TOP 10 Best Yacht Clubs in Connecticut

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If you are in Connecticut and looking for a clubhouse where you can meet other passionate sailors, you are in the right place. Take a look at the top ten yacht clubs in Connecticut. During the sunsets at the clubhouse, the camaraderie becomes stronger when conversation and discussion are held about the next cruises.

One thing that a boater loves more than the water, is sipping his favorite drink in the company of friends and family at a club. Sailing or beautiful water can be tiresome, and sailors need a place to relax after a long day. 

10 Best Yacht Clubs in Connecticut

1. Norton Yacht Club

Address: 23 Bay water Drive P.O. Box 925 Darien, CT 06820

Phone: 203-655-7686


The Norton Yacht Club since it was founded in 1928 has been promoting family participation in recreational sailing racings for sailboats. The club is located at Darien Harbor with easy access to the Long Island Sound. The club’s heritage is on the one-design racing. To foster sailing knowledge and skills, it has a well-organized sailing program for juniors ages 8-17.

Members of the club have access to the clubhouse where they can meet and enjoy the company of other sailors. Private parties can also be held in the clubhouse.

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2. Indian Harbor Yacht Club

Address: 710 Steamboat Road Greenwich CT 06830

Phone: (203) 869-2484


The Indian Harbor Yacht Club was founded in 1889 to preserve the yacht racing and boating tradition. Over the years it has maintained its traditions. It is located at Captain Harbor in Greenwich Connecticut. It is a very family-friendly place where people can come build friendships, have fun, and relax their minds.

Events at the Captain Islands Challenge are held at the club to foster competition between the passionate members of the club. Fine dining can be experienced at the waterfront dining place found within the clubhouse

3. New Haven Yacht Club

Address: PO BOX 1576 NH CT 06506

Phone: 203-777-8550


The New Haven Yacht Club is located at Morro Cove; New Haven. It was founded to ensure that all sailors can spend the much needed time in the waters. Cruises, social events, and racing are frequent at the club. Its membership is open to all people who are passionate about their sailing. 

The members have access to small and big boats in which they can cruise the water in the late afternoon as they relax. Sailing is easy for club members as they only need to get in a boat and they are off to the waters. Repair and maintenance of the boats are managed by the club.

4. Halloween Yacht Club 

Address: 10 Sea view Ave Stamford CT 06902

Phone: (203) 348-1610


The Halloween Yacht Club is a community yacht club. Anyone passionate about yachting or looking to make new boater friends is welcome to join. Members of the club volunteer their services to the club to keep the cost low. The club has multiple births that accommodate power and sailing boats.

There is a modern dock system float with electrical and water services. This is a real community yacht club because all the improvements and services done at the club are paid for by its members. A strong sense of community is fostered at the club.

5. Norwalk Yacht Club

Address: 10 Nathan Hale Dr (6,648.84 mi) Norwalk, CT 06854


Phone: +1 203-866-0941

The Norwalk Yacht Club was founded in 1894 to promote racing and cruising for both members and their families. It is located at Wilson Cove in Sheffield Island. The club has a very family-friendly atmosphere that welcomes everyone who comes to visit the club. It has an active sailing program for adults and juniors. These programs ensure sailing skills are harnessed for members.

There are several popular gatherings at the club like the Commodore’s Bash and the Weekly Friday Night. Members meet and relax as they catch up with one another.

6. Riverside Yacht Club 

Address: 102 Club Roadside CT 06878


Phone: +1 203-637-5683

Riverside Yacht club is probably the oldest club in Connecticut. It has existed for more than 130 years. Through all these years, it has maintained excellence in service provision as well as a strong culture of sailing and boating.

The programs at the club are family-oriented to ensure that the vast sailing and boating knowledge is passed down to the different generations.

7. Stonington Yacht Club 

Address:  32 Street, Unit 9 Stonington 06378 CT


Phone: 860-535-0112

Stonington Harbor Yacht club is home to great events and activities for the members of the club. At the club, members enjoy recreational yachting and boating. During the evening as the sun sets, members can relax and have a candid conversations with other passionate sailors.

Throughout the year, several championships and cruising escapades are held in the blue waters at the clubhouse. New members are always welcome to join the club and experience the beautiful yachting tradition at the club.

8. Stamford Yacht Club

Address: Stamford Yacht Club 97 Ocean D West Stamford CT 06902

Phone: (203) 323-3161


The Stamford Yacht Club was founded on October 16 in 1890 by members of Stanford Community who were passionate about maintaining the sailing traditions. Its membership is private. The club organization ensures that members can enjoy the social and recreational aspect of boating. This club is a founding member of the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

Members participate in all levels of competition for sailing, tennis, and swimming competition.

Members of the public are welcomed to the clubhouse during parties and celebrations to experience the luxury that comes with being a member of the club.

Stamford Yacht Club

9. Milford Yacht Club


Phone: (203) 783-0078


The Milford Yacht club is one of the clubs that has maintained its charm of being an old-fashioned club. Though it has maintained its charm, they offer members modern amenities such as marinas, swimming pools, and fully serviced restaurants. Members of the club can invite guests to join them after long days sailing and relax at the clubhouse.

They can cool down at the pool as they wait for fine foods to be prepared at the restaurant. During the weekend members can relax and enjoy some live music at the clubhouse and sometimes enjoy regattas in the blue waters.

10. Black Rock Yacht Club

Address: 80 Grovers Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605

Phone: (203) 335-0587


Black Rock Yacht Club was founded in 1926 and ever since it has preserved its traditions of promoting and supporting yacht racing and yachting. Upon inception, their main focus was on yachting for the members. However, with time they offer extra amenities for the members to foster and maintain friendships.

Members can gain access to the fine-dining restaurant, the bar that serves lunch and dinners, and a ballroom where several yearly events are celebrated. Tennis courts and swimming pools are also available for the members to learn recreational and competitive swimming and tennis sport.

Our word

Any boater in Connecticut can agree that these are the best yacht clubs that you can find there. They do not only provide members with the opportunity to enhance their sailing skills. They also ensure that friendships and strong communities are created and maintained for the members.

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