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10 Best Boat Seat Pedestal Base |Heavy Duty,Shock Absorbing

Fishing or traveling on water without using the best boat seat pedestal base is ordinarily uncomfortable. The discomfort mostly arises from the rocking actions of the waves and the sea breezes. If left unchecked or properly cared for, these waves and harsh sea breezes may throw off the boat occupants and even make the boats capsize altogether.

There is some reprieve though. Heavy Duty shock absorbing boat seat pedestal may be used to counter these problems and ensure maximum comfort. But just what are they? What roles may they play towards the comfort and the well-being of a boat rider? And where may they be acquired? Read on to find out…

Five Oceans Marine Boat Seat Pedestal with Swivel 8 Five Oceans Marine Boat Seat Pedestal with Swivel 8″ & 14″
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Attwood 97749-7 Swivl-Eze Lock’N-Pin ¾-Inch Pedestal Package Attwood 97749-7 Swivl-Eze Lock’N-Pin ¾-Inch Pedestal Package
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Springfield 1632013 Power-Rise Stand-Up Pedestal - 22-1/2 Springfield 1632013 Power-Rise Stand-Up Pedestal – 22-1/2″ to 29-1/2″
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Wise 8WP21-18S Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal 12 Wise 8WP21-18S Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal 12″ – 18″,Aluminum
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Attwood 2385400 Swivl-Eze Adjustable-Height Boat Seat Pedestal 14-Inch to 20-Inch Attwood 2385400 Swivl-Eze Adjustable-Height Boat Seat Pedestal 14-Inch to 20-Inch
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What Is A Boat Seat Pedestal Base?

A boat seat pedestal is an accessory that is attached to the seat of a boat. Its role is to enhance the strength, support, and comfort of the seats of the boats. In doing all these, enhances the comforts of the passengers and ensures prolonged reliability while in transit.

What Does A Boat Seat Pedestal Do?

The boat seat pedestal does these three things:

Enhances the comfort of the rider

It enhances the comforts of the rider and the other boat occupants. This, it achieves, mainly by providing a softer and more comfortable cushioning to the rider. Indeed, a rider is more likely to feel well and less strained when seated on this accessory.

Proves proper support to the boat occupants

Also, this accessory provides proper support to the interior boat occupants. Its parts are strong and firm enough to prevent you from fidgeting or experiencing unnecessary strains. You will find this trait particularly important if you happen to stay in a boat for quite a long duration of time.

Absorbs shocks and stress

Lastly, the shock-absorbing boat seat pedestal accessory absorbs shocks and stress that arise from the waves and the breezes. They have springs and pads that tend to dampen the stress and the shocks. In doing all these, the boats ensure smoother and freer rides throughout the spate of use.

Best Boat Seat  Pedestal Reviews 2021

#1 Attwood 97749-7 Swivl-Eze Lock’N-Pin ¾-Inch Pedestal Package

This pedestal is simple to use in the sense that it comes along with every item you need to install. You have it for the taking if you are constantly on the move.

7-inch x 7-inch aluminum base plate

Its base plate measures 7 inches by 7 inches and is made of Aluminum. Consequently, it is larger, more spacious, and firm enough to provide you with the support you need to soldier on.

Brushed Aluminum finish kit

A brushed Aluminum finish kit also comes along. Its role is basically to let you install the item well. Being light and handy, it is convenient to make use of while on the go.

Attwood 97749-7 Swivl-Eze Lock’N-Pin
Positive Side
  • Accompanied by all the necessary mounting hardware
  • Accepts many other attachments as well
  • Its post is not threaded
  • Meets the prevailing safety standards
  • Bears a black coating for added protection
Negative Side
  • Only for the expert users

#2 Five Oceans Marine Boat Seat Pedestal with Swivel 8″& 14″

Looking for a seat pedestal that swivels? Look to none other than this. Its swiveling action ensures that you enjoy maximum support and comfort all the while of engagements.

360° seat swivel

As noted above, this seat has the ability to swivel in such a way as to make you very comfortable. In fact, it swivels at an angle of about 360°.

Steel makeup

All the parts and components are made of super-tough steel. This material is strong and highly resistant to corrosion. Expect it hence to stand up to the rust and corrosion issues.

