How To Make My Trolling Motor Faster

How To Make My Trolling Motor Faster

It is no secret that the trolling boat is both a fun-filled and handy piece of fishing equipment. Most boats of these kinds are powered by gasoline and are therefore limited in power output. The good news though is that it is indeed possible to increase the power output of the electric trolling motors.

To do this, you have to know these strategies and the manner in which to actualize them. We have sampled and are going to examine a couple of these strategies in the proceeding conversations. 

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Make Your Trolling Motor Faster

Change the Battery

Start off by changing the battery. In most instances, low motor power output may often be occasioned by dying batteries or batteries which have lost the potency of their chemical composition.

Before deciding to change the batteries or not, be sure that it can no longer accommodate further re-charge cycles. You do not want to waste your money unnecessarily. It is also a wise idea to settle for batteries which are more powerful than the one you had originally.

This, of course, is to guarantee you better outcomes.

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Reduce the Load of the Canoe

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Motors, just like any other piece of electronics, also has a maximum limit beyond which it can operate optimally.

In case you experience a slowdown in the pace of the boat and the overall working of the canoe, it could be that you are simply imposing too much load on it. To mitigate this condition, you want to reduce the amount of load that the canoe is intended to carry along. Just carry the bare minimum amount of load which you truly need and leave the rest.

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Fix a more Streamlined Propeller

You also want to ensure that the propeller is robust and fully operational at any given time. In light of this, you may also consider fixing a more streamlined propeller for the job.

The general rule of thumb should be that the propeller you fix has to compatible and ideally of the same size as the motor in use. You might try out a couple of propellers to find one that best suits your unique desires. Needless to say, you also have to engage the services of a trained mechanic to do the job.

Put on Lighter Attire

Over and above reducing the load of the canoe, you should also consider putting on some lighter attire. This is to contribute to reducing the overall load and in so doing enable the motor to power the canoe conveniently and with minimal drag. Some of the top ideas you should consider trying out are the T-shirt, swimsuit, and a life-jacket, only. They are generally lighter and thus impose the bare minimum amount of weight to your canoe. They will thus indirectly contribute to the speed of your motor.

Replace the Existing Motor

If all the above options fail, you might try out replacing the existing motor. Look out for one which has a higher power output and if possible, of larger size and larger pitch propeller.

The new motor will definitely boost the power and the performance of the canoe on the whole. You definitely need to engage the services of an expert in carrying out this noble undertaking. The dangers that come along with neglect are too huge to be suffered.


Well, it is clear that making your trolling motor faster is not so daunting, at least for a large part. This is because most measures are precautionary, and need no possession of technical expertise. However, some aspects of this practice are too technical to be handled individually. This is why invoking professional assistance makes absolute sense. It is up to you to determine the intervention measure which fits your budget and circumstance. Best of luck as you take the necessary step towards making your trolling motor faster.

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