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How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original – 3 Steps Away

In the course of use, the keys of your cars may get lost or extremely damaged to the extent of not being able to tackle the necessary chore. If and when that happens, you have to replace it. But what if you have to make the replacement car key without the original?

Though rare, this problem is also a possibility you may have to contend with at one point in time or another. In this article, we are going to take you through the steps you may have to follow to handle the problem. This we do to equip you appropriately for the role.

How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original?
You can get a replacement car key without the original by either ordering a replacement key from the car manufacturer or taking your car to a professional locksmith that specializes in car key replacement.
How To Get A Replacement Car Key Without The Original

Car Key Types

We start it out first and foremost with the various car key types:

a) Remote fob key

This is a key that may be used to initiate the opening and closing of the doors remotely. It has a wireless system that may be engaged by simply pressing a button that exists on the remote. The P key is smaller and thus pretty convenient to handle and move around with.

b) Remote entry fob with integrated key

It is a kind of new car key that is primarily used to gain access to the car but may also handle other relevant operations. These include igniting the engine, controlling the locks of the door, and many more. It has to be programmed appropriately to let it perform these extra chores.

Apart from these, there are laser cut keys, proximity keys, intelligent keys, remote head keys, and remote keys available as replacements.

Car Key Duplication And Programming

The copy of the car key refers to making the exact same copy. This is usually done to achieve a backup that may be used to open or close the doors in the event that the original is lost or misplaced.

Programming on the other hand is the feeding of the keys with the necessary instructions that may be needed when the same is used to open or close a door. The act of programming is often complicated and may ordinarily need the intervention of a trained expert. Also, car key programming cost is much higher than other alternatives.

Transponder Chip key

An electronic transponder chip key is one that contains the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip. This kind of key has become an industry standard for all manufacturers of vehicles. That stems from their ability to add an extra layer of protection to the faulty ignition cylinder system of the vehicle.

Transponder Chip key

You have to do the following to get an electronic car key replacement without the original:

Step I: Know what type of car you have when you need a car key made

You must, first of all, forget the key made for the car, and know the kind of car you need. That is because different keys are made or meant for different kinds of cars. Being vague about this issue may only serve to complicate matters or let you end up with a key that is irrelevant to the kind of car you have in mind.

Step II: Figure out what type of key you need

Next, you have to figure out the kind of key you are on the lookout for. Just as cars come in different models, keys also are of different kinds. This is important yet again because it determines whether or not you may achieve the exact ends you are on the lookout for or not.

Step III: Prove car ownership and have the proper information

Lastly, you have to prove that you indeed own the car whose keys you are seeking or not. This will demand that you furnish proper information with regard to the ownership. For instance, you may furnish the logbook, certificate of ownership, and deeds, among others.

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Automotive Locksmith Or A Dealer New Key?

To make this auto key remote replacement, you have two options of the car key replacement and the dealers respectively. If you opt for automotive lost key replacement locksmiths, you will generally pay less. Even you can go for an emergency car key replacement or mobile car key replacement. However the quality of the lost basic car key replacement service you obtain there is naturally bound to be poorer.

In case you opt for the dealer, you will pay more, granted. However, these institutions have the expertise and the resource base to do a tremendously great job. Also, they are backed by the manufacturers of the cars and the keys and are hence on standby to guarantee quality tasks over car key locksmith service.

The Vehicle Identification Number Method

If you have no spare key to duplicate to go for auto car key replacement, you may have to go for the vehicle identification number method. This simply means finding out your VIN number and relaying the very info to the reliable emergency locksmith for car key replacement or the dealer. To find out your vehicle identification number & to replace your car key by vin number, follow the steps below:

  • The first 1-3 digits are jointly the World Manufacturer Identifier
  • The next 4-8 digits symbolize the vehicle descriptor section.
  • The 9th digit is a ‘check digit’
  • Digits 10-17 are Vehicle Identifier Section
  • The 11th digit is the manufacturer’s plant code.
  • Digits 12-17 are assigned through the production lines

All these are available in the vast vehicle database.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We now get keys made for the car to answer some of the commonly asked questions about replacement car keys:

How much does a Replacement Car Key cost?

Car ignition key replacement cost depends on the model and the degree of sophistication of the key in place. Expect to spend around $200-$500 to replace an average key though.

Are lost car keys covered by insurance?

YES! All car insurance policies save for the third party do cover the lost keys. The cover touches on the costs of the auto key replacement. Last year I experienced the same, lost my car key with no spare, luckily I managed to buy a copy of the car key from the dealer.

Do I need to take my car to the Auto locksmith?

If you do not have much money, you should take it to a comprehensive local locksmith. Otherwise, you are strongly encouraged to take it to the car dealer to have a better job being done.

Do I Need to Go to My Main Dealer to Get a Spare Transponder Key?

NO! Most commercial locksmith services are able to do as great jobs as the main dealers. Spare yourself the time and the energy and haul your car to the nearest mobile locksmith service.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Vehicle Recalls

There are a number of reasons why you should heed vehicle recalls. The first is for your own safety. A recall means a problem exists with your car that may harm you. Next, it costs you nothing to hand over your vehicle as the manufacturer’s replacement is absolutely free. Lastly, you will only have yourself to blame in the event of a risk that may require insurance compensation.

What Kind of Replacement Key Will You Need?

There are two main kinds of keys that exist at the moment. These are the transponder and the smart keys. They form the industry standard and do provide a layer of protection to the parts of the vehicle like the engine and the steering mechanism.

What will your Locksmith Need to Know?

Your professional locksmith will have to know the following:

How to get a new key made for a car

You have two options – from the car dealer or call in a locksmith or visit the best locksmith for a car key near your home.

Can you Program a Smart Key?

YES, you can! You must however possess the necessary technical expertise and the tools of the trade. If you lack either or both, you may need to bring in a trained expert to help out.

Can the car key be made without the original?

This is only possible if you hire a trained expert. Such a person has every tool and expertise necessary to have the job done with the utmost perfection it deserves.

Will you need to drill my lock to help me get back into the house?

Not necessarily! There are a number of interventions you may wish to try first and foremost before drilling the locks. These are finding alternative ways to enter the house, picking the lock, bumping the lock, and seeking a possible replacement for the keys.

Wrap Up

To make a car key without the original is a task that demands plenty of expertise. It also calls for the possession of the relevant pieces of equipment. Chances are rife that you cannot do these on your own. That is why we recommend that you tap into a trained expert to help.

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