How To Become A Locksmith

Before your company or you may tackle the chores of a locksmith, the same has to receive the necessary green light. It is important therefore to know more about these processes so that you can avoid problems and issues that may stand your way when attempting to obtain the necessary qualification.

The processes involved vary greatly from one area to another one. However, there are some unifying steps and procedures. In the discussions below, we shall peek into the common ways you may follow to become a certified locksmith. Please note that there could be some slight variations in the entire exercise from one area to another one.


To become a locksmith, you need to follow the steps below:

Step I: Complete a relevant training program

Your first step should be completing a relevant training program. At the very minimum, you should possess a high school diploma before seeking enrolment in the program. In most cases, these courses are offered at the local vocational and community training colleges.

Step II: Take on apprenticeship

After you have attained the necessary certificate or diploma in locksmith services, you have to take on an apprenticeship. This is a way of gaining hands-on practical experience and appropriate mentorship. You gain these experiences by getting attached to a firm that deals with the matters of locksmiths for a certain duration of time.

Step III: Obtain your relevant licensure

You now have to apply for and obtain your relevant licensure. Before you can be issued this license, you have to be tested both practically and theoretically. The procedures and requirements for testing shall vary significantly with the state, county, or city you are in. This step also demands the remittance of some fees.

Step IV: Work for and develop your skills

Lastly, you have to work for a locksmith company and develop your skills accordingly. This is especially necessary if you plan to be employed later. Future employers will most likely ask for past work experiences. In case you plan to be self-employed, you may not really have to do this.

Some of the companies that are most likely to require your services are hardware stocks, automobile trackers, security companies, real estate companies, fire-fighting companies, and 24-hour emergency services, to name but a few! Check them out in your area and find out how they might develop your skills.


We now get to explore the steps you ought to take to get a locksmith license. The first one shall over how companies apply for the same whereas the second talks of how individuals do the same.

a.) For companies

Step I: Submit an application

Start by submitting an application for licensure. The application is also often accompanied by an application fee whose value, means of payment, and other terms vary from state to state. A typical application comprises the following:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport-quality photographs
  • Application fee
  • Certified documents

Just if you are applying for a license under a fictitious business name, your application has to incorporate a certified copy of the fictitious business name and a statement filed with the relevant county clerk.

Step II: Undergo a criminal history background

Next, you have to undergo a criminal history background. This is to certify that you have no pending criminal charges and that you are trustworthy enough to be entrusted with such a sensitive task as the locksmith.

The requirements, timelines, procedures, and fees involved in this exercise vary considerably from state to state. Yet again, it is your responsibility to find out what your state says about it. Be sure to beat every deadline and to pay up promptly to avoid unnecessary delays.

Step III: Submit the application

You now have to submit your application to the relevant state authority. The way you do this depends mainly on the state you are in. Nonetheless, most states will require you to submit it online due to the safe, fast and cheap nature of the avenue. In fact, online submission cuts down the processing time by a whopping two weeks!

Alternatively, you may submit your application via mail. This takes longer, yes, but then it is also good for those who have the luxury of time and reside in areas where internet connectivity is not reliable.

b.) For individuals

Step I: Assess your eligibility

You will, first of all, have to assess your eligibility. In most states, you have to undergo a criminal history background through the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Proceed with the rest of the application only if you meet the bare minimum requirements set forth by the two agencies.

Step II: Submit your completed application

In this next step, you should now submit your completed application for the locksmith registration. Remit the necessary registration fees at the same time.

Step III: Submit your application

Submit your application either online or via the postal address of the issuing authority. You have to check the website of the authority concerned for the necessary guidance and the addresses.

PS: In line with the FBI guidelines, you have to submit your applications to the bureau prior to completing the live scans. Also, you have to maintain a copy of the live scan for expedited processing.


Just to recap an earlier point, the steps we have delineated and explained above are general. You may therefore have to inquire with your own area or jurisdiction for the finest details. Also, take time to peruse the websites of the issuing authorities in your area for the latest updates.

Kindly note that in some areas, you may be required to renew the licensure annually or periodically. Yet again, you have to familiarize yourself with these requirements and make appropriate arrangements to have your licenses renewed timely. We wish you all the best in your subsequent applications and licensures.

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