Where are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

Maxxis trailer tires are made in Thailand. The company has manufacturing facilities in Thailand.

Maxxis is a globally recognized brand known for producing high-quality trailer tires. Their manufacturing facilities in Thailand uphold strict quality standards to ensure durability and performance. The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence has established Maxxis as a trusted choice among trailer owners worldwide.

By manufacturing in Thailand, Maxxis can efficiently produce top-tier trailer tires that meet the needs of various applications. With a focus on quality control and cutting-edge technology, Maxxis continues to lead the industry in providing reliable and long-lasting trailer tires for consumers.

Where are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

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Locations Of Maxxis Trailer Tire Manufacturing

When it comes to the manufacturing locations of Maxxis trailer tires, the company has established production facilities in various countries to cater to different markets and maintain a global presence. Understanding the location of manufacturing plants can provide valuable insights into the quality and origin of Maxxis trailer tires.

The United States

The US is where Maxxis operates a state-of-the-art production facility for trailer tires, ensuring high-quality standards and compliance with industry regulations.


Maxxis has a manufacturing presence in China, leveraging the country’s robust manufacturing infrastructure to produce trailer tires for the domestic and international markets.


Maxxis has established a manufacturing facility in Thailand, benefiting from the country’s skilled workforce and strategic location for serving the Southeast Asian and global markets.


Taiwan serves as a vital location for Maxxis trailer tire manufacturing, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement in tire production.

Where are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

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Where are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

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Frequently Asked Questions For Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

Who Manufactures Maxxis Tires?

Maxxis tires are manufactured by Maxxis International, a well-known tire company based in Taiwan.

Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Any Good?

Yes, Maxxis trailer tires are known for their durability and good performance. Many users are satisfied with their quality and reliability.

Is Maxxis A Good Brand Of Tire?

Yes, Maxxis is a reputable tire brand known for its quality, durability, and performance. With a wide range of options for different vehicles, Maxxis tires are a reliable choice for both everyday driving and more demanding conditions.

Where Is The Original Maxxis From?

The original Maxxis is from Taiwan, known for its high-quality tire manufacturing.

Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made?

Maxxis trailer tires are manufactured in their state-of-the-art facilities in Taiwan and Thailand.

How Reliable Are Maxxis Trailer Tires?

Maxxis trailer tires are highly reliable and known for their durability, excellent traction, and resistance to wear and tear.

What Are The Key Features Of Maxxis Trailer Tires?

Maxxis trailer tires are designed with advanced rubber compounds, strong sidewalls, and innovative tread patterns for enhanced performance and stability.


Maxxis trailer tires are manufactured in Taiwan and Thailand. The company is committed to delivering high-quality, durable tires that meet the demands of trailer owners. Their global presence and focus on innovation make Maxxis a reputable choice for those seeking reliable trailer tires.

With a strong reputation for performance and longevity, Maxxis tires are a smart investment for any trailer owner.

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