What is group 35 battery

What is Group 35 Battery? Effective Use in Automotive Industry

Car batteries are also classified on the basis of their dimensions. The classification helps with easy identification and fitting.what is group 35 battery? There are many kinds of classifications in vogue at the moment. We want to familiarize you with one such that is commonly in use.

This is the Group 35. The article below shall endeavor to define this group, explain the kinds of cars that may use it conveniently, its dimensions, and the kinds of cars that may make use of the said battery. We do hope that at the tail end, you shall gain the deep insight you badly need.

What is group 35 battery?


It is a group of batteries that have a 20-hour reserve capacity and produce current in the range of 44-65 amperes. The batteries are capable of managing 90-130 minutes of continuous operations. For this reason, they are applicable for many of the common everyday cars and household responsibilities.

What cars use group 35 battery?

Below now are the cars that may use the group 35 batteries:

Saloon cars

The battery finds much use in the leading saloon cars as it comes about in a compact packaging that fits them well. When deployed in the cars, they provide the power required to start the engine and to back up the other vital electronics in the car’s systems.

Some of the leading car models that comfortably use this model are:

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Subaru
  • Acura


Some light trucks may also tap their operating power from the group 35 batteries. These include cars that have moderate capacities and are used for common haulage matters. The battery does particularly well in construction sites and for transporting building materials. It also powers the electronics in the cars.


Other than the saloon cars and the trucks, these batteries may also be used to power the pickups. That is given their abilities to power the engines of these vehicles while also furnishing the necessary power for the built-in infotainment systems as well as other electronics.

Trolling motors

If you have a boat, you also have the group 35 battery to look up to. It has been particularly noted to do wonders with regards to powering the trolling motors. Given the deep cycle nature of the batteries, they may also be used to power the boats in the long run other than merely igniting the engine.

Power backups

Over and above merely igniting the engines of vehicles, the group 35 batteries may also be used to back up the power supply of the homes and other installations. What does this mean? The battery may be stationed strategically to stand in place in the event of a blackout.

Jump starts

These batteries may also be used to jump-start stalled car engines regardless of their models. You hence need to get your hands on them if you are planning to retreat to a faraway location for the sake of caring for any emergencies or incidences that may require timely external interventions.

Deep cycle operations

Some light vehicles like scooters and boats may require battery power to propel them from one place to another. Yet again, these batteries come in handy here. Their Lead-acid variants are powerful enough to propel them without the interventions of gasoline or mains electricity.

Group 35 battery dimensions

A typical Group 35 batter measures 230 mm by 175 mm by 225 mm (9-1/16 inches by 6-7/8 inches by 8-7/8 inches) and weighs 35 pounds, give or take. It is not uncommon though for some batteries to be slightly larger and/or weightier than these dimensions though.

Wrap up

Our long and detailed look into the Group 35 batteries has come to an end there. We do hope now that you have the preparedness you need to appreciate these batteries better and ultimately make a great purchasing decision. As a bonus for sticking with us till the end, we now want to tell you how to make a pick.

Simply ascertain the dimensions of your battery slot and determine the amount of power you would wish to accrue from the same. It is also always great to bring in an expert as the batteries are ordinarily expensive and quite risky to gamble with.

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