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To power your canoes well on the water, you inevitably have to fix the motors to them. Even though there are many kinds of motors suitable for the task, the gas motors are by far the most outstanding. We want to review five of the best gas motors for canoes for your consideration in this article.


We start it out with a review of the best gas motors for canoes 2021:

#1: SEA DOG WATER SPORTS 4 Stroke 4.0HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor


If yours is an inflatable kayak, this is the gas motor to go for. Not only is it light, but also does it exude awesome power that is able to thrust the canoe forward speedily.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

360° rotary handle

Its handle is perhaps the most outstanding bit of it. The handle can swivel at an angle of 360° for convenient haulage. It also has a self-lock for the added safety when not in use.

Compact structure

For all practical purposes, the motor comes about in a compact structure. Thanks to this, it is lighter, easier to carry around, and a little bit more convenient to store when no longer deployed for use.

Utmost fuel efficiency

A mix of the advanced combustion chamber, fuel-saving technology, and the four-stroke outboards jointly deliver utmost fuel efficiency. They also bring down operational expenses.


  • Bears the Consumer Electronics certification
  • Great for use in both salt and fresh water
  • Fits many kinds of boats
  • Exudes awesome power that counters the strong waves
  • Delivers the impressive 5,000-6,000 revolutions per minute


  • Its manual starting is not really convenient to engage

#2: U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor


This motor is specifically meant for saltwater environments. It is able to counter the high density of the water while also taking on the strong waves and headwinds head-on.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Telescopic handle

Setting this motor apart from the rest is the telescoping handle that measures a whopping 4 inches. Its sheer massive length provides better controls and ease of adjusting the angle and the turns.

1-10 level LED power display

While engaging your boat, you will enjoy the pleasure of keeping pace with your ongoing activities thanks to the 1-10 level LED power display unit. It detects the progress and showcases the same in real-time.

The full copper core motor

Its core exclusively features copper material makeup. Copper is more conductive and is also strong enough to endure many incidences and spates of usage with utmost reliability.


  • Features high strength that is made possible by the fiberglass makeup
  • Generates a massive 55-pound saltwater thrust
  • Manages 8-speed options (5 forward and 3 reverses)
  • Its handle is long enough for the shortest users
  • Features the stainless steel hardware for exceptional performance in saltwater


  • Limited to the saltwater environments alone

#3: Anbull 2 Stroke Boat Motor, 3.6 HP Boat Engine Outboard Motor with Air Cooling System


When plying the hot and humid environments, there is usually the tendency of the engines to heat up excessively. If you must ply those routes, you need to tap into a motor that has air cooling systems like this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Air cooling technology

As explained above, the motor bears the air cooling technology that simply works to maintain the engine cooler throughout the duration of use. This is what makes it ply the hot and humid areas consistently.

Top-grade quality main motor

At the core of the machine is the top-grade quality main motor that is not only strong but truly reliable. It also lasts longer and hence manages similarly prolonged reliable operations.

One key operation

While engaging this motor, you need not set your hands on many keys and controls features. You just have to engage one key for all your vital operations.


  • Light but strong thanks to the Aluminum makeup
  • Rotates at the angle of 360° for seamless maneuverability
  • Reverses and alters its speeds appropriately as you move along
  • Bears some of the latest technological trends and specifications
  • Pretty friendly to the environment


  • Takes up lots of installation spaces

#4: Enshey 3.6HP Outboard Motor 4 Stroke Inflatable 55CC Fishing Boat Engine


Of all the motors we have, this happens to generate the highest level of power output. It is hence the one to go for if you intend to power the four-stroke engines.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Standard CDI ignition system

It starts easily and conveniently thanks to the standard CDI ignition system. This is given that you do not have to expend excess expertise and muscle power to do the job.

Superior outboard anti-corrosion system

All throughout, the motor is crafted using a strong anti-corrosion set of materials. They resist any form of corrosion that the salty sea waters may predispose the parts to.

Durable cast aluminum construction

Wrapping it all up is the durable cast aluminum construction that is not only strong but also enduring the harsh waves and corrosive agents of the typical seawater.


  • Reverses without the need to shift gears
  • A clutch prevents rotation when the engine is idle
  • Great for the shallow waters
  • Easily operable via a push-button latch
  • Starts easily and independently of your own input


  • A little bit prone to the menace of overheating

#5: Cozyel 3.5HP Heavy Duty Boat Motor 2 Stroke Outboard Motor Boat Engine


Most of these motors are prone to the risk of overheating as you journey along. You do not want this to happen. That is why we recommend this that has a water-air cooling mechanism for your use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Superior engine water cooling system

Elevating this gas motor above the stature of the other competitors is the superior engine water cooling system. It maintains the motor at a cool range for expedited performances.

