What Happens If Your Car Fails Inspection Twice

What Happens If Your Car Fails Inspection Twice?4 Proven Way

What Happens If Your Car Fails Inspection Twice? Car inspections are almost mandatory in the United States. Further to that, it is still a standard practice that each car owner should undertake from time to time to be able to keep his car in the best shades and forms all the while. However, it may not always be that the car inspection may turn out well.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for the inspection to go south once in a while. If and when this happens, there are usually some adverse consequences that come along. It is in our interest to outline these consequences and how to deal with them as they arise.

Eligibility To Attend A Car Inspection in USA

car inspection eligibility

The eligibility to attend a car inspection in America varies from state to state, city to city, and county to county. Some states demand that your vehicle be inspected by a licensed inspection station. Others give you the leeway to choose where and when the inspection shall operate.

In some states also, you have to ferry your car for inspection at designated times. Some though give you the freedom to choose when to do that. Thus, it is up to you to familiarize yourself with the requirements that are laid down by your state before proceeding to attend an inspection.

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How Many Times Can You Participate In A Car Inspection?

Like the eligibility above, the exact frequency of attending a car inspection also varies significantly. The frequency here is largely determined by the type of vehicle and the age of the vehicle concerned.

Overall, heavier commercial vehicles are inspected annually without fail. That is because of the potentially hazardous consequences of their failing to operate smoothly or getting involved in an accident.
The lighter versions on the other hand are inspected within a narrower frequency but may not have to be inspected regularly. They are less prone to damage and may also not cause severe damage in the event that they get involved in an accident.
Car Fails Inspection Twice

What Happens If Your Car Fails Inspection Twice?

As alluded to earlier, it may not always be that your vehicle passes inspection. Luckily, many states give you the leeway to fail the inspection once. Many however are often reluctant to let you fail the inspection more than twice. Below are some of the steps they take thereafter:

Vehicle Marked

Your vehicle may be marked to show that it has violated or failed to meet a given standard. This marking is to aid law enforcers in identifying your ‘bad vehicle’ and to enable them to enforce the laws just fine. The marking usually comes with an ultimatum.

Re-inspection at a Fee

Next, you will usually be required to have your vehicle re-inspected for an extra fee or penalty. This extra fee is usually to act as a punishment to you. In doing so, it deters you from possibly repeating the same mistake another time.


Some states may also fine you for the failure of your vehicle to pass the re-inspection a second time. The fine is set by the state and reviewed from time to time. Its purpose is primarily punitive as it aims at seeing to it that you do not repeat the same mistake a second or third time.


If the interventions mentioned and explained above are continually violated, the vehicle may be grounded altogether. That simply means that it is declared un-roadworthy and hence ineligible to ply the various state and federal routes. Different states have different methods to follow to get back on the road.


Please note that the information we have furnished is general. In reality, each regime, i.e. state, county, or city has its own rules and regulations that govern the matters of inspections. As such, some of the rules above may not apply to your place or area of residence.

You hence have to take drastic efforts to be able to find the rules that apply to your area and follow them later. That is the only way also to avoid too much drama and trouble ahead. Consider aiding others around you by passing this information on to them as well.

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