How To Get Hydraulic Fluid Subnautica Below Zero

In the depths of Subnautica Below Zero, navigating the frigid waters presents unique challenges for survival. One critical component in this hostile environment is hydraulic fluid, which serves as a fundamental resource for powering and operating equipment. Comparable to the lifeblood coursing through an organism’s veins, hydraulic fluid enables efficient functioning and exploration of the underwater world.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on obtaining hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero by employing an academic writing style that emphasizes objectivity and impersonality. By eliminating personal pronouns, the focus remains solely on delivering precise, detailed information to an audience seeking understanding.

The following sections will cover essential topics such as understanding the significance of hydraulic fluid, locating the necessary resources for crafting it, utilizing fabricators to create this vital substance, effectively gathering its resources, troubleshooting common issues that may arise with its usage, and exploring advanced techniques and strategies for obtaining hydraulic fluid. Through these insights, readers will gain valuable knowledge on acquiring and utilizing hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero’s challenging aquatic realm.

Understand the Importance of Hydraulic Fluid in Subnautica Below Zero

The significance of hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero lies in its pivotal role as a crucial component for maintaining and operating various mechanical systems within the game. Hydraulic fluid, also known as hydraulic oil, is a specialized liquid that transfers power through hydraulic machinery by exerting pressure on pistons and cylinders. It possesses unique properties that make it suitable for this purpose, such as high viscosity and resistance to temperature changes.

Understanding the properties of hydraulic fluid is essential for players who want to effectively navigate and explore the underwater world of Subnautica Below Zero. By comprehending its characteristics, players can ensure proper functioning of their equipment and avoid potential malfunctions.

In the game, finding alternative sources of hydraulic fluid becomes necessary when supplies become scarce or inaccessible. Players must be resourceful and explore their surroundings to locate the required resources for crafting hydraulic fluid. This may involve searching for specific plants or minerals that can be processed into the desired substance.

By understanding how hydraulic fluid functions and knowing where to find the necessary resources, players can maintain their equipment’s performance and continue their exploration in Subnautica Below Zero seamlessly.

Locate the Required Resources for Crafting Hydraulic Fluid

To successfully craft hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero, one must first locate the necessary resources. The best locations to find hydraulic fluid resources are typically found in wrecks scattered throughout the game world. These wrecks often contain valuable items and materials that can be salvaged for crafting purposes. Specifically, players should search for wreckage sites that contain crates or storage lockers, as these are more likely to yield the required resources.

One of the primary resources needed to craft hydraulic fluid is Benzene, which can be obtained by harvesting Blood Oil from certain underwater plants such as Creepvines. Additionally, Synthetic Fibers can be acquired by collecting Creepvine Samples and then processing them using the Fabricator.

While locating and gathering these resources is the most common method for obtaining hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero, there are alternative methods available. For instance, players can also scavenge wrecked vehicles or explore abandoned bases to find pre-made containers of hydraulic fluid.

By familiarizing themselves with the best locations to find hydraulic fluid resources and considering alternative acquisition methods, players will have a better chance of obtaining this crucial crafting material. With these resources in hand, they can proceed to craft hydraulic fluid using the fabricator and continue their exploration in Subnautica Below Zero.

Craft Hydraulic Fluid Using the Fabricator

Crafting hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero involves utilizing the fabricator and its resources to create an essential component for underwater exploration. To gather hydraulic fluid components, players must first locate the required resources. These include two crystalline sulfur, one lithium, and one aerogel. Crystalline sulfur is commonly found in the deep twisty bridges biome or can be obtained by breaking open large resource deposits with a prawn suit drill arm. Lithium can be obtained by breaking limestone outcrops or shale outcrops using a survival knife or a prawn suit drill arm. Lastly, aerogel can be crafted from ruby and gel sacks which are typically found in thermal spires and lily pads caves respectively.

Alternatively, players may find hydraulic fluid in certain locations throughout the game world where it has been left behind. This offers an opportunity to collect hydraulic fluid without having to craft it manually.

Once the hydraulic fluid has been acquired, it can be used to power and operate equipment such as the Prawn Suit’s propulsion system or Seamoth’s depth module upgrade. This enables players to explore deeper depths of the ocean and access previously inaccessible areas, further enhancing their underwater adventures without any hindrances.

Use the Hydraulic Fluid to Power and Operate Equipment

Utilizing the acquired hydraulic fluid effectively powers and operates various equipment, enabling seamless exploration of previously inaccessible underwater areas. To maximize efficiency and prevent hydraulic fluid leaks, it is essential to follow these guidelines:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Conduct routine checks on all equipment powered by hydraulic fluid to ensure optimal performance. Inspect for any signs of leakage or damage that may compromise functionality.

  2. Proper Storage: Store hydraulic fluid in appropriate containers designed specifically for this purpose. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain the fluid’s integrity and prevent degradation.

  3. Correct Application: Use the correct type and viscosity of hydraulic fluid specified for each piece of equipment to maximize efficiency. Using an improper fluid can lead to decreased performance or even damage.

  4. Watch for Leaks: Continuously monitor equipment for any signs of hydraulic fluid leaks, such as puddles or damp spots. Addressing leaks promptly helps prevent further damage and conserves valuable resources.

By adhering to these guidelines, users can ensure that their acquired hydraulic fluid is used efficiently without any unnecessary wastage or potential harm to equipment. Following these principles will enable smooth operation while exploring underwater environments in Subnautica Below Zero.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about ‘tips and tricks for efficiently gathering hydraulic fluid resources,’ it is important to understand how to locate and acquire these valuable resources in order to continue powering equipment effectively without interruption.

Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Gathering Hydraulic Fluid Resources

Efficiently gathering resources necessary for powering equipment in underwater exploration requires strategic techniques and careful planning. When it comes to gathering hydraulic fluid resources in Subnautica Below Zero, there are a few efficient gathering techniques that players can utilize.

One effective technique is to explore deep-sea caves and crevices, as these areas often contain rich deposits of hydraulic fluid plants. These plants can be harvested using a knife or a propulsion cannon, providing a steady supply of hydraulic fluid. Another strategy is to keep an eye out for wreckage sites and abandoned structures, as they frequently contain valuable containers filled with hydraulic fluid.

Additionally, players should consider the alternative uses for hydraulic fluid. While its primary purpose is to power and operate equipment, it can also be used as a crafting ingredient for other useful items such as lubricant. By collecting extra hydraulic fluid and utilizing it wisely, players can ensure they have enough resources not only for their immediate needs but also for future crafting endeavors.

In the next section about troubleshooting common issues with hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero, we will explore ways to address any challenges that may arise when using this vital resource.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Hydraulic Fluid in Subnautica Below Zero

To efficiently gather hydraulic fluid resources in Subnautica Below Zero, players can apply various tips and tricks. However, it is not uncommon for users to encounter certain issues related to hydraulic fluid maintenance. Troubleshooting these common problems is essential for ensuring a smooth gameplay experience.

One potential issue that players may face is the deterioration of hydraulic fluid over time. As hydraulic systems are subjected to continuous use and exposure to harsh environments, the fluid may degrade or become contaminated. Regular inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system can help identify and address any issues before they escalate.

Another common problem relates to leaks in the hydraulic system. These leaks can result from damaged seals or connections, leading to a loss of fluid pressure and reduced performance. Identifying the source of the leak and repairing it promptly is crucial for maintaining optimal functionality.

Despite these challenges, using hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero offers several benefits. Hydraulic systems provide precise control and power transmission, enabling players to operate various mechanisms effectively. Additionally, hydraulic fluids offer excellent lubrication properties that reduce friction within the system, enhancing its overall efficiency.

In the next section, we will explore advanced techniques and strategies for obtaining hydraulic fluid resources in Subnautica Below Zero without compromising on safety or sustainability.

Explore Advanced Techniques and Strategies for Obtaining Hydraulic Fluid

Advanced techniques and strategies can be explored to acquire the necessary resources for maintaining hydraulic systems in Subnautica Below Zero, enhancing gameplay efficiency and ensuring smooth operation. Resource management plays a crucial role in obtaining hydraulic fluid efficiently. Here are some advanced techniques that players can employ:

  1. Efficient Exploration: Prioritize exploring areas with a high concentration of resource nodes, such as the Deep Twisty Bridges or Thermal Spires biomes. Utilize the Prawn Suit or Sea Truck with storage modules to maximize resource collection.

  2. Cyclops Scavenging: The Cyclops submarine can be used as a mobile base for gathering resources. Equip it with storage lockers and use its sonar system to locate wrecks and gather valuable materials.

  3. Thermal Vent Farms: Set up thermal vent farms near your bases using thermal plants and multipurpose rooms connected by corridors. This provides a consistent source of energy to power water filtration machines that produce both water and salt, which can then be converted into hydraulic fluid.

  4. Scanner Room Optimization: Upgrade the scanner room with range and speed upgrades to scan larger areas more quickly, revealing nearby resource deposits.

By implementing these advanced techniques and effectively managing resources, players can obtain hydraulic fluid more efficiently in Subnautica Below Zero, ultimately improving their gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hydraulic fluid be used for anything other than powering and operating equipment in Subnautica Below Zero?

Hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero is primarily used for powering and operating equipment. Its potential uses in other video games may vary, depending on game mechanics. The environmental impact of using hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero is not addressed without the context provided.

Are there any specific biomes or areas where hydraulic fluid resources are more abundant?

Hydraulic fluid resources in Subnautica Below Zero are not evenly distributed throughout the biomes. Some areas, such as the Twisty Bridges and Deep Twisty Bridges, have higher concentrations of hydraulic fluid compared to others.

Can hydraulic fluid be stored or does it need to be crafted on the spot when needed?

Hydraulic fluid cannot be stored for later use in Subnautica: Below Zero and needs to be crafted on the spot when needed. The ingredients required to craft hydraulic fluid are benzene, synthetic fibers, and crystalline sulfur.

Are there any alternative methods to obtaining hydraulic fluid besides crafting?

Hydraulic fluid can be obtained through exploration in Subnautica Below Zero, offering an alternative to crafting. By searching wreckages, abandoned bases, and underwater caves, players can uncover containers or fabricators containing hydraulic fluid.

How long does hydraulic fluid last before it needs to be replenished or replaced?

The lifespan of hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero depends on efficient usage and proper maintenance. It is crucial to understand how to use hydraulic fluid efficiently and the importance of maintaining hydraulic systems for optimal performance.


In conclusion, obtaining hydraulic fluid in Subnautica Below Zero is crucial for powering and operating equipment in the game. By understanding its importance and locating the necessary resources, players can craft hydraulic fluid using the fabricator. Efficiently gathering these resources and troubleshooting any issues that may arise will ensure a smooth gameplay experience. For those seeking advanced techniques and strategies, there are plenty of opportunities to explore and expand their knowledge of acquiring hydraulic fluid. So dive deep into this thrilling adventure and let your imagination flow like an unstoppable current.

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