What Is A Deep Cycle Marine Battery

What Is A Deep Cycle Marine Battery- 3 Types|Usage

Given the significant role that the deep-cycle marine batteries play in propelling the marine vessels, it is a wise decision to know all that pertains to it. Our goal in the entire article is to dig deeper into this particular kind of battery. We shall examine every aspect of the battery to make you better equipped to utilize it effectively.


A deep cycle marine battery is basically a type of battery which is used to power a marine vessel. It connects to the motor and plays the role of generating electrical energy from the stored chemicals. The battery transmits this energy to the motor which rotates the propeller that eventually drives the vessel in its course.

Types Of Deep Cycle Battery

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Deep-cycle marine batteries come in two main forms. These are explained below:

Flooded Lead-acid Battery (FLA)

The flooded lead-acid battery is so called because it contains plenty of chemicals in the form of liquid. It is this liquid that reacts to give rise to electrical energy. Some gases produced as a by-product of the reaction. They are channeled safely due to the excellent ventilation of these batteries. These batteries further subdivided into two kinds, namely:

Tubular-plated Battery

As the name suggests, the tubular plates enclose the chemicals in tubes which are spherical in shape. These tubes are generally more reliable as they guard the batteries against corrosion and other possible damages. This sees to it that the battery lasts a longer duration of time, on the whole.

Flat-plated Battery

This one employs pasted grids to which house the positive and the negative grids. The flat plates confer greater surfaces for chemical reactions. For this reason, these batteries produce higher current and voltage at a time.

They, however, have to be recharged more frequently as they tend to deplete the chemical energy at a faster rate.

Valve-regulated Lead-acid (VRLA)

These ones contain some valves which regulate the inflow and the outflow of the exhaust gases, hence the designation valve-regulated. Because of this, they are safer to handle as they enable you to mitigate the buildup of the harmful gases which might pose permanent damages to the batteries in the long run.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

This is a relatively new kind of battery. It makes use of saturated absorbent glass otherwise called boron silicate to seal the spaces in between any two constituent plates. For this reason, they are safer and less predisposed to the attendant dangers that do come along.

They are however more expensive to acquire and make use of.it can be also used as a dual purpose battery.It is now a days become more popular,even you can find it in near store for its high demand.Comes with other accessories to fix it with cart.

Gel Battery

The gel battery is a kind of valve-regulated lead-acid battery which possesses a gelified electrolyte. The sulfuric acid is blended with fumed silica to generate a mass gel-like suspension. It produces higher voltage ratings and is thus great for powering very heavy vehicles. It is also understandably expensive.


Weight and Dimensions

Generally speaking, the deep-cycle marine batteries occupy more space and weigh more than other kinds of batteries. This extra-large weight and dimensions are informed by the need to produce an awesome power output. Because of them, the battery requires more space and huge muscle power to handle

Charging Capacity

Compared to the cranking battery, the deep-cycle marine battery generates a higher charge voltage. This is understandable given that they are designed and intended for handling heavier loads for a longer duration of time. They are also more expensive as a result of this. This is not to mention that they achieve greater feats.


It is also designed to last. With regards to this, the battery features a stronger and more durable construction. Some of the material that is used to make up this battery are thicker plates, antimony, and higher density paste materials. These materials are resistant to corrosion and other agents of wear and tear.

Power Output and Rating

Most deep-cycle batteries produce 12V of electrical energy when fully charged. Most are also ably capable of generating power outputs for 20 continuous hours. They are also able to exude 25 amperes of electrical current in the same duration. These are significantly higher than those of the starting batteries.

Operational Cycles

Owing to their durable and tough construction, coupled with their ability to be recharged repeatedly, they are able to operate for prolonged duration of time. What’s more? They also call for limited repairs and maintenance and will thus demand less money on your part. Quite a number will do you good for one year when used continually.


This kind of battery finds applicability in the following areas,soecially battery is a must need component of automotive industry.

Powering Recreational Vehicles

They are used to power recreational vehicles. This stems from their abilities to generate sufficient power to ignite the engine of these vehicles. Their durable construction makes them all the more reliable in the long run. The fact that they deplete charges at a slower pace also makes them quite reliable.

Propel Smaller Vehicles

Other than the recreational vehicles, these batteries can also propel smaller and lighter vehicles. Examples of these include the golf carts and small highway electric vehicles & cars.. Their zero Carbon emissions mean they are quite friendly to the environment.some indoor home gadgets are also compitable with this type of battery.

Serves the Traffic Signals

They are also able to serve the traffic signals mostly as power backups. This stems from their high power ratings and lowers discharge rates especially when handling lighter loads. If you happen to run a municipality, these are the batteries to look up to.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

If you work on a computer and are in need of constant power, you might want to employ these batteries as a source of uninterruptible power supply. The amount of power output amp they emit is sufficient to power small computers and other portable devices in a store and their performance is also impressive.

Off-grid Energy Storage Systems

They also come in handy when you at a location that is cut off the national grid. This is because they produce awesome power but remotely. You may hence consider leveraging them to power instruments and equipment at remote sites and locations.


You have indeed received the guidance you require to make good use of these kinds of batteries. You are now good to go. The information you have obtained will indeed make it possible for you also to take good care of the batteries over and above merely using them to power your vessels.

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