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Finding a suitable electric skateboard is undoubtedly a great thing to do.Though many brands are engaged in the manufacture of these items, one stands out. That is the Skatebolt electric skateboard. Not only does that ensure you the comfort and the vitality you need but also does it guarantee your overall safety. For you to do that, you have to receive the necessary guidance to that very end.

.We are here to provide the guidance you badly need. This we shall do below by reviewing the leading skateboards as well as providing some back-end customer service.

Brand History

Skatebolt is a high-tech company that engages in the production of sporting hardware and software items. It prides itself on the production of high-end items that endure the test of time. The brand was established long ago and has since been engaged in the supply of many strong products.

Most of its products feature high-end sophistication that sets them apart from the rest. These products greatly expedite the tasks of skateboarding out and about a given surface. They also tend to serve professional engagements better than those of their normal counterparts. Have we mentioned the fact that orders are fulfilled speedily?

Why You Will Choose This Brand

You will choose the Skatebolt brand for the following reasons:

High-tech manufacture and specifications

All of its products exhibit some high-tech manufacture and specifications. They among others have the latest features and components mix. This makes them stay ahead of the game insofar as the discharge of the stated ends is concerned. Then, it lets the users enjoy the highest returns on investments.

Excellent customer service and after-sale services

Backing this product is excellent customer service and after-sale-service regime. The company has workers on standby to act on the behalf of those who purchase its products. These persons receive and act upon the queries of the persons concerned. With this comes a greater degree of satisfaction on your side.

Faster fulfillment of the orders

The company undertakes to fulfill its orders within the shortest realistic time possible. For most products, it takes roughly three business days to do so. Thus, by you choosing to have your order fulfilled by it, you are not subjected to long and tiring waits.

Convenient transportation

By and large, the items that are produced by the company tend to transport the occupants conveniently from one area to another one. They hardly break down and suffer the damages that others generally have to contend with. That means it ensures your safety all the while.

A higher value for money

As a last consideration, the brand ensures that you obtain a higher value for your money. That is made possible by a combination of factors and traits. These include the durable nature of the items it produces and the fact that a crew is always on standby to be of help to you.

Reviews Of 3 Best SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

We now review three of the allt Skatebolt models in vogue at the moment:

#1 SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard

SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard

By virtue of getting to the tornado speed 26 miles per hour (mph), the skatebolt tornado ii skateboard is truly capable of traveling faster. You want to lay your hands on it if you are constantly in a hurry.

Upgraded 7500 mAh battery

An upgraded 7500 mAh battery stands out as the most prominent aspect of the skatebolt tornado ii skateboard. It provides the power that the machine relies on to travel safely from one area to another one.

8 layers of northeast maple

Some 8 layers of the Northeast Maple adorn the raw structure of the item. The many layers provide the strength and the longevity that the item taps into so that it can serve you well.

2 red warning taillights

Existing to up your own safety is some two red warning taillights. These two apparatuses keep you easily visible to the other road users and prevent you from sustaining any unnecessary accidents.

Positive Side
  • Reaches the top speed of 26 miles per hour
  • skatebolt tornado ii gives you a choice of four-speed modes
  • Draws its power from the 7500 mAh Lithium Battery
  • Controllable by the LCD remote controller
  • Keeps you posted via the legible screen display
Negative Side
  • Consumes plenty of energy

#2 SKATEBOLT Breeze 2

Electric Skateboard

If you want to climb a steep slope, we ask you to tap into this specific machine. Its climbing capacity is roughly 30% more than that of the ordinary skateboards we have in place at the moment.

Extremely fast and long-range

The vehicle is extremely fast and long-range in stature. It is subsequently capable of attaining high speeds of about 30 miles per hour for your comfortable rides.

Replaceable motors

A set of replaceable motors adorn the core of the item. Your machine relies on them to take on the rougher terrains and also guarantee unbroken spates of controls as you move along.

Solid construction

All the parts are pieced together in some solid construction. They are tougher and generally less inclined to the risks of parts falling off and letting you down while in use.The build quality & easy brake mechanism enhance your riding features.

Positive Side
  • Bears some customized brakes for you to use well
  • Adjusts the various settings directly
  • Allows for the remote controls and engagements
  • Can attain the high cruise speeds for you
  • Boasts of 30% extra climbing power
Negative Side
  • Only for those with the necessary muscle power


skatebolt s5

Of all the machines we have, this tends to be motorized. It is equipped with motors and other automated features that substitute human effort in the course of operations.


It weighs a paltry 7.9 pounds and is hence extremely light in weight. You have it for your carrying and taking just about anywhere you may please or desire to go.

Unique remote control

A set of unique remote control exists for your own leverage and subsequent engagement. Being unique, the item enjoys hassle-free controls and operations throughout the use.

7-ply of maple

Some 7 layers of Maple boards have been extensively used to make the item up. These layers are sturdy and flexible in equal stature. They hence enable prolonged engagements without too much ado.

Positive Side
  • Gives off some fashion over and above style
  • Powered by a 70 mm hub motor
  • Weighs a paltry 7.9 pounds and is thus easier to carry
  • Its wheels are replaceable for your maximum comfort
  • Derives its power from replaceable batteries
Negative Side
  • Demands costly care and maintenance from you

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us now provide relevant answers to some of the questions that are frequently asked about the Board:

Is it legal to ride an electric skateboard on the road?

The legality of the use of these locomotives varies greatly from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It is hence incumbent upon you to ascertain whether your area allows for their use or not.

What are those electric skateboard things called?

This item goes by different names such as the one wheel, electric scooter, and the e-scooter. You yet again have to learn the local dialect via which this item is called in your area.

Is it illegal to ride a skateboard without a helmet?

YES, of course! Most jurisdictions insist that you put on the helmets to prevent your heads from sustaining concussions and other premature damages that may arise with the usage thereof.

Are electric skateboards worth it?

YES, they are! Not only do they facilitate our transportation out and about a designated area but also do they serve the purposes of making your homes to be more aesthetic. That is not to point out the zero carbon emissions.

How easy is it to ride an electric skateboard?

Most electric skateboards are easier to ride. That is also facilitated by the manufacturer manual they come along with. Since they are compact, they may also be used in crowded places with absolute ease.


Your hunt for the right Skatebolt electric skateboard should not be so much of an issue now. We in fact urge you to embark on the task of picking one for yourself hastily going forward. Just skim the products we have reviewed above to start out. They are the best that money can offer as we speak.

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