How to inflate a tire

How to Inflate a Tire with An Air compressor? 5 Actionable steps

You have a portable air compressor at your fingertips but do not know how to inflate a tire using it, right? We are pleased to announce to you that you have come to just the right place. Here, we shall explain to you the steps you ought to take to achieve this sacred end.

Indeed, these compressors are ordinarily too complicated to handle singlehandedly. Moreover, they may also pose some damages if handled recklessly. We hence ask you to follow these steps to actualize the processes of inflating your wheels.

How To Inflate A Tire With A Portable Air Compressor

Tools and Materials Required

You will need these tools and materials to do the job:

  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Air Compressor

Step-by-step Procedures

How to inflate a tire

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Now follow these procedures to have your way:

#Ready the tire

Even before you commence the exercise, you have to make the tire ready for just that. Check out for any punctures that may be present on the tire. Fix them by use of epoxy or patch them with some spare rubber materials. Check out other forms of possible damages to the wheels as well.

#Check the Present Air Pressure

You have to start out by checking the air pressure of the tires you want to inflate. To do this, you will have to make use of a digital pressure gauge. As you may have guessed, this is an item that attaches to a tire and ascertains the levels of pressure that exists therein.

The purpose of knowing how much air pressure your tire possesses is to know how much more you may have to add to get to the desired levels. Some tires may demand that you unscrew the cap that seals the valve to be able to insert the gauge.

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#Ascertain the necessary Air Pressure

With the readings you will have obtained above, you should now go ahead to determine the levels of air pressure that may be necessary at this time. This step is crucial because the tires are only able to bear a given level of pressure at a time.

Exceeding this pressure level may burst the tires or make them susceptible to punctures. To be able to make a great decision, you should factor the strength of the materials that adorn the tubes of the tires. They determine the highest levels of pressure that the tires may bear at a time.

#Attach the Compressor Nozzle

Get to the core of the inflation exercise now. At this stage, attach the compressor nozzle to the valve. This is to enable the air to pass smoothly from the compressor to the inner portions of the tubes. Take great care that there are no gaps that may let out the air to the outer atmosphere.

#Turn on the Air Compressor

Now turn on the air compressor. Then, set the desired levels of pressure you have already arrived at in step II above. Slowly but carefully dispense the air into the tires and the tubes until the necessary volumes have been attained. Just to reiterate an earlier point, do not exceed the pressure levels allotted to the tires you are using.

#Detach the Hose

After you are through with the exercise, turn off the air compressor and detach the hose. If you happen to add too much air than desired, push the tire gauge down to release some of the air. Then, remove the hose from the valve of the tube you are filling the air into.

It is not uncommon for you to hear some hissing sounds in the process. This is perfectly normal though you should not leave it to go on for too long. Quickly put back the stem cap on the valve. You are not good to go!


While carrying out this noble chore, you have to adhere to the following precautions for better outcomes:

  • Never exceed the desired pressure level by a wider margin
    Keep all children and passersby away from the area of work
    Read the instructions carefully before setting out to use the compressor/li>
  • Do not light a fire near the compressor as it might explode
    Put on a face mask if you have a history of respiratory tract infections


There you have them! The procedures we have stipulated above really are able to make you obtain awesome outcomes. Just read and adhere to them as strictly as possible. For best performance, we recommend that you carry out mock inflations with an empty compressor. That will acquaint you deeply with the entire exercise.

Would you not also wish to help others to leverage the selfsame benefits? If you surely do, kindly consider passing on this information to them as well. It will also contribute to safer applications. Best of luck as you contemplate taking the first step!

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