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Kobalt Two Stage Air Compressor Best Review

Air compressors play a vital role in holding the compressed air in escrow pending the application and use thereof. The two-stage air compressor is superior to the single-stage in that it compresses the air to double the pressure output for a given cylinder size.

Even though many brands are engaged in the manufacture of this vital appliance, the Kobalt two-stage air compressor brand stands out. We devote the whole of this article to looking into this brand. In our discussions, we shall review the three leading products and answer some of the frequently asked questions.


Kobalt is a leading manufacturer of power and mechanics tools. It is wholly owned and operated by the American home improvement company, Lowe’s. This company produces and churns out excellent products that have been used in many homes throughout the North American region and beyond.

These products stand out with regard to matters of higher quality and long-term reliability. They are not only strong but also tend to endure the test of time. That they are structured for the common home use makes them simpler to comprehend and relatively cheaper to come by.


We now review three leading Kobalt two-stage air compressors at the moment:

#1: Kobalt 30-Gallon Single Stage Electric Air Compressor


If you are seeking a worthy companion to repair your engines and exhaust systems, look to none other than this. It also goes beyond sharpening blades, sand wood, and inflating the car systems, to name but a few!

Outstanding Features and Benefits

35% quieter

It is comparatively quieter than many compressors we have around. On the same note, it is also somewhat cooler than those alternatives that are derived from Aluminum and cast iron materials.

Compact stature

Overall, it does come about in a compact stature thanks to its portable and vertical design. For this reason, it is sure to maximize the floor space of your room and area considerably.

Longer life pump

When all factors are taken into consideration, the pump manages a longer lifespan. This comes to about 5,000 hours. You may thus rely on it for your prolonged engagements and applications.

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Longer life pump


  • Strong enough to tackle well over 100 tasks conveniently
  • Relatively simple to keep clean after a spate of use
  • Tends to last longer than many other alternatives that be
  • A lot simple to install and set up for eventual use
  • Just out a massive 155 pounds per square inch of pressure output


  • Cannot accept any attachments or upgrades

#2: Kobalt 60-Gallon Two-Stage Corded Electric Vertical Air Compressor Accessories Included


Of all the compressors we have, this seems to enjoy the widest applicability. You may use it for painting furniture, rotating wheels, tackling heavy-duty nailing, and grinding wheels.

Outstanding Features and Benefits


All its moving parts are lubricated using oil to facilitate the smooth motions thereof. The lubrication also extends the longevity of the parts by reason of minimizing wear and tear. Should we add that it reduces noise as well?

Stationary vertical design

By and large, it comes about in a stationary vertical design that sees it occupy the least amount of space possible. You have it for your consideration and subsequent use if yours is a cramped-up space or room.

Heavy-duty induction motor

At the core of the machine is the heavy-duty induction motor that produces and furnishes it with torque. The motor bears the 230V rating and juts out the torque at the rate of 3.7 horsepower.


  • Gets to the 175 pounds per square inch output
  • Ensures optimal performances at all times
  • Operates with maximum quietness
  • Manages a vast array of applications and tasks
  • Tends to last fairly longer than many other tools of its kinds


  • Lacks a dedicated power cord

#3: Kobalt 80-Gallon Two-Stage Electric Vertical Air Compressor


Wrapping it all up is this Kobalt 80-Gallon Two-Stage Electric Vertical Air Compressor. Its sheer large capacity makes it stand out as pertains to matters of the longevity of use. Use it in professional settings.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Massive capacity

As hinted above, the capacity of this compressor is a massive 80 gallons. In a consequence of this, it is able to handle and facilitate a vast array of tasks ranging from painting to sanding and engine repairs.

2-stage oil-lubed pump

The core of the machine features the 2-stage oil-lubed pump. Being sufficiently lubricated, the pump guarantees smoother operations while also minimizing excess heat loss and higher noise output.

175 PSI max pressure pump

Its motor is by and large capable of jutting out a massive 175 pounds per square inch of pressure output. This guarantees a consistently high rate of outflow while also being able to handle and tackle diverse kinds of tools.


  • Has an impressive 80-gallon capacity
  • Appropriately suited for professional engagements
  • Its heavy-duty motor endures the test of time indeed
  • Juts out a higher pressure output threshold
  • Useful in the garage and at the workshop conveniently


  • Slightly noisier and uncomfortable to juggle around with
175 PSI max pressure pump


We now provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

Q1. Is a two-stage air compressor worth it?

A. YES, it is! It produces a higher air power that is great for large-scale operations and activities that demand some prolonged continuity.

Q2. What is the advantage of a 2-stage compressor?

A. This compressor is more efficient and greatly reliable to make use of. It thus reduces the losses that are often more likely to arise when applying such pieces of equipment.

Q3. Does a higher CFM imply a better air compressor?

A. YES, it does! A higher CFM rating means the machine juts out a higher output flow of the air. With an elevated outflow of air comes better performance and enduring outcomes.

Q4. What is a good size air compressor?

A. It all depends on the scope of your applications. Choose a 2.6-gallon for your common everyday use and an 80-gallon capacity for professional applications, and so on.

Q5. How powerful of an air compressor do I need?

A. This again depends on the scope of your applications as well as the kinds of tools you would wish to engage it with. Most common applications require 0-5 cubic feet per minute (cfm) @ 70-90 pounds per square inch (psi) output.


We bring to closure our review and buying guide of the Kobalt two-stage air compressor. This is an item you desperately want to have in your possession if you own any moving parts or an automobile. Its possession shall cut the time and effort you may have to invest when making appropriate repairs.

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