how to use an ultrasonic cleaner

How To Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner – simple & Easy Steps

One truth that we cannot assume is cleaning and washing are not easy tasks.Especially when wiping germs and contaminants from any object. What if there is a cleaning device, which can handle all the task while you are relaxing and watching? That sounds good. Right? An ultrasonic machine might be the right tool for you. It will offer you ample time when cleaning your home or office items.Today we will learn how to use an ultrasonic cleaner easily.Below are some of the reasons;

Why Ultrasonic Cleaner

how to use an ultrasonic cleanerhow to use an ultrasonic cleaner

Before diving into discussion,let us figure out some key benifit of an ultrasonic cleaner here:

  • An ultrasonic machine will remove all the germ and dirt from the object using water and ultrasound.
  • The ultrasonic device like sonic soak is engineered using high-quality material and an effective cleaning system. It will meet all your cleaning needs.

Nonetheless, these products are available in different sizes, designs, and portable. They all have one purpose which is cleaning.

How Ultrasonic Cleaner works

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This device is commonly used for removing germs and dirt from the jewelry, motors parts,guns & musical instruments. Fill your tank with the right cleaning solution and place inside the items to clean.

Make sure that you have connected the cable to the power source and turn on. The equipped motor will produce some ultrasonic vibration through the solution. The vibration comes handy in breaking down the dirt particles, which might have accumulated on your jewelry.

The best thing concerning the ultrasonic cleaners, they are capable of cleaning unreachable parts of your jewelry.

Now, How To Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

#Cleaning Solution to Use

ultrasonic cleaner solutionultrasonic cleaner solutionultrasonic cleaner solution

The cleaning solution will depend on what you can afford in your local store. In the alternative, you can prepare your cleaning solution. In the event you choose to prepare a homemade solution, fill the tank of the ultrasonic with water and put one tablespoon of can increase the frequency of using solution depending on the dirt level of your parts.

Then add dish washing liquid. That’s easy right? you can turn the device on and run it without items for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will make sure that the solution mix well and make bubbles to get the commodity cleaned.

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#Heat The Ultrasonic Machine

The common mistake that many people do is to put cold water inside the tank. For effective cleaning of your jewelry, the water requires to be hot. Nevertheless, some ultrasonic cleaning devices are equipped with a heater. Therefore, the temperature automatically heat the solution. However, they might be expensive compared to other models. Typically, all you need is to heat the solution before you add in the tank. Thereafter, you can add small amount of dish washing liquid and ammonia.

#Ultrasonic Cleaning process

Soon after filling the tank with cleaning liquid and hot water, you can place your jewelry. Do not put a lot of pieces at a go to avoid scratching your jewelry. Turn your ultrasonic machine on until all your jewelry is clean. However, this will depend on how dirty they were. This cleaning time normally in between 1 to 20 minutes.

Once you are satisfied with the ultrasonic cleaning work, switch off the cleaner. You can leave all your items inside for about 5 to 10 minutes. This is to ensure that the dirt particles knocked down from your jewelry by sound waves, settles at the bottom of the tank. After removing all your jewelry, you can use a soft brush to clean briefly. This will make sure that all the residual dirt is eliminated. Rinse your items to remove all the detergents and use a dry cloth to wipe.

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Materials used for engineering ultrasonic machine


Most of these devices are equipped with a tank. Each tank has different gallons that it can accommodate and size. However, some are available without the tank. Therefore, using a sink or a bowl might be a good idea when using them. A good example is a sonic soak.

Stainless steel or aluminum

Different manufacturers have used the materials for durability and long-lasting.

Off and On switch

 This is found in every model. On the other hand, some models shut off automatically.


This is not found in all models. However, the one that is equipped with help in draining all the solutions soon after cleaning.

Basket or rack

This will prevent your jewelry from scratching during cleaning.

Final Verdict

When buying the best ultrasonic cleaner, make sure to ask for a user manual guide. Read carefully all the steps and correct measurements of the solution to use. You can also consult other users.

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