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Just as is the case with any other moving part, the skate bearings do sustain some friction and premature damages. For them to work well in the long run, they have to be heavily lubricated. This calls for the acquisition and use of the best lubricant for skate bearings.

We want to help you to lay your hands on a suitable lube of this kind. That is why we now draft and prepare this review-cum-buying guide for you. In our discussions that follow, we seek also to provide answers to some of the common questions regarding the subject.

Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit – Citrus Cleaner Included
Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit – Citrus Cleaner Included
  • Fast, simple, and easy bearing cleaning method.
  • Kit Includes: Washing container, Bearing holder, and cleaning solvent
  • Ideal for; Skateboards, Scooters, Longboards, Inline skates, Penny boards
  • Orange oil citrus cleaner is a safe and effective alternative to harsh/hazardous chemicals.
  • Made in the USA
Liberty Oil, 4oz Bottle of The Best 100% Synthetic Oil for Lubricating Skate Board and Roller Blade Wheel Bearings
Liberty Oil, 4oz Bottle of The Best 100% Synthetic Oil for Lubricating Skate Board and Roller Blade Wheel Bearings
  • Protects, Cleans, and Lubricates Wheel Bearings
  • 4oz Bottle of 100% synthetic lubricant
  • Comes with 1.5 inch 18 gauge stainless steel Pharmaceutical grade applicator.
  • Safe to use on plastics and painted surfaces
  • Engineered to perform in a wide range of Applications
Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit
Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit
  • Bearings cleaner makes skateboard maintenance a painless process
  • Unique design uses spacers to apply solvents equally
  • High density polyurethane construction for durability
  • Compatible with all types of skate bearings
  • Includes directions. solvents not included

How To Buy Best Skateboard Bearing Lubricant

To purchase the right lubricants for the skate bearings, you need to factor in the following considerations:

Size of the bearings

The size of the bearings has a role to play insofar as the intensity of friction and heat that they endure is concerned. Larger bearings tend to generate excessive friction and hence demand more potent lubricants. Their smaller bearings on the other hand demand less potent lube.

Intended frequency of the use

How often do you intend to ride the skateboard? Of course, traveling on the skateboard too often demands that you employ a similarly powerful lube. That is to counter the excess heat that the entire system generates. You may nonetheless use ordinary lubes for your average frequency of usage.

Prevailing weather and climate

Hot and intense weather conditions tend to dry the joints compared to the cool weather patterns. If you must use your skateboard at such times and places, you have to insist that it is powerful. Reason? The grease tends to dry faster and easily at such times.

5 Best Lubricant For Skate Bearings Reviews 2021

We now review five of the best lubricants for skate bearings:

#1 Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit – Citrus Cleaner Included

Oust Bearings Speed Clean

This product doubles up as a lubricant and a cleaner. You may thus use it for the dual roles of lubricating the moving parts while also getting rid of the hardened dirt from the joints and bearings.

Speed Kleen Bearing Wash System

Ranking tops among the many awesome traits of this item is the Speed Kleen Bearing Wash System. This doubles up as the fastest means of clearing the bearings while leaving behind no severe damages.

Comprehensive packaging

It comes about as a comprehensive packaging that comprises the orange oil, bearing holders, cleaning solvents, and washing containers. The packaging spares you from all forms of inconveniences when in use.

Orange oil citrus cleaner

An Orange oil citrus cleaner rounds up the sum total benefits it brings along. The cleaner does not make use of the hazardous chemicals and is hence safer for your engagements and hands-on the whole.


  • Cleans the ball bearings at a faster rate
  • Relatively simpler to engage for cleaning
  • Comes about as a comprehensive packaging
  • Cleans many sporting equipments at a time
  • Does not make use of the harsh chemicals


  • Potentially clutters your rooms and spaces

#2 Liberty Oil, 4oz Bottle of the Best 100% Synthetic Oil

Liberty Oil

Wishing to lubricate the skateboards and the rollerblade wheel bearings? This lube gives you the ability to accomplish those twin tasks at the same time and easily for that matter.

100% synthetic oil

In its entirety, this oil is synthetic in the sense that it is wholly derived from nature. Through this arrangement, it is cheaper to come by and less likely to give off excess carbon emissions.