Start-In-Gear protection/clutch

For your added protection, the gadget comprises and makes use of the start-in-gear and clutch. The two jointly prohibit the rotation of the prop while the vessel is idle.

Higher maximum speed

Its top speed is the amazing 10km/h (6.2 miles/h). You hence have it for your consideration if you plan to race or would simply want to move from one point to another at the fastest pace.


  • Alters the gears automatically
  • Effectively guarded against the risk of corrosion
  • Ignites automatically and independently of your input
  • Derives its power from the regular unleaded gasoline
  • Consumes moderate levels of fuel per hour


  • Demands extreme care and attention


Factor in the following considerations to find the best gas motor for canoe:

Power output

The power output should be your primary consideration. By ‘power output,’ we mean the amount of power that the motor generates to propel the boat forwards. It is designated in pounds. A great motor needless to say has to generate sufficient power to thrust your boat with absolute ease.

Torque output

Next among your considerations should be the torque output. Torque is the amount of propulsion that the motor generates to push the boat forward. It is designated in horsepower. Make a choice depending on the weight of your boat and the amount of load it is likely to bear.


The physical dimensions of the motor also matter considerably. For a motor to be of use to you, it has to fit neatly within the existing storage and mounting spaces. That is only possible if you measure the length, breadth, and height of the space you have and translate them to the motor of your choice.


You also have to figure out the controls of the motor. For you to arrive at a great choice on the basis of this consideration you have to settle for one whose controls are simpler to master and ultimately engage. This calls for you to assess your own competence first before proceeding to find a pick.


Also noteworthy to consider are the kinds of materials and technology that are used to make the motor up. A great motor has to be anti-corrosive and long-lasting. It has to be made using materials like Aluminum and stainless steel that are hardy and tolerant to the common agents of damages.

Nature of water

In what kinds of water do you want to devote the motor? Is it salty, brackish, or freshwater? Different motors are intended for different kinds of waters. You have to make a choice depending on the kind of water you have in mind to ensure smoother operations.


In this second last segment of our discussions, we now compare and contrast the gas motors and the electric motors.


The gas motor is mainly suitable for use in moments of poor weather and to power heavier water vessels. Their electric motor counterparts on the other hand come in handy when the vessels in question are smaller and lighter. They also do better in fairer weather conditions.


Given that the gas motors emit fumes and emissions, they are not really friendly to the environment. When you expose yourself to them for too long, you are likely to suffer respiratory illnesses. The electric motor on the other hand is cleaner and less inclined to cause respiratory illnesses.

Power output

When all factors are put into consideration, the power output of the gas motor is slightly higher than that of the electric motor. This makes the former suitable for use in powering larger and bulkier vessels. The latter however are many suitable for the smaller and lighter vessels.

Noise output

A typical gas motor emits some noise in the process of powering the vessel from one place to another. This is not good as it tends to deafen the ears of the users thereof. The electric motor however is quieter and is hence less likely to disturb those around it when powering the vessels.


Of course, you will need to engage some controls to power and manage both the gas motor and the electric motor. However, the controls of the former are a little bit less sophisticated than those of the latter. You are hence better off with it if you are barely getting started on the use of these devices.


We now answer some questions about the best gas motors for canoes:

Q1. Can you put a gas motor on a canoe?

A. YES! It is light and is also capable of generating the torque necessary to propel the boat forwards in such a way as to counter the harsh oncoming waves and sea breezes.

Q2. How big of a motor can you put on a canoe?

A. Most canoes demand sizes 12, 24, or 36. That is because these motors are compact and light enough to fit the boats without imposing unnecessary commotions and inconveniences.

Q3. How fast will a 55lb trolling motor push a canoe?

A. 5 miles per hour, it is! Other factors like the tare weight of the canoe, the amount of load it hauls, and the riding conditions ultimately determine the top speed attainable.

Q4. Can all kayaks have a motor?

A. YES! However, certain modifications have to be implemented to have them work with the motors. These include fitting in the propellers and other vital motion gears.

Q5. Can a trolling motor go upstream?

A. YES! However, the torque has to be greater to counter gravity and the oncoming flow of water at the same time.


It is our hope that you have found this review and buying guide of the best gas motors for canoes insightful and relevant to your course. Waste no time now. Rather, forge forwards to make a pick of the best gas motor right away. We recommend that you prioritize the ones that are listed and reviewed above.

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