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Though many scooters of these kinds exist at this point in time, few, if any, beat the Zero 10X.Laying your hands on a powerful and reliable electric scooter is the first and foremost step to take to enjoy your rides in the hood. We have since seen it important to lay bare what it has to offer for you.

In a nutshell, this is a high-performance dual-motor drive and dual-suspension machine. It is tough and reliable enough for the on and off-road riding conditions. Our Zero 10X Review follows endeavors to lay bare its tiniest details with the aim of guiding you appropriately towards a purchase.

Zero 10X Scooter Review

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Powerful and Reliable Electric Scooter

  • 21AH 2400w Twin Motor Electric Scooter
  • 65 km/h top speed & 85km on a single charge
  • Front and Rear spring hydraulic suspensions
  • 2 modes: ECO mode and TURBO mode
  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation

Here below are some of the highlights of the major features that the scooter has and their fringe benefits:

High-Performance Dual-Motor Drive

At the core of the machine is the high-performance dual-motor drive. It is the one that generates the torque that subsequently powers the machine altogether. The motor boasts a rating of about 1,000W. Considering the high-performance nature of the motor, they do a really great job.

Zero 10X Dual Suspension is Industry Best

Next comes the dual suspension. These provide the strength and the support that the scooter and its occupants need to scale their terrains and trails reliably. So string and reinforced is the dual suspension that allows for reliable on and off-road performances for you.

Higher Speeds

By and large, this scooter is able to hit extremely high speeds. Its speeds of operations have been noted to get to the 40 miles per hour mark. At the same time, it also maintains this speed per charge and hence largely negates the need for you to constantly charge and re-charge the scooter as you move along.

Exceeding Comfort

Also coming along are some comfort features. Of these, the shock absorbers stand out. Their roles are to neutralize the shaking and vibrations to guarantee smoother and silent driving comfort as you move along. The shocks are high performing in the sense of being equipped with powerful springs indeed.

zero 10x scooter

Larger Tires

At the base of the scooters are some larger tires. They, being large, serve to dissipate the pressure while also providing exceptional support that prevents the occupant from swerving or falling off unnecessarily along the way. You will need large tires when taking on heavier terrains.

Massive Heat Sinks

Existing as part and parcel of the makeup of the scooter are some massive heat sinks. These as you may already have guessed play the role of dissipating the heat as fast and efficient as can possibly be. They, in doing that, dissipate the power of the scooter optimally at all times.

Excellent Visibility

A combination of the LED light bulbs and reflectors manages excellent visibility for you. The LED light bulb ensures that you behold your paths well in times of low illumination while the reflectors see to it that other road users can spot and keep accurate track of you even in the dark.

Exceedingly Safe

Wrapping them all up are some safety features that work to enhance your own overall safety. The front and the rear disc brakes particularly serve to impose massive halting power. They prevent you from overshooting your destinations while also bringing the vehicle to a stop promptly.

Positive Side
  • Works well in both on-road and off-road conditions
  • Gets to the extremely high speed of 40 miles per hour
  • Retains its charge for longer (roughly 6 hours)
  • Strong enough to bear a massive 120kg of weight
  • Manages 60 km per charge (without recharging)
Negative Side
  • Comes at a price that is somewhat higher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We now get to answer certain questions that revolve around this particular topic:

How fast does a 1000W electric scooter go?

Around 26.1 miles per hour. This translates to 42km/h. Generally, this figure is faster than those of ordinary bikes or diesel motorbikes. The awesome speed also tends to take you faster to your destination. You will need this awesome speed as you cruise along the way.

Can I make my electric scooter go faster?

SURE! You may add a spare motor or another battery or both. The extra motor provides additional torque that subsequently gives your scooter the power to scale tough terrains easily. That spare battery goes ahead to give your scooter the extra power it needs to take on rough terrains easily.

Is 10 mph fast on a scooter?

NOT really! Considering that the average speed of a scooter is in the neighborhood of about 15 mph, this figure is a bit too low. You may need to either upgrade your scooter or simply acquire one that is able to get to higher levels of speed output and performance.

Can you drive an E-bike with a DUI?

NOT all! Many jurisdictions ban the use of DUI when riding motor scooters. It is worth noting though that the definition and the finer details that govern this kind of practice vary considerably from one area to another one. You have to take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules in your area hence.

Are electric scooters legal?

YES, they are! In many areas, they are defined as motor vehicles and given the same levels of protection and recognition as those vehicles. Yet again, you have to check out the area you are in to find out how the prevailing rules and regulations define it.


You have no doubt now that the Zero 10X is a great scooter for you to pick and make use of. As you may note from the foregoing explanations, this vehicle has every part, component, and specification you need to enjoy your time well while on the road.

We ask you to go beyond merely reading in between the Zero 10X Review we have provided above. How else can you enjoy the benefits that this machine has to offer? Go ahead now and make appropriate arrangements to acquire this gadget for yourself! While at it, consider passing this piece of information to the others around you as well.

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