Five Oceans Marine Boat Seat Pedestal with Swivel
Positive Side
  • Bears some black powder coating
  • Comes with its own mounting hardware
  • Has a wide and stable base
  • Its height and other parameters are adjustable
  • Compatible with many standards boating seats
Negative Side
  • Costs a lot to acquire and make use of

#3 Springfield 1632013 Power-Rise Stand-Up Pedestal – 22-1/2″ to 29-1/2″

Intend to meet the needs of many occupants? You need a seat pedestal that adjusts accordingly to the heights of many of the users. This is it! Try a hand on it.

Seamless adjustability

The seat is able to adjust from 22-1/2 inches to 29-1/2 inches. In this manner, it stretches and contracts at will to accommodate the sizes of many occupants.

Multiple usages

You may dedicate this seat to many uses. Two of these stand out. These are the leaning post and the seat post respectively. Is it not a profitable purchase hence?

Springfield 1632013
Positive Side
  • The height adjusts at will voluntarily
  • Works as a leaning or seat post
  • Rotates 360 degrees for maximum comfort
  • Fastens tightly via a network of threaded pins
  • Serves the needs of many people
Negative Side
  • Bases are sold separately

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#4 Wise 8WP21-374 Adjustable Pedestal with Slide, Silver

For your own convenience, you need a seat pedestal that is able to fit many brands. Look to none other than this one for a start. Its versatile nature lets it fit all brands of seats.

7-inch travel seat slide

A 7-inch travel seat slide dominates the key features of this pedestal. You use it to slide the seat appropriately when in the course of setting it up.

Locking knob

After you are done with the adjustment, the locking knob comes in handy. It basically serves to tighten the adjustments firmly in place to allow for a proper and more reliable fit.

Wise 8WP21-374 Adjustable Pedestal
Positive Side
  • Adjusts to accommodate the heights of many riders
  • Its exterior bears the anodized Aluminum polish finish
  • Fits all the leading seat brands
  • Meets and exceeds many safety standards
  • The diameter base is firm and wide
Negative Side
  • Lacks some specialty

#5 Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivl-Eze Adjustable Pedestal

Of all the pedestals we have, this seems to be the strongest and the most durable. Attempt it if you want to use it for a longer than average duration of time.

Reinforced welded joints

Its joints bear the reinforced welding. This makes the joints stronger and more inclined to bear much weight not to mention operating smoothly all the way.

Black powder-coat finish

The exterior of the seat pedestal on the other hand bears some black powder coating finish. With this comes the ability to withstand the potential damages of and by rust.

Attwood 91320-ADJ
Positive Side
  • Both strong and reliable
  • Lasts longer than many other alternatives
  • Confers exceptional values to the people
  • May adjust its height appropriately
  • Integrates to the seat and base mounting plate
Negative Side
  • Too heavy and bulky to handle easily

#6 Wise 8WP21-18S Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal 12″ – 18″, Aluminum

Care so much for your own safety and utmost stability? Get your hands on this seat pedestal. It has a height locking feature that is strong enough to fix the parts firmly.


Its walls are thicker and hence stronger enough. This makes the item capable of enduring many spates of damages and intense rigors that may be leveled against it while in use.

Seat spider mount

To fix it firmly in place, you will make use of the seat spider mount mechanism. It works alongside the adjustment knob and a locking paddle handle to fix the seat well in focus.

Wise 8WP21-18S
Positive Side
  • Strong and thick enough for maximum support
  • Easier to set up owing to the existence of the recessed mounting holes
  • A locking knob fixes the parts firmly in place
  • Its polished exterior is great to behold by the eyes
  • Provides smoother and unparalleled glides
Negative Side
  • Demands excess muscle power to handle

#7 Springfield 1603825 13″-16″ 2-3/8 Adjustable Taper Lock

Certain marine environments are too harsh to be tackled using the normal pedestals. For them, you require specially designed, strong, and truly reliable seat posts like this one!

Manually adjustable post

By and large, this is a manually adjustable post in the sense that you only require the human brawn to operationalize it. This notwithstanding, you have the freedom to move it through 2-3/8 inches.

Trace-lock non-locking swivel

To fasten the settings and the positions just fine, you will tap into the trace-lock non-locking swivel apparatus. Being strong and firm, this is able to provide sufficient safeguards to the users.

