Having a membership in the right yacht club is the first step in experiencing the luxury that comes with a luxurious lifestyle at its best. Exclusive memberships are the best because they keep you in the company of the elite in the boating industry. New York has been home for some of the best clubs for boater and mariners. These clubs have been venues for the best racing championship. 

Boaters in New York have always enjoyed passing by the Statue of Liberty when they are cruising or racing. They always have the best yachts and boats from elite clubs. Take a look at the top ten yacht clubs in New York.

1. New York Yacht Club 

Address: 37 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 USA

Phone: +1(212) 382-1000

The New York Yacht club is the oldest in the history of America. It was started in 1844 by John Cox and eight of his friends at the New York Harbor. Their first clubhouse was built in 1845 on the piece of land donated by Commodore Stevens which overlooked the Hudson River. 

Over the years this incredible landmark has become home to the most prominent races in the world like Rolex and transatlantic races. It is mostly identified for being active in Match and Team races.

2. Harlem Yacht Club

Address: 417 Hunter Ave (6,672.75 mi) the Bronx, NY 10464

Phone: +1 718-885-3078


Harlem Yacht Club is the third oldest functioning yacht club found in New York. Having been founded in 1883It is located on City Island cross to the Bronx. It has more than 100 active members whose membership is spread across all the membership categories offered at the club.

Their calendar of events run throughout the year with events and program designed for the needs of its members. Most of their boats are stored within the club’s large storage. Members of the club enjoy relaxing in the restaurant and bars found at the property.

3. Miramar Yacht Club 

Address: 3050 Emmons Avenue Brooklyn NY 11209


Phone: (718) 769-3548

Miramar Yacht club was founded in 1944 as a non-profit organization that was driven by the aim of promoting sailing and cruising. Over the years, it incorporated the luxury part of the business by developing amenities for the members of the club. Members of the club are always on sails, regattas and sometime you will find them learning on safety measures they need when in the waters.

The club is managed and operated by the club members. Members actively participate in the activities of the club. To become a member, you do not need to own a boat.

4. Manhattan Yacht Club

Address: 140 Dudley Street Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone: 212-786-3323


Manhattan Yacht club has been ranked as the most active sailing organization in the Harbors of New York. It is also the largest club that aims at being open and inclusive of all members of the general public. Since its inception in 1987, it has developed a program that enhances sailing knowledge for all members. It has the best well-maintained fleet you can find.

It is located at the Liberty Harbor. It has one of the best clubhouses that offer the members a relaxing opportunity away from the city’s busy life. Once the members are done with races they can dine and enjoy an amazing barbecue at the facility. Social events are always present at any time of the year at the clubhouse.

5. Morris Yacht Beach Club

Address: PO BOX 10 City Island NY 10464

Phone: 718-885-9814


The Morris Yacht club has been a home for so many sailors who come to relax at the clubhouse after a long day in the waters. It has been in existence for the last 100 years offering the best services for both members and visitors. It is located on City Island. Its members have celebrated weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties at the facility.

Children for the member get taught the long history sailing at the facility to ensure that sailing skills are passed down to future generations. When you join the club you will be receiving the best services and amenities. 

6. Arrow Yacht Club

Address: 2204 119th St College Point, NY 11356


Phone: 804-776-8999 or 800-233-3359

Working hours: Monday to Thursday

Clubhouses have been home for mariners and sailor who not only want to experience the deep water but also for those that would love to hang out with fellow boaters. Arrow Yacht has been praised for offering a home for sailors who love cruising or racing.

It is a social club where events like weddings are held as members enjoy the company of friends and families. The arrow trophy is one of the prestigious trophies which power boaters compete for every year.

7. Hudson River Yacht Club

Address: PO BOX 266 Ossining NY 10562


This boat club was established in 1975 as a non-profit organization. The membership at Hudson is different where the boats are independently owned and operated by the owners. The activities of the club are run by members of the cub privately.

You can gain access only if you are a member or a visitor to a member of the club. There are several amenities such as banquet rooms where members can celebrate anniversaries and weddings.

8. Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club 

Address: 3076 Emmons Brooklyn NY11235

Phone: (718) 891-0991


Becoming a member of this outstanding club is easy. You do not need to own a boat. Boat ownership can hinder many in pursuing their passion for sailing. Once you secure a membership at the club you are guaranteed a family-friendly environment with several amenities that are ideal for family setups. 

Adults and kids can participate in fishing tournaments. Barbecuing during a picnic is one of the services enjoyed for members at the club. They offer winter storage for boats and they are open all year. The bars at the facility can offer a relaxing moment after long sails in the water.

9. City Island Yacht Club

Address: 63 Pilot StreetCity Island New York10464United States

Phone: 718-885-2487


City Island Yacht club was founded in 1905 to encourage competition between yachters and to enhance the building of yachts. Membership in the club is very youthful. There are ample spaces for storage lockers, showers, and shower accessible to the members.

The crew and staff at the club are dedicated to their job. You will be received with a lot of warmth whether you are a member or not. Families with membership enjoy premium services customized to their different needs.

10. Williamsburg Yacht Club

Address: 11808 29th Ave (6,678.70 mi) College Point, NY 11354

Phone: +1 718-359-2090


This club was established a very long time ago by yachtsmen in the 1870s at the Penny Bridge Newtown Creek. Members of the club have had the tradition of representing the club in many racing championships bagging many prizes and trophy.

Its members get to enjoy relaxing in the banquet room and the dining halls where they casually or fine dining.  The bar is available to the club membership. The elite in the society can enjoy great discussions at the bar while they sip their favorite drink with a view of the waters.


Yacht clubs in New York have an old history that has been preserved over the years. Members of these clubs enjoy the good life whether they go sailing or just for relaxation at the clubhouses. These are some of the best clubs you can find in New York.

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