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Best Trolling Plate For Outboard Motor |Top 6 Reviewed

Finding and deploying a boat in and of itself is never enough. Fixing it with the best trolling plate is one sure way of achieving this end. You have to see to it that the boat is able to maintain its stability at all times of the rides.A trolling plate attaches to a motor and acts to stabilize the boat.

We want to provide you with the guidance you need to arrive at a suitable purchase of the perfect trolling plate for outboard motors. This, we do, by crafting and dedicating this review-cum-buying to you. In addition to that, we shall also examine the maintenance tips you ought to adhere to so that you may do a great job, overall.

What Is A Trolling Plate?

A trolling plate is an attachment that is fixed to the motor of the boat. Its role is to stabilize the boat and streamlining its movements on the waters. By the mix of these arrangements, the plate also reduces the noise output to ensure a more comfortable ride all along.

Trolling Plate Pros And Cons

Below are the common pros and cons of this gadget:

Positive Side
  • Aids in halting the boat
  • Stabilizes the boat in the rougher waters
  • Expedites the controls of the boat along the way
  • Minimizes accidents even when the waters are rough
  • Puts you in firm control of the boat
Negative Side
  • Induces excess weight on the boat

Topo Brands

Here below are the renown trolling plate brands:

  • Easytroller trolling plate
  • Trol A Matic
  • Davis Lil Fella
  • Ironwood Pacific
  • The Happy Troller
  • Hussle’s friend
  • Wise

Best Trolling Plate For Outboard Motor

We devote this segment to the reviews list of six of the most popular trolling plates for outboard motors:

#1 Ironwood Pacific EasyTroller Trolling Plate

Ironwood Pacific EasyTroller Trolling Plate

This trolling plate has the advantage of mounting directly to the plate of your boat’s outdrive or outboard. It is hence easier and more convenient to work with overall.

Hinged plate

Its hinged plate flexes upwards to avoid damages to the plates. This in turn ensures smoother long-term applications of the gadget without too many damages arising in the process.

Excellent construction

The item boasts of excellent construction. This construction is made possible by a mix of stainless steel and marine-grade anodized aluminum. It is subsequently stronger and more enduring.

Powerful motor

A powerful motor crowns all the boat trolling plate has to provide. It churns out a decent 50-300 horsepower that drives the gadget forwards in such a manner as to deter the oncoming waves.

Positive Side
  • Deters all forms of damages to the boat
  • Flexes under pressure to enable smooth responsiveness
  • Easier to engage and control atop the water bodies
  • Incorporates the hydrofoil as well
  • Can reduce the trolling speed to below 1 mile per hour
Negative Side
  • May bend to damage the trolling plate under power

#2: Davis Instruments Happy Troller, Small

Davis Instruments Happy Troller

If your boat is small, you want to fix a similarly smaller trolling plate to save on space. For that role, we recommend this trolling plate for the outboard motor as it is small and compact enough to manage the attainment of that end.

Smooth mounting

By and large, the gadget mounts smoothly on the anti-cavitation plate. Thanks to this bags, it enables finer controls of the trolling speed as per your unique needs at any given moment.

Pretty stable

It is wholly optimized to be pretty stable regardless of the nature of the waters on which it is deployed. The locking down position is what is primarily responsible for the attainment of this feat.

Seamless interchangeability

You may deploy and use this trailer smoothly on both fresh and salty waters. This of course brings about a fairer degree of convenience to you as it negates the need to purchase different boats for different waters.

Positive Side
  • Retains its stability across all kinds of waters
  • Regulates the speed of trolling appropriately
  • Makes the rides smoother even in the rough waters
  • Slows down the cavitation and proposing
  • Useful all year round
Negative Side
  • Limited to engines that bear the 20-50 HP ratings

#3 Nauticus PT9510-60 SX ProTroller Series Trim Tabs

Nauticus PT9510-60 SX ProTroller Series

Have never utilized these trolling plates before? If you answered the question in the affirmative, this is the one we would recommend for your use and engagement.

Steering control

Topping the charts of its many offerings is the responsive steering control. The efficacy of the controls is largely made possible by the fact that the prop is not constrained in its movements.

Efficient automatic trim tabs

A set of efficient automatic trim tabs & accessories exist to lever up the boat to the running position. That way, it lets you really enjoy all the exceptional performance you desire from this gadget.

