CENTRAL PNEUMATIC 3 gallon air compressor

What Are The Advantages Of Pancake Air Compressor? Top 5

Have the potential to bring about the best possible performances in your compressor needs.following are the key advantages of pancake air compressor:

advantages of pancake air compressor

Extreme portability

Most pancake air compressors have a capacity of 8 gallons or less. They are subsequently not so heavy to lift as they demand limited muscle. This blends well with its uniquely stylish shape to allow for proper and unconstrained handling. You have them for your taking if you move about regularly.

Allows for easy storage

Thanks yet again to their slim and compact stature, these gadgets allow for easy transportation. They hardly take up lots of space as others of their kind ordinarily do. With this trait at your fingertips, you are certain to enjoy the benefit of unconstrained use all the while.

Applicable for common do-it-yourself projects

A typical pancake air compressor is suitable for many of the common do-it-yourself projects we have around. These include airbrushing, nailing, and inflating items. Moreover, it also comes in, during emergency situations. Its choice and subsequent usage hence bring along many of the benefits that ultimately return high value for money.

Higher maximum pressure

When compared to the twin stack compressors, these tend to produce higher levels of maximum pressure output. On account of this, you are sure to get so much more from them than you would with ordinary gadgets of its kinds. This also means you get to derive much more value from them.

Relatively energy-efficient

Lastly, they are relatively more energy-efficient than most of their peers. This is made possible by a combination of two factors. These are the low footprint as well as a relatively low carrying capacity of no more than 8 gallons. It hence goes that you save more and spend less by choosing to work with this gadget.

Pancake Air Compressor vs Horizontal – What Is Best?

These two air compressors measure up in the following ways:

Tank volume

When all factors are taken into consideration, the pancake air compressor has a relatively smaller volume than the horizontal air compressor. It is hence useful for someone who merely wants to undertake the common do-it-yourself projects. The horizontal counterpart is nonetheless awesome for large-scale projects on account of higher tank volume.


An ordinary pancake air compressor has an upright and vertical orientation. For this reason, it is slimmer and generally better-placed at optimizing the limited spaces that may be available at your disposal. Its horizontal air compressor counterpart on the other hand tends to take up lots of space owing to the horizontal orientation.

Relative size

Comparatively, the pancake air compressor is smaller, more compact, and slimmer than its horizontal air compressor counterpart. On account of this, it takes up less storage space and is also a lot convenient to handle around. The size of the latter is larger and hence tends to take up lots of space.


If you are seeking an item to use for your common do-it-yourself applications, you are better off with the pancake air compressor. This stems from its similarly simple and more compact stature. For your more complicated undertakings, however, the horizontal air compressor will come in handy.

Handling and storage

We have repeatedly stated that the pancake air compressor is slimmer and more compact than the horizontal air compressor. It is as such more convenient to handle and store. You have it for the taking if your space of residence is similarly smaller and more cramped up.

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