Springfield 1603825
Positive Side
  • Comprises many outstanding parts and components
  • Manual adjustments negate the need for power inputs
  • Locks firmly for prompt and tough support
  • Works alongside any taper-lock base
  • Withstands harsh marine environments
Negative Side
  • Super complicated to the normal users

#8: AQUOS 360° Swivel Folding Seat

Seeking a seat post for the matters of cruising, fishing, and other recreational activities? Set your eyes on this particular pedestal as it is designed for such kinds of activities.

Engineering-grade composites seat base

Its base comes about in an engineering-grade composition. This lets it exude maximum strength while also resisting corrosion and other possible causes of damages.

Low-profile design

In all, the structure comes about in a low profile design, a fact that makes it suit many standard marine seats. You have it for your consideration if you want to meet the needs of many boats.

AQUOS 360° Swivel Folding Seat
Positive Side
  • Its seat height adjusts at will
  • Fits many kinds of boats like pontoons and bass fishing boats
  • Great for recreation, cruising, and general fishing
  • Manages a smooth 360° rotation
  • Resists cracking, discoloration, and fading
Negative Side
  • Slightly limited in scope

#9 Leader Accessories Adjustable Height Locking Boat Seat Pedestal

Out of all the pedestals we have, this appears to be the one able to hold the highest number of accessories. If your whole life centers on the boat and marine life, this is the one to think of.

Anodized Aluminum

All throughout, the anodized Aluminum is extensively used to make it up. This translates to some toughness that is the envy of many alternative pedestals we have.

Excellent finish

An excellent finish adorns the exterior of the pedestal. Thanks to this excellence, you are sure to enjoy some beauty and aesthetic value in the rooms you are in also.

Leader Accessories Adjustable Height Locking
Positive Side
  • Formed from powerful, tough, and sturdy materials
  • Its exterior is also able to enhance the décor of your rooms
  • Anchored on touch and wide platform
  • Requires manual adjusts to operationalize
  • Swivels for maximum comfort and engagements on your part
Negative Side
  • Comes incomplete and not ready for use

#10: Attwood 2385400 Swivl-Eze Adjustable-Height Boat Seat Pedestal 14-Inch to 20-Inch

2 3/8” super satin anodized post is swaged and welded to base for lasting durability

Ergonomic controls enhance smooth and wobble-free motion,

Attwood 2385400
Positive Side
  • Accompanied by its own seat mount
  • Anchors on a 9 -inch diameter aluminum base
  • Exceeds the American Boat and Yacht Council standards
  • Provides greatly improved boating experiences
  • Tilts for an elevated degree of comfort
Negative Side
  • Unsuitable for use as a hem or driver’s seat

How Does A Boat Seat Pedestal Work?

A boat pedestal is attached to a seat of the boat. It slides, swivels, or rotates depending on how you want things to be at any time. While doing all these, the pedestal maintains you in the proper shapes and states at any given time.

Further, the accessory also dampens the shocks and the vibrations that may be triggered by the breezes and the waves. They do contain springs, shock absorption pads, and other items that tend to counter the pressure and the stress that these parts ordinarily receive from the waves.

Given that they are adjustable, the seats also alter their shapes and configurations to fit the unique needs of the riders. This also goes a long way in enhancing the comforts of those who choose to use them to enhance the seating of their boats altogether.

Why Are Boat Seat Pedestals Important?

The boat seat pedestals are important for the following reasons:

Add comfort
These items are heavily padded and very comfortable. In light of these, they serve to add some comfort to the riders. The soft cushioning serves to create a smooth and comfortable barrier between the hard parts of the seats and the delicate skins of the body.

Enhance the safety of the riders
They are ordinarily packed with great safety features like straps and seat belts. This makes them better placed to enhance the safety of the riders considerably. The riders fasten the belts in such a manner as to prevent them from falling off even when the boat fidgets or rocks excessively.

Provide proper support
Their strong, upright, and firm nature all combine to make the structure capable of providing extra support to the riders. This support is mainly appreciated when the waters are rough and the possibility of capsizing is way too high. It also spares the body from sustaining injuries and breakages.