Exceptional performance

Overall, the gadget manages exceptional performance indeed. This comes in the forms of faster accelerations, a higher top speed, and greater fuel economy.

Positive Side
  • Premium product,Incorporates all the controls in one package
  • Converts smart tabs into trolling brakes
  • Brings the boat to a halt smoothly
  • Tracks at extremely low speeds for maximum riding comfort
  • Most of its parts and functionalities are automated
Negative Side
  • Requires some assembly right before use

#4 Trol – A – Matic Trolling Plate

Trol - A - Matic Trolling Plate

Have many kinds of inboard or outboards out-drives? We have some good news for you! This trolling motor mounting plate is capable of enduring 50hp and upwards. Moreover, it also mounts in minutes!

Automatic operations

The gadget is capable of managing automatic operations. That cuts down the effort you may have to expend when engaging its parts.

Fiberglass-filled-nylon construction

All throughout, the boat boasts of the fiberglass-filled-nylon construction that is light in weight and resilient to the common agents of damages that may be thrown at it.

Variable speeds

You have the pleasure of being able to vary the speed of the boat as per your wish. It thus puts you in full control of the management and the operations of the gadget at all times.

Positive Side
  • Travels in varying degrees of speed limits
  • Gives forth some pretty smooth and comfortable rides
  • Packed with loads of extremely friendly features
  • Completely automatic and requires almost no input on your part
  • Counters all forms of interferences from the oncoming harsh winds and waves
Negative Side
  • Unsuitable for use with the Volvo out-drives

#5 Davis Instruments Lil Fella

Davis Instruments Lil Fella

Do you shuffle back and forth from the fresh to the salty waters? If all you do, this is the trolling plate to fix your eyes on & add to your shopping cart. It is optimized for use in both kinds of waters with a fairer degree of convenience.

Tough construction

Overall, the trolling plate bears a tough construction. This is ensured by its stainless steel mounting hardware and injection-molded of highest quality polycarbonate material makeup.

All-round use

You may use this trolling plate for all kinds of waters and throughout the year as well. It is optimized for salty and fresh waters by its sheer resistance to corrosion and salt damages.

Exceedingly versatile

This trolling plate comes incomplete and open for further assembly. It also attaches to many other accessories and extras that extend its overall range of engagements for fishing.

Positive Side
  • Enables troll fishing thanks to its ability to slow the outboard
  • Fits motors that bear the 25-horsepower rating
  • Regulates the trolling speed as per your precise boating needs
  • May cruise in the clear open waters
  • Withstands corrosion and other agents of damages
  • Easy To Install
Negative Side
  • Product horsepower rating is limited to 25 horsepower only

#6: Davis Happy Troller Large Trolling Plate f/IO’s + All Outboards 50hp & Larger

Davis Happy Troller Large

Desiring to accrue the highest value for your money? Get hold of this trolling plate for the inboard outboard and achieve this end as soon as possible. Its premium quality does save the money of the users outstandingly.

Exceptionally stable

For all intents and purposes, the gadget add exceptionally stable. It, as a matter of fact, maintains its stability in all riding conditions regardless of the degree of turbulence in existence.

Marine Aluminum makeup

Its frame and major structural makeup comprise the marine Aluminum makeup. This combines with the highest quality stainless steel to deliver exceptional strength and vitality when in transit.

Clear anodized aluminum finish

In closing, the exterior of the plate exudes some clear anodized aluminum finish that sparkles and glitters to the eyes. On account of this, the item may also serve aesthetic needs.

Positive Side
  • Simpler to assemble and commission for work
  • Installs in under 15 minutes
  • Fits many kinds of motor ratings
  • Retains its upward orientation even in turbulent waters
  • Saves your money and investments by a wide margin
  • Perfect sign of design & true sailing gear for engine
Negative Side
  • Prone to premature damages

Trolling Plate Or Hydrofoil?

At any given time, you have the dual options of the trolling plate or the hydrofoil. Below are some of the ways in which the two compare:

Mounting position

A trolling plate mounts next to the motor as it is used to regulate the power output thereof. The hydrofoil on the other hand fits beneath the boat. Its purpose is to provide a lift to the boat to make it move smoothly on the water.


