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How To Get Boating License: 3 Easy Step To Achieve Online

Many jurisdictions will usually require you to obtain some licensure before being eligible to moor or operate your boat in their area of influence. This licensure is necessary for the sake of improved monitoring of the conditions of the boat and for the purposes of collecting taxes. Considering that you will hardly evade this step, it is imperative that you learn how to get boating license.

We have crafted and devoted the entire length and breadth of this article do just that. Kindly take your time to read through to be able to know everything that pertains to the topic of discussion.

Types of Boating Licenses

Boating licenses come in three main kinds and types. We identify and offer brief explanations to them here below:

a.) Boater Safety Education

This is the most basic form of boating license. It is issued out upon the prospective boat rider passing some basic safety training and skills. The purpose of this licensure is to ensure that the rider-to-be equips himself with the basic safety skills that are necessary for the utmost performance while in the waters.

b.) OUPV License

The term OUPV stands for “Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels”. It is also called a 6-pack license in the sense that this yacht license grants the operators the leeway to operate a vessel that weighs 100 gross tons to carry no more than 6 passengers. This licensure absolves the boat owners from the inspection by the USCG Commercial Vessel Inspection Standards.

c.) Master License

It is the most comprehensive of all the licenses that be. This license gives the boat owners or riders the freedom to carry more than 6 passengers. For this reason, it places the vessel under the USCG commercial inspection standards. This demands the vessels to be inspected from time to time to see to it that it lives up to those standards.

Do I need boating license?

There is no standard answer to this question, really. It all depends on exactly where you happen to be. Some states or jurisdictions demand that you obtain licensure prior to mooring or operating your boat in their waters. Others however do not require this at all. You should hence countercheck with your state before setting out.

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How to Get boating License

Each state has the mandate to determine the requirements for operating a boat in its jurisdiction. As such, there is no unified way to prepare for obtaining this licensure. You should hence make a step of finding out what your state says ought to be done to be able to obtain such a license.

Generally, though, most states will demand that you sit and pass a boating safety and education. This culminates with the issuance of a certificate. Following this is an evaluation of your own competence and riding skills. A formal application is usually made principally via the online platform to be able to receive the license.

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Online boating license – how to get

Online boating license

Below are the steps you ought to take to be able to obtain your online boating license via the online platform:

# Get to know your state’s requirement

We have already explained that these requirements vary per state. You should hence know exactly what your state says or demands to be followed in this instance. Get online or pay a visit to the nearest government office in charge of such affairs.

# Pursue a relevant boat safety course

Next, you should pursue and pass a relevant boat safety course. The aim of this course is to acquaint you with the necessary safety skills that you will require when riding your boat out in the open. Make sure you master every principle as you will need them greatly.

# Apply for the boating license

Having armed yourself with the necessary boat safety skills, time is now ripe for you to apply for the boating license. This will require that you sit and pass the necessary boating license test first and foremost. It follows by presenting your credentials to the relevant authorities.

Boat License Practice Test

Prior to receiving this licensure, you will often have to sit and pass a practical test. The test complements the theoretical knowledge you obtain in class. It is important that you pass it to be able to gain the skill-set you need to stay safer and uphold the peace of others while in the water.

Where to get the Boat License

The exact place where to get boat license varies from state to state. Some may give it under the ‘Department of Motor Vehicle’ while others have a department that is wholly dedicated to it. Yet again, you are called upon to know the exact government arm that deals with this issue in your state. Consider getting online or using the necessary search engines to go about it.

How much does a boating license cost?

The exact cost of the boating license depends mainly on the kind of licensure. Here is a breakdown of the costs of the three main kinds of licenses:

PS: The exact how much is boating license is likely to vary from place to place and time to time. You should countercheck these two with the relevant authorities before proceeding to ask for a license.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum age to drive a boat?

A. The exact minimum age to be a driver depends on the kind of vessel, the state where you reside, and the number of passengers or weight of cargo to haul. One has to be no less than 14 years to be able to ride personal watercraft. The age of 12 years is mandatory to be allowed to ride a vessel that exceeds 10 horsepower engine capacity.

Do you need to be certified to sail?

A. NO! You are free to purchase a boat and go-ahead to sail, at least in the United States. Be careful as this requirement or leeway may not hold the world over. Take some time to know what your area of jurisdiction demands before taking such a step.

Can I take my boat out of state?

A. YES, but only for a 60-day window. Many states allow the vessels that are registered out of state to be used within their jurisdictions for a limited window of only 60 days. Thereafter, they have to be registered anew in the state before being allowed to continue operating.


You now know how to get boating license. Having gained the insight you need, is it not alright for you now to proceed and make the most of the license? How can you possibly leverage the benefits that come along without implementing the insights you have gained? As always, we wish you the best of luck in your subsequent endeavors!

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