The ABCs Of Electric Bike Conversion Kit :10 Mandatory Parts


Do you have some manual bikes which you have to pedal manually to transport you from one part to another? If you do, you might have noted that the bike requires a great deal of effort on your part. That is why you would wish to make it effortless.The electric conversion kit will surely be of great help you here.

 In these conversations, we shall explore all that pertains to the conversion kit. This we hope shall give you the head start you require to do a better conversion job later.


The electric bike conversion kit is an accessory for the ordinary normal push bike. These accessories are designed and aimed at powering your bike in such a way as to eliminate the human effort and give you enough speed to conquer the most difficult terrains. Two of the most significant of these are the pedal assistance system and the LCD display unit.

Componets Of Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Front Wheel Kit

These are tools and accessories which are designed to enhance the front wheels. They generally make the wheel move faster and respond to your prompts faster. The electric wheel and the motor are two of the most common of these kits.

Rear Wheel Kit

Almost all bikes derive their power from the rear wheels. A rear wheel kit will hence come in to enhance the power output of your bike. These kits are mountable at the rear and are used to propel your bike forward. They include the motor, the electric wheel, and the pedal assist system.

Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

The bike’s mid-section is the one that contains the propulsion mechanisms. These are the pedals and the chains. As part of your effort to make your bike more efficient, you want to convert its mid-drive as well. This is where the mid-conversion kits come in. They generally boost the pedaling system and the chains.

Hub Motor

For best outcomes, you want to incorporate the hub motor on your wheels. This is an electric motor which substitutes your pedaling to power your bike. The motors come in diverse power ratings and are suited for different kinds of bikes. You should ascertain the unique power needs of your bike before settling for one motor.

Wheel Set

You also want to work on your wheels as part of your conversion program. The wheelset helps you to achieve this role greatly. It comprises those wheels which have been noted to do a good job. It also comprises those co-operant tools and accessories you will need to mount your wheels better.

Battery Pack with Charger

Definitely, you will need some batteries to power your motor. This is the need which the battery pack comes in to play. The pack contains batteries, the battery slot, and a charger for recharging the batteries when they are depleted. Given the variations in power requirements, be sure to find a battery pack that fits your bike well.

Battery-Motor-Throttle Cable System

Fixing the batteries is one thing, channeling the power to the motor and the throttle is yet another thing altogether. Here is where the battery-motor-throttle cabling system comes in. it is basically a set of wires which connect these three components of your bike to allow for a smooth transfer of power to the intended locations.

Weatherproof Battery Bag

To carry your batteries, you need a preferably weatherproof battery bag. This, as the designation suggests, is tight enough to prevent the percolation of water. It hence keeps your batteries safe and secures while in transit.

Pressure Grip Throttle

The throttle does the job of engaging power from the motor. To be able for you to do a good job, you have to incorporate a pressure grip throttle. This is so designed as to make your handling more comfortable and pleasurable while riding.

Cabling Zip Ties

From time to time, it is not uncommon for your cables to sag. You need to fasten and tighten them to be able for them to keep functioning as desired. For you to be able to do this, you will have to include the cabling zip ties.

​What is a good bike to use with Voilamart 26″ rear wheel electric bicycle conversion kit?

Voilamart 26 inch rear wheel electric bicycle conversion kit

​​You can use any pedal bike/mountain bike to use Voilamart 26″ rear wheel electric bicycle conversion kit.


From time to time, it is not uncommon for your cables to sag. You need to fasten and tighten them to be able for them to keep functioning as desired. For you to be able to do this, you will have to include the cabling zip ties.

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