You will need a trolling plate to stabilize the boat and prevent it from capsizing along the way. That means it is for all practical purposes a safety apparatus. A hydrofoil however is mainly used to make the rides smoother and more streamlined. It particularly minimizes fidgeting and excessive rocking.


A trolling plate has the impact of making the rides more stable and less prone to the risks of capsizing and other dangers that potentially arise when the waters are rougher. The hydrofoil has the impact of aiding your steering to let you have full control of the riding exercise.

Things To Consider Before buying

To find the appropriate trolling plate for the outboard motor, factor in the following considerations:

Horsepower rating

These plates are designed to pair and work alongside the motors. You must view to it that you pick and pair the right plate with the right motor. That is only achievable if you ascertain the rating of your motor first and foremost. Go ahead now and find a plate that operates within that range.

Sheer size and capacity of the boat

The sheer size and capacity of the boat. A larger and heavier boat will generally require a more powerful trolling plate and vice versa. You should hence attempt as much as possible to gauge the size of the boat with the kind of trolling motors you have in mind.

The nature of the waters

You must also consider the nature of the waters you intend to deploy your boats on. If the waters are rough and tough, the trolling plate you engage for the job must also be tough and resilient. Pick any weak alternative if the waters are smoother as the chance of premature damages is unlikely to arise.

Planned frequency of use

How often do you plan to use the trolling plates? If you are a career fisherman who uses the boats regularly, your trolling motor ought to similarly be stronger and more enduring. That is to ensure proper performance on a regular basis without falling apart too soon!

Structural makeup

Lastly, you should also pay attention to the structural makeup of the trolling plate. The structure has to line up with the kinds of waters you intend to ply. If yours is salty water, the structure has to be resistant to corrosion. Any other alternative would however do for the fresh waters.

Maintenance Guide

Below are some of the maintenance tips you may adhere to while operating these machines:

Regular inspections

You have to inspect the plate regularly to anticipate any issues that may require timely intervention on your part. As soon as you observe any issue that may demand your input, you have to take the earliest opportunity to remedy them. That will forestall further damages on your part.

Lubrication of moving parts

From time to time, you have to lubricate the moving parts. Lubrication expedites the smooth movements of the parts and prevents them from wearing out too soon as a result of the excess heat that originates from the frictional forces. We recommend that you lubricate them before each use.

Tightening of the bolts

With use, the bolts that anchor the plates firmly in place tend to get loose and unreliable insofar as the proper performance of the plates is concerned. We hence suggest that you tighten the bolts firmly using a wrench. Do this preferably right before you use the boat.

Upgrades of the parts

Always be on the lookout for any new parts and components. As soon as you spot them, be quick to incorporate them in your trolling plate fixture. This is to put you ahead of the game insofar as the awesome benefits that the trolling plates potentially offer are concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install a trolling plate

Follow these guidelines to install a trolling plate:
  • Garner the ¼-inch (64mm) mounting bolts, nuts, and washers
  • Pull the control handle
  • Move the trolling plate down into position
  • Get to the anti-cavitation plate on the motor or outdrive
  • Fix the Happy Troller on the underside
  • Lock the troller plate into position
  • Fix the troller into the anti-cavitation plate
  • Move it forward but do not interfere with the release mechanism
  • Drill holes into which you shall anchor the plates
  • Slot in the ¼-inch (6.5mm) bolt from the mount plate side
  • Tighten the washer and the nut on the anti-cavitation plate side lightly
  • Repeat this above process for the three remaining holes

What does a trolling plate do?

The plate mainly serves to stabilize the boats at lower speeds. Secondarily, it also counters the oncoming resistance from the waves and the approaching winds. Thus, it exists to uphold your safety when riding your boat even in waters, and at times that may not ordinarily be favorable.

Do trolling plates work?

YES, they do! The boats that have them fixed are generally more stable and less inclined to the risks of capsizing. Additionally, the plates also absorb the noise outputs that the boats generally produce when traveling from point A to point B.

Wrap Up

We wrap up our reviews of the best trolling plates for outboard motors. These items are ordinarily quite expensive. You can never afford to pick any at random as that may never yield you the ends you so desire. That is why we ask you to pay keen attention to the explanations we provide above.

Chances are that you may still not be in a position to make a suitable pick even after reading the explanations above. We hence recommend that you consider bringing in an expert to help you in making a suitable choice. Feel free to speak to us for further guidance just if the case so desires.

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