limited use outside the icy areas

#6: Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 126sv with GT54UHD-TM Transducer


For all practical purposes, this finder is meant for the starters i.e. people who have never attempted to use such items before. It contains many built-in maps that may be applied to search for the routes.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

12-inch keyed-assist touchscreen combo

At the very top of its offerings is the 12-inch keyed-assist touchscreen combo that is used to feed the gadget with instructions. This pairs with the all-in-one transducer that jointly manages exceptional ends.

Greatly supportive

The item is designed to lend full support to the Panoptix LiveScope, Panoptix sonars, and the Panoptix LiveScope LVS12 sonar systems. These jointly expedite the task of narrowing to a prey.

Preloaded with charts

As hinted earlier, it is preloaded with charts that you the user may rely on to find your route from one area to another. It is this trait in fact that lets it get the starters to familiarize themselves with it.

Quickdraw contours mapping software

Lastly, the item has the Quickdraw contours mapping software. As you may have guessed, the purpose of this piece of software is to personalize your fishing preferences to prevent you from getting overwhelmed.


  • Shows your paths, depths, and other metrics
  • Operable simply at the stroke of the touchscreen
  • Comprises all the tools you need for a successful fishing escapade
  • Preloaded with charts to negate the need to do so on your own
  • Helps you to plan way ahead of your fishing routine


  • Too basic for more complex fishing tasks or undertakings

#7: Humminbird 410950-1NAV HELIX 7 CHIRP MSI (MEGA Side Imaging) GPS G3 NAV Fish Finder


It is no secret that the Humminbird brand is outstanding. The brand indeed incorporates all the tools that a full-time fisherman will generally require to do his fishing fruitfully.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

7-inch screen

Its screen measures 7 inches. This translates to an 800h by 480V resolution color rating. The display, proper, on the other hand, is the thin filament tube All these make for easy viewing.

Navionics+ (U.S. And Canada) SD card

To the users in Canada and the United States, the apparatus has the Navionics+ SD card. The card comprises maps that provide coverage of over 21, 000 lakes and waterbodies.

Mega side imaging

Also coming along is the mega side imaging capability. You use it to scan the sides of the boat and the water vessels. This extends your range of view to allow you to capture more fish.

Mega down imaging

Wrapping it all up is the mega-down imaging that lets you obtain unprecedented underwater clarity images. The imaging is generally capable of getting down up to 125 feet underneath your boat.


  • Equipped with its own mounting hardware
  • Backed by a power cable for smoother transmission
  • Accords a wider angle of viewing
  • Gives off crystal clear images thanks to the ultra-wide display
  • Armed with pre-loaded split screen view options


  • Be prepared to part with lots of cash to afford it


Below are the things to consider before buying the best offshore fish finder:

Power wattage

This refers to the amount of power that the finder expends to give forth the associated end results. So that you do not spend too much on power, go for one whose ratings are low.

Number of pixels

The number of pixels determines the kinds of images that the screen generates. A good screen has to be able to produce a similarly higher number of pixels to enable unconstrained visual clarity.

With or without Transducer

You have the dual options of working with or without the transducer. However, for the sake of enhanced performances, we suggest that the item you work with contains a transducer.

Display screen size

In closing the size of the screen also matters. A great finder must have a screen size that is larger to give forth the minutest details and crisp clear images.


Let us now ask and answer some of the top questions about this subject:

Q1. Is side imaging worth the extra money?

A. YES, it is! It lets you scan a huge area that ultimately leads to greater catches for any amount of time you invest in the trade.

Q2. Where do you mount a transducer on a boat?

A. Ideally, this should be as close to the central part of the boat as can be. This is to ensure the stability you need to ply the turbulent waters without capsizing.

Q3. How deep in the water should a transducer be?

A. At the exact tip of the bottom of the boat as can be. That is to let it have the maximum impacts and access to the surrounding waters.

Q4. What’s the difference between deeper Pro Plus and chirp?

A. These two differ with regards to the kinds of transducers employed, the frequency of use, and the kinds of ultra-sound sound pulses engaged for the job.

Q5. Is side imaging better than down imaging?

A. In shallower waters, yes. However, you may have to opt for the down imaging in the deeper waters. For the sake of your maximum convenience, you need both at the same time.


Our long and in-depth review of the best offshore fish finder comes to an end there. Having belabored the matter in excessive detail, we defer to you the onus of making a suitable choice. Look no further than the products we have reviewed above for a start as they are truly awesome for the job.

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