Absorb shock
For a large part, these pedestals contain plenty of pads and springs. These play the role of absorbing shocks and other kinds of fidgeting. In return, they guarantee smoother rides that are on the whole very comfortable. Yet again, they go a long way in ensuring smoother rides along the way.
Minimize numbness and blood clots

Sitting in a fixed position for too long may normally lead to numbness and other complications. The pedestals are designed to add some comfort and also guarantee smoother rides. These two ends combine to minimize the possibility that numbness and blood clots may potentially arise.

Types Of Boat Seat Pedestals

There are two main kinds of boat sea pedestals. These are:

a.) Pillar

The pillar makes use of a ring base to attach to the sole or the deck of a boat. It is more permanent and hardly gets removed from the boat once it is attached there. This is a type you will want to look up to if all you want is a permanent solution to your boat rides.

b.) Pin/wedge

Next comes the pin or the wedge seat pedestal. Unlike the pillar type above, this s removable and transportable to a remote location. It is one that you may want to set your eyes if you happen to move around all the time. Being slender, they fit close or tight spaces seamlessly.

Things To Consider While Buying A Pedestal Base

While seeking these kinds of seats, you have to bear in mind the following:


The size of the seat has to stand out. You have to find a seat that is large enough to accommodate the dimensions of the users while also fitting the interior spaces available. That of course is only possible if you mark out the dimensions before embarking on a search.

Height of user

Next, you must lookout for the heights of the users. This is to help in determining the adjustable range of the seat of your choice. A good seat no doubt has to be capable of fitting the needs of many kinds of users. That should also translate to the range within which the heights may fall.


You should also mind your own expertise. Find a seat pedestal that is simple and convenient for you to engage and handle. You do not want to struggle too much to have your way at all, do you? For this to happen, you must carry out an honest assessment of what you are capable of.

Care & Maintenance Tips For Boat Seat Pedestals

  • The care and maintenance tips below will come in handy when operating these seat pedestals:
  • Tighten the seat posts firmly before use
  • Lock them firmly to prevent swiveling or fidgeting
  • Lubricate any moving parts regularly to guarantee smoother operations
  • Upgrade the faulty parts and components periodically to stay ahead of the game
  • Replace any parts that may be worn out and largely incapable of playing their parts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most comfortable boat seat?

Below are some of the most comfortable boat seats:
  • Tempress Elite High Back Helm Seat
  • Moeller Heavy Duty Standard Boat Helm Seat
  • North Captain Flip Up Boat Seat
  • Millennium Marine SW-100 Boat Seat
  • MSC Folding Boat Seat with Swivel
  • Wise 8WD139 Series Molded Fishing Boat Seat
  • List item

How do you remove a stuck spring boat seat pedestal?

Follow these steps to remove a stuck spring boat seat pedestal:
  • Tap the area around the base of the pedestal using a plastic mallet
  • Spray some penetrating oil into the pedestal at the point in which it meets the base
  • The above action shocks out the pedestal loose
  • If still stuck, pour some boiling water at the base area
  • The heat expands the base wide enough to enable easier removal

How do you mount a boat seat pedestal in an aluminum boat?

The steps below will help you to mount a boat seat pedestal in an Aluminum boat:
  • Drill the boat to create some holes
  • Insert the washers and the bolts into the holes
  • Mount the swivel to the chair
  • Place the seat and swivel onto the bench
  • Fix nuts and washers on the backside
  • Tighten firmly

What is the best removable pedestal seat on the market?

Here are some of the best removable pedestal seat on the market:
  • Wise 8WD2002 King Pin Power Rise Pedestal
  • Swivl-Eze Lock-N-Pin 3/4” Brushed Aluminum Pedestal Set
  • Shoreline Marine Seat Pedestal
  • Swivl-Eze Lakesport adjustable Seat Pedestal
  • Wise 8WP21-374 Adjustable Pedestal with Slide
  • Wise 8WD1500 Adjustable Bell Pedestal
  • Wise Boat Seat Pedestal, Black, 13-Inch

What height Wavepro boat seat pedestal do I need?

You need 1 – 1 1/2 inches of height of the Wavepro boat seat pedestal.

Wrap Up

Due to the delicate nature of the marine environments, you can never gamble with your choice of boat seat pedestal. The hunt for one is a task you must tackle diligently. We recommend a thorough reading of the explanations we have delivered above to start out well. Best of luck now in your subsequent hunt for the most suitable boat seat pedestal for your course.

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