How Much Does It Cost to Put Winter Tires on

Have you ever wondered if the cost of putting winter tires on is worth the investment?

The price tag for this seasonal necessity can fluctuate based on various factors, leaving you pondering the final bill.

Whether you opt for a DIY approach or seek professional assistance, understanding the breakdown of expenses and the options available can make all the difference in preparing your vehicle for the frosty months ahead.

So, before you commit to winter tire installation, make sure to weigh your choices carefully to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

Key Takeaways

  • Average cost for winter tire installation ranges from $175 to $250 at Matthews Tire.
  • DIY installation saves money with average costs of $13 per tire for changing.
  • Additional services like tire balancing and alignment can add $32 to $75 in expenses.
  • Effective budgeting and comparing prices help manage overall winter tire expenses.

Winter Tire Purchase Costs

When considering winter tire purchase costs, it's essential to evaluate the price range and factors influencing the overall expense. Winter tires are specially designed to perform in cold weather conditions, offering better traction and safety compared to all-season tires. The average cost of winter tires at Matthews Tire typically falls between $175 to $250, depending on the brand and size you choose. Investing in quality winter tires is worth the cost, as they provide improved performance and durability in harsh winter environments.

Before making a purchase, using a tire finder tool can help you get accurate price estimates based on your vehicle's make and model. While the initial cost of winter tires may seem higher, the benefits of enhanced safety and traction make them a worthy investment. When driving in icy or snowy conditions, having winter tires can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall driving confidence. Prioritizing safety and considering the long-term value of winter tires can make the cost well worth it.

Installation Fees Breakdown

Exploring the breakdown of installation fees for winter tires reveals the various costs involved in ensuring optimal performance and safety during the colder months. The average cost for installing winter tires typically ranges from $13 per tire for changing to $12 per tire for balancing, totaling around $112 for a set of four tires.

Prices vary among providers; for instance, Costco offers $6 per tire on rims with balancing and $11 per tire not on rims with balancing. To save on costs, consider DIY tips like applying anti-seize, using a torque wrench, and opting for steel rims if you frequently change tires.

Additional charges may apply for larger wheels, but some garages offer free changeovers if the tires were purchased from them. Factors influencing the cost of tire changeovers include the necessity for rebalancing, the level of customer service provided, the impact of TPMS, and the availability of DIY options.

Additional Services Expenses

Considering the various expenses involved in additional services for winter tires, it's important to be aware of the costs associated with balancing, wheel alignment, and other related services.

Balancing tires typically range from $32 to $48 per set of four or $8 to $12 per wheel, adding to the overall expense of installing winter tires. Wheel alignment, another crucial service, can cost between $50 to $75, depending on the service provider.

Some garages may charge separately for tire balancing, while others include it in the total cost of changing winter tires. The expenses for tire changeover can fluctuate based on the necessity for rebalancing and the quality of customer service provided by the garage.

Moreover, larger wheels or specialty tires might result in higher costs for mounting, balancing, and aligning winter tires. It's advisable to inquire about these additional services' charges upfront to budget effectively for the complete winter tire installation process.

Budgeting Tips for Winter Tires

To effectively manage your budget for winter tires, it's essential to consider various cost-saving strategies and factors that can impact your overall expenses. When preparing your budget for winter tires, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Look for Competitive Pricing: Compare prices from different service providers to ensure you're getting the best deal for installing your winter tires.
  • Consider Package Deals: Some tire shops offer package deals or promotions that include services like balancing, rotations, and storage at a discounted rate, helping you save on overall costs.
  • Negotiate Upfront Costs: Don't hesitate to negotiate with the service provider on the initial cost of installing winter tires. You may be able to secure a better price by discussing your budget constraints and exploring potential discounts.

Cost Comparison: DIY Vs. Professional Installation

When comparing costs between DIY and professional installation of winter tires, it's crucial to consider various factors that can impact the overall expenses involved. Opting for a DIY approach can lead to cost savings, with an average of $13 per tire for changing and $12 per tire for balancing, totaling around $112 for all four tires. However, Costco offers competitive prices, charging $6 per tire on rims with balancing and $11 per tire not on rims with balancing for winter tire changeovers. On the other hand, some garages may charge approximately $50 for mounting and balancing all four winter tires, showcasing price discrepancies among service providers.

To maximize cost savings during DIY tire changeovers, consider using anti-seize, a torque wrench, and steel rims for frequent installations. Additionally, some shops offer free changeovers if the tires were purchased from them, underscoring the importance of shopping around for deals. Keep in mind that larger wheels may incur higher costs for tire changeovers, so it's advisable to explore different options before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth It to Put Winter Tires On?

Driving in winter necessitates winter tires for enhanced safety and grip on icy roads. Optimal tire performance and superior handling control outweigh the cost. Consider safety benefits, improved road grip, and longevity factor for a worthwhile investment in winter driving.

How Much Does Costco Charge to Install Winter Tires?

When getting winter tires installed at Costco, you'll pay $6 per tire if they're already on rims, which includes balancing. If the tires aren't on rims, the cost goes up to $11 per tire for installation with balancing.

How Much Do 4 Winter Tires Cost?

Winter tires, like Bridgestone Blizzak or Michelin X Ice, can cost $700-$1000 for a set of 4. Prices vary based on brand, size, and quality. Consider additional expenses like installation, balancing, and alignment for a complete estimate.

Can I Install My Own Winter Tires?

You can DIY install winter tires with basic tools and safety precautions. Follow proper jacking points, torque lug nuts correctly. If unsure, seek professional help. Check tire pressure, alignment, and balance. YouTube tutorials can guide you. Address warranty concerns.


In conclusion, when it comes to putting winter tires on, the cost can vary depending on various factors. It's essential to consider not only the price of the tires themselves but also the installation fees and any additional services needed.

By comparing DIY options with professional installation, you can make an informed decision that suits your budget and ensures your safety on the winter roads. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned, so choose wisely.

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