1.5-inch 18-gauge stainless steel needle tip

To dispense the oil, you make use of a needle tip that is made of 1.5-inch 18-gauge stainless steel materials. Being pharmaceutical grade, the tip also upholds your safety considerably.

Patented Luer lock cap

A patented Luer lock cap concludes the list of the strong points of the item. Its role is to seal the contents in such a way as to prevent leakages and spillages.


  • Cleans, protects, and lubricates the wheel bearings
  • Wholly derived from the artificial sources
  • Easier to apply thanks to the Pharmaceutical grade applicator
  • Most of its parts are made of the stainless steel materials
  • Safer to use on the painted surfaces and plastics


  • Its potency is lower than that of most lubes

#3 Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit

Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit

Do you handle and work along with skate bearings of many kinds? If you do, we would wish to draw this to your attention and consideration. It is designed to be compatible with many such items.


The item is multipurpose in the sense that it may be used to clean the skateboard over and above merely getting the parts working smoothly. It in fact makes the entire maintenance process painless.

Unique design

Its dispensing mechanism comes about in a unique design. As part and parcel of its design, it utilizes spacers to apply the solvents uniformly.

High-density polyurethane construction

A high-density polyurethane construction forms part of the construction of the item. Being strong, it ensures durable and long-term applications without too much ado.


  • Compatible with many kinds of skate bearings
  • Incorporates the directions as well
  • Serves many purposes at a time
  • Reduces the need to clutter your spaces
  • Resists all forms of damages with exceptional ease


  • Does not include the solvent

#4 GREEN OIL SK8 Skateboard Bearing Lubricant


Care for nature and the environment as a whole? Choose to work with this biodegradable lubricant oil. It is wholly derived from nature and is hence safer for the environment.

High performance

On the whole, the item manages higher performances. Particularly, it handles the mobility and the acceleration of the skateboards in ways that are topnotch.

Natural formula

As stated, the item is wholly derived from nature. Its makeup indeed includes plant-based ingredients rather than the paraffin and the PTFE.


Considering the natural sources, the oil is also biodegradable. Even when disposed of in the environment, it hardly harms the same or imperils the ecosystems.


  • Very friendly to the skin
  • Enclosed in an environmentally-safe packaging
  • Reduces friction between the moving parts
  • Slows down the pace of tear
  • Devoid of petrochemicals


  • Lasts a fairly shorter duration of time

#5 Liquid Bearings, SUPERIOR 100%-synthetic oil


Have many vehicles in your possession besides the skateboards? Choose to work with this multipurpose lube owing to its ability to handle recreational vehicles, drones, and many pieces of equipment.

Incredible performances

This lube manages incredibly low and high performances at the same time. Thanks to this arrangement, it lets you operate at optimal speeds and operations.


Unlike many other lubes, this is odorless in the sense that it does not emit any odors. On the flip side, it is safer to your nostrils and is also comfortable to work with, in the long run.

Compatible with other oils

And if you want more optimal operations, the item yet again has you cared for. It is compatible with the current and the vintage oils all for proper engagements on your part.


  • Wholly derived from synthetic sources
  • Displaces petro-oils and sprays
  • Prevents corrosion on the metallic surfaces
  • Does not smell horribly
  • Quite a pleasure to make use of


  • Demands complex operations procedures

What Can You Use To Lubricate Skateboard Bearings?

You may use two kinds of materials to lubricate the skateboard bearings. These are:
Grease not only provides maximum protection against possible water damages but also improves the speeds of the wheels and other moving parts. This material has to be applied sparingly as the excessive application may have the effect of slipping the parts past one another. That contributes to the uncontrolled rolling of the wheels altogether.
Degreaser or solvent
A degreaser or solvent is also a great alternative. It works in much the same way as the grease does in that it loosens the bonds that exist between the molecules of the ball bearings. That way, it allows for smoother and unimpeded operations as the skateboards move from one area to another.

Wrap Up

For your best lubricant for skate bearings, you have indeed received the most appropriate support. How about you now going ahead to make a pick from the list we have gladly belabored above? Remember, these items are truly important in the life of a skateboard. You do not want to delay enjoying their benefits.

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