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What Are the Essential Tools for Boats | 3 Useful Purposes

Boating is a wonderful hobby that can enrich your lives in many ways.Keeping the right tools for boats on board is essential at all times before getting out on the waters, though, you must acknowledge the potential dangers and the need to master every element of safety..

When equipped with the right tools for boats, you will be ready to fix minor faults before they escalate into serious problems, thus enhancing safety, performance, and comfort while simultaneously delivering the peace of mind needed to enjoy your boating adventures to the max. So, what tools should be kept on the boat? Here’s all you need to know.

Tools For General Boat Care

Whether it’s a bowrider, Carmarthen, or deck boat doesn’t matter. The fact is that your vessel is constantly fighting the elements, making it vulnerable to wear and tear. The following tools will prepare you for any issues that could surface while before, during, or after an expedition.

#1 Screwdrivers

Your boat, along with many of its accessories, will include a lot of items that are fastened by screws. Ensuring that your toolbox has a Phillips screwdriver and at least two flathead(one small, one large) screwdrivers is essential.

#2 Waterproof Tape

If water starts to slowly leak from a small crack during a day out on the water, waterproof tape will come to the rescue. It’s not a long-term solution, but it can cover and contain the problem until you get back to the dock.

#3 Zip ties

You don’t want small items jiggling around while you move over the waves. Zip ties lock items in place to prevent unnecessary accidents and damages. Not to mention the noises that would disrupt your enjoyment and relaxation.

#4 Adjustable wrench

The value of a wrench and its capabilities are clear. Given that space is at a premium on board your boat, it’s worth investing in an adjustable version. Tightening and loosening needs will be under control.

#5 Pliers

Locking pliers are ideal for supporting wrenches in a range of actions while long needle pliers can be used on board to reposition small items. Their versatility extends to removing fishing hooks too.

#6 Rope & Knife

Rope can be used to tie, reinforce, and provide leverage in various situations, which is why it’s an essential tool. However, you should also carry a multi-functional Swiss army or rigging knife for various tasks.

#7 Hatchet

There are many situations in which a knife won’t chop or break down the materials needed to cut knotted cleats or create access to certain areas. A hatchet makes the task quicker and easier than you could imagine.

#8 Tool Retrieval Items

Whether a magnetic option or a clawed solution is up to you. Either way, specialized tools that can retrieve items that have fallen – perhaps due to choppy waves – into dark and inaccessible crevices will make life simpler.

#9 Hose Cutter

Sometimes you’ll need to cut through PVC, cabling hoses, and other tough materials. A specialized cutter will make easy work of those challenging materials, creating the precise and clean break needed for subsequent repairs.

Tools For Diagnostics

The scariest aspect of encountering problems onboard your boat often stems from not knowing what the problem actually is. The right tools for diagnostics will soon fix this problem, allowing you to fix the issue quickly and efficiently with the tools above.

#1 Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is perhaps the best tool at any boater’s disposal. When a minor leak starts, traveling around the vessel with a moisture meter will allow you to locate the source of your issues within a matter of minutes.

#2 Multi-Meter

As well as a moisture meter, you should carry a multi-meter to diagnose the electrical fault more efficiently. You can find the dead wires or current shortages with ease and rule out problems in other parts of the electrical system.

#3 Wire Stripper

When problems with the electrical wires are identified, you must treat them in an accurate fashion. A waterproof wire stripper allows you to strip the wire in a neat and precise manner before fitting a new wire or completing the next steps.

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Tools For Emergencies

All of the above tools for boats will promote safety and performance in an array of boating activities. However, emergencies are where you simply cannot afford to be left without the right tools. The following will serve you well.

#1 Backup Power

While charging your boat at the dock should be done before each trip, there’s still a possibility of power cutting out. A backup battery power generator that can get your engine, lighting, and other features temporarily working is vital.

#2 Flashlight

Whether you need to investigate an issue that is hard to reach or you lose power at night, a flashlight will come to the rescue. Of course, however, it should be a waterproof item. Spare batteries are crucial too.

#3 Fire Extinguishers

Yes, you may be surrounded by water. Still, electrical fires can happen while the wooden elements of the boat can encourage fire to spread quickly. A specialized marine fire extinguisher can combat the flames.

#4 Tow Line

When you are stuck on the water without power, the backup power source won’t always work. A tow line will allow you to catch a lift back to the dock or shore from any passing boat. Jumper cables offer an alternative solution.

#5 Flare Gun Kit

A flare gun kit will include a flare gun that allows you to alert coastguards and other boats of your predicament from far away, as well as a standard flare for creating smoke when a passing boat doesn’t notice your problems.

#6 Water Jacket

It could be argued that they are not a tool. However, there couldn’t be a boating safety guide without mentioning water jackets. If you need to enter the water, for whatever reason, their presence could save your life.


Protecting your boat and shipmates with the necessary onboard tools is an essential step of successful planning and responsible boat ownership. Aside from the immediate benefits to your safety, tools & accessories for boats can go a long way to keeping your vessel in top condition. Perfect.

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