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Pancake Air Compressor Parts – 7 Essential Components Explained

To appreciate the air compressors well, you no doubt have to know all about Air Compressor parts and associated components. The knowledge of such parts also goes a long way in expediting the maintenance of the items overall. We now craft an article that is wholly intended to help you with that.

Our discussions below are two-fold. The first part showcases the parts of a typical pancake air compressor. Its second part on the other hand focuses on the parts of the Porter Cable brand of the air compressor. We shall strive to confer as much information about the parts as possible.



A. Pancake air compressor parts

We start with the main parts of a typical Pancake air compressor:

#1: Hose clamp

This is a clip, lock, or fastener that serves to anchor the hose firmly on the nipple or the nozzle of the air compressor. It hence prevents the likelihood of the compressed air from seeping out unnecessarily when engaged for use. That way, it preserves the proper reliability of the gadget overall.

#2: Head gasket

A head gasket serves a more or less similar purpose as the hose clamp. Nonetheless, it fits the head rather than the nozzle or the nipple of the item. When fit at the head, it similarly prevents the compressed air from seeping out unnecessarily. That works to uphold the pressure of the compressor.

#3: Drain valve

The role of a drain valve is to regulate the outflow of the compressed air from the tank to the hose. It hence works to prevent too much or too little air from jutting out. This part works in tandem with the pressure gauge to see to it that you only churn out just the right amount of compressed air.

#4: Tube seal

A tube seal shuts off the heads or the openings of the air compressors. It sees to it that no air escapes even when the pressure is excessively high. Without the tube seal in place, the compressed air may be allowed out by way of accidental popping or opening.

#5: Valve plate

Valves basically regulate the outflow of compressed air. A typical valve is actually an amalgamation of closely related tools and accessories. They are all assembled and joined together in a valve plate. This plate also goes a long way in coordinating their proper functioning altogether.

#6: Power cable

Many, though not all pancake air compressors derive their power from the mains electricity. For this to happen, they have to be attached to the mains electricity output. The power cable exists to play this role. It provides the mechanism via which the electrical power may be drawn from a socket to the appliance.

#7: Pressure regulator

Certain applications demand that the level of pressure is maintained at a steady level. The pressure regulator exists to serve this purpose. It sets and places the pressure output of the gadget at manageable levels. Then again it minimizes the likelihood of huge fluctuations and the dangers that come along.

B. Porter Cable air compressor parts

Porter Cable air compressor parts

We now belabor the parts of the Porter Cable air compressor brand:

#1: Pressure gauge

This part basically measures the prevailing levels of pressure and displays the readings in real-time for you, the reader. It thus eliminates guesswork and guarantees that every decision you will make in pursuance of it is the most accurate you can probably attain.

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#2: Compressor hose

The hose channels the compressed air from the tank to the exact location where the same might be needed. It is stronger, longer, and flexible enough to guarantee proper functioning all the time when it is called upon. Attached to it, are the pressure gauge and the regulator valve.

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#3: Air pressure switch

An air pressure switch basically works to control the operations of the electric air compressors. It activates and deactivates the system at will to enable the attainment of this end. The switch cuts down the time and the effort you would otherwise expend to have your way.

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#4: Connector/coupler

As the name implies, this serves to joint or amalgamate two or more electrical terminations. Through this connection, it enables the disparate parts and components of the gadget like the printed circuit boards, cables, and the connecting wires to work in harmony with each other.

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#5: Safety adapter

It is not uncommon for accidents to arise when using air compressors. Specifically, there are the dual issues of explosions and voltage overload. A safety adapter exists to suppress any possibility of this arising. Thus, it works to bolster your overall confidence as you work with this item.

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#6: Nozzle tip

The nozzle tip is the point at which the hose nozzle fits the compressor tank. Thanks to this fitting, the tank is capable of draining its contents to the hose which the latter ultimately drains to the surface required for use. Needless to say, this tip has to be compatible with the tank in use to prevent any leaks.

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#7: Hook and loop pad

Closing the list of the leading parts is the hook-and-loop pad. The pad is mainly used when attaching the compressor to a surface for purpose of proper and firm anchorage. Thanks to this arrangement, the item is less likely to trip or sustain any damages when handled.

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We have come a long way indeed in looking at the parts of the air compressors. How about you now forging ahead to identify the parts that may be suitable for your course? As you hunt for a suitable part, we emphasize the need to have them fit exactly and as nearly as possible.

Remember, lots of dangers are potentially capable of arising when engaging an air compressor. The last you would want to happen is an explosion arising when engaging the item. Having said all that, we now challenge you to embark on a search right away!

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